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'October 2009-chattering and on the run, our toddlers are such fun'

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HumphreysCorner Tue 22-Feb-11 18:13:17

Right ladies, off we trot into the next stage of our gorgeous toddlers lives. smile


littlepea72 Wed 02-Mar-11 07:50:06

Good morning grin

Going to try & catch up here....sorry if I miss anyone out.

Fidelma that is not a good dog to have about in hope someone with fall in love with! They are the more hyper dog you can come accross! My DH brought Homer home over 7 yrs ago....he is a beautiful Westie....but he said he had always wanted one as they were fat lazy things....NOT! LOL.....

HC dont forget that water can cause weight....and you cant stop that, plus being on a wee holiday, you cant be good lol....or is that just me? I think you have done really well! grin

Iggly have you been out driving on your own yet? I remember driving in Belfast for the first time, that was bad, what driving in London would do to my nerves!! LOL

HT how are you????

Calypso grin on the starting to TTC!! Hope you start sleeping better soon. Just use it as an excuse for the ttc and wake that DH up! Always here if you get stressed and need to talk xxx

Scout & Mel hope you are both doing ok xx

My life is mad right now. Dont know where I would even start.
We got told DH was moving to England....then they stopped that....he was then told NI.....that was great! Then WE have been told we are ALL moving to England!!! So worried about DS's school with his ASD, but in the end we feel the family being together is more important to DS and we will out ladies, I might see you all soon!!!
Off to the hospital again today...30 weeks and the baby is BIG! 2 weeks ago he was 3 pounds!!!! So now they are scanning me every 2 ill....fainting, pain....its terrible this time round but not long to go, cant wait to get rid of the crutches lol...

Better go & get always late lol xxx

HumphreysCorner Wed 02-Mar-11 20:55:07

Hi all

fidelma-I so do not like dogs so that would be one of my worst nightmares!

Calypso-hate waking early in the mornings but that doesn't happen now I am on AD's but will be coming off them next month, <eek> Wish it was me So excited for you about to TTC. grin

littlepea-really hope we can all meet up one day. Whereabouts in the UK will you be based?

How is everyone?


HappyTangerine Thu 03-Mar-11 22:31:21

littlepea I am so sorry you're having such a shitty time, am quite worried about you sad. Wish I was closer and could give you a hand for a bit(your ds could teach Joseph how to walk up wallsgrin-God can you imagine them?[hmmm]. Kudos to you for being so upbeat about yet another move.

speaking of moves fidelma how is the packing going? I forget when it is you move out(if you haven't already! I'd have another dog in a heartbeat, I adored my collie. I think Joe would like a cat (he calls them all Mog grin)but dh very resisitant. I'm working on him...

Calypso Very for you excited about the ttc-good luck! Re being awake in the wee hours-I am Queen of insomnia and have been for months now but it is getting better. Hated lying awake in the dark but then discovered audible, the audio book arm of amazon. Have chosen a few books and loaded them onto my mp3 and I feel like I'm actually doing something rather than stare at the ceiling in the dark-I know if I get up I'l be shattered later. Give it a go, there are loads of titles on there. Chest mostly mended thanks, running is helping. Have got a 5k Race for Life in May and the Cardiff 10k Race for Life(eek) just before my birthday in July.

waves to everyone

HappyTangerine Thu 03-Mar-11 22:33:09

Calypso - that was meant to read "very excited for you" ignore the mad word order! hmm

fidelma Sun 06-Mar-11 20:40:00

Bing bong bing anyone out there?

HappyTangerine Sun 06-Mar-11 22:44:52

Well I was until I killed the thread...

fidelma Mon 07-Mar-11 22:00:58

HT glad someone was out there.

Sickness in our house for what feels like weeks and weekssad

dd1 on crutches with a bad achillies
Connor bright red cheeks with teeth and a bad cold
ds1 Ok at the moment but I always feel he should have more attention
dd2 pretending that she has a sore tummy so that she didn't have to walk a mile up hill, on the way home from school angry
Karate chop for ds1
homework and music practice for dd1,dd2 and ds1
tea, bath.bed,reading and alot of crazy laughter,hot chocolate for all,dinner for dh (and a quickie!!!! while Connor was napping tmi!)
Oh and I managed to get my hair cut,dh took dd1 to the consultant (i had them all at the DRs before school this morning)

Please can I have a you made it through the day badge.

No wonder in my dream last week when I drempt that I was pregnant."I was telling the midwife to put him back inside me LOL"

HappyTangerine Mon 07-Mar-11 23:27:03

Bloody hell, you definately deserve a "I made it through the day" badge! Sorry about the sickness.

DH was off today as I had a nasty experience at the dentist. Pain since Thursday-found out today that the tooth underneath my lovely inlay filling had crumbled on one side. It was still attached to my gum and every time it moved, it literally ripped the gum, tearing it. Have had 4 days like that! Dentist removed many shards of tooth and I spent the afternoon sleeping off the pain. meant that dh sat down and watched One Born Every Minute with me and he got a tad broody. Ha! my plan is working. grin

Had a day out at a farm yesterday, Joe got to take a ride on a steam train and meet the animals. He loves horses and sheep. Lots to see and do but we couldn't get past these little ride on tractors in the end, it was all he wanted to do. Broke his heart when we had to leave, huge 20min tantrum and tears. He has spent this afternoon running rings arund his dad and nana and everyone bar me is now zzzzzzzzzz.

This is my first day of giving up chocolate and I am struggling with going cold turkey sad

HumphreysCorner Tue 08-Mar-11 13:26:41

Hi all

It's all gruesome here with the discovery of body parts, keep scanning the ditches for the remaining parts. Ew!!!!

HT-tooth pain is the worst so hope you are on the mend from it.

fidelma-you are always so busy and it is nearly putting me off wanting 4 children. Well, perhaps not! Sending you a virtual badge. grin

Have lost 4 lb this week which is the 1.5 I put on last week plus a bit more. smile

Matthew is still a delight and love taking him to the Childrens Centre 3 times a week. Can't go on Thurs as my car needs an MOT-boo hoo!

Big wave to everyone!


fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 13:53:29

HT hope yoour tooth is a bit better now,sounds awful.Connor cries when Ibring him in from outside.

Connor has had really red cheeks for 3 weeks just realised that he has slapped cheek!

HC great weight loss.Well done you must be getting skinny!What is that about body parts. (must watch the news)

Off to make a million pancakes!

fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 15:24:13

Have we lost Scout?

HumphreysCorner Tue 08-Mar-11 17:37:27

She isn't posting on FB either <worried>

fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 20:00:19

SCOUT Hope all is well with you.Please come back we miss your cake.......

2 in bed 2 to go

ballet programme on bbc 4 at 9pm
(where I was, so interested)

watched one born this afternoon and cried my eyes out.I should of been a mwenvy

HumphreysCorner Tue 08-Mar-11 20:31:35

So look forward to 9pm on a Monday for One Born Every Minute. If I was younger and finished having babies I would attempt to be a MW.

Scout19075 Tue 08-Mar-11 22:37:38

I have broken internet -- it's been screwy for three weeks now. When it's up I send mad-emails for Guides & Seniors before it crashes again. ACK!

fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 23:14:37

hello Scout

HumphreysCorner Wed 09-Mar-11 09:46:28

Phew, glad to see you Scout but boo to your internet. Thought of you when we went to the caravan and boat show at the NEC as there were lots of scout and guide groups doing the climbing wall and mountain rescue activities.

Wet today.


HappyTangerine Wed 09-Mar-11 12:04:26

Hello scout, glad you're ok.

I am in so much pain I've just sat in a corner and cried for the last half hour. Can't get a doctors appointment until tomorrow.sad Think it might be a pelvic infection or uti, I am so run down at the moment

fidelma Wed 09-Mar-11 21:06:54

HT thats not good sad hugs{{{{{{}}}}}}

HappyTangerine Wed 09-Mar-11 21:25:11

Thanks. Got seen as an emergency this afternoon-pelvic infection, bladder infection and prolapse.sad Now have antibiotics(again) and an appointment with a female doc next week who'll refer me re thr prolapse.

How is everyone else?

HumphreysCorner Wed 09-Mar-11 22:24:16

Oh God HT-that is awful, hope they can do something to help you.


littlepea72 Thu 10-Mar-11 10:46:47

HT hope you are ok, did they give you good painkillers? xx

fidelma Thu 10-Mar-11 20:35:32

DD1 is 11 today.How did that happenconfused we watched dvd of her first weeks, amazing, wish I had taken more of the otherssad

HappyTangerine Fri 11-Mar-11 14:31:56

Wasn't allowed v strong painkillers as Joseph is feeding so much at the moment. Antibiotics kicking in now so feeling a little better. Bit gutted about the prolapse though.

My sister is holed up on some romantic getaway with her boyfriend in N Wales -have been trying to get hold of them all morning as I doubt they've seen the news. They are both TEFL teachers and are starting new contracts in Japan - my sister starts in Chiba for 6 months on the 28th March and her bf somewhere in N East Japan from next Friday.

HumphreysCorner Fri 11-Mar-11 19:36:46

Oh Blimey HT-it doesn't sound very promising for them. Those poor people in Japan. sad Hope you feel even better soon.

Gave my friend a PG test today as she is late but it was -ve. She is pleased and I admit I was too as would have been envy I mean, how bad is that?

Big wave!


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