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April 2010 - Growing and Changing Every Day

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sayitwithme Thu 27-Jan-11 20:29:05

Starting us a new thread so we don't get cut off.

harverina Thu 27-Dec-12 22:57:11

Hi wombat! Not sure whether to call you sleepy or creepy haha! I did try and send you a private message after you posted your last post but it doesnt seem to have worked.

Eilidh is doing great, she still has multiple allergies - she is allergic to milk, eggs and nuts. We carry piriton and epipens. She hasnt had a reaction for about 15 months and has not been tested since then either. We return to the clinic again in April when she is 3 and she is likely to be tested again then. I still get extremely nervous in new situations where there is food. I dread her going to nursrey but know that I will have to get over my anxiety as she is such a bright and outgoing little girl once she gets over her initial shyness and I do not want my feelings to rub off on to her. Sorry, I forget your DC2's name! How is he doing now? What is he allergic too? How does he react? I go on the allergy board on here and it is full of wonderful info and you will always get a response if you have a query. Allergies are so scary, I totally underestimated them before experiencing them with Eilidh. Hope you are coping ok with it all.

Aside from her alergies, Eilidh is doing really well. She is such a chatter box and some of the things she says make me laugh, I dont know where she gets half of what she says! She can be a cheeky madam and she stamps her foot and screams "no" if she is not getting her own way but overall she is just a joy and she is great company. I'd like to have a second baby next year (2013!) if possible. Sometimes I think that I love just having Eilidh but a second baby would be good for her too.

We moved house a couple of months ago. We finally have a graden and some more space, although the new house needs ALOT of work done to it and it will probably take years!

Anyway, hope you are well and hello to anyone else lurking.


creepywombat Sun 04-Nov-12 05:07:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harverina Fri 28-Sep-12 00:03:23

Hi everyone! Was just looking on threads Im watching and thought Id come on and say hi just in case anyone ever comes and has a sneaky look anymore...if you do then hello and hope you are all well?

I wont add anything else in case this is a total waste of time haha!!!

ilovesprouts Mon 14-May-12 07:57:54

its my grandsons bday today hes 2 ,my dd is due a baby girl in july smile will put pic up later

harverina Thu 19-Apr-12 21:17:45

Haha, of course thats meant to say April 2010 babies!!! 2 years on, Im still talking rubbish with tiredness!

harverina Thu 19-Apr-12 21:16:44

Happy Birthday to all the April 2012 babies! Can't believe that Eilidh is 2!

Hope you are all well x

harverina Tue 20-Mar-12 21:01:38

Ah fantastic, what a fab picture! Well done you, thats wonderful, you must be so chuffed Princess.

PrincessTweetz Mon 19-Mar-12 20:28:55

Ooh, if that link works I'll be well pleased cuz I didn't have a clue how to do that, I just guessed!!! Now I am warning you it is a HORRID picture vanity wise, but it makes me smile thinking back smile xx
My DP had a hangover Mothers Day, so I made my own breakfast on a tray for the sofa with the help of my cherub, seeing as I would have been waiting forever for breakfast in bed!! ;)
Really can't believe I'm sitting here at 8.30pm, all 3 kids have been tucked up in bed since 6pm, it seems only last week Paisley was needing feeding every couple of hours, settling only after snuggles from me, and still managing to sneak her way into bed. I am very grateful of course smile
Hope everyone is well xxx

harverina Mon 19-Mar-12 14:47:22

Hope you all had a lovely mothers day. I was truly spoiled, it was wonderful smile

Princess I had a look at the website but couldnt see you...if you link I'll take another peek! Well done for donating, I will def do that next time round smile Eilidh is still brestfed occasionally but I couldnt express an oz!

Hope you are all well.

Neeko Sun 18-Mar-12 20:26:06

Happy Mothers' Day to you all!

PrincessTweetz Wed 07-Mar-12 21:05:34

Hello smile Just a quick message..if I can do quick!! ;)
Well firstly, I donated some of my breast milk again after having Paisley, and I got in touch with the UKAMB , to share my story as a donor, and although they haven't used my story on the website, they have used a photo I sent in of me feeding Paisley, and expressing as well!! I can't believe it....It's a horrible photo of me, it is in the worst possible angle of all the things I hate about myself, but I still feel proud and priveleged to have been included on the site. smile
Paisley is now sleeping through the night, and today I was watching her trying to roll over :D sO CUTE.
Makenzi-Shei is in school now, and loves it, I have adjusted to her being away all day too. It is nice seeing Jude with paisley, and although he can have the mother of all tantrums, he is really sweet with her. He calls her Leelee, and always wants to know where she is.
Sleepy, how are you all? With Paisley she was fed on demand, but she is now on solids, and today was the first day she has eaten 3 meals, I still give her milk as and when, but try and keep to the same time for solid meals. Jude can say no now, he sounds welsh when he says it!! smile
Hope everyone else is doing well smile xx

hoops997 Sun 12-Feb-12 23:20:20

Hello everyone, thought I would drop in and see how you're all getting on, I can't believe a few of you have gone on to have more babies smile Ben is nearly 2 now and has hit the terrible 2's! Someone has replaced my angel with a little monster!

Hope everyone is good smile

harverina Thu 02-Feb-12 21:30:18

Congratulations Sleepy! Fab news. Hope you are all well and getting some sleep smile

Neeko Sun 29-Jan-12 09:31:34

Huge congratulations Sleepywombat. Bet your mumsnet name has never seemed so apt. Those newborn days are so hard aren't they but rest assured Noah won't remember what it was like to be an only child and will not bear a grudge smile

Hi to everyone else. Hope you're all ok.

All good here. I can't belive that our 'babies' are nearly two! We're definitely not having any more (unless we win the lottery!). H is at a great age, really funny and discovering new things every day. Both girls really play together now which is great, although the fighting is not grin. Speech has come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of weeks too.

sleepywombat Sun 29-Jan-12 05:13:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrincessTweetz Sat 07-Jan-12 22:24:04

Aww good smile We are all doing really well...still waiting for Makenzi to get a place in her preferred school. I asked her today if she had any best friends at nursery and she told me no not since all the old children had left sad She's doing great tho, and is soo cute with Paisley, who is getting big now..she lifts her head all the time now like she is doing mini sit ups..maybe I should take inspiration from her!!! ;) Jude is my chilled out lil rebel...he is Mr Chilled Out, but has a habit of throwing things. He's a lil grunter, everything is 'uhh' and 'errr' when he's telling you anything. He ran up to my mum today, patted her really hard on legs shouting ahh ahh, then ran back to dance, n when he thought she wasn't paying enough attention, he did it all over again!! Soo funny smile Still breastfeeding Paisley, but have introducewd a bottle of formula to help me out n tide her over when I need to. We are also moving house Friday...let thestress commence!! ;) xx

harverina Thu 05-Jan-12 08:32:52

Makenzi, sorry x

harverina Thu 05-Jan-12 08:31:25

Hi princess, we had a lovely Christmas and new year thanks...hope you did too? Eilidh is great. How are Jude, Makenzie and Paisley? x

PrincessTweetz Wed 04-Jan-12 23:05:30

Happy New Year Harverina, Hope you had a great christmas n New Year, and Eilidh is doing well smile xx

harverina Mon 02-Jan-12 22:05:30

Great minds think alike Princess!

Happy New Year everyone (if your watching!!)

Hope you are all well x

PrincessTweetz Mon 02-Jan-12 16:23:07

Just wanted to say happy New Year to everyone...or anyone lol ;)xx

harverina Mon 21-Nov-11 16:45:57

Hi everyone,

Princess, Paisley is goregous! What fab pictures! Hope that you are well.

Sleepy, Eilidh isnt in a bed yet. She sleeps quite well in her cot and we have had no issues with her trying to climb out or anything so we arent going to hange anything just now. Our only sleep issue is that Eilidh cannot selff settle. She has to fall asleep on someone before bed and her nap. She is no bother - her bedtime is 8pm and she usually goes to bed no bother and sleeps all night, but I'd love to be able to put her in bed and leave the room and for her to self settle. Eilidh breastfeeds morning and bedtime so I think that its linked to that as she has been used to feeding then falling asleep. I'm not sure when we well stop DH and were chatting about the bed situation the other day and we think that we will wait till after xmas before we think about converting the cot to a bed.

I am really excited about christmas this year! I love christmas anyway but I think that Eilidh will be soooo excited when she sees her presents this year, whereas last year she didnt really notice! We have finished buying Eilidh's presents. Havent bought one big presents, just lots (too many!) smaller presents. We have bought her ELC happy people and have asked other people to buy some things from it too, its adoreable!

Eilidh still likes a cup of (soya) milk at breakfast and during the day. She eats non stop! She is pretty tall and skinny though - she literally eats on and off all day, but her diet is pretty healthy. We have had no other allergy incidents, thankfully. I am still really nervous in some situations but we cope pretty well with it I think overall. Eating out is a major issue though.

nicnac, I have a little madam too! Eilidh makes us laugh so much with her dancing and nonsense! She went through a stage where she had major tantrums but that seems to have passed...for now haha! Eilidh is very clingy with me too...its funny, she will leave me in the house and go out with her dad no bother, but if its me leaving she gets hysterical. Sometimes she screams even if I leave the room, even when she can see me through the gate in the kitchen!

I am on weight watchers at the moment...have lost 24.5lbs in 13 weeks. Im finding it ok and have had alot of nights out etc during that time....felt as though I was never out for lunch, dinner or drinks and now that I have started weight watchers I seem to eat out most weekends. Suppose its that time of year...although my DH, Eilidh and I have been to MacDonalds the past 3 weekends in row confused excuse for that!!! I do feel soooo much better about myself and I am very motivated, especially monday-friday. Being back at work helps in some ways although there is often lots of fattening food in work...pancakes, scones, chocolates...but I resist! I am determined to get to my goal weight this time, for EIlidh's sake more than anything.

Eilidh talks constantly. Her speech really surprises me. I have no idea how many words she can say, but it is alot. She pretty much chatters all day long!

sleepy, hope you are ok...I miss being pregnant!!! I loved sitting subbing my bump smile

Hope you are all well...its nice to hear from you again.

ilovesprouts Sun 20-Nov-11 21:29:19

just put a new pic of oakley on if anyone wants to see smile

PrincessTweetz Thu 17-Nov-11 19:07:29

c ongrats ilovesprouts smile

ilovesprouts Mon 14-Nov-11 09:45:32

hey im going to be a grannie again dd is due a baby in july her ds1 will be 26m then cant wait [hope its pink ] grinwink

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