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April 2010 - Growing and Changing Every Day

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sayitwithme Thu 27-Jan-11 20:29:05

Starting us a new thread so we don't get cut off.

Zeeky Tue 22-Feb-11 08:12:43

Hi all. Lots of teething going on here. In the last 2 weeks George's top front teeth have come through & I think the ones either side of them are coming too. He spends all day gurning at me or grinding his top & bottom teeth together - the sound goes through me! Also every opportunity he shoved my finger in his mouth to bite which really hurts as they are razor sharp!!

Still sign of any movement from G though. He just sits or lies playing with his toys all day long. He is developing a very long reach to get things but doesn't attempt to actually move to get things or pull himself up. It does mean he is very easy to look after as I can leave the room & know that he can't get into mischief grin. He does lots of clapping, waving & babbling on demand though. One of his friends who is 6weeks older than him is toddling around everwhere hmm

nicnacinoonoo Tue 22-Feb-11 08:27:23

Kacie started saying bye bye yesterday whilst waving. it is really clear as well grin

going to put a couple of more recent photos on in a minute if anyone wants a look.

sayitwithme Kacie does the blanket over the head thing and we all say 'where's Kacie' then she whips it off giggling. it's really cute isn't it, always makes me smile

ilce i love them too! they are delicious. my dh always has to bring one back for me whenever he goes to the shop.

PrincessTweetz Tue 22-Feb-11 20:05:49

Nicnac she's so cute. She looks so grown up in the pic of her watching tv resting on her arms. I've also put a few pics up, altho some of my fave ones I don't think I've saved to the comp, so I'll put them up another day. The really close up one he has chickenpox scabs, I have one where he's covered in calamine lotion and I call him my lil calamine ghost! All pics over xmas and New Years, they are both spotty. Jude's got quite a few scars bless him, and even now they are going but are still pinky/purply colour and I hate them! Poxy chickenpox!! Grr!
If you sing Twinkle Twinkle, Jude opens and closes his hands. He doesn't talk or say any words apart from dada...but that's cuz once he can say mama he knows he'll be saying it a lot more cuz mama will be the one doing everything ;) ...but it does sound like he's saying hiya with one of his sounds, so whenever he says ayyyaya, everyone says hiya as if to encourage him along lol.
I'm considering learning some really basic signs, (milk, juice, hot, cold, tired,eat etc), as for a while I've been thinking about the lack of two way system gthat is going to start occuring soon..they know what you are asking of them (within reason), but cannot ask you, and today my 18month old niece got so frustrated, and seemed to spend a while screaming when in actual fact a good few times she just wanted a drink, her shoes off etc. What do you all think? Have any of you tried it before? I 've seen it on Quints By Surprise with lil ones, but I'm actually a bit worried that I'll look a bit pretentious and silly (I'm not even sure if pretentious is the right meaning of what I mean, but hopefully you know what I mean!!!)
My poor lil girl had her preschool jabs today...and OMG they are soo much worse than baby ones! I filled up and had to stop myself from crying just to help her along, she's been so worried about it for a few days, we played it down, and told her she would feel a scartch but she was concerned it would leave a hole in her arm!! confused She cried...or screamed..for so long, and even for about an hour and half afterwards, she burst into tears every 5 minutes thinking about it. So glad that's it until she's 14....until Jude needs his next ones that is!! GULP!!
x x x x x x

Mistymoo Tue 22-Feb-11 22:13:39

princess I used baby signs with my dd and she picked them up really well. It does help them let you know what they want and avoids frustration. I'm doing some with J but should be doing it more consistantly really.

Zeeky Wed 23-Feb-11 08:08:59

Hi Princess DS1 picked up lots of signing from watching Mr Tumble from about 15months. It definitely helped him communicate & he was a really early talker. We managed to avoid most of the frustration tantrums that his friends went through at that age as I could understand a lot of what he wanted. Definitely worth a go.

Just seen on telly that organic food has been proved to be no more nutritious than normal food. No more forking out for organic fruit & veg & meat for George then!

Zeeky Wed 23-Feb-11 08:12:59

Oh and DS1 also had his preschool jabs a couple of weeks ago. He too was worried about there being a hole! Hr was really brave but when the needle went in he was screaming "mummy mummy" & made me feel awful He stopped crying quite quickly but then kept saying for the next few days that he wasn't brave ad he had cried until we convinced him that daddy would have cried too! Dreading George's next ones

hello all!

long time lurker here, just recently started posting blush

DD Isla born 29th April, three weeks early, the little monkey. was small when born, but has caught up in the last month or two, hooray! grin

haven't read the entire thread but am going to go have catch up now! blush

Mistymoo Wed 23-Feb-11 11:43:05

Welcome PorcelinaOfTheVastOceans You will always remember the date of Kate and Wills wedding won't you grin

i know, obviously trying to steal her thunder! wink

sleepywombat Fri 25-Feb-11 00:08:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovecreameggs Fri 25-Feb-11 09:52:37

Nicnac, your photo's are fab, Kacie is gorgeous!

Sayitwithme, I spoke with personnel at my work and my application has been signed by one person but has still to be countersigned, but they advised that it would be unlikely to be refused at this stage. So I am happy! happy as someone can be at the thought of going back to work sad I'm sure it will be fine once I get back into it. I just have to learn to say no to job previously involved late nights and working overtime, but I'm not going to be able to manage this anymore as I will have to be home to pick Eilidh up.

I'm interested in baby sign language too. I think that there are classes locally to me but not sure what the costs are, I'll have a wee look once I have finished here.

We are planning Eilidh's christening at the moment and plan to have at the end of March. One week before her 1st birthday! We had planned on having it much earlier but never mind!

Eilidh has started to clap her hands but its very sporadic and she still misses...she is trying though smile. She now has a top tooth and the other is coming through. They have given her so much bother this time. Its such a shame. She is still cruising lots. In fact she is constantly on her feet then cries as she still can't get back onto her bottom. She is into everything and can open the doors if they are not closed properly so she gets around the house easily shock!

Welcome Porcelina!

Sleepy, I have been giving Eilidh litle chunks of fruit and she enjoys that...I have to admit that when I give her slices I worry that she'll bit off too much and choke but think I need to get over that as I don't want to hold her back as she is a good eater. Hope this bad sleep period doesn;t last too long for you.

Eilidh's sleep has still been ok. She is sleeping through till 6am quite alot, although she was up at 5am yesterday and today, but she went back to bed after a short feed.

Hope you all have a fab weekend. My DH and I are going to friends for a takeaway on Saturday night. My in laws are coming to stay so they wil look after Eilidh and get her up on Sat morning...yay! grin

ilovecreameggs Fri 25-Feb-11 09:55:42

Sorry for the typos, EIlidh is pulling at the cord on the laptop!

ilovesprouts Fri 25-Feb-11 11:42:43

my 2 grandsons are coming along nicely now lucas &oakley both very different cant belive they are both gonna be 1 soon,times gone very fast i willl upload some new pics on and you can have a look

Isla has her fifth tooth just poking out now, that makes both bottom front teeth, one top front, and the two either side of the top front ones <doesn't know technical tooth names blush>

she claps her hands when she gets excited, is cruising and pulling herself to standing, but i love love love it when a song she likes comes on and she starts bouncing and rocking back and forth to the rhythm! grin

hardly any talking as of yet though. occasionally get a 'mama' when she's upset, had 'dada' for about a week, but not heard it in a while...

have FINALLY worked out how to put some photos up of her on my page! <phew!>

ilovecreameggs Fri 25-Feb-11 23:22:55

porcelina, eilidh dances when music comes on too! The smallest bit of music gets her going, its so funny and I love it. I put music on alot and we dance together. Eilidh clings on to me and screams with laughter! Oh they are so cute at this age!

ilovesprouts Sat 26-Feb-11 20:44:55

my 2nd grandson oakley says mama dada ,ta cat

ilovesprouts Sat 26-Feb-11 20:46:40

porcelina your dd is soo cute

thanks sprouts grin she knows it though, the little monkey!

i have had a fun-filled morning of having porridge flung at me, and then wiping poo from places poo should not be confused perhaps some retail therapy is in order...

Zeeky Sun 27-Feb-11 15:02:14

We've had 2 days of miserable teething from George. He's usually soooo happy & content but since yesterday morning has been so miserable. Had a temp off and yesterday & bouts of crying. Hardly eating but still drinking his milk. Still slept through the night thank god as I was really dreading being up all night with him. He's now been asleep for almost 3hrs! Poor little thing.

ilovecreameggs Sun 27-Feb-11 20:27:27

Oh zeeky poor George and poor you. Eilidh has had a similar few days. She has had a high temp and just not been herself. She just wanted held yesterday. I'm not sure if its teething related or a bug but Eilidh has cut a top tooththis week and another is coming through.

My DH and I were out at a friends house last night and when we got home at 1am Eilidh was up! My in laws were looking after her and our house alarm went off randomly without being set! So Eilidh woke up and stayed up! The only good thing was that once back in bed she slept till 9am!

Hope you have all had a good weekend smile

Bettymum Mon 28-Feb-11 16:19:09

Hi all, just a quick one as this has dropped off my Threads I'm On!
Not much news here except A is teething again at the back somewhere, so he has bright pink cheeks and constantly has his fingers in his mouth. He is well though, cannot believe that he will be one in six weeks' time. Where has the last year gone??!

sayitwithme Tue 01-Mar-11 13:50:54

ILCE - great news about your flexible working application, I'm so pleased for you! But, yes, share your sentiments on the thought of returning to work, even on a part time basis. And also on the saying no thing. We're often expected to stay late, travel, work days when we're supposed to be off, so it's going to be a challenge.

Great to hear everyone's updates on their DCs development. Love the chat about dancing. DS likes to dance too and absolutely loves it when his big sister is doing her "funny dance"! grin

We have our first tooth! And by gawd, didn't we all know about it. The night between Saturday and Sunday was horrendous. He got such a bad cold and spent the night coughing and crying, poor little mite. I was up and down like a yo-yo from about 1am and had to stay in his room with him from about 4am onwards, which isn't great as it's too small for a bed so I tried to sleep in a chair with a thin blanket for warmth in a room that was about 16 degrees. sad (emoticon chosen more for the colour than the sentiment!). I'm kinda hoping that a whole bunch will follow in the next week or so as I noticed from porcelina's post that her LO has five teeth now.

And porcelina, DS also says "mumumum" noises when he's unhappy and "Daaaaaaaadee" when he's completely the opposite. envy

six now! grin discovered the other front tooth peeping through this morning.

she has been bundled off up to great-grandma's so that i can have a shower without a small fist banging on the door demanding to come in and have a splash too...

rumpleteaser Tue 01-Mar-11 21:00:55

HELLO everyone, I haven't been on here for aaaages and have just had a lot of catching up to do!
Everyone's babies are so different and it is such a comfort really because as much as I try not to compare Valentin to other babies I know it is difficult not to! He has 2 teeth and doesn't crawl but manages to get everywhere he shouldn't!
He says dadadadada, occasionally mumumum and loves blowing raspberries and waving at people!
I think we'll be seeing top teeth soon as he is very grizzley at the mo sad
Other news - I am now MARRIED! Wedding was Saturday just gone and it was awesome!! When I get a few mins I will post new pics of Valentin and also a wedding pic. I had my own DANCING CHICKEN!! I demand a dancing chicken emoticon! will settle for wine though!
PrincessTweetz - omg - congrats!!! I love reading your posts and love seeing how you're getting on, I want another one soon too, just need to convince DH.. haha I wrote DP and then remembered he is now DH!
Hello to the new people also, this a lovely thread and everyone is lovely and helpful and I've missed it! I will be online more now the wedding is over, so much planning just for one day!
Ilovecreameggs, please post me one! Don't get Cadburys here!
Happy [stdavids} day everyone! We have snow here! Brrrr

rumpleteaser Tue 01-Mar-11 21:02:15

ooops stdavids (wrong bracket)

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