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April 2010 - Growing and Changing Every Day

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sayitwithme Thu 27-Jan-11 20:29:05

Starting us a new thread so we don't get cut off.

harverina Tue 08-Feb-11 22:42:29

That was supposed to say proud mummy sorry! I must start previewing!
While I am back on, sleepy hope you and your family are safe and well and that your house is Ok???

Zeeky Wed 09-Feb-11 09:30:37

Hi all!

Good to hear of the progress with sleep training everyone. George is still pretty good at night since we did the sleep training. He still sometimes wakes too early (5 this morning!) but we just go in to check he's ok & then leave him & he settles after a minute or two of crying.

I've stopped bf'ing. After the biting incident last week he was down to only having a bf in the morning. I was clinging on to this feed a little as was sad to be losing the closeness of bf'ing. But on Sat DH got up with the boys & gave G a cup if formula which he downed! He now takes about 5-7oz at 7ish, breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, 5-7oz formula after nap at 3.30ish, tea at 5, anything from 1 to 7oz of formula before bed. He usually is not bothered with much milk before bed as is too tired & full from an enormous tea, but last night had about 6 oz! He seems to love having the formula from his straw cup as he can now watch telly or whatever big brother is doing at the same time as having milk which he couldn't do with bf'ing!

Since he started on the formula though he's not eating quite as much at breakfast, so I think he was only getting a tiny bit of breast milk.

It feels weird to be back to wearing normal bras. Boobies have shrunk back to the usual A cup from a DD shock. On a mission now to get back into shape. Not got the excuse of bf'ing now to eat rubbish & not exercise. Also got my brother's wedding in July & don't want to look like a heffalump!

Bettymum Wed 09-Feb-11 10:28:23

Zeeky I've completely stopped the BF now too, took me 6 days of taking the antibiotics to start feeling better, but I'm OK now. I miss it too, but Alexander is now seemingly happy with his sippy cup of milk at bedtime and when he wakes in the morning, so I guess I'm happy too. I've been trying my old bras on, only one seems to fit, I think I'll wait a week or two and go and get measured. In our new office we have a gym, I'm trying to go as often as possible at lunchtimes to try and get back into shape too. I hate looking at my wobbly tum.
Sleepy hope you are all OK, how was the storm? I heard about it on the radio but I didn't see any pictures.
sayitwithme this is our routine, in case it's any help:
6.30 - wake and about half a sippy cup of formula
7.00 - sits in highchair and has a couple of rice cakes and maybe a few more sips of milk while I eat breakfast
8.30 - cereal and toast at nursery. Water
12.00 - lunch at nursery - usually a hot meal and pudding. Water to drink
4.30 - tea at nursery - usually more of a sandwich-y type meal and pudding. Water
6.00 - may try and nick a bit of DD's biscuit if she's having a snack after nursery
7.00 - usually most of a cup of formula (about 4 or 5 oz)
And then we follow pretty much the same routine at the weekends. I try and give him plenty of yoghurts, and normally at least one meal with cheese or a cheese sauce of some kind. He is eating like a maniac at the moment, but he's pretty active now so I guess he's burning it off! He has a lovely chubby bottom though .

sleepywombat Wed 09-Feb-11 12:18:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sayitwithme Wed 09-Feb-11 13:25:53

Sounds like you've had a rough time weather-wise sleepy but glad to hear things have settled down again now.

And I'm slightly jealous reading all the updates on progress. We still have no teeth although his gums look so white and bulgy, we have no clapping, no moving, no waving, no peepo... But he does like us to play peepo with him. And he does like to make our hands clap and bang on the table (by holding our fingers). And I think he's trying to give kisses - it's a sort of open-mouthed slow approach to someone's face whilst saying "aaaaahhhhh", which is really cute. His sister is mainly the lucky recipient so far.

Last night, things didn't go too smoothly. He seemed to be quite unsettled, crying out the odd time, coughing a bit, between the hours of 1am and 6am but I only had to go in to settle just the once and discovered he'd done a poo. That was at 3.15 ish. But as he was making noises for most of the night, I couldn't sleep too well so I'm shattered today. Was hoping to catch up this lunchtime but the sneaky little blighter had two catnaps in the car this morning and is now not tired. angry We've got to go out again at 2.30 so no chance of having a kip this afternoon either. Never mind.

haverina, you mentioned that my progress seemed to have happened pretty quickly. That gives me some comfort as I was starting to think if he wasn't sleeping through after 3 nights of training, he never would. How long has it taken with everyone else?

PrincessTweetz Wed 09-Feb-11 20:40:12

Sleepy..glad you're ok and things have settled down again. I can't imagine anything like that, and feel very lucky that we've never worried about our roofs coming off.
I'm due 7th am 10 weeks today. I have my first scan on 25th Feb. I was going to take dd, as she mentioned the other day to my mum on a doctors appointment with Jude that she used to go to the doctors with us, so i thought it would be a special time, but on our letter it says children are not permitted, so won't be doing that!!
Namewise,I think most likely for a boy will be Sonny..although we do have other names floating around. Sonny's always been a name of discussion..Jude was ahead in the stakes lol. Also, Makenzi-Shei seems to remember that name, so she used to call the bump Sunshine, until she remembered it was actually Sonny, so now she says she'd like a brother called Sonny so Jude had a friend to play with. smile Girls names are much more varied and less favoured...our list so far is Paisley, Piper, Eliot, Oaklee, Amelia, Devon, Lexie, Tayla and Kennedy!!!!! My trouble is I haven't got a girls name that jumps out at me the same way that dd's name always did (I chose her name wayyyyy back lol), or that has always been at the top of any choices we have spoke Jude or Sonny as a name. I actually quite like the name Aiden as well...and for the first time in 3 pregnancies, and endless conversations, dp actually came up with TWO choices...Lexie and Ashlee for a girl...I'm not sure about Lexie, and I have a nephew called Ashley so that's a no go!! You know third time round and this is proving to be the hardest!!!!! grin (PS you don't have to pretend to like my names lol...most people don't! wink) Still, I have another 30 weeks or time is still on my side!!
Right...I have a feeling this is going to be a long will leave you all in peace..but before I do, boobwise..I'm looking forward to having a pregnancy boob spurt all over again...goodness me, what I've actually got left post breast feeds have gone shapeless...I've never seen saggy grapes before!!!

sayitwithme Wed 09-Feb-11 21:27:55

princess, FWIW, and if it helps your DP's case, Lexie is my favourite. Friends of ours have a little girl by that name and I think it's beautiful. And Amelia I really like too. That was on our list for DD.


sayitwithme Wed 09-Feb-11 21:28:26

Oh and I forgot to say, I really like Sonny for a boy too - good choice!

sleepywombat Wed 09-Feb-11 23:35:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harverina Thu 10-Feb-11 22:47:02

Oh sayitwithme sounds like your having a hard time. Hope you get some sleep tonight. We have tried controlled crying and it just wasn't for us. People told me I'm too soft and I disagreed but I only lasted 27 minutes doing it! But it does seem to work and as sleepy says, every baby is different. I've read about babies who take a couple of nights to respond to it and others that take up to a week, so I wouldn't worry.
princess I love the names Lexi and Amelia for a girl and I like Aiden for a boy. I'm not keen on Paisley, but only because its a town in scotland not too far from me and its not my favourite place!
sleepy I love the name Anna. Eilidh was almost Anna! It was my top name for ages. We wanted a scottish name, and there weren't many girls scottish names that I liked. Glad to hear that your Ok. The weather must've been really scary. I get nervous at a little thunder blush!
Eilidh's top teeth are giving her bother. She has a big white lump and is constantly biting down on her poor wee fingers. Its really unsettling her. Hoping it will break through the gum soon! Eilidh keeps doing little cries during the night. My hear sinks but she often goes back to sleep.
I am very excited to report that I started my breastfeeding peer supporter training this week! Its a 12 week course. Eilidh came with me and stole a dummy from another baby and began sucking it even though she's never had a dummy! So funny!
I have a weaning query...when you give your dc's fruit do you just chop it up and let them eat it or do you still mash it?
Hope you are all well smile. I! Going to see a childminder tomorrow in time for going back to work sad. Dreading it!

sayitwithme Sat 12-Feb-11 14:02:01

Thanks for the words of encouragement, sleepy and haverina. I can gladly report an improvement! I haven't had to get up to settle now for two nights on the trot grin but he hasn't slept through soundly yet. When he's woken up over the past two nights, it's usually been for a brief babble though and he's settled himself back off to sleep so MUCH better for all concerned, esp. moi. <breathing huge sigh of relief and mopping brow emoticon>

So now we're tackling potty training with DD. <grimace> Please send us your psychic waves of support!

Oooo, just spotted this: brew. What a good idea.

<signs off to put the kettle on>

harverina Sun 13-Feb-11 13:17:29

Glad to hear that things are a bit better sayitwithme. Its amazing how much better you can feel with some extra sleep. I think even being able to have 5 hours in a block after I go to bed makes a huge difference. E has been up during the night for the past two nights but I think its due to her teeth. Her top gums are swollen and lumpy and are really giving her bother sad.

I'm afraid I don't have any advice about potty training, other than to be sure that your DD is ready - what age is she?

Oh and I too am also away to have a nice brew

I did pour myself a glass of wine last night as my DH and I had our valentines meal, but I was feeling miserable so didn't drink it. Have a bit of a sore throat etc, nothing major!

We are looking for childcare at the moment. Does anyone use a childminder? I visited one recommended to me this week and I think I like her but she has 2 cats...would this be an issue for any of you?

Taking Eilidh swimming this afternoon so better run.

Hope everyone is well.

PrincessTweetz Sun 13-Feb-11 19:59:24

Thanks for the names's always nice to hear first reactions...although it can be better behind a screen cousin has no shame in making her fullest and truest opinions known..facial screw up and all. It can be a lil disheartening if it's a favoured name!!
sleepy, I agree with Kennedy sounding like Makenzi x
sayitwithme, hope your run of sleeps has continued.
harverina I think Jude is having same trouble with his top teeth as well. That ad seperation anxiety!!!! I can't even look like i'm about to head for the door, let alone go through it..he does this really cute/sad dramatic acting of lying his head on floor while he's crying, so it just makes you feel so bad for him! Mornings are worse..obviously I bring him down, then make milk for him to drink and his breakfast, dd's breakfast,and he hates it. Sometimes I think he's a lot worse than what Makenzi wsa, but I was in a totally different routine with her as a baby..the house was always tidy when I got up, and stayed tidy so i had less to do throughout the day so it just feels like it's worse when in fact it's just cuz I have less time to sit and 'play'. My lil drama queen..I think he's taking lessons off his big sis wink
I don't use a childminder, but I wouldn't be able to leave any of my 2 with someone who had cats as I'm allergic to them, but other than that, petwise, or rather dogwise, I would be ok with pets as long as I had the chance to see them in their environment,have a nosey at their temperament, where they were allowed to go, and where was off limits, and general cleanliness blush I'm an animal lover, was brought up with dogs,and have a pooch of my own (It's her birthday today too!!) My mum had no qualms in letting her dogs drink from her cup, but it makes me cringe,so purely for that reason I would just be making a mental note!! Sorry if any of you have just threw up at that point!!confused Maybe this is of no help to you at all. blush Yeah, I don't think I'm being much help..I'm feeling a lil rambly and confused...I can blame it on my hormones ...for now, so really need to think of a new excuse in about 7 months time grin
We are going away in March..and I'm really looking forward to going in the pool with both the kids...we took Makenzi to Spain when she was about 18 months old, and she loved the water! She would take a run up and jump into the pool so her daddy would catch her..soo cute. Right I am gonna go now, before I confuse you all ..or just annoy you! wink x

flybynight Wed 16-Feb-11 19:24:42

Gosh hello (waves!)Haven't hada achance to look at this thread since Flora was about 4 weeks old. She's not really crawling yet - her legs get caught behind her - and I suspect she will be a bumshuffler. She eats us out of house and home though.

I'm loving having just one baby at home whilst the big 3 are at school. So much easier to concentrate and take it all in. I don't want to rush a single minute this time. Not like having 3 under 3 at all!

sayitwithme Thu 17-Feb-11 13:01:04

haverina re childminders... My DD goes to a CM and it really works for her. We tried her in a nursery first and she hated it. Of course, there are pros and cons to each, for example, with a CM, you have the uncertainty of what to do with your child during CM holidays/sickness, etc. But I really rate mine and we get around the holiday issue by booking ours at the same time. DD loves it so much, she sometimes asks to go there when it's not her day! Some people would have a problem with that but I'd much rather my children loved it there than have to leave them every day screaming and crying at my ankles, begging me not to leave. sad

WRT pets, personally, I think it's lovely if they have animals. Of course, I also agree with princess in that allergies would be an issue and also to make sure you're not concerned about the animal's temperament around kids or the CM's standard of hygiene with their pets. We have a cat at home and the kids love him and he loves them. We teach them how to behave around him so as not to upset him and I believe they're learning a good lesson and that it will also help them not to develop any anxieties/fears/phobias about animals. There we are, CMs according to sayitwithme! grin

Run of sleeps not going too badly although have had to go into DS last two nights to settle him around 4am as he's woken up a bit upset. But all I've been doing is changing his waterballoon nappy and giving him a drink of water. Seems to work OK <touch wood emoticon>.

Potty training with DD is going really well too <touch wood emoticon again!>. She had two accidents on the first day, one accident on the second, nothing on the third, one on the fourth, nothing on the fifth and then one yesterday. And all wee accidents, thankfully. I'm dead proud of her. grin haverina, she'll be 3 in April and she'll be going to pre-school in September so I thought she should probably be in knickers well before then. But judging by our results so far, it seems she was probably ready anyway <phew emoticon>! Hope you're feeling better, BTW. I think we're all suffering a bit with colds at the moment too. Just popped a couple of Sinutab and starting to feel the fug lifting a bit. smile

sayitwithme Thu 17-Feb-11 13:04:00

Sorry... Hello flybynight! I wasn't on this thread the last time you posted so it's nice to meet you. smile

harverina Thu 17-Feb-11 21:37:45

Hi everyone...hello flybynight, nice to meet you grin

Thanks for the advice sayitwithme and princess...*sayitwithme*, I think that you are right about the cats, and thank you for the very sensible persepecive, it really helped - I actually love animals and grew up with cats and dogs so I'm not too sure why I was concerned. I suppose I just want everything to be perfect, but have to be realistic and realise that no CM or nursery will be perfect. My DH and I went to visit the same CM tonight and we both like her. She is the only CM that we have seen though - mainly because she has been the only one recommended to us - so we are going to call a couple more, even just for comparison...does that sound silly? Eilidh has allergies to milk and egg so I'm worried about animal allergies, but she is around dog hair alot as I have relatives with dogs, and so far she has been fine.

Are any of you going back to work soon? I am going back at the end of April - have not had a response from my work about my request to work part time but I am assuming it will be allowed. If its not I don't know what I'll do...I suppose I may have to consider quitting, which we cannot afford (we can't really afford me going part time as it is!), but I am not willing to go back full time yet.

Sayitwithme, sounds like sleep and potty training are going well...well done! smile

Eilidh's sleep has been ok - ok one night, then up the next and so on. Its bearable though. I ended up getting a cough and cold so I'm tired this week.

I have started breastfeeding peer support training, which I am enjoying smile

We are getting close to first birthdays shock...anyone have any plans? I think that we are just going to go out for lunch with Eilidh and her grandparents. We were going to have a little birthday tea but we are still in our small flat so don't have alot of room.

harverina Thu 17-Feb-11 21:41:34

Oops didn't mean to post, hadn't finished...

sayitwithme, hope your feeling better.

princess, I enjoy reading your posts, they are not annoying or rambly at all! Hope your feeling ok and getting plenty of rest. The first trimester can be hard. How is the teething? E still has a huge lump at her top gum and is really suffering with it, fingers crossed it'll be through soon, poor baby sad

sayitwithme Fri 18-Feb-11 21:02:02

haverina, no not silly at all! Always sensible to get a comparison if you have nothing else to use as a benchmark.

I too am back to work in April sad. I asked to return part time and they said no at first but I contested it and thankfully they have now approved it. I originally asked after having DD but they couldn't approve it at that time because of the economic climate so I had to go back full time. I would have left if I wasn't intending to have another but as we were planning to have a second not too long after the first, I stayed on so as not to lose the really good maternity benefits at my company. If they'd said no this time round, and not changed their minds, I would have found another job for sure. Good luck with your application haverina - make sure you chase up that response just in case it isn't favourable. You'll need the time to work out a plan B. smile

And first birthdays! You and I must be quite tuned into each others thinking at the moment. I'm having a real dilemma. As DS is 1 around the same time DD is 3, I was pondering over a joint party. As DD missed out on any sort of celebration last year because of the arrival of DS, I wanted to give her quite a good party this year but it seems unfair to share that with DS as DD never had a big first birthday bash...! confused And then there's the politics of party bags, etc. So now I'm starting to think just have a small family meal for DS (like we did with DD) and then have a little party for DD at home with a few close friends. I was trying to avoid the "at home" option because I'm a bit of a control freak and the thought of a hadnful of small toddlers running around the house with food and drink in their hands and emptying out every toy box in the area kinda fills me with dread... blush

Anyway, I might sign off for a bit now to watch Eastenders and One Born Every Minute on the web. And enjoy one of these wine. It is Friday night after all and DH is out with a friend so why not. grin

PrincessTweetz Sun 20-Feb-11 13:13:32

Finally Jude has two top teeth just cutting through the gum. At last, I think the screaming and grumpiness may be starting to settle down.....either that or he's gonna take after his daddy!!! wink
It really is awful isn't it Harverina..Jude had two white lumps for a few days, and he has suffered so much more than dd did. Yesterday his cheeks were red raw, and he kept leaving strings of dribble from his mouth to my shoulder that were like lil chains of attachment from me to him!! Today he seems to be so much more content, o I'm hoping it continues when he wakes from his nap in a couple of hours.
I have afeeling this may be a long post, so I am just prewarning you all lol
Ok, I normally have dinner round my mum's on a Sunday, we take it in turns to buy dinner, as somehow it feels a bit unfair that she has to buy for 4 extra mouths each week, when it is her on her own usually! DP had a drink (or a lot!!!) yesterday/last night!! He went out at 11am to see his brother, telling me he wanted to spend the afternoon with us so would be back in a couple of hours, came back at 3, saying my brother had text him to see if he wanted a drink, so I obviously said of course. (I'm not quite in the routine of dictating and disciplining him....YET!!!!) He stupidly had the idea that my brother would have a couple of drinks, then go home and get changed for the nighttime, so at that point DP said he would leave him to it and come home....only my brother was out for the night, so DP ended up home at 11pm...I have had no guilt in telling him that I've been alone for a full 24 hours, as he didn't clamber out of bed til 11 this morning hehe grin I actually went to bed at 9.15 with a new book, (that I couldn't quite get past the prologue), I only went to bed so early cuz I knew he would annoy me just by talking to me in his drunken state blush. He thinks his jokes are funny!! He's suffering today We are staying in, much to DD's disappointment, but DP has now popped out to get ice cream and butterscotch wafers for pud...he always feels the need to buy me goodies after a night out, which I absolutely LOVE!!! Think it may be another long soak, and then a snuggle on sofa whilst watching chickflick of my choice
Harverina, I'm generally not too bad, but yeaterday was the first day after about 3 days that I managed to shift a headache and sickness. I suffer with migraines, and my hands always feel numb, and my coordination kind of feels a bit wobbly, and that was how I was feeling, so think it may hae been a milder migraine..I dropped a toy chair I was trying to put on the floor for Jude to play with and it landed on his foot, I felt so guilty I cried before Jude did. He was ok, no marks left, but I just felt terrible!! He has had so many bumps to his head, he pulls himself up with ease now, and walks the length of the sofa easily too, and he is starting to crawl on his hands and knees a lot more, rather than on his belly, so he sometimes forgets coordination and falls to the side, but each time he does it I just worry about his head. Makenzi was spinning around like a ballerina yesterday, lost her balance and bumped heads with Jude who was playing happily on the floor Many tears, ringing ears and cold compresses later and all was ok again! Do any of you worry about the bumps? Everything seemed to be so much calmer when DD was a baby.
Birthday wise, I'm not too sure what to do yet. I love having all the family kids around, (not my mum's!! I too hate having the olderkids ransack all the toyboxes!!)and generally they are all 4 and under, but I feel there is a massive difference in the way 5year olds and unedr play, and then the older ones..I invited a friend off DD's for her 3rd birthday, and that invite got extended to brother's/sister's, plus older kids from my friend, and step children from family, and it was mayhem!! The older kids were playfighting on the bouncy castle, and it was quite hard to maintain order, without looking like a meanie. I definitely don't want that at a first birthday!! We have such a big family that I don't want to exclude anyone. My cousin held her daughter's first birthday at a soft play centre, we had an hour for the kids to play, then half hour for the kids to eat. That worked ok so is worth a thought, but I may just do a birthday party games as such, just something for the kids to enjoy.
This is bit random, but DD has asked me to put some smiley faces up that she can see on the these are for Makenzi!!!
grin smile angry biscuit brew blush confused hmm

Mistymoo Sun 20-Feb-11 22:41:31

Hi everyone. We now have a walker - finally clicked on Tuesday and now he walks the full length of the room regularly. He is not even 10 mths until the 27th grin

He has a very sore bottom at the moment. He hates getting his nappy changed because it is so sore and I don't know how to help him other than put on loads of sudocreme. I would leave his nappy off for a while but he has the runs too which is not helping the situation. I hope it clears up soon poor boy sad

nicnacinoonoo Mon 21-Feb-11 09:16:17

welcome back flybynight

i've had a lot of catching up to do again, must check on here more often.

1st birthday: with Ajay we took him to the local zoo so was going to do that again with Kacie but a friend told me about south lakes wild animal park which sounds loads better so think we're going to take a day trip there

Kacie's routine is:
6.30/7 - 8oz bottle
9 - nap sometimes until 11!
11ish - when she wakes breakfast, huge bowl of porridge usually
12.30 - little sandwich and some fruit
1 - nap
2.30 - 7oz bottle
4.30/5 - hot meal and yoghurt

apart from her porridge she doesnt like being spoon fed she is much happier with things she can feed herself. i am worried that she doesn't really seem to eat much especially compared to how much Ajay ate at this age but she's always quite happy in herself so she mustn't be going hungry. just very different from her brother.

she has another tooth that has just cut through at the bottom. so thats 3 on the bottom now but still none at the top. does seem to have 2 big white bulges at the top though so hopefully not too long until they appear. they don't seem to be bothering her too much at the moment though.

Kacie is still cruising and will walk around holding your hand. she can do steps on her own but is more wary about doing it now instead of just charging like she used to.

i am loving the wine symbol grin

ilovecreameggs Mon 21-Feb-11 20:52:45

Hi everyone, its harverina here...have namechanged for the first time ever to reflect my current frame of mind!

sayitwithme, I will chase up my application this week for sure. I know that they have 28 days to respond and I think that it is nearing this deadline or perhaps past it!

Princess, yes I worry about the bumps! Eilidh hasnt had alot but today she fell down while cruising and it was such a thud, it must have been her head. I am worried that she is concussed despite the fact that she was fine afterwards! She cried and cried but was fine in her bath and soaked her dad as usual. She was also giggling lots when he was chasing us round the house! smile

Nicnac sounds like Kacie is in a fab routine. We have a great bedtime routine but Eilidh's naps have gone to pot. She wouldnt sleep today at all confused, not sure how to sort it out as she used to be a good napper???!

Wow misty, walking? Thats fab, what a clever boy! Elidh is cruising lots now. She hasnt worked out how to get back onto her bottom though and gets frustrated when she has been standing for a while!

Have to run, one born is starting soon and I need to cut my DH's hair hmm

ilovecreameggs Mon 21-Feb-11 20:53:23

sayitwithme, your idea of a birthday tea and seperate party for your DD sound good!

sayitwithme Mon 21-Feb-11 22:39:20

Hello again nicnac! Good to hear your news. Still no teeth at all for our DS... I keep thinking I can feel sharp bits poking through his gums but nothing showing yet. He is now trying to clap on demand though (kind of flaps his arms horizontally) and will put a muslin over his head and cackle with laughter when he wants to play peepo. Loveim.

ILCE - love the new name. Does what it says on the tin! grin How did the hair cut go? Hope you didn't slip up getting distracted by great telly (I watch OBEM too). If I see a man tomorrow walking around looking like he's been attacked by some sheep shears, I'll know who's responsible... wink. Keep us posted on the flexible working application. I'll be thinking of you.

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