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May 2009 Towards the Terrible Two's

(457 Posts)
momino Wed 26-Jan-11 22:20:19

Well, here we go again. may this be the start of a thread with lots of positive news and posts smile!

honey86 Mon 22-Apr-13 10:53:05

wow! a may 09 thread! checking in nearly 4 years too late grin

my daughter sophie was born 17 may 09 and will turn 4 (yes 4!!!!!) in a few weeks. shell be in full time school in september shock better start thinking of birthday ideas..... hhmmmm......

Blottedcopybook Sun 13-May-12 09:56:21

I have no idea who anybody is anymore!

Llareggub Fri 23-Dec-11 15:46:42

Merry christmas! Lovely pics of the new arrival, woof.

Eventful times here, (and not in a good way) but all fairly back to normal now.

ReeBee Tue 20-Dec-11 21:51:26

Hi ladies

A quick note from me as well to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. I hope you all have very lovely times.

All good here, having 2 weeks off work as nursery is closed and it's brilliant! Not entirely sure poor F agrees though.

No change re personal situation although am in the main very happy and really, really looking forward to Christmas (at M&D's where I'm still living); H and MIL staying for several days.. Will let you know if I - and / or they - survive!

F saw 'the REAL Father Christmas' today. Was terrified, screamed, ran away crying. FC was fab though and persevered. F eventually recovered sufficiently to take his present grin

Off to reacquaint myself with the wine bottle. Will probably 'see' many of you on FB over the festive period.

runningmonkey Mon 19-Dec-11 17:55:37

Just popped on to say merry crimble to anyone reading. Life v hectic atm!

So exciting woof hope all goes well and look forward to seeing your news xx

Woofsaidtheladybird Sun 18-Dec-11 12:13:38

Maybe it's just all the xmas madness? Most of us are friends on FB as well, anyway....

My dc is coming on Thursday by elective c/s.......!

belgina Mon 12-Dec-11 23:11:47

I think our little thread might have died sad

runningmonkey Sun 20-Nov-11 15:30:45

Me too grin

belgina Sat 19-Nov-11 17:58:42

I spotted some good news on fb grin

runningmonkey Sun 23-Oct-11 17:31:22

Bookmarking hope all well x

belgina Mon 17-Oct-11 08:53:02

Just popping in to say hi. This thread has become incredibly quiet...

flippineck Sun 09-Oct-11 12:15:30

One handed typing so short, sorry!

Belgina, good news about AF, iyswim!

SES, fingers crossed for you and very best sticky wishes!

Banned, how funny, was thinking about you this morning, wondering how you are. Good news about visas, fingers crossed flat sells v soon.

Potty training going fairly well - A has been dry for over a week now! Was feeling v proud but she had an accident this morning, but she is shattered as DD1 woke everyone in the house up at 5.30 this morning, sigh. But yes, pt going pretty well, have been out and about andeverything.

Solo week was ok, hard work and was tired but all ok. Hardest bit was when inlaws arrived to stay after 6 days on my own, I really need DH around to dilute them a bit! Although they irritate me like mad, they were actually helpful this time though, and v generous. They've gone now, and dh isn't due to go away again until the week after next an that's only for a couple of days, fortunately!

Hope everyone ok x

belgina Sun 09-Oct-11 08:37:25

ses such good news about your scan! Sending all sticky vibes I can possibly send :D

banned congratulations for the passports and visas. I can't believe your flat still hasn't sold! It seems such a nice house in such a nice location. Would an auction be an option? Not sure how those work though. Or organising an open day to get more viewers? I'm still beavering away at the cloche hat btw. I had to restart 3 times now, somehow I got the hat way tooo big, then tiny and now it's going the slightly bigger side again. I'm keeping it as it is niw though. They're always saying they can't find hats to find my niece, so I might be doing them a favour grin

running. After my 1st 2 I loved work/uni (I was traibing) for my uninterrupted lunches and toilet breaks. 't Was luxury, so I get where you're coming from. I have those now at home as the big 2 entertain C while I shower/go to toilet

AF arrived this week. I'm happy about that as it was on time and like a normal period. Possibly the 1st in the whole of 2011, which is a good thing. I'm hoping that that means that my chances of conceiving are going to be good smile

Big hello to everyone else I haven't NCed. Hope you're all well.

runningmonkey Fri 07-Oct-11 17:15:27

Ooo we have a celebrity in our midst - Mitford saw you in the round-up grin

Hiya banned that sounds so exciting. Hope the flat sells soon.

bannedfromknitclub Thu 06-Oct-11 16:25:43

popping in to say very overdue helloo to everyone and sending congratulations, good luck, sticky glue & non sympathetic hugs.

We have big news.. we've just had passport requests from Canadian immigration control so they can issue our permanent residents visas!! Unfortunately we're still struggling to sell our flat so we can't head off to Nova Scotia just yet. We have until august next year to get there or our visas expire. We need all the positive vibes, prayers and good luck wishes you can send that we find a buyer soon.. DH is now job hunting in earnest

Potty training is going like your C belgina.. very unpredictable. our G isn't ready yet as she can be standing stark naked next to her potty and just start weeing all over the floor! By the time I whisk the potty under her in nano seconds she's finished.. we keep trying though!

runningmonkey Wed 05-Oct-11 19:48:42

Nice one ses further sticky vibes headed your way.

smokey hope first week back is going ok. The thing I m most looking forward to re returning to work is being able to go to the loo in peace and not have a certain someone saying 'mummy, mummy, mummy' every time I try to talk to an adult hmm

Mitford the vouchers sound like a great idea. I would be v touched if someone did that for me. Hey, if your MIL doesn't want them and you don't, I'll willingly take them off your hands wink

belg fingers crossed for you

Hello to everyone else <waves>

Sorry but i have to have a little boast and share that A has gone three days in pants with no accidents smile feel all emotional that my little girl is growing up! Sorry for the tmi but she does insist on looking at each poo in the potty and deciding what shape it looks like <boak> today's was a m for mummy. Nice.

SESthebrave Tue 04-Oct-11 10:26:31

Quick update from my phone.
All ok smile
They put me at 6+2 with EDD of 27th May.
Saw hb and measured 5mm which is slightly small but still within normal ranges. They've booked me a scan on 25th Oct at 9wks.
Thank you everyone for good wishes and glue!

Smokey - hope the transition to going back to work is going smoothly.

Mitford - sorry but I did chuckle at the wee & poo incidents!

Belgina - fx for you!

Hello everyone else <waves>

TheMitfordsMaid Mon 03-Oct-11 16:27:45

Cor Smokey, good luck with your return to work, and fingers crossed to you Blegina.

We bit of a poo pants disaster today. We went out for a woodland walk and I forgot to take nappies and of course DS2 had a poo. I borrowed some spare pants and I was very proud that DS managed not to wet himself while we were out, and even had a standing up wee with his little pal. They giggled a lot. Anyway, got home, gave him a sticker for being a big boy and discovered when I bent down to kiss him that he'd done a mahoosive poo in his borrowed pants. Great.

smokeybacon Mon 03-Oct-11 13:46:27

Well hello. Here I am at work, where I find I actually have the time to type a message!!

First day back today, and so far so good although am missing the babies and R terribly. I know they are fine.The nanny is working out well so I have no worries there at all.

We tried a bit of potty training and for the first two weeks, R did brilliantly. However I never got the courage up to take him out of the house with out pull ups and I just forgot to ask him when out or just did not have the time to ensure a toilet run before leaving the house. Consequently, we have gone back quite a few steps. Not sure what to do really. Whether to bin it for the time being or keep trying and brave <sharp intake of breath> pants at all times....

Mitford thoughts on the vouchers. Lovely idea. BUT will she actually go and spend them? I have no problem with recycling gifts at all, but I know if I gave my mum SPace NK vouchers, she would not have a clue..Now, your mum may be at the opposite end of the glamour spectrum to mine, but if she wont' use 'em, keep 'em for yourself!

ses hope scan goes well tomorrow

reebee congrats on the promotion!

flip update please on week of sole charge parenting!

Right back to court for me!

<waves madly to everyone>

belgina Mon 03-Oct-11 13:33:21

Hi everyone,

ses How are you? Hope your scan goes well tomorrow.

mittford I think it's great to give those vouchers to your MIL. I think she's be happy you thought of her smile

flip. How did your time alone go? Dd2 was about that age when I was on my own with the 3. They were only 30min late for school blush

Everythink ok-ish here at the moment. I'm awaiting AF or a BFP in a few days. I've got an irrational urge to poas, which I'm struggling to control. It's far to early and I know it'll be negative anyway. I'm just hoping it'll all be regular.

pottytraining. Not really happening here. I've been leaving her nappies off at home, just to see if I can catch her, but so far no luck. She actually wees very infrequently, so it's hard to catch her...

TheMitfordsMaid Wed 28-Sep-11 21:38:20

Thanks Ses. I will be thinking of you in that scan.

As for toilet training, when naked DS2 has the most perfect aim down the loo. He has gone straight for standing up wees, copying his big brother. Sadly he can't remember to take his pants off so he must be naked at all times, which is great in this freak weather but I am going to have to break him soon. Half term is it, I think.

SESthebrave Wed 28-Sep-11 21:31:30

ReeBee - have a very sneaky and unsympathetic hug from me too. Well done on the promotion. Great that living with your parents is working out for the short term but hope you find the ideal place for you soon.

Mitford - I think it's a lovely and generous idea to give the vouchers to your MIL. I'm sure she would be very grateful (well I would be if I were her!) Sorry for your rubbish day btw - hope things calm down for both your DSs tomorrow.

Flip - my jaw dropped when I read your post! I think you must be superwoman! Btw, your DS is gorgeous - as is his name smile

toilet training - well the only progress we've made is that DS will actually tell me when he's doing a poo and sometimes a wee. Whenever I get the potty or suggest he sits on the toilet though he always says no and pushes me away so I'm not bothering to start training him properly yet.

Thank you all for the sticky vibes. My post-mc clinic appointment was fine and the Dr I saw was lovely and arranged for my thryoid checks and a 6 week scan so hopefully next Tuesday I should have a better idea of what's going on. I'm trying to stay positive but occasionally the worry sets in and I have to try and push it out of my mind and stick my head in the sand until the scan on Tuesday.

Hello yankee, running, Belgina, Reggiee, Smokey, Stamped, Pika and anyone else around smile

TheMitfordsMaid Wed 28-Sep-11 21:17:39

What. A. Day.

Poor old DS didn't make it to the loo on time at school and had a very smelly accident. I was called in to sort him out (luckily it happened just before school finished) and I have never, ever, seen such a mess on one child. It took me ages to clean him up; he was coated in it from bottom to toes, both legs. So, he's off school and thankfully seems unaffected by it. DS2 has come out in spots that we thought were chicken pox but are just some random virus. So I've got both of them at home with me tomorrow, just like old times!

I was interviewed by Mumsnet today for some sort of thing they are running to help people looking at starting their own businesses. I get £50 of Space NK vouchers as a thank you and I've been thinking about giving them to my MIL to say thank you for all the help they've given us over the last few years. Someone at school thought that because I was given them it might seem a little mean, like gift recycling because they haven't actually cost me anything. What do you think? I'd love to spend them on myself of course, but I'd like to thank her too and thought it was a nice thing to do. I'm not sure now, what say you?

ReeBee Wed 28-Sep-11 20:13:45

All fellow would-be potty trainers: Milestone here yesterday - F asked to look at the poo in his nappy. I told him if he did a poo in the toilet he could look at that. So he immediately requested a toilet visit and spent a very happy 15 minutes doing his first ever toilet poos! grin I thought it would never stop - he'd been a bit constipated, poor thing. Still not brave enough for pants just yet but getting there.

Got a promotion at work too- still a lot of time away but more money for it, yay. More responsibility too but as long as I pretend the numbers aren't real, I'm sure it'll be fine!!

Living with my DParents atm, they're fab. Looking for a nice house to rent short term nearby. DH is keeping our current rented house for a number of reasons sad and some of you may remember we were stung badly when we relocated in the housing crash period so not in a position to buy just now.

Shit, can I even call him DH now? Weird. Will work on that!

flip congrats and well done on solo bravery.

Hello to all, and thanks a million for your lovely and unsympathetic comments. Just what I needed smile

Right, off to start the bedtime argument now....

yankeedoodledo Mon 26-Sep-11 22:02:11

Hi all! As usual, a quick post:
Ses, sending much glue your way. Hope you're relaxed. x
Running, potty training getting better since your post? I'm thinking of trying H without nappies but a bit scared. She'd done a wee or 2 on the potty, never a poo but I may just go in cold and remove the nappies. or maybe I'll wait confused.
Ree, I'm so glad you're feeling positive, sending you best wishes!

Sorry, I can't NC everyone but vow to do so next time <bows head>.
Hope everyone is well. x

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