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May 2009 Towards the Terrible Two's

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momino Wed 26-Jan-11 22:20:19

Well, here we go again. may this be the start of a thread with lots of positive news and posts smile!

omnomnomtom Wed 26-Jan-11 22:35:54

Thanks for the new thread momino

Right I'm off to bed in a minute with my book and a hot choc- have just ordered a load of books off Amazon so need to crack on with my 'to be read' pile. Has anyone read this?
It's one of the books I've just ordered after reading a few positive reviews in the paper and I'm really looking forward to it

momino Wed 26-Jan-11 23:27:24

Hi omnomnomtom! hope you're relaxing with your book. not read that one yet but will await your review.

I'm supposed to be reading 'The Slap'. a massive book. have 1/3 to go so will attempt to read a bit now that it's 11.30pm... night!

belgina Thu 27-Jan-11 07:58:02

Thanks for the new thread momi. I sort of thought threads took a thousand posts confused. Anyway. We've been on that last one for ages, so it's nice to have a bit of a change

momino Thu 27-Jan-11 12:33:30

belg, you're probably right. in fact, now that I'm thinking about it you ARE right. I think we'd taken so long with the last one, I was a bit bored. but now I'm a bit blush.

but if you all don't mind carrying on here.


<gets coat and goes out to find her brain>

llareggub Thu 27-Jan-11 15:39:07

Just bookmarking for later. This week has been crazy busy! I've got governor training again tonight, this time to learn all about Headteacher recruitment as we're recruiting at the moment.

See you all after it finishes!

flippineck Thu 27-Jan-11 15:43:02

lol momino! I love the shiny new thread, thank you x

DandyLioness Thu 27-Jan-11 18:42:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

runningmonkey Thu 27-Jan-11 19:10:18

Hello all,

Sorry for not doing a proper nc - have been suffering with extreme lack of sleep (new noisy neighbours, pg insomnia and a toddler who has decided to wake up in the night again).

Film was v good, would def recommend it although it is very dark and pretty gory in places. Beautifully filmed though and I would be v surprised if Natalie P doesn't get an oscar, she was v convincing. Did manage to stay awake although, was bursting for the loo for almost the entire film but didn't want to leave as it was too gripping! I went with two friends who are also pg and we were pretty much elbowing people out of the way when the film finished to get to the loos

Right must go and see what I can dredge from the freezer to eat for tea... its been a long month.

essenceofSES Thu 27-Jan-11 22:34:41

Momino - thank you for the lovely new thread

I'm just bookmarking as well...Must go to bed so I don't fall asleep on the sofa!

momino Fri 28-Jan-11 16:26:08

hi all.
Hope you got some sleep Ses!

Running, hope you get some sleep!

Dandy, 'stuff to share*.... sounds intriguing. Don't keep us waiting too long!

Llare, hope your training is going well.

well, Harper's a bit down today. She's been a bit chesty, clingy, unsettled, constipated, teething and today had a slight temp. She's been napping for three hours! I'm hoping it's a minor bug and will wake her in a minute to check.

DH's opportunities have exploded: one in Whitby, one in Liverpool and a new opportunity in (gasp) Seattle. There all quite strong with two of them offers and the Seattle one wants to possibly fly him across to interview.

All but the whitby one mean a move from York and I'm getting nervous. The seattle one bothers me the most since, although in the US, is still far from my family so not sure what good it would be. Still lots of things to consider in all cases and we'll be having some good long chats this weekend about it.

in any case, all this action has given my poor DH a needed confidence boost!

Hope everyone has a good friday night.

belgina Fri 28-Jan-11 19:51:12

Hi everyone.

Had another little bleed, which has stopped again. I really wished my body made up it's mind. I'm so fed up with this. I'm also very tired... I can't wait for my scan on Monday. I think with the bleeding and everything the likelihood is that it won't be very good, but hey ho. That's life I suppose. Why do these things always happen at busy times of my life. My last misc was at our wedding, now a troublesome early pregnancy with a house move. Poor DH has been so busy with clearing out the house and I've not been able to help much + it also means he's not really around for support. Not that he's all that much use on the support front; in fact, he's told me that he's pretty sure it'll be bad news. So there you go. Very supportive. hmm

momino Fri 28-Jan-11 20:48:22

Hi Belgina,
Sorry things are so confusing for you. How are you feeling physically (beyond the stopstart bleeding)?

Anyway, bring on Monday so you can put your mind at ease. I hope you're able to relax but with housemove (very stressful), early pregnancy troubles (very stressful), i don't blame you for having difficulty doing so!

As for your DH, I don't know him but it sounds like he is being pessimistic about the whole thing and would rather jump to the worst thinking he'll avoid being disappointed (?). no clue. also has no clue how this is making you feel.

hope you're ok.

llareggub Fri 28-Jan-11 20:57:26

Belgina I'm sorry too that things are so confusing for you at the moment. I know it can seem a little pointless comparing pregnancies, but I had a similar experience of bleeding with DS1 (big gush, clots etc) followed by sporadic bleeds. I hate the early stages of pregnancy, it is such a rollercoaster.

Momino great news on the job front. I would have given my right arm to live in Seattle back in the grunge days. Hope he gets the job that will be right for you all.

I feel like I am just dipping in and out at the moment. This week has been ridiculously busy and I've only managed two runs. I ought to go out tonight but my knee is playing up so I am resting. We had a very stressful day yesterday. EDF turned up while I was at school to cut our electricity off! I got really, really stressed when I read the letter and couldn't understand the problem as I was there when DH paid the bill. After a few calls it transpired that the money had been taken and not applied to our account. hmm

Arse. DS2 is crying. BRB.

belgina Fri 28-Jan-11 21:00:02

momi thank you. I'm feeling physically ok. Tired, but I think that's mainly due to lack of quality sleep (I think), only very mild nausea, no abdo pain, but I do have a little backache and a touch of SPD type pain. I am actually slightly concerned about the lack of stronger symptoms, but on the other hand, if my dates really were wrong than the symptoms won't really kick in until next week some time.
Congrats to your DH for the job offers too. Sound like you've got lots to think about

llareggub Fri 28-Jan-11 21:13:31

I wouldn't wouldn't worry about the symptoms. I had none with DS1 and a bit of tiredness with DS2 but that it is about it. Never any MS at all.

belgina Fri 28-Jan-11 21:50:47

llare thank you, but with me the symptoms seemed to have got progressively worse with every pregnancy, so I expected it to be the same or even worse than with C, but it's not. And that's why I'm worried about the lack of symptoms I didn't expect sore boobs though, because last time I was pg and bf I didn't have sore boobs either. Anyway, I'm going to try and not break my head over it too much this weekend and I'm going to try and have some good quality sleep tonight, because I've been sleeping badly, grinding my teeth and everything.

DandyLioness Sun 30-Jan-11 00:09:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

essenceofSES Sun 30-Jan-11 21:13:38

Dandy - your DD and DS sound as wonderful as I remember them.
Really bad timing with your friend telling you her news. That wobble was more than understandable but I'm pleased you've managed to think things through clearly.
Great that you've got exciting things happening at work!
As for your DH's job, bit of a difficult one as I can tell you are pleased for him but won't be easy. I hope it manages to work well though and the time passes as quickly as possible.

Belgina - thinking of you and hoping all turns out well.

Llare - EDF - angry

Momino - wow, 3 opportunities for your DH now! I can understand your mixed feelings about locations but I guess you'll just have to hope the right one will come through.

All fine here. Very busy week with work coming up but it's all good. I've been having conversations with my boss about my career progression and he's keen to support. It will just be a waiting game though as the job that I'd like and suits me best, there are only 2 of in the SE.

DandyLioness Sun 30-Jan-11 21:32:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DandyLioness Sun 30-Jan-11 21:34:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

belgina Mon 31-Jan-11 12:32:10

Hi everyone.

Just come to announce my bad news. No change at all from last scan. So no growth at all. With the bleeds and lack of strong symptoms I had sort of anticipated it, but it's really upsetting non the less. Now I need to make up my mind whether to go for ERPC or conservative management and I really don't know at all. DH wants conservative and also wants me to go back to work while awaiting events. I'm not sure whether awaiting events can be combined with going to work IYKWIM. I'm worried about it all starting at work. At the same time the thought of a GA and ERPC scare me too. I'm soo confused at the moment. I've taken tomorrow off for now and am not supposed to be back until Fri, by which time everything should clearer.

dandy exciting news for your DH, but I can understand why you don't like it. At least it's temporary. I'm sure it'll fly by

hi ses

DandyLioness Mon 31-Jan-11 13:06:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

runningmonkey Mon 31-Jan-11 13:28:10

So sorry belgina

I'm afraid I also don't have any sensible advice but do remember seeing a thread about the two options a while back - might be worth having a look if you can face it. Most of all though, take care of yourself x

Not ignoring others, just popped in for a read and couldn't not say something to Belgina. Will be back later to catch up properly.

llareggub Mon 31-Jan-11 14:05:16

So sorry to hear your news belgina. X

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