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January 2011

(603 Posts)
MacMomo Sun 16-Jan-11 14:03:47

Thought we should have a post-natal thread so we can stay together from our ante-natal one. Technically, DD was a December baby after coming early on new years eve; hope you don't mind if I stay with the January group after all this time. How is everyone doing?

wintersniffle Thu 27-Jan-11 16:11:35

We've had an interesting few days, even before DS2 turned up DS1 was struggling a bit in the afternoons because he's dropping his nap. In the morning he's sweet with DS2 but by mid-afternoon he's losing the plot a bit and tries to hit him a lot. We're ok at the moment as DP is around to make sure he can't get violent while I'm feeding DS2 but I'm not sure how it's going to work once it's just me and them confused.

Congrats pacita and hello to everyone who has just arrived on the thread smile

mamasunshine Sat 29-Jan-11 17:11:13

Hello smile Just back from hospital as blood pressure went up in early labour so decided to cancel the homebirth.

Baby Arabella born last night at 20:06hrs, weighing a huge 7lb15 (big for me!). Had early labour from 2am Friday morning then baby turned back-to-back, so was expecting a very long labour. Got into hospital at around 5pm was 4cm dilated, had her at 8pm So my total labour from being established was 3hrs14mins VERY different from last time! Was excruciating though think because it all happened sooooo quickly I wasn't prepared and kept saying I can't do this, give me an epidural...little did I know I was in transition So in the end managed on gas and air, and she came out perfectly She's gorgeous and has barely stopped feeding yet!

Was kept in overnight as had the high blood pressure and protein in urine, but all's started stabilising...thank goodness between my baby cring and everyone elses inbetween you stood no chance of recovering!

Hope everyone's doing well?

wintersniffle Sat 29-Jan-11 20:14:04

Congratulations mamasunshine, you must be so pleased to finally be getting baby cuddles. smile

Everyone seems to have gone very quiet, I think sleep deprivation must be catching up with everyone or there's more arrivals happening...

crumblequeen Sun 30-Jan-11 08:12:04

Hi everyone!

Mamasunshine congratulations, you had that name picked from the start didn't you? It's lovely. Glad it was quick for you, although I found it a bit shocking at the time too!

Pacita congratulations also, hope DS is happy with the new arrival?

Wintersniffle my DS is also very tired in the afternoons after dropping nap, he really needs one but will not go to bed at home in the day and I refuse to drive around in the car every day. He has been great with baby though, couldn't have wished him to be any better, but he is taking his tiredness out on us and being very difficult. I am very lucky as DH has 2 weeks full pay paternity then my mum and sister are staying for 2 weeks which was to help after the c-section that never happened but they are going to come anyway.

Jobi1 are you on your own with 2 now? How are you getting on? I was pleased I avoided recovery from section and feel like I am healing well 1 week on. Can just about feel pelvic floor, which is much better than last time! Going to really need to focus on doing the exercises every day though.

Redone how are you feeling now?

DS2 is doing really well, had some feeding trouble for a couple of days when milk came in as got really quickly engorged but its settling down now and getting less sore, although I still wince when DS1 gives me an exuberant toddler cuddle! He is sleeping for around 2 hr stretches at night, either in his crib or next to me in bed so that's going ok. Have sent DH to spare room now as there is not really anything he can do in the night and one of us needs to be half awake in the day to keep up with DS1!

I have remembered now that I hate night time nappy changes, January not the best month for doing them!

Hope everyone doing well and enjoying your gorgeous babies while they are so tiny. Looking forward to hearing of some more arrivals soon!

Jobi1 Sun 30-Jan-11 09:53:16

Hi crumblequeen and everyone, hope you're all doing well.

Yep I'm on my own with two but DS1 goes to pre school 3 mornings and grandmas for one day. She's also been taking him for an extra afternoon whilst I'm recovering from section, and usually visits one afternoon, as do my parents (although they're less helpful but thats another story!). So I have loads of support and am very lucky. DS1 has been pretty good though, he's extra attention seeking but thats fair enough and he's had the odd meltdown but seems very tired so I think he may be getting disturbed at night sometimes. He hasn't had daytime naps for about 9 months or so, bummer! The difficulty is I can't take them both out yet, although I don't think I'd cope with 2 yet anyway! And keeping him amused without too much tv!

Redone, just to say I had very bleak moments after the birth of DS1 - hormones and exhaustion and traumatic birth and mastitis and a cranky colicky bubs all contributed! It can be a very difficult time. Things that helped were getting out in fresh air, talking to friends and family and going to a mum & baby group at the local childrens centre. Hang in there and keep posting, you're not alone.

sarrita Sun 30-Jan-11 10:13:22

mamasunshine!!!! at last. Congratulations. Though does sound excruciating. Glad to hear you are both well and at home.

Good luck ursulabear.

I was very sick on Monday morning, but luckily we had lots of oral re-hydation salts in the cupboard. So frustrating as by week 3 was beginning to feel back to normal.

My beautiful DD seems to be finally gaining weight - she managed 300grammes this week! And she seemed to sleep a bit longer last night. But if I don't concentrate on the BF she does green watery poos.

In laws are here for 3 weeks. They have DS at their flat that we rented for them. They are annoying, but at least they can help with DS.

Can't believe how many gifts we have been given. I would have thought it would be less with the 2nd - but people have been very generous. It is lovely - DD has her own pink wardrobe now.

redone I hope you have managed to get some support and that you are feeling a bit better.

deedee321 Sun 30-Jan-11 13:16:44

So happy to hear your news MamaSunshine, kept checking the thread to see when you'd pop!! Sounds quite a trauma, it does take a while to take in what's happened when the birth is not quite as toy imagined! I felt really upset thinking about the levels of pain at first, but it does pass, thank god.
Sarrita, I giggled at your in-law paragraph - good that they can concentrate on your wee boy though, and give you baby snuggling time, esp when you've not been well.
I am still awake most of the time, trying to keep up with my disco-dancing, jumping-bean toddler during the day, then getting the big eyes from my ds during the night...every night at 11pm on the dot he starts his awake time! I'm the same as you crumble, so relieved my toddler likes the baby, so not complaining!

MacMomo Sun 30-Jan-11 16:23:05

mamasunshine at last! Big congratulations, love the beautiful name.

redone I'm still weepy every now and then, 4 weeks after the birth. Hormones all over th place, sleep deprived and rather emotional at the whole "I love this baby more than anything in the world" feeling. I am trying to accept the emotional rollercoaster rather than fight it.

DD putting on weight at twice the rate of the 'normal' graphs, despite ongoing issues with bf. HV was so shocked she weighed her twice last time just to be sure. Unfortunately, she has just started a fussy feeding routine - snacking! Short feeds, short sleeps with general grumbling and fussing in between. I hope this doesn't last long!

I'm expressing a lazy boob every 2 hours to try to increase the milk flow, and the nipple is now so sore I'm ready to give up - but the sight of a E cup boob next to a B cup boob is just so freaky shock

sarrita so glad about the weight gain, must have been a relief to know it's all ok now.

splodge77 Sun 30-Jan-11 18:24:20

hi all, goodness its been a long time since i last posted as i ended up in hospital for 9 days with our little boy. Arnie arrived on 20th jan. we had a natural birth at the birthing centre which all went well (tho i'm sure had more pain relief than gas and air been available i would have lapped it up. it was bloody painful!!!). 2 hours of skin to skin later i was scoffing spag bol and thinking we might be going home the very same day then i suddenly got really dizzy and my heart rate went mental. had to be transferred to the labour ward for a blood transfusion then the next day arnie got jaundice and some kind of mystery infection - had to go in lightbox and have antibiotics. it was horrible being stuck in hospital without my partner for so long - nights were particularly awful but am thrilled to be home now. breastfeeding going ok tho i have mega leaky boobs and sore nips!! hope this will improve soon! congrats on all the other new arrivals. i need to read back thru the thread - a lot to catch up on!

deedee321 Sun 30-Jan-11 21:49:41

Congratulations Splodge, on your lovely little boy. Sounds like you have had a stressful time since his birth, hope you can relax and enjoy having him at home now.

MacMomo Sun 30-Jan-11 22:22:14

Arnie! splodge that's what dh wanted to call ours if a boy. Congratulations! Sorry you've had such a scary time and so long in hospital, though.

MsScarlett Mon 31-Jan-11 01:36:32

hi!Was on previous thread AKA RoxieP and GlitteryBalls. Can i join the fun? Had dd on 4th by elcs due to breech. EBF and nigts are a nightmare (feeding now,hence no capitals) otherwise all good!

Haven't read through thread yet, but hope all are well. x

kiwijesta Mon 31-Jan-11 14:04:12

Hey all,
Yay for Mamasunshine! I've been watching your updates as I feed DD at various hours of the night, love love the name, was on my list but not on DH's, hehe!

Wintersnuffle we have gone quiet, I've been lurking while night feeding, but typing on phone one handed at 3am is a bit too far for me, so I've decided to sit down while she is asleep in her basket and catch up properly!

I can't believe she's 4 weeks tomorrow, seems a life time and yet its flown by (does that make sense)

Still BFing here, going to weigh her today, but as she is growing out of/into baby grows I don't think we'll have any probs. Bought a pump on the weekend, once I've sterilized it I'm gonna have a try expressing. My mum is visiting from abroad for 3 weeks so she said she'd give her a bottle so we can get used to it. My god-daughter refused all bottles for 6 months, and while I'm planning on BFing for that time, a bottle now and again of EBM would be handy (more than one glass of vino anyone wink?)

Hope everyone is managing an occasional nap in the day, I find Escape to the Country lulls us both off nicely!

MsScarlett Mon 31-Jan-11 18:10:57

Hi Kiwijesta, your dd was born on the 4th by ELCS wasn't she? Mine too, I was called Glitteryballs over xmas if you remember? How are you recovering from the op? x

wintersniffle Tue 01-Feb-11 22:00:37

crumblequeen I keep forgetting about pelvic floor exercises, it's only when someone mentions them on here or in RL that I think I'd better get on with them!

Congratulations splodge, sorry you've had such a rough time.

Welcome back MsScarlett hope you're recovering well.

All going well here, DS1 is still pretty tetchy but hasn't been taking it out on DS2 so we can cope with it.

I've been trying to decide whether I need a double buggy, I thought I'd be fine with single and the sling but DS2 is heavier than I'd anticipated! Thing is DS1 is perfectly capable of walking quite long distances but won't because he's being a stubborn toddler and as soon as he grows out of this phase we'll be fine. I just wish I knew how long that would take and whether a double was a worthwhile investment or not. If any of you have similar age toddlers (2.8) have you got one and do you think it's worth it?

beijingaling Wed 02-Feb-11 06:52:58

MsScarlett and Kiwijester - that means our DCs all have the same birthday!

Redone Hope you're feeling better.

wintersniffle I'm also being lazy about pelvic floor. <too tired to care emoticon>

I think I've got into a bloody rut with DD as she is now ONLY falling asleep on my boob. Any tips on how to get her to sleep in her cot and not on me? Last couple of nights have been nightmare marathon feeds. Fingers crossed for a good night tonight.

Mum flew out today with her DP which is great. It's also Chinese New Years eve today - happy new year little tigers!

MsScarlett Wed 02-Feb-11 20:49:49

beijing - my dd is doing nightmare marathon feeds too! Seems to be a big growth period. I also think at this age they still can't take huge amounts at a time, still aren't in a routine yet are starting to be able to go longer without sleep = constant feeding all the time!

She also is not very good at settling in her mosesb basket atm. x

deedee321 Thu 03-Feb-11 01:11:03

wintersniffle, my dd has just turned 3 and I def feel I won't need a double buggy - but just a few months ago I wouldn't have been so sure. Guess what I mean is, you prob would get use our of it at moment, but only in the short-term, so maybe try to beg/borrow one or buy secondhand so you don't spend fortune on something he may not want for long? I've ordered a buggyboard, whether that will end up good or waste of money I'm nor sure yet!
Sleeping, or lack of it, continues here. Ds is piling on weight, which is great, but think gets most of it at night!! Now in 'routine' (har har) of nappy change, howl, feed, wind, fall asleep on mummy's chest, transfer to cot/baby beanbag/beside us in our bed, depending on what he will accept! Had all sorts of sleep issues with dd and was determined this baby would fall asleep by himself, but he is so weeny and feel cuddles are more important! So each night wake-up takes an age. Are you lot the same??

sarrita Thu 03-Feb-11 13:28:32

Not caught up with others... But just had to relate to you deedee. Exactly the same.

I have in laws here - who thankfully are away now for 4 days and then back for 10 (arrrggghhh) who are still annoying.

This am DS went to childminder, and I went back to sleep. DD sleeps alright during the day, and is awake and feeding most the night. There are approximately 2 hrs between the end of one feed and the start of the next. NOT ENOUGH SLEEEEEEP!

She is sleeping now - in a hammock, with white noise and swaddled.

Oh Splodge that sounds tough. Great to hear you are home! CONGRATULATIONS. Leaky boobs par for the course with me anyway.

And congrats MsScarlet, my DD was born on the 3rd.

On boobs - just bought a new maternity bra. Have two old knackered ones from DS. It gives me lift, but squishes them in the weirdest places. So I want to ask what people are in? I'm a 34H and wearing a new Panache Superbra maternity.

wintersniffle you prompted me to do some kegels. Which made me laugh! Maybe we should all open our posts with a reminder.

MsScarlett Thu 03-Feb-11 18:52:16

My has less than 2 hrs between beginning of each feed most of the time! Last night was good for her as she settled at 12, fed at 3am and then woke at 6. Normally night is just one long feed! So deedee I am the same. If she settles at all, it takes forever... x

wintersniffle Thu 03-Feb-11 22:08:50

sarrita I'm in a 34F bra but it's from DS1 and I really need to get measured properly. I'm a bit worried about buying too many new bras too quickly though as my size took a long time to settle down then and I think I'm still shrinking this time.

We've been on a roughly 2 hourly night feeding schedule as well. Seems to have caught up with me more today than it had up until now.

Have been checking ebay but even cheap doubles seem a bit expensive for the amount of use I'd expect to get out of it. Will probably keep procrastinating until it's too late to bother...

Have managed to do a few pelvic floors so at least I've achieved something today!

pacita Fri 04-Feb-11 08:26:57

Bookmarking. Will post later from comPuter with update!

MsScarlett Fri 04-Feb-11 21:25:06

Wintersniffle, I'm squeezing as we speak!

Was looking for some advice from you lot - sorry if TMI - but I have been bleeding today, not loads but a fair amount and it's bright red. I had a ELCS on 4th Jan, and stopped bleeding completely within a week, so why has it started again? I probably have overdone it today, carrying heavy shopping bags and dd in car seat etc. I am EBF so doubt it would be my period, plus I usually get bad cramps with my period but I've got no pain, and it doesn't look like period blood IYSWIM.

I know you can bleed for up to 6 weeks, but I thought that would be more with vaginal delivery, and also I thought normal lochia should be brownish at this stage but it is bright red and very fresh. Is this cause for concern? I couldn't have ruptured something internally could I? How else could increased activity cause fresh bleeding to start suddenly? My external scar is fine... Know I'm probably being paranoid!

kiwijesta Fri 04-Feb-11 22:37:24

winter my MW said you can bleed more if you over do things. Hope it's just that!
Am recovering well, can't believe our DC are a month old today, it has gone so fast! I have to say I'm loving this mum business so far, as my DH says, it seems to suit me.

Going out for a pub lunch on Sunday and will be the only parents there, going to have to BF in public for the first time, psyching myself up already!

kiwijesta Fri 04-Feb-11 22:38:43

Sorry winter that was meant for Scarlett baby brain!

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