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January 2011

(603 Posts)
MacMomo Sun 16-Jan-11 14:03:47

Thought we should have a post-natal thread so we can stay together from our ante-natal one. Technically, DD was a December baby after coming early on new years eve; hope you don't mind if I stay with the January group after all this time. How is everyone doing?

CadleCrap Wed 27-Jun-12 11:26:40

DD amazed me the other day - she held a pen properly and drew little spirals!

I am trying to "walk" her for at least 30 mins a day in an attempt to wear her out. She just keeps going and going and going!

CadleCrap Fri 20-Jul-12 14:38:10

Naming body parts
Head - DD puts hands on head
Nose -DD puts hands on nose
Feet- DD lifts a leg
Bottom - DD puts head on floor and lifts bum in air


PelvicFloorOfSteel Thu 26-Jul-12 22:11:20

Ds2 has just started sleeping with his bottom in the air, there's something so adorable about that pose. I probably appreciate it that little bit more as I only catch him in it when he's stayed in his own cot all night long and not found his way into bed with us (so far this would be on about 5 occasions out of the 18 months he's been around).

CadleCrap Fri 27-Jul-12 13:55:50

Love the bum in the air, they are just so......patable!

We have started the terible twos 6 months early.
DD Had a complete meltdown because I dared to "break a banana!"

pinkbuttons Sat 28-Jul-12 21:59:28

Haha cadle image of screaming toddler due to broken banana made me laugh, we have had a few very similar situations here so sending my sympathy. Seems to have stopped a bit now but just before he started sleeping through he started having the worst tantrums including our first public tantrum in the park blush although looking back now I'm sure any looks we were getting were mostly of sympathy not judgement.

DS has just stopped sleeping on his front pelvic it was always so cute!! and whenever DS stays in nursery for his afternoon nap almost all of them sleep on their front with their bums in the air, so funny. Also yey on the sleeping through!!

DS still full of energy and no fear despite a lot of bumps and bruises, which he's never bothered by. Had my first almost angry moment at nursery yesterday when I arrived to pick him up DS had grazed up both legs and they had dried blood all over them sad when the nursery carer didn't tell me that he'd hurt himself (am very used to filling out accident forms) I mentioned to her that he'd hurt himself and she just said oh has he. Now I know my son is ridiculously accident prone and wont give as much as a whimper unless he can see the blood but couldn't help being upset that his legs were all cut up and no one had noticed sad anyway he's not bothered and loves his carz plasters we had to buy to put on his knee that kept bleeding, sorry for the rant.

On a positive note we have a first word!! He can say yes!! smile quite a useful one and need to make the most of it because I'm sure he'll learn no soon enough.

CadleCrap Fri 03-Aug-12 11:34:22

Pink DD can say "no". Unfortunately "yes" still alludes her despite being able to say a whole heap of other words - mainly things she wants eg 'nana, apple, ball etc

CadleCrap Fri 03-Aug-12 11:40:04

This is from the MN Child development calendar

One of the developments you won't be able to miss is her sudden contrariness. If you ask her to come to you, she will scoot off in the opposite direction for no apparent reason. Except there is a reason - she does it because she's learning that she can.

Oh yes!

PelvicFloorOfSteel Sun 05-Aug-12 22:50:57

How horrible pink, no matter how frequently they hurt themselves it is still awful seeing blood.

cadle how are you finding Australia? Are you in a part which is going to be really hot in the summer?

DS2 can say 'yeth' and uses it to respond to most questions, regardless of whether it's the actual answer. DS1 definitely preferred and overused 'no' so it's quite a refreshing change!

I love this stage, DS2 is so pleased with all his achievements, each new word and all the new things he can do. I don't think he liked being a helpless baby very much and he is just so much happier now he can do things for himself and say what he wants. grin

CadleCrap Fri 31-Aug-12 14:38:17

Oz is .... erm... ok. I am teaching in what is known as the worst school in the state. There is NO WAY I am raising my kids in this area. We have bought a plot of land "in the country" (but still on the coast - about 2.5 hrs from Melbourne). Heat hasn't hit us yet - it has just been pissing with rain.

Ds (4) is thriving - kids are allowed to jump off things and decide for themselves how high is dangerous. Really refreshing.

DD has started the terrible 2's early!!

WalkTheDog Sun 16-Sep-12 01:19:34

Hi how is everyone doing? We've had an interesting (!) summer. DH had a small stroke while we were away for a few days and he ended up in hospital for a week. He is fine, hoping to be back to full time work next week. It was caused by a tear in a neck artery - quite rare, unknown why it happened, but it should fully repair and no lasting issues really. DD took it bad when he returned to work, with his holidays and sick leave he was off work for 8 weeks, so it's been nice for her he has just returned part time. Saying that she still struggles to be apart from me for even fairly short periods.

All else is doing great. DD talks non stop and she loves to sing and dance. We still have huge sleep issues and think they'll be for a while yet. Over the past two weeks she has a new favourite saying "I'm getting upset" and she can be quite emotional to go with it. It must be such a rollercoaster being a toddler.

pinkbuttons Sun 16-Sep-12 19:28:08

Oh my Gosh walk Im sorry to hear about your DH's health issues, how scary for you all but very glad that he's getting better.

DD sounds lovely, my DS is still not talking he says yes and no and of course mama and dada but thats it. Have been told boys are just slower but can't help but worry. He understands everything though and responds to questions so have no fear about his hearing or understanding, just have to wait and see. He has however learnt how to climb out of his cot! Nightmare!

DH and I have recently been thinking about starting for baby no.2 but Ive just found out I have an under-active thyroid, and have started on medication this week. So our plans have been put on hold just until I start on the correct dosage of medication and we can get under way, anyone else thinking of having another one?

WalkTheDog Wed 19-Sep-12 22:18:29

thanks pink, was a shock but he is almost back to normal now.

I wouldn't worry about the talking, seemingly as long as they can't say 20 common words (things like mum, milk, dog) then that is fine. I remember my friends son at 3 and DD says more than he did, and there were no concerns re him.

Yikes re climbing out fo the cot. Are you leaving the side down now? My brother and I did the same so we were well prepared. Doesn't matter for us since we sleep on the floor.

Not so good re thyroid, hope you get your levels sorted quickly. I have some crazy broody days but at the moment baby 2 will need to wait. Want to wait until DH been rescanned (Feb), seems like forever! But DD needs to be a bit less mummy dependent so we need to give her a little longer too. At the moment there is no way I could be away from her to give birth and we are too rural for a HB.

readyornot2011 Fri 12-Oct-12 17:24:24

Walk, what a terrible thing to happen, really glad your DH is recovering well.

Just been reading everyone's posts and have really enjoyed catching up, read my last one in March and it seems like a lifetime ago. Things change so fast.

So we are now settled in France, renting a house about 30m south of Paris. We had an amazing summer of sun and visitors. I miss the 'outlet' work gave me and sometimes feel like I'm going a bit crazy being a SAHM, which I shamefully take out on DH, he bares it well because he's so happy with the move.

DD is great, took her forever to walk (17 months) but since then there is no stopping her. Loads of words inc. 'yes please' and 'no thank you' which makes the g'rents swoon. Only just starting saying mama in the last few weeks and still mostly shouts Daddy all day long, envy She's also pretty much potty trained now, (still nappies in the cot). I fear you will want to punch me but I swear I didn't do anything other than present her with a potty and explain what it was for. Then everytime I changed her nappy I asked if she wanted to use it and for the first month she said 'no thank you' and then one day she said 'yes please' and that was pretty much that. One or two accidents and it helps massively that we spend so much time at home blush.

Beginning to think about number 2 with a hint of excitement rather than pure dread. Maybe in the new year.

Would live to hear more news from everyone

WalkTheDog Wed 24-Oct-12 03:12:33

glad the move has gone well ready. Are you going to look for work? I bet you'll be popular with visitors for a while.

Liking the potty training. DD has pretty much been poo nappy free since last October, initially us noticing she was about to go but for a while now she tells us - she will only go on the toilet though, potty is a no go. Sometimes she knows she needs a pee, other times she tells us just after she has gone, other times she is quite happy to have a wet nappy.

We are going back and fore about no 2. DD still needs me so much I can't quite see how I could have two, but we both like the thought of being parents again. Yep maybe in the new year for us too.

My brother is moving to Holland with work and I'm a bit sad. We don't get to see them often but DD had a blast with her boy cousin (who is a few weeks younger) when we caught up last week. She is so bossy, she kept saying "follow me C, this way C, come here C". Typical woman my DH said!

hope everyone is doing well

pinkbuttons Tue 06-Nov-12 18:43:02

Also glad move has gone well ready, how exciting for you all.

very jealous at both of your mostly potty trained DDs, DS remains terrified of weeing in the potty, even though he now knows when he needs to wee. We have been leaving him with no nappy on when were able to but instead of using the potty he brings one of us a nappy when he needs to go, with much encouragement he will do a tiny wee in the potty only to go away and wee on the floor 5 minutes later when he finally loses control. V frustrating because I know he can do it but am not pushing it atm.

Still no more words here, yes, no and oh dear are the current favourites. We took DS to the fireworks at the weekend which he wasnt really sure about , he spent most of the time looking at the other people in the crowd and when a particularly big one went off just said "oh dear" not the most captivated audience...

Sorry to hear about your brother moving walk that must be lovely that your DD has a cousin so close in age, I was like that growing up and sometimes feel sad for DS having no one whos a similar age, think its partially why Im so keen for him to have a sibling sooner rather than later.

Lovely to hear everyone's news and to hear all the funny little stories as our babies grow up. I cant believe they're nearly 2!!

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Wed 14-Nov-12 06:27:31

Hello. Not been on here yet, though was on the antenatal thread occasionally under an old name. (Can't out myself, had to NC because of my stalker ex!).

DS3 is currently being looked at for Autism, he has been diagnosed as hyperactive with a 'high probability of ADHD', and he is severely allergic to CMP and nuts, and moderately allergic to soy.

I'm struggling with his over activity, and the lack of sleep. He has regressed and list lots of his speech too. sad potty training seems a way in the future, as he doesn't have functional receptive or expressive language.

I'm getting there with the support of the SN board, but wanted to pop in and see how everyone else was.

WalkTheDog Thu 29-Nov-12 00:08:19

I've tried to get on here a few times but this page seems to keep crashing, anyway finally made it.

pink I def wouldn't say DD potty trained, I think if we did the 3 day at home naked bottom regime she would be, but I am going to leave and she if she does it naturally as I think she will.

couthy sounds a lot to deal with. Very difficult with the food, soy is in so many things these days. Glad you are getting support.

ssshhhh, very quietly cooking, DH doesn't know yet, 6wks, very different, was bloated and very ill by now, hoping all OK since no ms.

ChrisCringleCadleCrap Mon 17-Dec-12 08:36:44

wink {whispers} Congratulations Walk

Finally settling into Oz. I was working at the worst school in the area - if a kid didn't tell you to Fuck off - it was a good lesson!

I have now got a new job and we are about to start building our dream house about 1 mile from the beach. DH and I are getting a hypothetical divorce over the imaginary boat we are yet to buy grin. I want a sail boat, he wants a motor boat.

Good to hear all the potty training. DS was 22 months and reliable -we haven't even started with DD, mainly as we are moving again very soon (while house gets built - did I already mention that?) and I can't be arsed blush

beatofthedrum Sun 06-Jan-13 22:36:56

walk, thrilled for you, hope all going well.
Checking in on this thread tonight as my gorgeous boy is 2 tomorrow. Hope all the other 2s and nearly 2s are doing well.

pinkbuttons Mon 07-Jan-13 13:15:56

oooh walk congratulations hope all is going well!

Happy Birthday to your DS beat My DS is 2 on Sunday, we had a party with family yesterday and he had a great time playing with the other children.
Officially trying for baby number 2 here smile hoping it wont be too long. DS still not really talking but one of his 5 words is baby, alot of his freinds now have little brothers and sisters. I just hope hes going to be as loving with his own sibling as he is with theirs.
Happy Birthday Babies!!

WalkTheDog Thu 17-Jan-13 15:14:29

Thought I'd check in since our LOs are hitting 2. Happy Birthdays. We had a party for family at the hydro pool which was fun. I made a Stuffy cake. We also made her a Stuffy card which was on the CBeebies birthday slot smile

Glad OZ is getting better for you CadleCrap.

I sadly had a mc at about 10 weeks just before Christmas. Was visiting my parents, which was actually a good thing as the EPU was only 15 mins away compared to 2 hours from home. DH came through for first scan after I had been bleeding. Lost baby that night, so was good he was there and for confirmaton scan. We stayed for Christmas, which meant we saw lots of my nephew before they left for Holland.

We are back ttc, AF today, don't think I ovulated this month. Like pinkbuttons we are hoping it wont be too long, but trying to stay as chilled about it. Not used to ttc, it just happened the last two times.

DD having a monster nap - she is usually nap free - but has a grotty cold with high temp. Feels odd to be online during the day.

readyornot2011 Sun 20-Jan-13 18:41:22

So sorry to hear that Walk sad

pinkbuttons Mon 11-Feb-13 09:48:18

Sorry to hear about your news walk I hope it all happens again very soon for you.
Thought Id check back as my DS is finally talking a bit smile seems to be getting more words by the day now so feel like were finally getting there.
Im also about 7 weeks pregnant, have had some spotting so first scan tomorrow.
Hoping you are all well, and DCs are lovely, I love this age at the moment he is so independent and yet so lovely and playful at the same time... gorgeous

CadleCrap Sat 23-Feb-13 09:39:57

Sorry about your MC walk sad

I have started at my new job and love it and we have now decided on the colours for our new house - Iam not just talking carpets and walls here. I mean bricks, roof, drainpipes the lot. I even had to decide on not just the colour but the style of mortar. Who knew you could get different styles of mortar!

pink smile

CadleCrap Tue 31-Dec-13 22:19:46

Happy Birthday to our lovely little 3 year olds!!

In our new house now - loving it.

Small child is just beautiful!!

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