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January 2011

(603 Posts)
MacMomo Sun 16-Jan-11 14:03:47

Thought we should have a post-natal thread so we can stay together from our ante-natal one. Technically, DD was a December baby after coming early on new years eve; hope you don't mind if I stay with the January group after all this time. How is everyone doing?

beijingaling Mon 24-Jan-11 02:13:46

Yay! I found you!

DD is 4 weeks tomorrow! Where has all the time gone? Doing ok now but she was badly jaundiced and it was touch and go on sending her back to hospital. Lots of blood tests for her and I sobbed each time they did it.

She also didn't gain enough weight so dr had me on 2 hourly feeds. On weds we just got put on to 3 hourly and it's bliss getting that little bit more sleep.

Regarding sleep she drops off fine during the day but at night she decides she wants to be awake and it takes me ages to get her to settle to sleep. Poor lamb. She's so tired and keen to sleep but just can't drop off. Not sure what to try next.

Hope you're all well and not too sleep deprived.

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 03:32:43

Ladies, can I join you? I wasn't on the ante-natal thread but DD was born on 21 Jan. She was 8pm 9oz which was frankly a relief after weeks of MWs saying 'oooooh this is going to be a big one'.

Bit of a speedy 3.5th delivery on a ward full of people while waiting for induction meds to kick in. I said 'she's coming!' They said 'no she isn't. You haven't started to dilate yet'. I said 'she's f&£king b@££?/d c&)£ting coming'. Needless to say I was right.

DD is my second. DS is 3.7 and rather touchingly in love with his new sister. Although he's a bit confused about why she can't eat biscuits. Which is a fair point.

All going well so far. Feeding ok although amdesperate for milk to come in properly now (famous last words). Sleeping lots during the day and barely at all at night but that'll sort given time. Very alert. Feels like a 2 week old but then she was two weeks overdue so not surprising!

Nice to meet you all and I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your party.

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 03:33:26

8lb 9oz of course. Bloody predictive text thing...

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 03:34:52

Obviously also meant 3.5hr. It's 3.30am - what can I say!

MacMomo Mon 24-Jan-11 09:33:34

Welcome limelight and congratulations!

Pacita haven't heard from you for a few days - fingers crossed your baby has finally arrived!

DD just let me have three hrs sleep, she normally only does that when dh is looking after her in the afternoons.

littlehuman Mon 24-Jan-11 10:18:36

jobi1 i stick to this thread too though dd was born on boxing day grin i know you all for too long ;-)

limelight welcome! funny about your ds not understanding dd not eating biscuits lol

wintersniffle we had the best night since she was born last night hurray!! she usually wakes up at 1am and wont go bk to sleep until 3ish and then again around 4am and then thats finish for me ! but last night she woke up at 1am, back to sleep just before 2am and then woke up again around 4ish til 5am. and the cat woke up at the same time so i didnt have to get up twice for DD and for my cat.

beijingaling hope your dd is feeling better and putting on weight(except for last night, i understand how you feel about your dd routing, awake at night and sleeping during the day grrrhhh...)

mamasunshine ??? we are waiting for you now lol good luck!

Hannah1890 Mon 24-Jan-11 12:19:35

Congratulations to all new babies, have been AWOL for a while so lots to catch up on, Rory and I ended up back in hospital 4 days after her was born as I had a bladder and kidney infection. Didnt even realise I was ill until my mum came round and I was in tears because couldnt lift him. I thought it was just after pains of labour...clearly not. All good now though got out on Friday.
Rory is now 10 days old and 5ozs heavier than birth weight, slept last night from half 12 till half 9 with a half hour feed at 5, feeling like maybe horrible pregnancy and birth are paying off with a gd baby. Still having a few problems with feeding but was taught in hospital how to do it lying down so am only feeding like that atm to try and build up my and his confidence in it.

Looking forward to hearing the news of more babies and will try catch up!!
Hope all Mums, babies and bumps are doing well!

mamasunshine Mon 24-Jan-11 12:49:00

littlehuman - it really does get much better soon, just take 1 day at a time smile Sorry to hear you're cat's so poorly sad Hope you're doing ok?
readyornot - try not to worry about all the mixed emotions/feelings etc, it's all VERY normal. Your hormones will be all over the place. I find that by 4 months post birth I'm pretty much back to 'me'. Just be kind to yourself smile And everything that wintersnuffle said!
Hello and congratulations limelight grin what a speedy birth shock!!
Also hoping pacita has had her baby by now?

So nice to be hearing all about your LO's smile You all sound to be doing brillantly! No baby here 41wks today, never even imagined! Kindof don't want her to come until the end of the week now (for pure convenience), so I'm sure she'll come tomorrow now!

ursulabear Mon 24-Jan-11 14:40:53

Hi everyone, i'm following from the Janurary 2011 thread. Due 28th and have no ningles at all...beginning to think I may be having a feb baby at this rate! This is no.1 for me so not knowing what to expect, keep thinkin what if I start labour and don't realise(LOL). Not even overdue yet and impatient, just want to meet my lil one. Got hosp appointment this wednesday so I assume they discuss induction dates etc if I don't go on friday. I've never had an estimated weight, is this normal?

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 20:29:33

Hi ursulabear! Don't worry, you'll know... I wasn't given an estimated weight for either DC. DD seemed to grow at speed once I went overdue and I think some of the hospital staff felt that I should have been given a growth scan because she was seemingly a big baby. Unless you've got a whopper (my cousin was 13lb for example shock), I'm not sure it makes a dIfference. DD was much bigger than DS and I didn't really notice.

Hi everyone else too! Thanks for letting me stay. You all sound like you're doing brilliantly and am particularly impressed with all of you first-timers. I was a jibbering wreck for the first six months of DS's life!

It did prove to be famous last words. Milk came in today, along with her royal highness deciding her express purpose in life is to feed and feed and feed and feed and feed.... All good though I suppose although feeding from 1.30am to, well now really, has been a little challenging.

I'm a bit sad that my nipples are sore this time around. I'd really hoped to avoid that particular joy this tome around. They're not bad (certainly not like they were with DS), but a bit tender to say the least. It'll be latch again no doubt, and (sorry if tmi) but teeny tiny newborn mouths and my apparently gargantuan nipples are not a match made in heaven. Looking on the brightside, it got better last time and so I'm sure it will again, and if any of you have any marvellous ideas about how to get a new born to open her mouth wider, then do let me know. I've tried all the usuals so think I might have to resort to DS sneaking up on her and shouting 'BOO!' wink

mamasunshine Tue 25-Jan-11 09:46:55

Hi ursula I'm 41+1 and beginning to think I may be having a feb baby too grin Are you having a scan to estimate weight? I know they do it through measuring the tapes to check on growth. I think most first labours start off gradually building up, so I'm sure you'll know, so don't worry smile Mine started with very bearable contractions every 10mins and VVVVV slowly built it's way up and got more painful, but it was a matter of hours.
limelight - I had the nipple soreness with ds2, was spending most of my time readjusting his latch and trying to hold his mouth wide open! He did click on relatively quickly though!

Still pregnant and still feel like she won't be here anytime soon hmm...

deedee321 Tue 25-Jan-11 13:43:38

Oh MamaSunshine, what a wait!!
Anyone else racing around all day with a toddler while your baby angelically sleeps, then up all night with a baby that refuses to settle?? He seems to have sore tummy, which makes me so sad, but doesn't get tummy ache during day??

pacita Tue 25-Jan-11 16:39:32

Hello ladies! Finally manage to sit down! Baby Inés arrived on saturday at 9;39. She weighed 3.2 kg. It was a short labour in the water.

I need to go collect DS from nursery, but will come back to catch up and share the birth story, if anyone is interested.

I too have an angel by day and a party animal by night! What are we going to do, deedee?!

Limelight Tue 25-Jan-11 16:48:25

That sounds like my life too deedee.

littlehuman Tue 25-Jan-11 18:42:17

hey pacita
congratulation! brooklyne was 3.2 kg too
you seemed to have been able to have a waterbirth , great!!

Redone Tue 25-Jan-11 20:41:29

Hello lovely MNers,
Have been ashamedly lurking since May last year and have really taken comfort from everyone's updates and posts as pregnancy has progressed.

My DD1 was born last thursday by emcs, bit of a traumatic induction experience due to high bp and pre-eclampsia. Spent the first 24hrs on a high as expected but seem to have come down to earth with a mahoosive bang.

Feeling so low and stressed about motherhood it's making me feel sick and crying on my poor dh every night and day isn't helping.
Really worried there is something seriously wrong with me, praying it's baby blues but can't imagine ever feeling positive again.

Sorry to bum everyone out, just really hoping to find someone with some advice or words of comfort, selfish?

Thanks so much in advance


mamasunshine Tue 25-Jan-11 22:52:43

Congratulations pacita grin I knew that you'd be cuddled up grin Another fab name! I love to read a birth story!
Welcome and Congrats to redone smile Your dd was born 5 days ago? Perfect timing for the baby blues. After my EMCS on the 5th day I went completely mental with my dh about a washing basket...and started lugging the heavy filled thing around hmm,,,then proceeded to have a complete breakdown and smash our kitchen window shock Along with other things, and lots of crying blush But it passed within days really, concoction of traumatic birth, recovery from major surgery/the pain, feeding issues, hormones...the list goes on and on! So be kind to yourself, take one day at a time and you are going through a very common phase. Obviously if you feel like this for weeks it will be something to seek help over, however I'm sure it'll just be baby blues <<<big hugs>>>

Jobi1 Tue 25-Jan-11 23:23:16

Sounds like me after EMCS with DS1, I cried for about 3 weeks & kept saying how rubbish I was at being a mum. It got a lot easier, promise.
Congrats on new additions, so exciting!
I'm also chasing toddler by day & baby by night, I think happiness is keeping me going!
Hugs all round x x

sarrita Wed 26-Jan-11 01:28:38

Welcome redone.

MW told me not to worry if I got a bit weepy. I said - "as if". And then proceeded to fall to bits over something my Dad said; not like me at all.

The lack of sleep will do it, and the crash after the high.

You will get through it.

beijingaling Wed 26-Jan-11 01:34:39

Redone I also spent days 3-5 sobbing and got very teary over nothing up until the weekend (when I started getting more sleep iirc). As happy as I am I was sure I had made a mistake! It should all pass soon but please tell us if you're still feeling crap.

Baby is 4 weeks now! Need to get to hospital as just realized one of my dissolvable stitches hasn't dissolved. Eeeeek!

Redone Wed 26-Jan-11 20:58:57

you ladies are lovely, thank you so much for your responses.
No better today really, dd is 6 days old and have felt like this since i got home from hospital on friday evening. Going to call the midwife tomorrow and see what help there maay be, really can't face the thought of continuing like this and feel so bad for my lovely dh.
Feel bad for you beijingaling, the thought of ever setting foot inside hospital again makes me feel sick. I hope the stitch is easily sorted.
Thanks again all. X

pacita Wed 26-Jan-11 22:32:56

Hang on in there, redone. It will get better.

beijingaling Thu 27-Jan-11 09:17:10

I dont think that 6 days is unusual Redone but hope you get some support in RL from MW and others. Do keep posting though and on other areas of the site if you need the support. Also I never got the rush of love that people talk about. It was more like the gentle waves of the tide coming in over a few weeks.

Popped into the dr/hospital today. He says I'm healing very well and pulled out 2 threads that hadn't dissolved. He's left one knot in there though and will remove it in 4 weeks if it still hasn't gone. He also has banned sex for a further 4 weeks thank god

littlehuman Thu 27-Jan-11 13:00:13

mamasunshine you smashed a window?? lol
that must have been pretty bad!

i agree with you though about going mental for little things,
i am already a clean freak usually but going home not being able to do things i would usually do, i was getting so angry and frustrated and then nights were absolutly awful (they are not any better but i think i just got used to it)
i was so pissed off at dh to be so relax and laid bk about everything!
with the snow i was cleaning the floor after each visitor lol grinnow the floor is a mess ahahah
redone if you think you need help to get over that period , i am sure there must be plenty around your area , i got given lot of liflets and phone numbers etc by the mw and bounty might have the same where you live xx good luck

ursulabear Thu 27-Jan-11 14:14:24

I've had the measuring tape done the whole way through and baby in the beginning was measuring way big, but leveled out, i think i'm just having a long one as i'm 5' 10 and my parter 6' 2. Was at the hospital yesterday for what was essentially my 40wk appointment although i'm not due until tomorrow. I was offered the sweet which I accepted, then got a little confused when I came out as the form I was given when asked was sweep performed, no was circled?! The MW had some gel on her fingers and did an internal, is this not a sweep?

Anyways nothing seems to have started yet, feels a lot heavier around my groin area but thats bout it so far!

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