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January 2011

(603 Posts)
MacMomo Sun 16-Jan-11 14:03:47

Thought we should have a post-natal thread so we can stay together from our ante-natal one. Technically, DD was a December baby after coming early on new years eve; hope you don't mind if I stay with the January group after all this time. How is everyone doing?

kiwijesta Sun 16-Jan-11 20:54:41

Doing good! Body is healing nicely, slowly adjusting to less sleep. DD still doesn't like her moses basket, so co-sleeping, thank goodness for the spare room!

Loving reading the news of new babies filter through!

Mac I think you'd better stay with us, its been too long!

Hannah1890 Mon 17-Jan-11 02:23:28

Hey not doing too badly here, although having a few feeding issues, Rory doesnt like his moses basket either in fact doesnt like being still at all. DH and I have been taking it in turns to stay up at night and have developed a new found hatred for 2-5 in the morning...

Definately stay with us Mac !!

MacMomo Mon 17-Jan-11 03:21:08

Yes I think this thread could be very active at this time of the night!

deedee321 Mon 17-Jan-11 19:46:47

Hello again everyone! Having such a different experience from last time, which was easy birth and I bounced back, but dd was fussy and jumpy and wouldn't feed or sleep. This time horrible birth and really not well yet but brilliantly chilled out ds, feeding for Britain and amazingly sleeping 3 hour stretches without fussing throughout night.
Loved reading all the birth stories (though got some shivers down spine, going to be a while before I'm cheerful about mine) and will be fun keeping up with everyone and hearing how the babies are getting on!
Louie is such a wee darling, going to make the most of every minute of these early days, they pass so fast.

readyornot2011 Wed 19-Jan-11 02:52:42

Hello ladies,

Night 4 of being a mum here, think I have been blessed witht the easiest baby in the world (so far) and the most anxious (and lovely) DH.

Woke up this morning with bolders where my boobs used to be and they have steadily got bigger & bigger all day, they feel like their fit to pop. More or less woke DD at the first sign she was stiring for a night feed because I was so desperate to drain some off and am now sat with her, having had her fill on one side hoping she'll take an intrest in the other side but she is fast asleep again.

Have leaked all over 2 vests and the bed, don't want to go back to bed now as I know I'll be uncomfortable & wet. Have nipple cups but they leak when I move... Any tips?

Hope you're all loving motherhood, cant believe all those cliches are actually true

MacMomo Wed 19-Jan-11 21:40:53

Just got my avent nipple shells today, readyornot, so I will tell you if they work. Unfortunately I am still using nipple shields to feed as still painful; I do one feed each day without the shields but DD is already lazy and preferring the shields. Am seeing the bf lady tomorrow, trying to stay positive! Having trouble settling her after feeds between midnight and 7 am, then she's a sleeping angel for dh all day! Joys of motherhood!

deedee321 Sat 22-Jan-11 05:42:45

Hmmm ds has gone from sleeping 3 hours between feeds to sleeping 30 mins average between them the last few nights! Feel like a zombie...

MacMomo Sat 22-Jan-11 05:47:29

Not a big fan of the shells: too big for me (they almost double my boob size) which means they cant fit properly in my bra so they're uncomfortable. They do the job though. Maybe I just need a larger bra to accommodate them.

DD has a touch of nappy rash, fractious night. Looking forward to the tIme when she sleeps through!

mamasunshine Sat 22-Jan-11 07:25:23

Sorry, just ran out of room on the ante-natal thread so have copied this in here too! Is it ok if we pg mum's join the postnatal thread whilst waiting for these stubborn LO's?! grin

That's a shame about your parents pacita, but sounds good on the sweep front Hopefully won't be too long for you! My parents live in the Dubai most of the time and are flying back Sunday, but only here for a few days (i think) before having to fly away for another week or 2, and pop back again! Would be really nice if this baby could come before Tues/Weds!

So my sweep hasn't worked, although not 48 hrs until 3pm <<not hopeful>> ! Having another reflexology session this morning and a walk and may have to make myself have some more 'prostaglandins' as pacita delicately put it 40+5 today Can she really get any bigger?

mamasunshine Sat 22-Jan-11 07:28:16

Hope all the mummies and babies doing well...all those scrummy cuddles smile, and sleepless nights hmm

crumblequeen Sat 22-Jan-11 12:11:54

Hi all, joining here as my baby decided he didn't want to wait for Monday, and also that he did not fancy a c section!

Started contractions 4am today, arrived at hospital 6am and peter was born 7.30. They managed to get spinal in for c section but he was too fast for them and could see head by the time it had taken effect so delivered vaginally 10 mins after that!

I was having section due to damage from previous birth so will assess damage when up and about but am pleased it was quick and managed to avoid section.

Will catch up with all the news properly soon!

sarrita Sat 22-Jan-11 19:52:20

Thank you mamasunshine deedee littlehuman walkthdog wintersniffle crumblequeeen macmomo pacita for all the support. I was so down in the dumps and your messages helped. Exactly was this is for I guess.

Had to put off drinks for Mum as we have all had D&V over this week. Hopefully we'll all be well by Sunday as my Aunty is up to see DD this weekend.

DD put on 200g this week. But this was on different scales, so I will get her measured next week to see if it's true.

A friend came over whose 10 week old has been doing very poorly and got missed because of the snow. They thought they had the perfect baby, but she wasn't being weighed - because of the snow - and she slept a lot. When she was weighed after 6 weeks, she was still not at her birth weight! Anyway friend told me my positioning was off, and this seems to have helped with feeding.

pacita - you can probably get clary sage on Amazon. Or a herbal place like Neil's Yard. We have a shop in Edinburgh called Napiers that have it.

Macmomo thanks for websites.

Mamasunshine can't believe you are still preggers. Good luck with it all. I can only imagine your frustration.

Hope we don't lose anyone from the thread...

sarrita Sat 22-Jan-11 20:02:55

OMG Crumblequeen just read your post! CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of Peter! So happy for you. Wow. Hope you still have a perineum!

readyornot my bed is a milky mess. My DH just put the rubber sheet back on!! I tried wearing a bra and pads at night but it is horrible. So I just wear a clean T each night and shove a muslin up my T.

MacMomo DD is on the normal clock for a newborn. She will start to fit into yours I promise. My DD had nappy rash - I had been using Sudocrem and then Metatanium. I just gave up and started using only Tui Balm - just bee's wax and olive oil and it has cleared up! Can highly recommend it.

Sorry for disjointed message - trying to get it in before DD wakes.

sarrita Sat 22-Jan-11 20:05:43

hannah was recommending a hammock to littlehuman. DD is in one, and it is brilliant as it has a spring. This is the one we have but there are others.

mamasunshine Sat 22-Jan-11 22:46:46

OMG crumble shock What a suprise grin Glad you're both doing well (hope any damage isn't too bad) That was so quick! Huge congratulations!!!

Glad we helped sarrita smile Sorry to hear you've all been poorly. But what a good weight gain for your dd smile You're obviously doing a fab job! How scary for your friend, that must've been a complete shock for them.

Still in limbo here...maybe tonight hmm !

deedee321 Sat 22-Jan-11 23:52:53

Oh my goodness crumblequeen, that is a dramatic birth - cannot believe how fast!! Great you have avoided a section, I very much hope you recover ok from the birth you've had. Many congratulations!
My dd turned 3 today so hosted a birthday party - managed to really enjoy it through my haze of exhaustion!

deedee321 Sun 23-Jan-11 00:00:50

The other messages just popped up - so sorry you've had bug Sarrita, that must have been miserable. Hope you get to enjoy your Sunday. Fab that little one is putting on weight (awful story about your friend!)
Willing you on MamaSunshine, can't be long now!!

MacMomo Sun 23-Jan-11 05:42:18

yay crumblequeen congratulations! Hope any damage was minimal and you're back on your feet.

sarrita can't believe you had illness on top of everything else, but you're sounding brighter so hopefully all is a bit better. 200g sounds like a lot to me, more than the difference between two scales, so well done for perservering.

MacMomo Sun 23-Jan-11 05:53:51

Interrupted by nappy change

Any news mamasunshine?

mamasunshine Sun 23-Jan-11 09:36:34

Well done on your birthday party deedee smile impressive! I'm thinking of having a party for ds1's 3rd in March hmm we'll see how much sleep I get 1st I think!

No news sad Very disappointed, don't really have anything to do apart from wait (and look after the boys!) Uh...fed up, 41 wks tomorrow shock More walking etc in order for today before dh is back at work AGAIN tomorrow!!

Hope everyone else is well? Any news pacita?

littlehuman Sun 23-Jan-11 10:01:10

i finally found the thread lol
i almost lost you's!!

brooklyne as put on 200g last week and the health visitor said it was great so i imagine it might be some average.
she s probably the only one doing great here!

DH and myself totally exhausted 9though dh can sleep on command if needed and i cant...), and my poor cat with cancer is not doing any better these days.

we are having the nights of hell!i am trusting 2nd or 3rd time mums who say it gets better with timw cos so far thats my only hope!

readyornot2011 Sun 23-Jan-11 17:26:48

Congrats crumble a very speedy delivery indeed, hope you're recovering well

mamasunshine sorry you're fed up, at 41 weeks I'd given up hope and resigned myself to being induced at 42 weeks, only for Rosa to arrive in a bit of a hurry at 41+1.

Think we are doing well here, more by luck than judgement though! We have such a contented little thing. Day 8 now and she's only had 1 really bad night. When the midwife came the next day, she gave a knowing laugh and said 'ah yes, the day 5 growth spurt, you'll have the same on day 10.' Wish she'd told me before! (growth spurt really helpred with the pregnancy belly though!!!)

She had put on 8oz in the first 5 days making her 8lb 14oz which the MW was over the moon about. DH even managed to miss the 'bad' night with work.

We've had lots of visitors this weekend, which was great. Even managed to lunch out both days and she was good as gold in the cafes.

Only downside; stitches very sore and a bit swollen. I know its my body saying take it easy but in truth I'm having too much fun to listen.

Also feeling a little bit neglected by DH, but even as I type this I want to kick myself and shout 'pull yourself together'. It's just he made such a fuss of me throughout pregnancy and now naturally all that fuss is transferred to the baby, which is so heart-warming to watch, he's such a sweet Dad. Plus the poor chap has the new job to cope with, funny hours, lots to learn. I have clearly seen too much tv where the husband is suddenly in awe of his wife for producing his child. I can't help thinking mine is faintly horrified by me after witnessing the birth.

I know this is just me struggling with my self image post birth, coupled with the niggles and irritations of sleep deprivation, but I'm usually pretty self-assured and confident and hate feeling this pathetic. Anyway, its pretty easy to put that to the back of my mind and concentrate on my amazing new daughter and my DH growing into a wonderful new Dad. Just needed a vent

wintersniffle Sun 23-Jan-11 21:05:23

Hello all, loads to catch up on this thread!

macmomo thanks for starting the new thread smile

Congratulations crumblequeen, I hope you are ok and have a swift recovery. Amazingly quick birth.

mamasunshine can't believe she's still keeping you hanging on. Perhaps it's true what they say about girls always taking a long time getting ready to go out wink.

sarrita glad things going a bit better even though you've had a bug. If your DD has put on 200g while you've had D&V she must be doing well.

deedee I thought every hour during the night was bad enough, every 30 mins sounds like a nightmare. The joys of the day 10 growth spurt I guess.

littlehuman must be hard work having a poorly cat as well as a newborn. It definitely does get easier but I think 1st time round it felt like it took ages to get to that stage, this time everything (even the sleepless bits) are going too fast.

readyornot you almost need a separate person to take care of you as well as one for the baby. Everything does take slightly longer to get back to normal than you expect and the sudden crash of hormones, combined with your body not looking how you expect, sleeplessness and recovery from birth/stitches is a pretty toxic combination. Have you got any lavender and tea tree oil to put in the bath? I find bunging both of those in helps the stitches to heal. Finding the time for yourself to have the baths is also helpful but probably easier said than done...

DS2 fast asleep on my lap smile so adorable but probably just saving his energy for later.

Jobi1 Sun 23-Jan-11 22:49:42

Hello everyone, I had DS 29th December but is it ok if I stick with the January gang?

crumblequeen that is amazing and was my fantasy birth! Didn't happen to me, I got the ELCS as planned, but I wish it had. I hope once you;ve had a chance to assess things that you are ok, healing well and happy with what happened. And congrats on baby Peter.

Good luck to everyone who hasn't popped yet!

Nathan is going 3-4 hours between feeds now, occasionally 2, and I generally feel knackered at night but mostly ok through the day. his big brother has moments of jealousy but is generally doing really well and seems to really love his little brother. So we are still blissed out really!


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