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May 2010: The little ones may start to crawl, and we're returning business calls!

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rachelfruitloop Sat 15-Jan-11 21:34:33

Hello Ladies,

Here is a brand new thread for a brand new year!

Here is the list of babies::


11 April LuckyC, GIRL, MATILDA, 14.47
15 April ForcesSweetheart, GIRL, MOLLY, 10.27, 7lbs 6ozs
16 April Littleowls, BOY, JOEL, 14.40, 4lb 8oz
16 April Memorylapse, GIRL, OLIVIA GRACE, 6.17pm, 6lbs 11.5ozs
23 April Sophie2008, BOY, COREY DREW 7lbs 2.5oz and GIRL, MIRIAM ELIZABETH 7lbs 4oz
27 April Brightredballoon, GIRL, 10am, 7lb 12oz
27 April Pagen, BOY, JACK JOHN, 7.30am, 9lbs 2ozs
29 April littleonemum, GIRL, LUX EMILIE, 9.40pm, 7lbs 7 ozs
29 April mummymunchkins, BOY, ZAKARIYA IDRIS, 7lbs 4oz
04 May fiveisanawfullybignumber, GIRL, FLORENCE MARGARET GRACE, 6.14pm,
04 May hormonalmum, GIRL
05 May sweetkitty, BOY, JACOB DAVID JOHN, 4.52am, 8lbs 5ozs
05 May Mustbemadno3 GIRL, LILLIA VICTORIA SOFIA, 05.05am 6lbs 8ozs
06 May Alle, BOY, OSCAR, 12.20pm 6lbs 8ozs
06 May alexw, GIRL, JULIA MAUD, 7lbs2oz
07 May TwentiethCenturyHeffa, BOY, CORIN, 7lbs1oz
07 May sheepgomeep, GIRL, JESSICA, 9lbs 12.5oz
08 May Lizzie9442, GIRL, LOUISE, 9.01pm, 10lbs
10 May Hobnobfanatic, GIRL
11 May 30ish, BOY, OLIVER JAMES, 10:05am, 9lbs 7oz.
11 May millingtonsmummy, BOY, HARRY EDWIN, 1.17am, 8lb
12 May kateyjane, BOY, THOMAS EDWARD, 11.29am, 7lbs 12ozs
13 May MarquiseDeMerteuil, BOY, FELIX BENJAMIN, 5lbs 15oz
14 May itshappenedagain, GIRL, FLORENCE ELEANOR, 5.22am, 8lb 6oz
14 May TomlinTowers, GIRL, SOPHIE MAE, 8.43am, 9lbs 7oz
15 May pigleychez, GIRL, LUCY OLIVIA, 9.30am 7lbs 12oz
15 May slipperthief, BOY, DANIEL HENRY, 7.28pm, 8lbs 4oz
16 May Wibblela, GIRL, REFAELLA, 12.22am, 8lbs 4oz
17 May pamelat, BOY, ALEXANDER, 12.14pm, 7lbs 8oz
17 May Morph2, BOY, JACOB ANTHONY, 7.50pm, 6lbs 11ozs
18 May squirtsmum, GIRL, REBECCA LOUISE, 1.37am, 9lbs 14.5oz
18 May MinnieMummy, GIRL, 8.31am, 10lbs 11oz
18 May KatnKankles, GIRL, AVA ROSE, 8lbs 14oz
19 May TinyVeins, GIRL, VERITY RUTH ELLEN, 00.41am, 6lbs 2oz
19 May Sweetpeasmum, GIRL, SOPHIE ELIZABETH, 6.38am
20 May Sassles, BOY, SAMUEL, 9lbs 4oz
20 May KaffaCakes, BOY, ALBERT STANLEY, 1.09am, 7lbs 8.5oz
20 May Den26, BOY, RIAN ALEXANDER, 7lbs 13oz
21 May Carikube, GIRL, ALICE JANE, 2.17am, 8lbs 5oz
21 May peaky, BOY, FINN, 2.47am, 7lbs 12oz
21 May Gils, GIRL, MELISSA ANNE, 3.38am, 8lbs 10oz
21 May Rachelfruitloop, BOY, ERIC DAVID, 3.48am, 11lbs 2oz
22 May Fumble, GIRL, ISABELLA ROSE, AKA BETTY, 6.10pm, 4lbs
23 May newmomma, GIRL, 6.34am, 8lbs 12.5oz
24 May Mollycuddles, GIRL, MOLLY LETITIA ROSE, 2.24am, 8lbs 3oz
24 May LuckyMiller, BOY, IRA JACOB, 8lbs 2oz
25 May Hollyoaks, GIRL, GRACE ANNABEL, 6lb 110z, 00:07
25 May JamesandtheGiantBanana, GIRL, 7lbs
25 May Nimk, GIRL, 6lbs 8oz
26 May myfirstbump, GIRL, DARCEY ELIZABETH, 2.18am 8lbs 15oz
27 May first1, GIRL, CHLOE GRACE, 8lbs 3oz
28 May AnAngelWithin, GIRL, WILLOW, 00.34, 8lbs 15oz
29 May schipo, BOY, HUXLEY, 4.40am, 7lbs 13oz
03 Jun RacquelWelsh, BOY, GEORGE, 6.20am, 7lbs 9oz
03 Jun Moggmum, BOY, DYLAN ASHLEY, 7.34am, 7lbs 10oz
03 Jun AliMouse, BOY, CALEB LLOYD, 2.31pm, 8lbs 1oz
04 Jun Yorky, BOY, DAVID LUKE, 2.05am, 9lbs 1oz
05 Jun cupcakefairy, BOY, JUDE, 3.11am, 8lbs
05 Jun Booboomonster, GIRL, ARIEL INDIA, 3.25am, 10lbs 4oz
05 Jun Ande, BOY, 09.54am, 6lbs 12oz
07 Jun Homebirthmummy4, GIRL, VIRGINIA NIAMH, 23.42, 10lbs

pamelat Wed 20-Mar-13 22:12:16

Hope everyone is well smile

Just watched OBEM and it made me think of you.

I can't believe our babies will be 3 this summer and that many are big brothers and sisters

Alex is still very much my "baby" ;)

We're having the very terrible twos but am thinking that we must be nearing the end. He likes to dictate which parent does what and when, and obviously exactly how he likes it. Woe betide anyone who does it "wrong"

SuffragetteCity Fri 08-Feb-13 14:25:23

Hello ladies, rachelfruitloop here with a name change! I haven't been on the thread for ages, but thought I'd pop on to see if anyone has posted recently. Happy new year to everyone!

Many congratulations to all expecting babies, and huge hugs to those who've had miscarriages.

Eric is coming up to the age that DS1 was when he was born. Since September, I've been thinking back to my pregnancy three years ago. I feel very odd as Eric approaches 3, I can't really explain why. It makes me feel sad in a way. I guess because he won't have a little brother when he's 3 like DS1 did. But it's an absurd feeling, I really don't want any more babies. DH had the snip in November, and I'm counting down the days when he gets the all clear and I can have this blasted Mirena coil removed. :-)

Eric is still train mad, and very loud, boisterous, stubborn and articulate. If I thought DS1 looked like DH, Eric is the spitting image of him. He's going to playgroup 2 mornings a week, so it's nice to have some time to myself. I'm having driving lessons, and despite driving in L.A. for over 18 years, I managed to fail my test in November, it is just absolutely so different driving over here. I'm taking the test again in March. Eric is not toilet trained, though he showed signs he might be ready this past summer. Nope. He's so stubborn, any suggestion that he might want to try to go to the toilet is met with much defiance. I am not sweating it ( as with many things this time around) and we'll try again in a couple of months.

I hope that everyone is doing well. I remember how wonderful it was having your support on our thread 3 years ago. I really can't believe our babies are almost 3 already!

Carikube Sun 30-Dec-12 13:56:41

Hello...Thought this thread had died but had a quick look yesterday and saw that there had been some activity so thought I would come to wish you all a happy new year.
Congratulations to all those with new dcs/imminent arrivals. Sorry to hear your news Raquel. I had a miscarriage over the summer and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I don't know if we will try again as I'll be 40 soon and things seem to be going so well with the two girls that in some ways it feels like we're pushing our luck a bit too far.
Otherwise all is well, and I hope everyone has a fantastic 2013. x

RacquelWelsh Fri 28-Dec-12 15:39:49

Thanks stuff. Glad to hear Solomon and Virginia get along so well and his tongue tie is sorted. Wishing you a very happy new year. smile

stuffthenonsense Fri 28-Dec-12 10:16:46

Oh racquel how awful! I am so sorry. Big hugs.

RacquelWelsh Fri 28-Dec-12 10:14:27

Hi again everyone. Good to hear from others too :-) Sadly, this pregnancy was not to be and I miscarried at 10 weeks sad which was really horrible. We had the in laws staying at the time but surprisingly, they were very lovely. We'll try again in the New Year.

We had a fairly subdued Christmas but George had a great time. The day after I miscarried, he declared 'no more nappies' and apart from one or 2 accidents, has toilet trained himself. Hooray!

Happy New Year to everyone, all the best to everyone.

stuffthenonsense Tue 18-Dec-12 18:55:10

Wow it's been so long! And do many pregnancies I am delighted and jealous all at once. Solomon is 9 months now, and I can't say it's been easy with building work and an undiagnosed tongue tie which basically screwed up the feeding (and he was slowly starving)but since we got it fixed we have just been looking forwArds. He is lovely, a real darling and the adoration between him and Virginia is fantastic. We are trying for number 6. Im not optimistic it will happen soon with still bf both Solomon and Virginia.
Very much looking forward to Christmas. Must check in here more often and hopefully wish more of you wonderful new babies.

cupcakefairy Thu 13-Dec-12 13:41:03

Quick drop in to say hello.. and huge congrats to those expecting again! racquel you will of course be fine! It feels like you have no free time with just 1, but once you have 2 you'll wonder what the heck you used to fill your time with grin it is fab having 2, just so lovely to see them playing together. When ds1 makes ds2 laugh it is just my favourite thing ever!

Hope everyone else is ok..we have come out the other side of potty training & went v well, I was pleasantly surprised! Ds1 dry day & night now. Happy Christmas to all!

RacquelWelsh Fri 30-Nov-12 16:49:23

Hi everyone, congratulations to the expectant mums... I am also pregnant again. Quite a surprise for us as we were still discussing whether or not to have another as I am 41 so well over the bloody hill. Having George somehow cured the pituitary tumour I've had for nearly 10 years and I got signed off by my consultant in the summer. Am only 8 weeks so not said anything to anyone yet, keeping it under wraps in real life... due on DHs birthday smile 8th July. 12 week scan on Christmas Eve so hope all is well.

Those with 2 kids already, tell me it's ALL GOING TO BE OK will you? Am really pleased but just now and then I think how the hell do people cope with 2 kids. I'm just being a wuss as of course people do, but there hardly seems to be any time at all now with just one child!

George is great fun, 2.5 on Monday and his hypothyroidism seems to be under control. He'll be on medication for the rest of his life but he's fine taking the medicine each day.

Be great to hear how everyone else is doing, shame the thread's so quiet these days.. guess we're all TOO BUSY!

pamelat Thu 29-Nov-12 16:27:48


How exciting ;) when are you due? Do you know what you're having?

We're pretty much sure we want to stop at 2

It's suddenly got easy though hasn't it?!!

OhGood Wed 31-Oct-12 18:20:00

Hi all - if there's anyone around, LuckyC here with a namechange. Just wanted to tell you all that number 2 is on the way! And see how you are all doing.

StetsonsAreCool Tue 31-Jul-12 22:16:11

I can never seem to find this thread, but I've been thinking about it lately! Our threads used to move so fast it was hard to keep up!

No plans for DC2 here, at least not until the new year when I've definitely still got my job - it's a 6 month probation. No reason why I should be worried, but I was made redundant about a week into TTC this year so I'm more cautious now. I think I'm the only person to be glad that we didn't conceive!

No potty training here either. Darcey's really keen on the potty and keeps asking for it, but when she sits down she just holds herself and doesn't, um, produce. Still, she'll go when she's ready!

Another one loving this age. She's just starting to do pretend play now, it's sooo sweet to watch. We went out for a long walk today and she was giving her toy a running commentary. It was when she said "Look Puppy, children" in that singsongy voice I use that I realised just how much she's picked up blush

Relieved to be finally getting sentences out of her too. Not quite conversation, but on the way. It feels like she's late talking, compared to our friends, but I know that's ridiculous. We just know some very early talkers I suppose.

Glad to be hearing so much good news - and congratulations cackle and cupcake.

pamelat Wed 18-Jul-12 21:22:51

Congrats cackle!! Lovely news

Alex was 2 on 17th may. Loving this age, much easier than his sister was at this age smile

I think boys are more placid? In my limited experience of my 2 and my friends children

We decided we didn't want anymore,but in the last 2 weeks am thinking never say never. Basically ibthink I spend a year or so quite depressed after having a baby, then a year of coming round and when they are about 2 I feel great!!

I'm just not sure I can put myself back 2 years again but it might not happen again and it's not a lot in the grand scheme of life

No potty training yet but Alex does occasionally request to wee or pop on the toilet, I'll take him out of nappies in 2 months or so. I don't think there's any rush, better to avoid too many accidents.

AlwAys wAtching this thread

CackleALot Fri 13-Jul-12 13:15:17

Thanks cupcake Had early scan yest and seen heartbeat which is very reassuring!

Your right, it was Rian who had the op - he's doing great and scar hidden by his hair so you'd never know. He has to have a follow-up appt next year but i'm not concerned, he appears to be developing well, alongside his nursery mates smile

cupcakefairy Thu 12-Jul-12 13:00:43

Hi den/cackle smile massive congrats on the pregnancy!! So exciting! It is really lovely having a second and seeing them both interacting. Seb always gives the biggest smiles for his big bro smile good luck with everything.
How are things after your ds's op, are you all finished with hospital stuff now? (think I'm remembering right that was you?)

Hi morph too, I agree they're at such a cute age, I love the stuff ds comes out with, usually repeated from us & it makes you realise what you say too much! Ds' latest is 'don't think so' every time we ask him a question- haha!

CackleALot Wed 11-Jul-12 14:36:43

Hi All - Den26 here!! just popping in, nice to see some of us still checking in!! Rian was 2 on 20th May - how time flies!!

Whispering a wee secret......i'm pregnant again! got my 8 week booking in appointment today. this is reason i popped back on here - went onto feb 2012 thread and found that i missed our group!! no one even acknowledged my post on new thread sad !

feels a bit strange to be going through it all again and same old early pregnancy fears rearing their head again!

Hope everyone is well. we are half-heartedly trying potty training but to be honest i'm being very lazy about it blush

cupcake - congrats on arrival of sebastian smile

Morph2 Fri 15-Jun-12 19:13:06

i'm still following the thread, although i was abit of a lurker since the ante natel thread and didn't really post very much.

jacob was 2 17th May.

Had his 2 year check with the nursery nurse yesterday and everything seems to be ok.

Not started potty training yet, was thinking about trying when we get some nice weather, nursery nurse said she wouldn't try a boy until they were 2.3 or 2.4.

Still in cotbed, going to keep him there as long as possible as i chuck him in there with some books when i have a shower in the morning.

Got him down to start pre school in Sept, hopefully, waiting for phone call back with availability.

Aren't they so cute at this age, DS is saying quite alot of words now but not yet at the stage where you could have a conversation with him.

He's dropped his day nap which makes the days very tiring, although we do at least get a nice long evening.

cupcakefairy Thu 14-Jun-12 22:26:07

Hi rachel smile I still keep this thread under my threads I'm watching..but not sure many others do as it hasn't been very active at all!

We're not potty training yet and don't intend to for a few months yet...ds is in a big bed now though. And we have our new addition...little Sebastian born 3 weeks ago (22nd May) all a bit mad getting used to having a little one again but enjoying it a lot. He was a big baby (10lbs) and had shoulder dystocia on his way out sad which if I remember right you had too? Not a nice experience but they got him out quickly enough and we're both fine smile

Hope you and your boys are well, and anyone else still reading!

rachelfruitloop Sun 10-Jun-12 15:55:23

Hello mums of two-year-olds!

Long time, no post! How are you all doing?

Anyone starting toilet training yet? Big boy/girl beds?

How were the birthday parties?!

Any more babies?

I see lots of you on Facebook, but would love to hear more in-depth from any of you posting here!

Hope all is well!

x Rachel

cupcakefairy Fri 20-Jan-12 13:17:38

Hi can't believe how close you are now! I'm 23 weeks and it's going so fast shock got a real kicker again though so prob another boy.

Lovely to read your update rachel, sounds like Eric is so advanced with his speaking! My ds is still only saying single words and not stringing any together yet. Will be lovely for your family to see your dss again at easter, they'll have changed so much in that time!

pam have know you want to gringrinwink

stuffthenonsense Wed 18-Jan-12 13:08:06

hi weeks to go til baby no5 is due, head is already low...3/5 palpable on monday and i felt it burrowing deeper last night, so hopefully this one will come a couple of weeks early.
virginia is loving this waiting for a baby business...she listens to the babys heartbeat, when asked what will baby say...she says cying (crying)...hat will baby want....milk.....and she kisses the bump a lot....on monday, she managed to persuade the midwife to let her keep her demonstration baby dolll...
anyway....have just been to our facebook group... it is scheduled to be archived! please go and sign up to stay members...
virginia has just woken up and she is a bit poorly so better go.....D x

rachelfruitloop Sat 31-Dec-11 17:39:12

Hello Ladies,

Dropping by to say Happy New Year to you all! Whenever I think back to being pregnant with Eric, I remember all the fantastic support I got from all of you. I think that will stay with me forever. My brother-in-law and his partner are expecting their first at the end of April, a little girl. I'm reminiscing about all the pregnancy milestones with them. Surprisingly I don't feel broody, though! I think my family is complete now. I hope those of you having more babies will keep us posted!

It's my 9th Wedding Anniversary today. We've now been parents for half of our marriage, which seems so odd, it always felt like we were married for ages before we became parents!

LuckyC, I love Matilda's association of dinosaurs with Christmas! That is super cute! I found this Christmas was especially fun as Eric went around singing a lot of the songs from his big brother's school nativity play, and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells (he's such a copycat)! He's been good with the "Crickcrick tree" as well, and points out every picture of "Santa and 'nowman". He's quite chatty now, just like his big brother, and seems to have commentary on everything, "I shut da door mama", etc!

The biggest challenges this year with Eric have been his sleeping and teething. After getting his first tooth at such a young age, it took ages for more teeth to come in and lots of drool and suffering along the way. He got 3 molars in one week about 6 weeks ago, and a 4th molar about a month ago. Now we're working on eye teeth, no sign of them yet but lots of wet shirt fronts and waking in the night sporadically. He only started sleeping through most nights about 3 months ago, and wakes anywhere between 5 and 6 am. I just give him a bottle of milk and he goes back to sleep for about an hour most mornings. I wonder how and when we will break this habit when the time comes... And when is the time to draw the line? My older son has always been a stellar sleeper so we never had to think about this! God, I really didn't know how lucky we were with DS1's sleeping!

I am still the secretary of the committee of the local playgroup that my DS1 used to go to, which is a LOT bigger job than I was lead to believe when I volunteered to do this just over a year ago. I enjoy it for the most part and it is good to have a hand in keeping such a great playgroup running, but I am very busy with it. It has been nice having a break from it over Christmas. Hopefully, Eric will start going to the playgroup in the September term, and I think having him attending will make the work I do seem even more meaningful. This is all on top of my weekend job selling train tickets in London!

We've just bought plane tickets to go to Los Angeles to visit my family over Easter, which I'm really looking forward to. We haven't been over since November 2010, and I'm feeling quite homesick. Flying 11 hours with a nearly two-year-old I could do without, but DH and I will just repeat our mantra "this is just temporary". Luckily, DS1 has always been a good traveller, this will be his 5th trip to L.A. so he's well practiced.

DS1 is enjoying Reception very much. He's become quite the artist and got an award at school for one of his paintings. He's also gotten into Harry Potter ("haypotter" as Eric says) and he's having DH read the books to him before bed, they're making their way through Goblet of Fire now. DS1 has come up with 3 additional Harry Potter titles which are books he plans to write himself. His reading and writing is coming on well, so won't be too long! DH and I will have to stop spelling out secrets in front of him soon!

I enjoy seeing a lot of you on Facebook; please feel free to contact me there, I'll post a little message on our May 2010 Babies group there so you know who I am!

I hope everybody has a fantastic 2012! It's lovely to hear how everyone is doing, so please post if you get a chance. I can't believe how close we are to having two-year-olds already!

x Rachel

memorylapse Fri 16-Dec-11 21:49:59

congrats to all the pregnant ladiessmile I will not be joining you as I have totally completed my family now..I have been having children for 21 years!shock time to call it a day I thinkgrin I shall eagerly await new baby news.

Olivia is my little angel-she has such a personality, she goes to a day nursery two days a week so I can get on with my paperwork. She is really excited about christmas..we get exclamations of WOW! everytime she sees decorations, lights etc and was very excited to see pressies in my room.

LuckyC Wed 14-Dec-11 19:25:00

Hi all - doing my usual speedread drop-in. CONGRATS to the pregnant ladies! Yikes... I gave myself until Matilda Pickle turned 2 to think about number 2 and that is suddenly coming along very fast...

Well, other than my gorgeous girl, 2011 has been a crappy year frankly and I am glad it's ending. New starts all round please.

Matilda is finally walking; very chatty. Also slightly confused about 'Mismas'. Took her to see the lights being turned on. Anyway, they also had a Father Christmas, so we thought we would take her along to see him too, as practice. He happened to be in the museum, where they have a particularly excellent, realistic and frankly quite terrifying dinosaur display - you feed the dinosaurs and they roar and thrash around in an "I EAT LITTLE GIRLS!" way.

So now it's all got a bit confused in her little head, and she she says 'Yay, Mismas. Mismas man. Mismas tree. Mismas dinosaur. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Scary!' So she knows Mismas is coming, but she thinks it's to do with some sort of dinosaur apocalypse...

Happy Mismas to all of you and your families and here's wishing you a FANTASTIC new year.

pamelat Sun 13-Nov-11 19:57:51

Not read this for a while, ahhhhh on Virginia's card smile

I am finding that things have got a lot easier, even in the last few weeks. Alex is having a few tantrums and is a bit whiney (a lot inthe morning) and normally wakes too early (in my opinion!!) but hes a real little boy, he fully feeds himself and he just feels like this little person who I love dearly.

I cuddled a 5 week old today and thought maybe, one day, who knows

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