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May 2010: The little ones may start to crawl, and we're returning business calls!

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rachelfruitloop Sat 15-Jan-11 21:34:33

Hello Ladies,

Here is a brand new thread for a brand new year!

Here is the list of babies::


11 April LuckyC, GIRL, MATILDA, 14.47
15 April ForcesSweetheart, GIRL, MOLLY, 10.27, 7lbs 6ozs
16 April Littleowls, BOY, JOEL, 14.40, 4lb 8oz
16 April Memorylapse, GIRL, OLIVIA GRACE, 6.17pm, 6lbs 11.5ozs
23 April Sophie2008, BOY, COREY DREW 7lbs 2.5oz and GIRL, MIRIAM ELIZABETH 7lbs 4oz
27 April Brightredballoon, GIRL, 10am, 7lb 12oz
27 April Pagen, BOY, JACK JOHN, 7.30am, 9lbs 2ozs
29 April littleonemum, GIRL, LUX EMILIE, 9.40pm, 7lbs 7 ozs
29 April mummymunchkins, BOY, ZAKARIYA IDRIS, 7lbs 4oz
04 May fiveisanawfullybignumber, GIRL, FLORENCE MARGARET GRACE, 6.14pm,
04 May hormonalmum, GIRL
05 May sweetkitty, BOY, JACOB DAVID JOHN, 4.52am, 8lbs 5ozs
05 May Mustbemadno3 GIRL, LILLIA VICTORIA SOFIA, 05.05am 6lbs 8ozs
06 May Alle, BOY, OSCAR, 12.20pm 6lbs 8ozs
06 May alexw, GIRL, JULIA MAUD, 7lbs2oz
07 May TwentiethCenturyHeffa, BOY, CORIN, 7lbs1oz
07 May sheepgomeep, GIRL, JESSICA, 9lbs 12.5oz
08 May Lizzie9442, GIRL, LOUISE, 9.01pm, 10lbs
10 May Hobnobfanatic, GIRL
11 May 30ish, BOY, OLIVER JAMES, 10:05am, 9lbs 7oz.
11 May millingtonsmummy, BOY, HARRY EDWIN, 1.17am, 8lb
12 May kateyjane, BOY, THOMAS EDWARD, 11.29am, 7lbs 12ozs
13 May MarquiseDeMerteuil, BOY, FELIX BENJAMIN, 5lbs 15oz
14 May itshappenedagain, GIRL, FLORENCE ELEANOR, 5.22am, 8lb 6oz
14 May TomlinTowers, GIRL, SOPHIE MAE, 8.43am, 9lbs 7oz
15 May pigleychez, GIRL, LUCY OLIVIA, 9.30am 7lbs 12oz
15 May slipperthief, BOY, DANIEL HENRY, 7.28pm, 8lbs 4oz
16 May Wibblela, GIRL, REFAELLA, 12.22am, 8lbs 4oz
17 May pamelat, BOY, ALEXANDER, 12.14pm, 7lbs 8oz
17 May Morph2, BOY, JACOB ANTHONY, 7.50pm, 6lbs 11ozs
18 May squirtsmum, GIRL, REBECCA LOUISE, 1.37am, 9lbs 14.5oz
18 May MinnieMummy, GIRL, 8.31am, 10lbs 11oz
18 May KatnKankles, GIRL, AVA ROSE, 8lbs 14oz
19 May TinyVeins, GIRL, VERITY RUTH ELLEN, 00.41am, 6lbs 2oz
19 May Sweetpeasmum, GIRL, SOPHIE ELIZABETH, 6.38am
20 May Sassles, BOY, SAMUEL, 9lbs 4oz
20 May KaffaCakes, BOY, ALBERT STANLEY, 1.09am, 7lbs 8.5oz
20 May Den26, BOY, RIAN ALEXANDER, 7lbs 13oz
21 May Carikube, GIRL, ALICE JANE, 2.17am, 8lbs 5oz
21 May peaky, BOY, FINN, 2.47am, 7lbs 12oz
21 May Gils, GIRL, MELISSA ANNE, 3.38am, 8lbs 10oz
21 May Rachelfruitloop, BOY, ERIC DAVID, 3.48am, 11lbs 2oz
22 May Fumble, GIRL, ISABELLA ROSE, AKA BETTY, 6.10pm, 4lbs
23 May newmomma, GIRL, 6.34am, 8lbs 12.5oz
24 May Mollycuddles, GIRL, MOLLY LETITIA ROSE, 2.24am, 8lbs 3oz
24 May LuckyMiller, BOY, IRA JACOB, 8lbs 2oz
25 May Hollyoaks, GIRL, GRACE ANNABEL, 6lb 110z, 00:07
25 May JamesandtheGiantBanana, GIRL, 7lbs
25 May Nimk, GIRL, 6lbs 8oz
26 May myfirstbump, GIRL, DARCEY ELIZABETH, 2.18am 8lbs 15oz
27 May first1, GIRL, CHLOE GRACE, 8lbs 3oz
28 May AnAngelWithin, GIRL, WILLOW, 00.34, 8lbs 15oz
29 May schipo, BOY, HUXLEY, 4.40am, 7lbs 13oz
03 Jun RacquelWelsh, BOY, GEORGE, 6.20am, 7lbs 9oz
03 Jun Moggmum, BOY, DYLAN ASHLEY, 7.34am, 7lbs 10oz
03 Jun AliMouse, BOY, CALEB LLOYD, 2.31pm, 8lbs 1oz
04 Jun Yorky, BOY, DAVID LUKE, 2.05am, 9lbs 1oz
05 Jun cupcakefairy, BOY, JUDE, 3.11am, 8lbs
05 Jun Booboomonster, GIRL, ARIEL INDIA, 3.25am, 10lbs 4oz
05 Jun Ande, BOY, 09.54am, 6lbs 12oz
07 Jun Homebirthmummy4, GIRL, VIRGINIA NIAMH, 23.42, 10lbs

rachelfruitloop Sat 15-Jan-11 21:58:36

Ladies, I was just thinking it was about a year ago that I joined the May 2010 thread. I was so scared to give birth again once I found out it was a boy, I really didn't know what I'd do if he was as big as DS1 (ha ha, eleven pounds and two ounces, I STILL can't believe I pushed him out!!!) Finding you ladies was a godsend. I can't thank you enough for your support this past year. I mean that sincerely.

Carikube Sun 16-Jan-11 18:11:08

Thanks rachel for sorting out a new thread and aw shucks for your comment. This has been a fab place to rant/ramble/generally find out what everyone else is up to.

Hope everyone is well and all; I'm feeling miles better than I have done for ages as we have now gone 3 nights without any wakings (yay!) so hopefully DD2 is back in the swing of not needing a nighttime feed...

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sun 16-Jan-11 19:37:10

Pigley - hope DD is a bit more settled in at nursery.

Tomlin - guinea pigs doing great thanks, they're a lot more relaxed now and lots of fun. DD loves them.

WLTK - sounds very difficult with your dil, why does he think you can't cope? I give Corin breakfast with the rest of us, he normally has toast and a banana.

Pamelat - glad you're getting more sleep Still terrible here, DS already eats loads so don't think we could fill him up anymore.

Rachel - thanks for new thread. I feel the same as you about the thread, it's been so useful and supportive. Very glad to have you all to talk to, I'd have gone completely mad otherwise.

Carikube - yay for sleeping through the night!

Birthday party this weekend which was nice. Life should quieten down a bit this week which is good, it's been mad ever since Christmas. Hoping that the rain stops as well, has been pouring non-stop for about a week Impossible to get out.

Hobnobfanatic Mon 17-Jan-11 07:44:25

Aw, thanks, Rachel.

Little one has started cruising! Yikes! She's an absolute dream - though a monkey for sleeping, needing human/skin contact otherwise she wakes every half an hour. So we're co-sleeping, which is fine, but it's the time from 8pm until midnight, when I need to do chores and work that is the problem, as she needs cuddling/holding. Only another three years of this, if DD1 was anything to go by!

Anyway, school run beckons... Better dash.

Hope everyone else is well; I'm still reading regularly, even if I'm too busy usually to write these days sad

mollycuddles Mon 17-Jan-11 12:05:50

Hi all

I've been awol as I've decided not to spend as much time on MN. I've always given up Bejeweled Blitz as was a tad obsessional. But Molls is still up in the night and I need something to do while she's feeding so now I'm obsessed with Angry Birds...

No movement here yet apart from rolling and wriggling. Think she has too many willing servants to see the need for crawling just yet! She too won't sleep without me or at a push Daddy and evenings are a constant challenge of getting her settled then trying to do some stuff before she wakens again. And we're co-sleeping. She doesn't need to be on my chest but lies with a hand stretched out touching me or her Dad. It's a nightmare when I have to work evenings though.

Pleased for the sleeping through carikube

Thanks for the new thread rachel

Love to all x

cupcakefairy Mon 17-Jan-11 13:07:38

Quick hello to all.
Happy belated birthday heff...I love guinea pigs! I think they're a great pet to have ...easier than rabbits and can be kept indoors, and not nocturnal like hamsters. Glad they're settling in nicely

Thanks for new thread rachel and you're so right about the support. It's been great to know we're all on the same journey. I felt nostalgic looking at that list too; I remember all the birth announcements coming in (while I was still waiting forever!!!) such a lovely time.
Your birth story gives me hope for my second too. I had such a horrible time with little Jude I'm absolutely terrified about having to do it again but I want at least 2 more kids ...but to see you so positive about Eric's birth is really an inspiration especially as he was so big!! It just proves there are no rules with birth doesn't it! (Speaking of birth, yay OBEM tonight!)

Hi molly...meh, sounds a nightmare about the sleep in your house Jude is still waking a couple of times a night but at least we get a whole evening when we know we can get on with stuff as it's always after we've gone to bed that he wakes. Good call on not going on MN so much; it can be so time consuming! But do check in every now and then.

Hi hobnob great to see you

pigley bless your dd! Gat that she's still positive about going though.

Right, must dash...we're off to a soft play centre for first time this afternoon and just trying to get ds to nap first...I can hear him whacking his musical cot thing hmm

AnAngelWithin Mon 17-Jan-11 14:06:39

oooh new thread!!! hellllooooooooo!!!

Not much to report here. Willow has her hip follow up next tues. I am worried as she doesn't use her heft leg that much and won't put any weight on either leg. She's started rolling more though so maybe it will come with time. Just odd as by this age all my others were standing up!!!

hobnob cruising?? yikes!!!

cupcake hope you have a nice afternoon!

carikube yay on the all night! Hope it lasts! Willow wakes in the night when shes teething....

wouldliketoknow Mon 17-Jan-11 21:17:04

hi all
thanks rachel for the new thread, i also find the support invaluable, what would i do without you lot? can't moan to dh about his family, i just get an 'oh, well'

dh has a theory about his dad, it's not that he thinks i can't cope, it is he wants to do it all himself, and help as much as possible as he knows i have to manage on my own most of the time... that and that he thinks i am still 12, the problem is i have lived with them as a teenager, dil am#nd mil, being 'responsible' for me, so thye see me as a kid, i guess... also he doesn't get on very well with sis il living with them, and has being a main carer for another nephew, some things he does are really not right, and he thinks/knows we partly blame him. and that's my psychoabnalysis done.

back to work next week, and i just got my hours today, so i spent the day hunting for a nursery, i found two, one is near home nad they look lovely, probably chose that one, we are going to go everyday this week to get oscar settled, the other one is more expensive fancy and bilingual, but not quite in my town and i don't drive, so doesn't sound very practical for everyday to get a train to get to the nursery and then another train to go to work, might take ages... right, i am rumbling now...

angel hope willow will get very good news on tuesday, i am glad that you are holding up and things are better.
pigley you sound like supermum...
molly i cut off online time too, far tooooo much...
breakfast, i am going to try a bottle, or maybe half, when he wakes up, maybe wake him about 7, see if this way he falls asleep earlier, and then cereal at 9 like in nursery, when he masters that maybe we move into toast...

chicken with potato was a big hit today...ate lots, it is really funny when he tries to feed me back with the spoon and also cleans me after finising...

right, what was i saying about spending less time on mn? time to go, me thinks
hope everyone is well

pigleychez Mon 17-Jan-11 21:19:53

Thanks for the new thread Rachel

What a long list we had/have. Shame we dont hear from so many now but hope they are all doing well.

Rachel- Lovely words which im sure most of share. Its great to share thoughts/feelings/advice/ fears etc with you all. Its so lovely hearing about how our bubbas are growing.

Hobnob- Yay on the cruising
Hope the sleeping improves soon for you.

Carikube- envy of sleeping through. How have you found them both in the same room?
Does DD2 wake DD1?

Cupcake- Thanks for the reminder about OBEM! Id forgotten about that. My broody 60 mins again!

Angel- Hope the appointment goes ok.

TT- Thats exactly what I dont miss about work too. Its hard to keep up isnt it!.
Hope you survived the long weekend!

WLTK- Welcome back. For breakfast Lucy has either toast, cereal or Porridge fingers.

Pamlet- We too have found now Lucy is eating more solids she is starting to sleep abit longer. Hope its continuing for you.

Well DD's second Nursery visit went reasonably well. Still abit upset but on and off and was letting the teachers comfort her which is an improvement. There is hope!

Lucy has been poorly the past few days. Lots of time asleep and a high temp. Poor little sausage. Seems brighter this afternoon so fingers crossed.

pigleychez Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:56

WLTK- X posted.

Hope the nursery settling in goes well.
Cant believe so many people are heading back to work already.. Wheres that time gone!?!

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Tue 18-Jan-11 08:20:34

Hobnob - good to see you

Molly - loads of my friends are obsessed with Angry Birds, I haven't downloaded it yet! I'm a bit obsessed with Farmville though and play WoW so don't need something else to steal all my time.

Cupcakefairy - guinea pigs are fab aren't they? I heard they were particularly good for little ones because they're so gentle. They're very fun to watch, just crazy.

Angel - good luck for Willow's hip follow-up, hope all's well.

WLTK - hope you find a good nursery.

Pigley - glad DD1 had a better time at nursery second time round Hope Lucy's feeling a bit better.

pamelat Tue 18-Jan-11 20:27:24

Thank you rachel

I have felt more positive in the last couple of weeks. Its either coming out of the hormonal post birth fog now our babies are 8 months old or thereabouts grin or getting a bit more sleep. On a good night Alex wakes once and we now just give water (or else he wont eat his breakfast at 6/7am) on a bad night he wakes about 8 times!! We co-sleep a lot but he is a bit dependent on it now and once he gets mobile am worried about him falling out/wriggling around too much

In the last few weeks I have decided I am mad as I have felt broody smile I think one day we may have one more, we have 2 for now. I am shattered and I still have 12lbs to lose and I swore I would never do any of this lark again but ......... the thought of not having another baby makes me want to cry. I need to wait at least 3 years and I'll be 36 so still "in time" smile hopefully.

I am back at work at the start of June, mixed feelings but its still a long way off.

I cant believe some babies are fully crawling/cruising, its very impressive isnt it. Alex can stand up if I hold his hands and i think that is brilliant!! My daughter never could, all different blah blah blah.

Carikube Wed 19-Jan-11 13:52:11

pamelat am with you on the mixed feelings re work. I'm due to start back part time in June and in the meantime we have found out that DH's job is going - they're merging 5 jobs in to 3. There's a possibility he may get something one of the 3 jobs, otherwise he will be made redundant. As we don't know yet, I'm loathe to change my work request to full time but I can see that I might have to at some point if he does get made redundant. The silly thing is that it has really upset me purely from the point of view of the fact that I know that I want to have DC3 at some point and as I'm 37 it should be sooner rather than later but if he's out of work that will make it difficult sad

angel hope Willow's appt goes well

pigley the girls are brilliant at sharing a room and rarely disturb each other. When DD2 has been waking in the night for a feed, DD1 doesn't even stir. DD1 has had a couple of bad nights recently and as she can really scream when she puts her lungs in to it, she can (eventually) wake DD2 but it rarely works the other way. DD1 still has the sides on her cot bed so can't get up but I can see that when we do take them off, she will go over and try and get DD2 to play with her...

Sleep is still a bit hit and miss - after months of DD2 sleeping through she's really regressed over the past month. She slept through last night though which will hopefully be repeated tonight (fingers crossed!).

wouldliketoknow Wed 19-Jan-11 14:31:08

hi all
i have found my nursery, we spent an hour there yesterday playing, oscar seems perfectly happy to play there with the other babies and to be hold by the staff, they look lovely and treat the children very well, as far i can see... they have plenty of staff but not too many kids, specially babies so i don't think he will be unattended, we are doing a settling session tomorrow as i have a meeting to get back to work, so all looks good.

pam i am rather nervous but i think is the logistics of the nursery that make me uneasy and it'll be fine once i get used to all the new systems.
cari so sorry about your dh work but fingerscrossed he might be one of those three, otherwise a sathd, hopefully situation will change in good time for baby n3, remember stress doesn't help to conceive, don't worry, plenty of time...

Den26 Wed 19-Jan-11 21:55:55

Hi All - nice to have a new thread - thanks Rachel.

Carikube - fingers crossed that your full nights of sleep continue we're averaging one bottle a night now. i really hope things work out with DH job

Heffa - guinea pigs - how lovely! I used to have lots when i was little, i love the little purring noises they make and their bottom lips are too cute!! grin

Nice to hear from you Molly

Cupcake - i'm loving OBEM too but seems less exciting without a bump!!!

Angel - good luck with the check up

WLTK - good luck with nursery and back to work - i stillhave until the end of next month but it'l be here before i know it.

Pigley - hope nursery settling continues to improve - when my time comes i will keep reminding myself that all you guys have managed!!

I'm an absolute stress head at the minute!! we had our consultation at Liverpool yesterday for Rian's op - worse than we thought. He has quite a severe case of the condition meaning that he requires an extra procedure added on to the original surgery for max results sad this extra procedure is much riskier as it involves operating at the back of his head where all the major blood vessels are. This extra procedure is really only for cosmetic reasons which is why its such a hard decision to make but consultant says that without it his head will look very noticable when he grows. He also said that many parents who have opted not to have it done are now returning and asking for further surgery to be carried out meaning going through it all again. The op should be in around 4 months and we should have a date for it soon.

On a positive note Rian blah blah blah'd all the way through the meeting and the speech and language therapist was laughing saying that she had no concerns about that department!! He kept giving me kisses so my face was dripping with his drool while i was trying to concentrate on all being said!!!

Health visitor also very pleased with him although he is not on the move yet. He is 22lbs at 8 months and on the 99th centile for his length!!

I'm also stressing about work as still not decided which post to return too and i really need to decide in the next week - to the one i really enjoy for less money or more money and OK job aargh!!! confused

Anyhoo - sleepless nights ahead! Hope everyone well xx

hollyoaks Thu 20-Jan-11 10:02:59

Hi all

Rachel - thanks for the new thread, I completely agree with how important this support network is, I'm hoping but preparing for the fact that I might need it an awful lot in the next few months.

Den - it sounds like Rian is doing really well, what an awful decision for you to have to make, I really don't envy you as the world of hospitals and surgery is frightening. I can't imagine which surgery I would go for but I would imagine when Rian gets older he will appreciate the cosmetic effect the riskier surgery will give him.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently after professing that I was going to keep up with the thread, but literally on the evening after I write that we got some devastating news. My nephew (5.10yrs) was being investigated for some tummy problems and a swollen lymph node in his neck. Unfortunately they found more swollen lymph nodes in his stomach and groin, the consultant paediatric oncologist was called in and he was sent for surgery to remove the neck lump on Friday. We're still waiting for the news but they were testing it for non-hodgkins and hodgkins lymphoma. They have so far rules out the most aggressive disease but we don't have the all clear yet. This is the same sister who lost her ds in 2008 so you can imagine the stress we've been under as a family.

So, sorry I haven't been keeping up as promised, I have been reading all the posts and the babies sound like they are doing well. Please prey for us or keep your fingers crossed, I'm not sure we have the strength to go through something like this.

Carikube Thu 20-Jan-11 16:27:39

Sorry to hear about your nephew hollyoaks; fingers crossed that he gets the all clear. I know how horrible it is and how helpless you feel to see a sibling lose a child and it sounds like your DSis has already had to go through enough with losing her DS. I hope you manage to stay strong enough to support her through such a difficult time.

wouldliketoknow Thu 20-Jan-11 20:26:46

holly, so sorry to hear, you sound like a strong family and you will get throught this together, hopefully, all will be well in the end, we are crossing everything for you, keep us updated if you can but don't worry about posting.
den, what a difficult choice to make, i don't have any words of wisdom, but hope everything will be right in the end.

have you guys seen what a wonderful result in the press for riven? i just hope she gets the help she needs and doesn't need to give up her child....

for the me, me, me section, i left lo alone in nursery for two hours to go to my meeting and his settling session, he was fine, playing and didn't cry, i panick a bit, took a bottle, food, change of clothes, 3 nappies and water beaker, they didn't need anything but gave him a drink. on the work front, new office seems fab and new boss sounds reasonable, and i can fit into my uniform, not the one prepreg, but the one i wore till 4 months pregnant, that's a reliee, i hope to be in the other one by summer(?)

Den26 Thu 20-Jan-11 22:10:02

Oh Holly - that is devastating, your poor family. My thoughts are with you all. I really hope you get good news x

WLTK - glad nursery going well definately will make going back to work a little easier

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 21-Jan-11 08:17:37

Hollyoaks - so sorry Your poor poor sister. Hope you get positive news soon, my thoughts are with you.

WLTK - glad nursery went so well, must be a relief

Den26 - sounds like a bit of a headspinner for you, nightmare decision Is there any support group for the condition that you could talk to about it maybe?

Pam - glad you're feeling better and more positive!

Carikube - hope everything works out with your DH's job, sounds quite stressful.

MooseyMoo Sat 22-Jan-11 21:14:15

Hi all, I haven't been on here for ages and I posted a couple of times before dropping off. Hope you don't mind me dropping in again.

Hollyoaks - My thoughts are with your family. I have everything crossed (quite hard to type!) for positive news.

Den - What a horrible decision to have to make. IMHO would it be better to do the cosmetic surgery now rather than later? My only reason is that he wouldn't remember much about it at this age.

My me me me bit: I'm 10 days late, I've had backache and stomach cramps on and off, very tired in the afternoon and early eve and some extremely vivd dreams (last night I was drowned by a freak wave hmm). However I've had x2 negative tests.

Did anyone on here get a negative and then positive a couple of weeks after you were due?

Can't stand the waiting!

hormonalmum Sat 22-Jan-11 22:42:26

Argh, I just typed a long message, but lost it!!!!
I will try again tomorrow as we are all ill in our household and need to get to bed.
Hope evryone is ok

wouldliketoknow Sun 23-Jan-11 00:31:11

mosey, i am going to scare the hell out of you, my first test was neg, a week later positive, considering the scan dates, i must have been 4 weeks when the neg test...
hormonal, get all better...

can't be bother to write anymore, baack tomorrow

hollyoaks Sun 23-Jan-11 10:09:39

Thank you for the supportive messages, the finger-crossing must have worked as his results came back late Friday afternoon all clear. There's no cancer thank god but definitely something up, the same consultant will keep investigating but they're now thinking glandular fever.

Moosey - I only got a very faint bfp at first, but it was definite when 10 days late. What result are you hoping for? I strangely had a very vivid dream during my second pregnancy about a freak tidal wave which I'd forgotten about until you mentioned it again. hmm

Is anyone's lo's teething atm. Grace has had lots of loose nappies recently and nappy rash. I tried everything but went to the gp after having two weeks of going through 10-20 nappies a day! Feel guilty now as she was diagnosed with thrush and they've sent a stool sample off, not sure what they're actually looking for. confused

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