July 2010: Better child-proof the home, it won't be long now 'til our babes start to roam!

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MyLifeIsFeelingFestive Sun 26-Dec-10 20:21:18

New thread.

As you were grin

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DesperateHousewifeIsXmasCrazy Sun 26-Dec-10 21:05:50


Xmas is over for another year. Dylan isnt in bed yet.

MyLifeIsFeelingFestive Sun 26-Dec-10 21:14:18

William is. But he's been crying for about 40 minutes and I've had to walk away before I do something I regret. Nothing is stopping him. I know he's not well, but seriously, I can't cope with it. Will go back in a minute I just need to calm down.

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CrimboCakeandRoses Sun 26-Dec-10 21:49:36

Pretty new thread, thank you mlic

hope w stops soon mlic sad

MyLifeIsFeelingFestive Sun 26-Dec-10 22:05:57

He's asleep on me. My eye is hurting more and more. Feeling a bit sorry for myseld tbh

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CrimboCakeandRoses Sun 26-Dec-10 22:41:32

i don't blame you at all, my dear. if i have anything wrong with my face, esp my eyes then i feel quite justified in wallowing in self-pity (and that's without the non-sleeping baby that you have.) When i caught conjunctivitis from f last year, i was a total bitch for days as i felt so sorry for myself.

have you got something for it?

i find salt water is the miracle cure for anything

really please you got some non-lactose medicine for w

WhatSheSaid Sun 26-Dec-10 22:53:19

mliff can you get something from chemist for the stye? Or do you need to get somehitng on prescription? I had one years ago, think i had some ointment or something to make it go away.

Woodlands Sun 26-Dec-10 23:54:14

oh no mliff, sounds like you've had a pretty crappy time of it. hope you've found the secret with the lactase.

we have had a lovely first christmas with the baby. we're now at the third different place in 4 days with different family at each so it's all a bit overwhelming, but j has been sleeping very well (in with me each time, we keep setting up the travel cot but i can't be bothered to battle to get him to sleep in it!). lots of nice food and drink, lovely presents, walks in the snow etc. dh and i haven't bought each other presents yet - neither of us could think of anything we wanted. we might buy ourselves the kinect thingy.

we have been giving j sticks of veg to play with at mealtimes over the last couple of days, and this evening I gave him a dab of mashed potato on the tip of his tongue. he wasn't sure about it! He's 23 weeks today, is sitting well in his high chair, reaching for things and putting them in his mouth so I think he's pretty much ready to go with weaning.

TheSecondComing Mon 27-Dec-10 00:42:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpiraelingSnowflakes Mon 27-Dec-10 08:28:50

[Crawls in, curls up in the corner with meds, hot drink, chocolate and blanket.]

Bleeeeh... I'll be with you in a few days. Full of cold and AF decided to show up too. (Boo!) Just waiting to see if it gets as bad as last time. confused

DesperateHousewifeIsXmasCrazy Mon 27-Dec-10 10:13:40

woodlands I see your 4 days and raise you 2. Yes we went to 2 houses, 3 different families in 2 days.

I cant remember how many weeks Dylan is, I stopped counting in weeks. I think he'll be 25 this Fri.

Ive been giving him bits of veg when we have it, he's taken quite well to them. The brocolli came out in his poo so I know thats gone in!

Off food shopping and tea/dinner at my mums later.

kkfairybrains Mon 27-Dec-10 10:16:50

Just checking in very quickly. Mlic another irish weird thing that seems to work here....do the sign of the cross on your eye with your mums wedding ring, and put a wet tea bag over your eye. Just leave it there for a few minutes maybe twice a day. Honestly it sounds silly but ots always worked for me!

DesperateHousewifeIsXmasCrazy Mon 27-Dec-10 11:21:34

woodlands sorry thats meant to say three houses in 2 days!

MyLifeIsFeelingFestive Mon 27-Dec-10 12:29:47

He will be 25 weeks on Friday dh, as he was born the same week as W and he's 25 weeks tomorrow.

Been to docs. W really not well. His temp has been up to 39.3 today. It's resting at 38.8 at the moment with absolutely nothing on, not even a nappy. And I have antibiotics for my eye

Not a great day

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Xmasstac Mon 27-Dec-10 12:59:15

hey ladies

Thanks for the new thread mliff what did the doc say bout w? Nothing worse than having a sore eye. Have you tried rubbing gold on it? Dp does that when he gets them. Hope you and w get better soon.

dh you have been busy. Did you have a nice time?

Hows everyone xmas been? Have to say i'm glad its over its exhausting. I am very hungover and feeling suitably sorry for myself, dp has taken the kids out so i can die in peace lol. All the kids were so spoilt and got lovely stuff.

memphis83 Mon 27-Dec-10 18:17:28

stac the gold ring worked for me, mlic run a gold ring on it but a high carrat one the purer the gold the better it works.
dh we visited 3 families on xmas morning then had my family here from 1 then dh's family here boxing day! we arent doing it next year im not visiting anyone on xmas day if they want to see us they know where we are!
been sale shopping today im not doing it again, people lose their manners when they can save a few pounds! got some make up brushes and some bits for L! then came home this toothache is too much!
we are having a second xmas tomorrow just us 3, no presents but ive got a turkey crown and going to do all the trimmings as it was so hectic i couldnt enjoy it the other day!
poor L has tummy ache or toothache or maybe both he is so squirmy, not ate tea yet fell asleep just as i was warming it! he isnt interesting in finger foods at all just throws them on floor! booking center parcs next week, doubt there is much there we can do with a baby but i dont care ive never been before and i want to get away from everyone!

WhatSheSaid Mon 27-Dec-10 18:33:00

Our Christmas has been quite quiet really...

Hope your eye is getting better mliff

I woke in absolute shock at 6 am, realising that G had slept through the night for the first time ever. Well, she slept from 11-6 which after 5 months of getting up every 3 hours counts as sleeping through in my book.

MyLifeIsFeelingFestive Mon 27-Dec-10 20:04:37

Nice one wss. Yep, that defnitely constitutes sleeping through in my book too!

W has had 18oz today. The last bottle he had was 7.5hrs since the last time he fed and I still had to force it into him over the course of 35 minutes. His temp is pretty normal now so that's one thing, and I'll give him some more paracetamol next time he wakes. He had a 3 hour nap earlier, must have needed it!

My eye looks horrific. And is very painful. I look like dh has given me a right hook. Hope fully it'll be better in the morning. I couldn't possible run anything over it stac and memphis - it is agony! I think I'll just wait for the drugs to work wink

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WhatSheSaid Mon 27-Dec-10 20:33:42

OK i need some help from all you UK people. My mil has very kindly offered to get some clothes for dd1 as a Christmas present (they are coming over to visit in Feb and will bring them with them then).

Sooooo she has suggested I look at kids clothes websites online and choose something I like, let her know and she will buy it and bring it over (I'm quite excited about this as kids clothes here mostly aren't that great. Or if they are great they are expensive. Yes, it's a bit sad that I get this excited over kids clothes but there you go)

But I have been out of the UK so long I can't remember what clothes shops are good for kids sutff - so far I have looked at M+S, Debenhams, Next and John Lewis - some OK stuff btu would like to look at other sites too. Prob going to get a coat or raincoat for dd1. I like bright colours , possibly stripes/flowery/patterned.

So can you nice folks suggest some websites I can look at? Doesn't have to be a site with lots of high street shops as mil can order it online and then bring it out to me.

Thanks! Sorry that turned out to be a bit long smile

TheSecondComing Mon 27-Dec-10 20:40:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CrimboCakeandRoses Mon 27-Dec-10 20:48:04

ooooh wss! depends on budget really, as if you want to splash out a bit i'd direct you towards boden (their kids stuff is much nicer than their adults range imo), cath kidston, pumpkin patch, gap and my fave: joules.

you can also get really nice things pretty cheap in supermarkets too though.

CrimboCakeandRoses Mon 27-Dec-10 21:02:07

our boots isn't big enough for clothes - must have a look online tsc

i'm not a huge fan of lots of pink on girls so boots might be good

WhatSheSaid Mon 27-Dec-10 21:02:19

Boots good idea tsc but their website doesn't have their clothes on, unfortunately.

Cakes Forgot abotu Boden and Gap, will look at them. Budget not too huge but they (pil) are pretty well off so not too tiny either. I feel guilty asking for anything too pricey though!

I miss the kids supermarket clothes, I got some lovely basic stuff for dd1 a few years ago, it was cheap but lasted really well.

Funny you mention Pumpkin Patch, it's a New Zealand shop! Just opened shops in the UK in the last few years. They have some nice stuff but it's really the only mid-price kids clothes chain over here so EVERYONE wears their stuff - hoping to get something a bit different from the UK!

Thanks for the suggestions.

DesperateHousewifeIsXmasCrazy Mon 27-Dec-10 21:02:55

stac yeah it was good thanks, Ive just got back from DP's dads house. They offered to look after Dylan one eve, hes so calm with them its great!

memphis wow you def beat me! Its so hectic
going to everyones house. I always wish I could go away with friends somewhere, rent a cabin or something, would be much more fun!

CrimboCakeandRoses Mon 27-Dec-10 21:13:14

that's funny re pumpkin patch! wss

do have a look at joules too - they do some really gorgeous coats etc

some good sales on at the mo so you might be able to get some expensive stuff a bit cheaper if you hurry.

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