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Cerazette and Contraception

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zara283 Fri 10-Dec-10 23:04:44

I am really having some bad problems with Cerazette. I have looked at some of the threads already on here and made some comments but realised they are pretty old and no one will see my comments.

Over the years I have tried the combined pill but have been strongly advised by GP not to use again becaause of high blood pressure, migranes and loss of feeling in one side. I then went on to try the implant which failed then tried mini pill but stopped because of migraines then I had break and tried 2 conceive and had to deal with endometrosis, which I eventually had laser treatment for and conceived my son 8wks later.

Shortly after his birth I tried the mirena coil didnot get on with that at all had to plead GP to take out but they wouldn't so FPC had to do it in the end. In the end because of pains and endometrosis again I had Zoladex injections for about 3months. But then I decided to try for another baby with my now ex husband.

I then met a new partner and decided to give the mini pill another go. After lengthy chats with my GP and FPC I decided on Cerazette. I took my 1st one on 19th August 1st day of my period. That period lasted as normal. I then had a short break and came back on for 2wks. Then I had nearly 5wks of nothing and then I was back on for 4wks. I have now had a 5day break and now back on again.

Although my boyfriend has been very supportive I know it is annoying him as much as me. I have had bleeding during sex which was horrible and felt very sore after.

I have now just finished my 4month pack and seriously thinking about stopping it. I have also noticed how moody i have become. I am either snappy with my son and others or extremly quiet. I have also noticed that my eczema has become increasingly bad and the normal things I use (prescribed by GP) don't seem to be curing it. I have read through the leaflet that comes with Cerazette and realise these are some of the side effects.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on other methods of contraception apart from the rubber friends as I am at my wits end and really considering stopping using Cerazette.

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