December 2010 - Merry Christmas new babies!

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Chooster Wed 08-Dec-10 16:54:20

Hi, I couldn't see a post-natal thread but as we grow in numbers we'll need a place to chat!

All good here... Jude is now 5 days old and such a wonderful good baby. Mind you he must think he's been born in the Arctic as it was -16 outside this morning in Edinburgh. Brrrrrrr - Its not always this cold Jude smile.

How's everyone else getting on?

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OnlyWantsOne Wed 08-Dec-10 17:20:50

hi chooster

ruby is 4 days old yes brrrrrrrr cold!!

MrsSnaplegs Wed 08-Dec-10 20:51:52

Just marking my place in advance grin

Will be back soon!

MrsSnaplegs Thu 09-Dec-10 09:26:41

Hugh Headley Snaplegs born at 0207 this morning. Mum and baby home and well, will catch up later!

Lavitabellissima Thu 09-Dec-10 10:01:54

Hi ladies, glad there's some of you on the other
Vivienne Siena & Florence Sofia are now 5 weeks old, and have definitely found their lungs after spending the first 4 weeks asleep.

I spent yesterday afternoon in A&E as I had another big bleed, I'm having a scan next week to double check I don't have retained placenta. I just wish the bleeding would stop sad

Owo is breast feeding getting better for you? I do hope you found some tea bags x

Lavitabellissima Thu 09-Dec-10 10:05:10

Chooster well done for setting up the new thread smile

MrsSnaplegs How is your first day going?

It'sSo cold outside, I'm glad I've had Winter babies, gives me an excuse to hibernate grin

OnlyWantsOne Thu 09-Dec-10 13:45:00

congratulations Mrs S how lovely

Ruby is 5 days old today and awwww she so cute

Chooster Thu 09-Dec-10 14:19:24

Congratulations Mrs S! fab news and I read your birth story on the other thread, sounds like it all went really really well - Welcome Hugh.

Lavita - So you are out of the babymoon and into the world of real baby cries... Jude is fab at the moment and is still sleeping a huge amount but I know that will come to an end soon. But for now its bliss!!! just wish DS2 would stop waking at 5.45... Thats 3 mornings in a row and while jude sleeps on until about 8am, I'm awake with DS2... Grrrrrrrrr. Am being kind to him though as it may be a bit of him being unsettled.

How are things OWO? Who will be next over here...

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MrsSnaplegs Thu 09-Dec-10 18:42:57

First day has been fine, lots of dozing on sofa snuggled up together, feeding on demand at present which he seems to have got the knack of ! He snorts like a little piglet when he's hungry - very sweet!
DH has taken DD and her friend to marwell zoo to see Santa and pick up our prize from the newspaper competition! Perfect timing for it to be today as DD is getting spoilt!

OnlyWantsOne Thu 09-Dec-10 18:54:31

my. boobs. hurt

Chooster Thu 09-Dec-10 21:33:57

ouch OWO - Lansinoh??? Mine are doing OK but my LO has a cold and seems to be comfort feeding - so its been pretty much none stop since about 5pm... And he's snuffling so badly that he's getting worked up about a bunged nose. I think my nipples will be suffering tomorrow.

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Chooster Thu 09-Dec-10 21:34:42

Ahhh, you probably mean your milk coming in OWO - sorry - read that as nipples smile.

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Lavitabellissima Mon 13-Dec-10 11:22:58

Just thought I'd bump for the new arrivals grin

I 'llupdate later but am not getting much sleep st all

MrsSnaplegs Tue 14-Dec-10 05:54:13

Morning all! I'm up feeding DS so thought I would make use of the quiet time! Not that it has been too busy, I think with DH around and used to doing all the housework stuff there is only baby stuff for me to do!
Had the breastfeeding support worker around yesterday - she was great but DH had to go and get DD part way through so missed the important bit - Ds is a nipple feeder so making things painful, trying to get a full latch isn't easy as he won't open his mouth wide enough! He is very settled though an DD loves him dearly.
Body starting to return to normal apart from the 2 Zeppelins on my chest! I am eating for Britain as hungry with bfing but weight is falling off, tummy still very "relaxed" but will need to start thinking about real clothes soon and what fits!
Need to sort Xmas cards and shopping today otherwise we will have nothing!
Right better go - just heard the wonderful squishy sound of a dirty nappy being created!!
Hope you are all coping ok!

Mamathulu Tue 14-Dec-10 13:17:52

Hi All,

chooster thanks for the thread - I was wondering where to go next!

** WARNING - TMI up ahead!! ***

Glad you feel like you're getting back to normal MrsSL - I only had my first poo this morning - day 6! - and O...M....G..... I thought I was passing half a cannon ball and it turned out that I wasn't far off that guess!
It was so big the loo wouldn't flush it, so I had to [boak] fish it out and stick it in a black bin bag for DH to take out to the bins!! Of course, I had done all the things to help me 'go' - drink lots of orange juice, eat tons of dried fruit and fibrous things like cereal bars and muesli, but I still spent half an hour thinking 'God, this is what labour must be like, but worse'!
Pretty glad THAT one's over with!

Still, Reuben's lovely and squeaky, but has just woken up, so I'd best go and see to him - will pop back later!

Chooster Tue 14-Dec-10 13:58:25

Ouch mama!!!!! Thats nasty... I think its fairly normal to feel quite bunged up which is one of the areas our bodies let us down smile. Its so clever with the birth / breast milk stuff but seems to have forgotten that a nice loose poo is what we need afterwards!! Thank goodness thats all behind me smile.

Ahhh, little reuben - that was our name of choice for a while.

Glad things are settling in well mrs snaplegs. Come on Hugh, aim for more than the nipple!

Lavita - How is the sleep? Bad??? And the bleeding, I was thinking of you yesterday. It does sound very much like retained placenta. When is your scan?

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Lavitabellissima Tue 14-Dec-10 15:58:32

Had my six week check up and scan, it seems all the bleeding is just my period and it's unfortunately very heavy. My consultant had recommended the IUD Mirena for contraception and should help with lighter periods.

Had a better night last night, it's just difficult if they both cry at the same time. I'm still loving it though grin

Mama I was given lactulose, and it really helped, I waited 4 days and I was so uncomfortable my stomach wad so full of gas, swollen I thought really I had triplets and one was still inside hmm

I love all the names so far, I wonder who is next?

OnlyWantsOne Tue 14-Dec-10 18:18:47

hey all

ruby 10days today and just seen my lovely MW for the last time and its made me all teary.

is any one else an emotional wreck??

Mamathulu Tue 14-Dec-10 23:45:48

OWO I have an undercurrent of emotion going on as I decided to have a sterilization this time. My body is knackered from the 4 DC's, and I thought it would be better to just take the chance of another pg away. So I'm kind of regretting that Reuben's going to be the last, that particularly I'll never have another DD, but I know it was the right thing to do. I'm hoping that I'm only feeling this emotional about it because of the baby blues!!

Lavita I'd be careful and do some research before having the mirena fitted - I had one for 5 years and it was a complete nightmare for me. That's not to say it won't be brilliant for you, but had I known about some of the potential side effects that some women get, I'd never have had it, knowing that I react REALLY badly to anything with hormones!

CherylAnnTweedy Wed 15-Dec-10 13:02:24

Just getting this on my threads I'm on. I'm sat staring at my little girl and can't believe just how perfect she is.

stenogirl Wed 15-Dec-10 15:17:24

Hello there,
May I join your thread?
I'm from the January 2011 thread.
My baby girl arrived on Sunday, 12th December. Her name is Hannah Maeve and she weighed 7lb 4oz.

I'm doing the same as CherylAnnTweedy - love staring at my baby girl.

and hurray, my milk came in last night.
My nipples are in agony and I hate the first chomp. Especially at night. I had two MWs check the latch and they said it was fine.

Mamathulu Thu 16-Dec-10 06:06:49

Wow Stenogirl that's a good weight for a LO so early!
Reuben was only 2 weeks early and weighed a tiddly 5 lb 15 oz! I can sympathise with the boob thing though - I know he's munching well, but, by god, it still hurts!

Having real problems with the baby blues at the moment though - had a bit of a cry when DH took the older 2 DC's to a school play last night, and the younger 2 were asleep. I'm REALLY hoping this is going to pass quickly, I hate how this is affecting me, and I know that logically I have nothing to be sad about, but I'm still feeling really low.

Still, I've read that having low iron doesn't help, and I know my bloods came back on the low side, so I'll get some tablets and see if that helps.

Sorry to put a downer on the thread - anyone know who's likely to be joining us next?

MrsSnaplegs Thu 16-Dec-10 07:34:16

Morning all, welcome cat I will have to pop back to old thread for a catch up what is your DD name? Hope everything went well. Hugh is getting there with feeding but still on the nipple on my right side, must still be getting enough as he had gained weight on his first check - a bit of a surprise! Definitely blessed as he would quite happily sleep all night if I don't wake him for a feed!

Off to work Carol concert later if DD feels ok, first cold for 2 years and she has a raging temp, shame as she is missing Xmas lunch there today!

crazykat Thu 16-Dec-10 12:19:37

Hi all thought I'd come over from the antenatal thread.

Baby Kira was finally born at 2am monday weighing 8lb 9oz. I still can't believe I managed it without any pain relief, I did swear like a soldier when she was crowning though.

Had cx on and off sunday morning then nothing till 9pm when me and DH were just going to bed. Started 10 mins apart and by 9:40 were down to every 4 mins and stayed there till she was born.

I'm so glad I went to the new MLU, it was so much better than the labour ward. We were asked when we wanted to go home and they'd get the paperwork done. It was great to be home in time for DD and DS to wake up, they didn't even know we'd gone.

Mamathulu Thu 16-Dec-10 14:41:01

Well done crazykat, sounds like you had an amazing experience! 8 lb 9 oz is definitely a fine achievement!

I'm feeling much better today - went to the doc's to get some iron tablets as my bloods had come back low, and she ended up giving me another load of co-codamol so I can get through the weekend without DH. We also just went to register Reuben's birth, and saw a wedding coming out with a piper and a lovely vintage car, so that cheered me up a bit!

Hope the concert goes well MrsSL - I love all the Christmas stuff! And good news about Hugh gaining weight - as Reuben was so little I've bought some early baby stuff from ebay as all the newborn stuff was all a bit big! (Just an excuse really!) Some of it arrived today, so it's been nice to pop him something that actually fits!

How're you bearing up OWO?

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