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dec 2008- the one where they all turn 2...probably.

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VagolaJahooli Fri 19-Nov-10 19:34:37

Sorry bit boring I know but I didn't want to make any reference to spot as I don't want to jinx her and have her baby come early, then it would be my fault. Also didn't want the mad rush at the end of the thread. This way we've had plenty of time.

VagolaJahooli Fri 19-Nov-10 19:49:17

Also I didn't want to say anything about chrimbo. Enough people talk about it, this time is for our gorgeous Dec 08 babies.

DeidreBarlow Fri 19-Nov-10 20:04:27

Well done vag! Well DS is 2 next Wednesdayshock. Where the bloody hell has all that time gone!!!

EffiePerine Fri 19-Nov-10 20:12:59

Depends how fast we talk as DS2 is Jan 1st...

DB: I thought O was our first two year old, forgot that you have an early bird too .

VagolaJahooli Fri 19-Nov-10 20:13:45

Aahh DB I don't think anyone will ever forget when your waters broke.

So what is everyone doing great or small for their LOs birthday? We are just doing low key with dinner at the pirate family restaurant the night before and on the day when DS1 is at school I'm going to do all the things he loves. Running in a big park and wandering around his favourite farm. If its bad weather we'll go to the sea life center, maybe a trip to his fav museum.

Am I the only saddo watching CIN

EffiePerine Fri 19-Nov-10 20:15:07

Spot: sorry about the house. Thank goodness you found out before you exchanged. Does this mean putting off the move till next year?

Beans33 Fri 19-Nov-10 20:49:57

I'm watching CIN too. Interspersed with Come Dine with Me.
Oh no! Gutted no one can now meet DH. I should have kept schtum, but it was v nice last night and was Chuffed! Hee Hee - Soz! We're getting on pretty well at moment - it's ace. Had real giggles the other night about bums and farts. Nothing like a bit of potty humour to raise a smile. For me anyway!

Spot, I'm so sorry about the house. That does sound slightly hellish. Bugger. Are you ok about it?

Avo, I would have wept buckets at the assembly. It sounds heavenly.

Vag, good work on the house. So exciting.

I've packed up the car ready for my drive to stay with sister in Peterborough tmw. Just one night as DH (perhaps should call him GK from now on!!) has gone on lads weekend to Cumbria. V jealous. Just hoping little girls sleep through tonight as am in own.

WG -better that it's a bit of fat that you can shift in time after giving birth, than a scary illness. IYSWIM.

Anyone know how to work capslock in iPhones? Mmm, toast ....

Rubena Fri 19-Nov-10 21:13:47

Spot sorry about the house
Avo not easy see my prev post, LadyT is the one who gracefully handles two in public
Beans ur GK goes on loads of boys w'ends wow
WG glad it's nothing serious
Vag congrats on the house

SummerLightning Fri 19-Nov-10 21:39:11

Hi took dd to the docs - she is fine just a bit congested. Hopefully she'll be better soon. She sounds a bit pathetic with her poor squeaky cry and horrid cough. Also want her to go back to sleeping better - selfish, me?
Spot that is a big bummer about your house - oh noo! If it does fall through get Kirsty and phil on the case!
Vag ace news about your purchase though. Ta for new thread.
Ds is still being a pain with his tantrums and hitting dd and pushing other kids. Oh well. Still love him though- he is still super cute! Mil is here. She said she was pleased to see us all except for ds who she was reserving judgment on. I told her this was mean! Surely she is still pleased to see him even if he tantrums a bit. Huh if she doesn't want to see him I'll send him to my parents whenever he visits as they'll be glad to have him!
Beans thanks for more tmi posts about ginormoknob. Oh my god my iPhone just predicted that word!!! How funny! By the way caps lock is double click the shift key. It goes blue to show it is on

SummerLightning Fri 19-Nov-10 21:40:38

What's CIN?

SummerLightning Fri 19-Nov-10 21:43:58

Ah children in need. Sorry being

SummerLightning Fri 19-Nov-10 21:50:17

Rubes I meant to ask you - is your dd still in the cocoon bit of the phil and teds? And do you have any sleeping bag attachment or similar for it?

waitinggirl Fri 19-Nov-10 22:25:06

ahahahaha - GK!!! predictive text on the iphone!!!

spot - sorry about the news about next door. ugh ugh ugh.

sl - your mil is truly and properly MENTAL. what a stupid, ignorant, hurtful thing to say.

which reminds me - have been defusing a potential f*** up over christmas pressies for madam. about 4 months ago mil asked what she should get madam - i mentioned a tea set, while with dad and ladyfriend, i mentioned some accessories for the kitchen which dh and i are getting her. so what does ladyfriend do? buys her a tea set along with everything else. i have had to make some strategic phonecalls so that mil doesn't go effing mental when she sees that ladyfriend (who is madam's best friend in the world) has bought her essentially the same thing.

oh, and (excuse me for the domestic tale of banality which is to follow) lately i have noticed that dh has become inexplicably blind to empty wine bottles. he is the only one to open a bottle of wine and during the day it stays on the counter next to the microwave until it gets finished a couple of days later (i am managing about a glass or two a week at most). but he is utterly blind to the fact that when the bottle is empty, it should go underneath the counter in the winebottle and glass recycling container, which gets emptied every monday evening before the recycling gets collected. instead of making a fuss, instead of just putting it away as i have done for months/years now, i have decided to clean round it, leave it there and see when/if he notices and does something with it. am i petty??? probably. also intrigued. how long will this go on for???

waitinggirl Fri 19-Nov-10 22:35:48

i would like to add to the domestic banality of my last post: he also does the same with empty toiletries - we have a wealth of empty shaving foams, deodorants, moisturisers (oh, yes, he is a new man) etc. but this annoys me so much i tend to throw them away.

must. go. to. bed. before. people. think. i'm. boring/insane.

night night.

urbanewarrior Fri 19-Nov-10 22:40:52

wg those clothes are beautiful but bloody hell. So that's what rich people do with their money.

thanks for new thread veggie. can't believe they are all turning 2. I had lovely morning with the DCs in the park, DS and I decided to follow DD around so she rambled around greenwich park and DS and I chased her on scooters. Was v funny. She is madam though. Truly, and I can't fathom her talking or whether I should be worried. she'll sometimes come out with a string of things but most of the time it's like she can't be bothered. hmm

beans grin grin. hope you have good time at your sisters.

Spot am sorry about the house - but thank goodness you found out now.

And veggie hooray for yours. when do you think you'll be able to move?

SIL that is barking thing to say - how hurtful.

wg good luck with the great wine bottle experiment. We have a similar thing in that DH makes piles of stuff on the way to another bigger pile, on the way to the recycling bin. I wouldn't mind but we live in a teeny tiny house so at most it's 20 steps from the smallest pile out the front door and to the bin.

must sleep. yay for the weekend smile

P. S Avo I noticed your recipe and have ordered some chestnuts. Sounds lovely.

JamInMyWellies Fri 19-Nov-10 22:46:20

WG dont even go there wine bottles are nothing my DH has issues with boxer shorts and wiping down the work surface. I am truly thinking of going on strike. WOnder at what point he would notice he cant get into bed as there are thousands of pairs of boxers on the floor.

Not had a chance to read back properly although I did notice Mr ginormo knob. Seriously Beans much snorting.

Am off to the motherland on Sunday. Am terrified of driving so far with the boys all on my own. It will be ok wont it? DS2 spots al ost gone phew. Told my mum and we agreed to keep it quiet.

WIll check in while I am away.

Love to you all

Oh any dates for WW yet?

waitinggirl Fri 19-Nov-10 22:57:46

Jam - does he wipe down the surfaces with his boxer shorts? I suspect that may take the proverbial.

Ginormoknob. Yup, just testing on my iPhone. It too predicts it. Who'd've thunk it? I wonder what other delights the iPhone predictive texting can do for us...

Bugger I was going to bed, wasn't I? So you don't think me sad and boring. Night...

SummerLightning Sat 20-Nov-10 01:06:50

I am assuming it predicts ginormoknob cos I have typed it before? It can't be in there by default surely?

sybilfaulty Sat 20-Nov-10 01:09:09

Adding myself to the thread. Sleep well XXX

DeidreBarlow Sat 20-Nov-10 07:13:27

beans & jam hope your DC's are good on your respective journeys.I'm actually not bad in the car withthem both on my own. I just turn up the music and drown their whimpers outblush

I want an iphone now, just so I can type in rude words and see if it gets themgrin

vag We are having a small party tea for DS, next week. SIL is coming around after school and she has the youngest cousins so we'll do cake etc. DD is at school and I have taken the day off so I guess if its dry we'll go to the park etc. We haven't really gone mad pressie wise (too near Christmas). Although we have bought him a Handy Manny talking tool box which is quite cool!

Oh summer Let your MIL reserve her judgement on DS, silly mare! DS can be a right sod but he's a toddler, its what they do.

DD is poorly. Sore throat, temp and a really bad cough. DVD day for us I suspect as DH is reading the paper all day workinghmm

VagolaJahooli Sat 20-Nov-10 10:26:33

Ginormoknob, no I had to type that out myself. Clearly my android phone has morals.

Lightening you MIL is b with an itch. What a horrible thing to say, esp at this age when they can pick up on peoples feelings.

WG my SIL got so sick of cleaning her DHs shaving mirror she decided to stop and force him to do it. She assumed he would clean it when he noticed it was dirty. After a couple he saw that he hadn't cleaned it and it was quite grubby with bits of shaving foam and finger prints where he had held it to pull it forward to use. But he could still see himself in it so obv hadn't felt the need to clean it, was just waiting for his wife to do it as usual. So she decided to up the anti. Each day she sprayed a fine mist of hairspray over the mirror so that slowly each day it got harder and harder to see himself to shave. And you know what, he still didn't clean it, or even mention it to her, he just kept shaving each morning! Eventually she got do frustrated she just bellowed at him and then had to clean the whole lot off herself. He is a very extreme version but he is completely incapable of cleaning as his mum always did it and then his wife!

Poor little DS2 he woke as usual at 4 but didn't ask for mook mook, just whimpered on and off for a while. Then at 6 he woke again wanting milk and I said no he got really upset and wanted to go downstairs so DH took him down so I could get some sleep. He was so sad, I told DH to give him lots of cuddles and don't be snappy with him, as he gets a bit impatient when DS2 keep crying and squealing. When I came down he was happy and cuddly. So we'll see how tonight goes.

LadyThompson Sat 20-Nov-10 10:41:58

Morning! Just marking spot as I need to go back to old thread and read what I have missed. It was too hectic/knackering when I was in London to try to keep up or post but just for now -

it was really smashing to see Rubes and poppetRubes, who is gorgeous and gave me a such a beautiful smile. Rubes, you looked fab. Remind me to wear heels next time I see you grin I felt very bedraggled and dumpy by comparison. You look like you have NEVER had kids, let alone had one five mins ago grin What Rubes omitted to mention is that O had a mega meltdown in Jo Malone - purple face, earsplitting screams, kicking away all my bribes - the works. Avo, you ask how we managed to shop. Well, O slept through lunch (hooray) but then we only went to a couple of shops, and quite briefly. I had D in the sling, my shoulders are still aching. I got the 1922 back last night as I'd done a last minute trip to Selfridges as it's DP's birthday on Sun. They'd taken a train off and it was rammed. I had to fight my way to a seat with O screaming and lots of encumbrances and shopping bags. Let's just say it was the dark side of taking two smalls to town. But I reason with the O to the best of my ability, and try and meet her needs as far as is possible, and if that doesn't work, I have developed a serene, other worldly face especially for the train, which I adopt and let her scream it through. There comes a point when any intervention or attempts at shushing feed the flames.

But I am going on when I wanted to say to Effie, I received your package last night - wow at the hat! You are so clever, and I am so appreciative - I love the colour combo. And O loved her gift too. I will write to you but I didn't want to omit mentioning that I'd received it.

Other pressing matters - DB, was thinking of you on Thurs as you know - big love to you all and I hope your DD feels better soon.

And a simultaneous YAY to Veg and BOOOO to Spot on the house travails...RIght, more comprehensive post in a bit.

VagolaJahooli Sat 20-Nov-10 11:04:37

She kicked away your bribes, can that happen. I thought with my lollupop in my handbag I was invincible.

I was looking forward to some quite time and rest this morning while DS2 asleep and DS1 and DH at football but they are back already as DS1 has a tummy ache, Bugger.

LadyThompson Sat 20-Nov-10 11:15:41

Honestly, Vag, she would kick away a Faberge egg if she was in the throes of one of her rages.

LadyThompson Sat 20-Nov-10 12:18:45

Well, all this talk of birthdays and DD1s on Thursday (of the regular posters who are left, who else is November? I know it's DB's DS on Wed and I think Urbane's DD on the 29th - is that right? - but I think that's it of us stalwarts.) Erm, we weren't actually planning on doing anything much until she is older! Ha! What a crap mummy. I mean, I will blow up some balloons and get some candles for her to blow out but that's probably it, though she does have prezzies. Not even sure what we are doing for DP's birthday tomorrow - he can't decide where he wants to go for lunch. I am wondering if he will dare say Le Manoir grin If he did, we'd have to take both girls.

Spot, I am really sorry about the house. Could you find out a bit more or is it deffo a no go? I hope T is picking up now he is on the ABs. I'm glad you like the cd - I did a particularly mellow one.

Avo - actually I DID see your recipe before you mentioned it - it caught my eye because it was in one of your old names! As for welling up at your DD1's assembly thing, I only have to THINK of DD in a nativity play or something and I get a lump in my throat so I will be way more embarrassing than you. Not that you were embarrassing - as Vag says, I am amazed the other parents can keep cool.

Jam and Beans - I hope you have good weekends for your respective travels. Jam, I hope the plan to keep schtum about the Hand, Foot and Mouth goes to plan.

Nolda, I was a bit shocked about the kiddies at your DD's school having to wash their hands in the same water! Eeeugh, what are they thinking of?? I am all for not wasting water but that is compromising health!

WG - sorry about the weight but I remember you like running so when you've had your DC2 (do you know the sex? I can't remember) it will melt off. Um, not that mine is melting off but I only have myself to blame - not been overeating but have not yet throttled back with the cheerfulness. It is just so soothing, I find.

Oh - I still have the lochia and DD2 is 8 weeks on Wednesday. I wish it would bugger off.

Your MIL is rather silly and tactless, SL, but you knew that anyway. What a crummy thing to say about your DS.

Westminster Council came to take my crap mattress away yesterday - a great service, because for £20 they will remove up to ten large items of furniture. They were due to come between 8 and 2. They arrived ay 07.59 and I was still in bed. So I stood there in my dressing gown, peeled the sheet off the bed and off it went. I was so tired after the usual broken night I then went back to sleep for half an hour on the wooden slats. Right, must order spiffy new mattress.

And Winter Wonderland! Now I have made it to London with two I feel confident to attempt it again. Rubes, Jam and Urbane are possibly up for it, who else? Effie, you gave us dates you were off but I can't remember 'em. OK, will start a WW thread, hang on.

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