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November 2008 - The 2 year catch up - roll call!

(82 Posts)
everythingiseverything Sun 31-Oct-10 21:31:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LacksDaisies Mon 01-Nov-10 10:00:52

Hey there namechanger!! grin

It's bumble's birthday today, but we did all the presents yesterday since it was the weekend! It was pretty full on, with a wee tea party in the afternoon, followed by getting dressed up to go trick or treating. As a result we are having a pretty quiet day today, although we might go out for lunch. He got a farm playset and some Big Barn Farm DVDs from DH and I, and some lacing beads and a magnetic dress up (boy) dolly from DS1 and DD. He loves the farm and had to take a plastic horse to bed last night, bless him! Stumped what to get him for Christmas now though!!

Things getting a bit better here, though I had a pretty rough end of the week. I'm waiting to hear whether or not I actually have a job (and getting impatient), knitting furiously for a craft fair that's on Saturday, and enjoying only having bumble to entertain, since DD started nursery in Septmeber and is there for the school day on M/T/W. She is hating it though and was getting hysterical this morning sad. DH did the chool run though, so she obviously went in OK as I haven't heard anything to the contrary.

Starting counselling sessions this afternoon and am feeling a bit apprehensive about it and all the negative stuff it is probably going to throw up.

I could go on, but don't want to bore you all wink

I hope everyone is well smile

ceebeegeebies Mon 01-Nov-10 12:31:48

Great idea to start this thread smile

Fairly obvious who I am normally but have changed my name for halloween (and I guess I had better change it back again!!)

Happy Birthday to Bumble smile

Hamster's is not till 20th so a while off - I am going to buy him a pretend Henry hoover and cleaning trolley as he is obsessed with cleaning!

All ok here - DS1 has settled in at school fantastically and has been counting down the days since he broke up for half-term for when he can go back again - which is tomorrow as teacher training day today.

Hamster is a whingy grumpy sod 'challenging' toddler and is very clingy which makes nursery drop-offs hard work sad He has cried every day now for 6 weeks (since DS1 left nursery) and I am beginning to dread it even though I know he is fine once I am gone.

Have moved Hamster into DS1's bedroom and they seem to love sharing although they do seem to wake up early (well anytime between 6 and 6.30 which is plenty early enough for me). We now have a playroom although neither of them are that keen on playing in it yet but I can actually see the floor of my lounge which is a novelty!!

No further siblings here either...DH has had the snip so our family is now complete and I love having 2 boys.


LacksDaisies Mon 01-Nov-10 13:25:21

everything, sorry to hear that things aren't that much better with your DH sad

I feel like DH and I are more like flatmates these days, although given the amount of stuff he does round the house, I'm sure he'd say it's more like him having four children to look after blush. I have next to no libido, and a cycle of anything between 14 and 21 days at the mo so am either always in the full swing of PMT or I'm on. Not much chance for anything happening given that. Mind you, the tablets I'm on zonk me out completely so he could help himself and I'd be none the wiser wink

everythingiseverything Mon 01-Nov-10 21:09:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AutumnLady Mon 01-Nov-10 21:16:11

I'm here! No internet yet at new home so posting from Blackberry - apolos if it does this twice! And for many typos....[Grin]

J is 2 on weds shock. Where did that go?!?!

Will post more from work hopefully but am a lot busier now we are the Government (ducks from flying objects)

Pinkali37 Mon 01-Nov-10 22:59:43

Hello, i'm pinkali (as i used to be on here) and A A (no funny jokes!) on Facebook. Esme was 2 today!!!! OH MY BABY they are certainly growing up too quickly. We now also have Henry who was 6 weeks old yesterday (4 weeks premature). So now i have the perfect family i never thought i'd have and am trying to appreciate and enjoy every single moment.

LacksDaisies Tue 02-Nov-10 00:32:45

Hey AL and PinkAli smile. Pics of H on facebook are just lovely; they very nearly almost make me broody!!!

LacksDaisies Tue 02-Nov-10 00:41:31

I noticed there were a few names on my FB that weren't on your message eie, but FB being a pig and not letting me send messages. I'll try and round up some more stragglers tomorrow!

LacksDaisies Tue 02-Nov-10 00:42:20

oh, and slightly belated Happy Birthday to Esme smile

chocolategal Tue 02-Nov-10 08:30:54

Hi everyone

So nice to catch up with everyone. Best of luck with counselling everything & daisy, also for the job daisy.

All these birthdays already, DS not until the 23rd, he made me wait!

All fine here, DS has lots of energy and sleep is still a problem at times. We aren't planning on any siblings at the moment, DH has a huge commute every day so mon-fri it is just me & DS and I really don't think I'd cope very well with a baby too.

We have bought DS a kitchen for his bday & the train set on the table that is half price in toyrus just now for his Christmas.

Happy birthday Esme & J for Wed

everythingiseverything Tue 02-Nov-10 11:21:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkyMinxy Tue 02-Nov-10 14:44:45

I meant to post more on the other thread but half term caught up with me a bit.

hope counselling goes well for you both- daisies and everything. I am still going once a week- nearly two years now, my goodness that flew past. I think my life is a lot better now though it has been very tough in places.

Happy birthday to all the lovely toddlers. 2 is a hilarious age I think. Mimi has this fab "NO MUMMY" phrase which goes with a perfect Les Dawson impression if I interfere with anything she is doing.

She loved her birthday and the trip to the zoo. She's getting a highchair and feeding set for her baby stella for christmas. Have just bought DD1's christmas present in Ikea- it's a puppy with a basket and different outfits, even a can of sausages and first aid kit, all made out of cloth, she saw it a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. I recommend it to anyone stuck for ideas. I have bought Mimi a cloth can of fish to go with her Ikea cat, which is her favourite toy next to stella (yes in spite of all the nice things I have made for her, lol).

I am not very good at keeping up on facebook, I find it a bit overwhelming, but I do love all you guys very much. xxxxxx

PinkyMinxy Tue 02-Nov-10 14:45:40

And wow congratulations Pinkali! grin

ceebeegeebies Wed 03-Nov-10 20:51:38

Autumn did I imagine you posted about attending the Westminster dog show with your boss?? I was sure I read that somewhere but can't find it now hmm Anyway, did your boss come 1st or 3rd?? Only asking cos there was an article about it in my local paper tonight cos my local MP came 2nd grin

Have gone 'cold turkey' on Hamsters dummy during the day since monday evening - it has been fairly hellish hmm He had got seriously addicted to it and was becoming one of those toddlers who walk around with it constantly hanging out of his mouth!! Monday evening - he cried for about 45 minutes, yesterday evening it was 1 hour and 20 mins shock...however today he maybe only asked for it twice and even then not really with much conviction although I am sure the weekend when he is at home a lot more will be much more testing!

Impala Wed 03-Nov-10 21:06:21

Hi all,
After saying that I was going to post more regularly on our AN thread it didn't quite happen blush Lovely idea to start this thread though.
E is two tomorrow!! I can't believe it, this time two years ago labour was about to start in earnest. She's a delight though, a happy, confident little girl. She's so funny, if she doesn't want to do something, such as get dressed in the morning (why is it such a battle??) she'll just say "au revoir" and wave and expect me to go away! Little minx.
The two languages are coming on well, more French than English at the moment, although that is entirely normal.
Like Chocolategal's DS she still has sleep problems, but DH has been going in to her during the night in recent weeks and has been able to settle her. Over the past week or so she's slept through until 4am three times before one of us has to go in to her, which is amazing progress for her. She's gradually getting there.
We're having a little family party for her tomorrow afternoon which will be nice. We've got her a balance bike, although I think she'll need to grow into that. Not size-wise as she's tall but coordination-wise. But we'll see.
Ceebee I think we'll have to get her a Henry toy hoover for Christmas as she loves ours and follows me around with the dustbuster whenever I'm hoovering!
Congratulations to Pinkali on Henry, lovely news smile. No plans for any siblings here, DH and I have agreed that E is going to be an only child.
Everything sorry to hear that things haven't improved with your DH. Hope the next round of counselling brings a breakthrough for you both.
Lacks good luck with your counselling too and also hope you hear about the job very soon.
Happy birthday to all the toddlers smile

Impala Wed 03-Nov-10 21:12:03

That should have read PN thread of course blush And perhaps I should have mentioned that I am another name-changer - formerly Cricri.
Good luck with weaning Hamster off his dummy Ceebee, sounds horrible sad

twinklingfairy Wed 03-Nov-10 21:23:57

Ah this is where you went.
Heloo everybody!
Congrats to pinkali! Henry is a fabulous name!
Sorry it is still up in the air everything but at least you are still going for teh counselling, you are both still willing to fight to get it right again.

ceebeegeebies good for you girl. I am waay to scared to ever try cold turkey with the dummy. We have enforced teh rule that the 'plug' does not leave the bed. It occasionally does, but he knows it ought not to and grins thought it. Wee devil.
It really does not go downstairs at least.
But I don't want the upset of taking it from him at night.
I managed to finally convince DD to give hers up, with her agreeance, when she was between 2.5-3yrs. Can't remember nowconfused

DS turned 2 on Halloween. We had a wee party for him on the 30th.
He got so much from everyone that he still hasn't actually been given his pressie from us!
He should have recieved his wodden garage thingy by now but instead he is enthralled with his JCB dumper truck.
Was going to get him some tunnel things, you know summer toys really, but I am just not sure anymore!confused

ceebeegeebies Wed 03-Nov-10 21:25:35

Twinkling lol, no I am not taking it off him at bedtime as I am definitely not brave enough to do that grin Just not whilst he is awake!!

LadyBuzz Thu 04-Nov-10 20:30:37

ceebee it is in our plans to do the same with the dummy very soon, J is full of cold at the moment so I will be waiting til he is better first. He has definately got asthma and is finally under the paediatrician after fighting for almost 2 years for him to be seen. It seems to beunder control most of the time now and he isn't quite as wheezy as he has been.

Things are good here J is a lovely little boy and so so easy going, we are having issues with him being clingy at nursery time but it seems to be getting better.

As some of you know I am currently 28 weeks with DC3 and we know we are having a girl this time. I can't wait for it all to be over I have not enjoyed this pregnancy.

lacks good luck with the counselling, and with the job front.

everything sorry to hear you are still having problems, hopefully you can work it out with DH.

pinkali congrats to you, I have had a peek at your FB photos, your DCs are adorable!

LacksDaisies Mon 08-Nov-10 19:06:15

love the new name cricri

ceebie, am interested in knowing how your no daytime dummy thing is going. Bumble is similarly obsessed with his, and has got to the point of having favourites and rejecting certain ones. Gives us a nightmare if we can't find the specific one he's after. and only tonight he went nuts over some new ones as they obviously weren't right.

argh screeching children. Typical, just get on and then got to go...will try and catch up later.


ceebeegeebies Mon 08-Nov-10 21:27:02

Daisy getting rid of the daytime dummy has been the best thing we could have done grin. Seriously it is as if Hamster has had a personality transplant and stopped being the whingy, grumpy, constantly moaning toddler that he was - and he is now happy, full of life and completely full of mischief (not sure if this is a good thing wink)

It was quite easy in the end aswell - he cried for about 40 minutes on Monday evening and then perked up at bathtime and was fine, cried for about an hour and 20 minutes on Tuesday evening (pretty much from the time I picked him up from nursery until after bathtime) but then nothing since....he is happy to put his dummy in the tub in his bedroom in the mornings and hasn't seriously asked for it since. He does ask every now and again but with a cheeky grin.

I thought the weekend would be testing as he would be at home (with Josh!) all day and that is when he wants it the most (never had it during the day at nursery) but even when he got upset, he just cried rather than ask for his dummy.

Would definitely recommend it and I honestly cannot believe the difference in Sam shock Who would have thought a dummy would have made that much difference to a child's personality???

suiledonne Mon 08-Nov-10 21:33:28

Hi everyone, good to hear how everyone is doing.

A will be 2 on Saturday. She is great. So different than dd1 - much more adventurous and a bit of a daredevil. Probably due to me being a lot more relaxed this time round.

She and dd1 adore each other. They run into each other's arms when we collect dd1 from pre-school. All the other parents laugh at the sight of them.

lacks I can identify with the flatmates thing.

Still breastfeeding dd2 and co-sleeping with both girls again since dd1 had a bad time with her asthma again so barely see DH these days - he's in the spare room blush

stottiecake Mon 08-Nov-10 22:37:55

hello ladies, Barb here!

Lovely to read all the news! Congrats to Pinkali smile

William will be 2 on the 24th. No idea what to get him, better start thinking! He loves tunnels and things with wheels but he has those things. Actually he has recently started carrying a little red and white patent handbag (found at my mums from remnents of a 70's toybox) He will not go shopping without it!

He is very funny and seems to have a great imagination! If he makes a bottom noise and you ask him what it was he will usually say a duck or rabbit but tonight he said 'daddy's trumpet' hahaha! Honestly I do not know where he gets it from!

Also shhh but am in very early days of pregnancy! keeping it very quiet tho!

Am still bfing and hoping boobs don't get too ouchy although I think they are getting that way a little now.

Impala Tue 09-Nov-10 14:28:44

Thanks Daisy, I was using this name on another thread and got fed up with having to keep switching (and forgot a couple of times blush). It was time for a change anyway!
Lovely to read everyone's news smile
Congratulations to Stottie on your pregnancy, how exciting! Fingers crossed for an easy pregnancy for you.
Suiledonne lovely to hear from you, your DDs sound adorable.
Ceebee that's great news about how Hamster has changed so much since you took away his dummy. Amazing!
Well, I don't know if it's turning 2 that has done it or just a coincidence, but E has slept through the night twice since her birthday grin Baby steps, but I feel that we're getting somewhere at last. I certainly feel much more human now that I'm getting more sleep, as even on the nights she doesn't sleep through she tends to wake at around 4am, not midnight or 1am anymore. I'm really hoping that this is the light at the end of the tunnel after all this time.
I'm still bfing her too, although only at night and when she wakes, if she asks. That will be the next thing to tackle as I want her to get used to falling asleep without feeding to sleep. But again, baby steps!
Hope everyone is well and enjoying all the 2nd birthdays smile

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