Fab Feb 2009: things that go bump and "mummy, mummy, MUMMY!!!" in the middle of the night

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dinkystinky Tue 26-Oct-10 15:25:58

New halloween inspired thread (in honour of this time of year) to talk about our little jekyll & hydes grin

Is anyone going to be taking their little ones trick or treating this year? We'll be at MIL's for Halloween and she's already told me she has both Danny and DS1 costumes -so it appears that decision has been made for us grin

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rosieposey Tue 26-Oct-10 15:35:25

Fab thread title again Dinky!

The girls are taking Milo trick or treating and he is dressing up as a cute spider - i am looking forward to Friday night as we are driving over To Gloucester (sp?) to Over Farm Haunted Hayride. Its such good fun and quite scary too.

Loving the sound of Dannys routine in the mornings, sounds like he has his priorities completly right grin

SilveryMoon Tue 26-Oct-10 16:02:15

mos Sounds like a lovely day, glad you all enjoyed it.
mslucy I remember being worried beyond belief coming up to the 12 weeks scan with ds1 (after 2 m/cs), and I think we all worry about what kind of lives our kids will have in this world.
Hope scan goes well, which I'm sure it will x
rosie all's ok here. Luke's only sentannce is "Mummy, go away" lol, monkey.
dinky Thanks for the new thread.
We have been invited to a hallowe'en party on sunday and the plan is to take all the kids trick or treating. I have never ever been.
Not sure if we'll go though as I told dp I wanted sunday as my day away from ALL children before I go back to work on monday.

dinkystinky Tue 26-Oct-10 16:13:43

Silverymoon - sounds like you're enjoying your relatively childfree half term break. See how you feel on the Sunday I guess.

Rosie - a haunted hayride sounds cool!

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SilveryMoon Tue 26-Oct-10 16:19:21

dinky these 2 are driving me to my wits end!
I had plans today to do a big cbeebies collage.
i printed off aload of colouring sheets from the website and thought the 3 of us could sit down and colour, paint, stick etc and then cut them out and I'd stick them all onto a big piece of card, but the boys had other ideas.
Jacob drew 2 lines over a postman pat pic and was finished, Luke just wanted to eat the crayons, and then they started arguing over who got which picture.
I then scrapped that and got out the toddler cd's and musical instruments and thought we could have a noisy time, but once Luke was hit by a flying tamborine, I scrapped that too and put the telly back on sad
Tomorrow is another day I suppose.
I think I need to do stuff with them first thing, instead of trying to get a bit of cleaning out of the way. So tomoz we will have breakfast and get dressed as quick as we can and get straight on with an activity early.
Just need to think of an activity now.......

dinkystinky Wed 27-Oct-10 10:28:51

SilveryMoon - dont worry, we all have days like that. Especially when we've planned what we think would be lovely things to do with them and they just dont want to do it - and it seems so much worse when you're working and want to make the most of your quality time at home with them too....

Danny and DS1 get like that too when we're stranded inside. How about (when stranded inside due to weather) you try tents or cardboard box city with the boys? It keeps my two occupied for hours. Otherwise we need to get them out to run around for at least an hour or so somewhere or they go stir crazy like that. And Danny also loves eating crayons - crazy child!

Another thing both boys love is playing keepy uppy with balloons - hours of entertainment. Or drawing funny faces on balloons.

Good luck for today.

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SilveryMoon Wed 27-Oct-10 10:38:46

OOohhhhh dinky some fab ideas there.
Thank you grin

We are all sleeping over at my friends house tonight. The plan is to have dinner, watch toy story, put the kids to bed and then the adults (me, her and her dh) get pissed!!
I have already told her I HAVE to watch waterloo Road, but think I'll set the Sky+ just incase

bumpsnowjustplump Wed 27-Oct-10 11:10:19

morning all thanks for the round up Dinky..

Congratulations to you as well MsLucy, thats great news...

I have been working hard, had my 3 months review on monday and it was really good. They have only had good feedback from both clients and other carers about me, and I got a small but better than nothing pay rise... so all good there.... Oh and start my NVQ next week so a step closer to my goal...

And even better is for the first month since I got made redundant (November 2008) we have money left at the end of the month... yay....... oh poop I shouldnt have said anything the house will probably bloddy fall down not!!!

SilveryMoon Wed 27-Oct-10 11:35:14

bumps great news, glad work is going well and good luck on your NVQ training.

mslucy Wed 27-Oct-10 20:52:02

hello there.
scan fine - just very routine rather than the drama filled stress fest I had with Stan.
Looked very much alive and quite robust (another monster baby I fear).
Such a relief as I was dreading it and I can actually buy some maternity clothes now which I desperately need!

Calico1 Thu 28-Oct-10 10:36:40

Brill news mslucy! So glad that all is well.

dinkystinky Thu 28-Oct-10 10:48:14

That's great news MsLucy - so will no 3 be due around March/April next year then? Enjoy the maternity clothing shopping. Would offer you some of my maternity clothes (have kept them all in case DH and I do decide to go for no 3) but they are in storage in deepest darkest Hendon somewhere, along with most of my worldly possessions...

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morticiaoverseas Thu 28-Oct-10 13:16:27

hello all
mslucy congratulations, so glad scan went well.

Ref Halloween, I bought a little witch outfit for DD and we might go to Seaworld on the day as I seem to recall they do trick or treating there. A lot of the other parks, Disney & Universal charge an additional fee to go to their halloween parties which I refuse to pay on top of the already extortionate entrance charge. A few years ago we were here for halloween and went trick or treating around or neighbourhood which was fun as the Americans really 'do' halloween very well. Might dress H up as a pumpkin

SummerRain Thu 28-Oct-10 15:24:30

That's great news MsLucy smile Hope the shopping for clothes helps you start to enjoy the pregnancy now that the scary bit is over

As for Hallowe'en... there's a party at the playschool for all the primary school kids in the village which we run every year so the older two will go to that but as i have to help run it and A would just be hanging off my legs all night if he came he'll stay home with dp. Didn't see the point in buying/making him a costume this year if no one is going to see him, although am tempted to resurrect ds1's cat costume.... A does look very cute with a hairband on grin

Speaking of which, the poor child is being mistaken for a girl far too often now, i tried bringing him to the barber (who also thought he was a girl) but he refused point blank to co operate so the long hair remains... combined with his very pretty features he honestly looks like a little girl... i'm very tempted to put him in a dress and take a picture grin

mslucy Thu 28-Oct-10 15:27:24

Thanks for all your lovely words.
The baby is due in May (the one I m/c'd would have been due in March).
re: maternity clothes. Am coping ok with leggings/jeggings (hate that word) and baggy tops but am looking forward to proper stuff showing up shortly - hurray for the Asda website.

There is quie a lot of nice stuff out there - in fact every time I am pg maternity clothes are sooo much nicer. They were positively hideous back in 2005 when I had ds1 and wildly expensive.

Now lots of cheap fun stuff that doesn't just look like a tent.

SilveryMoon Thu 28-Oct-10 16:38:14

mslucy So glad the scan went well.

Re halloween, we have been invited to a friends for the day (the friend that has the kids when I'm working), she has organised games etc for kids and then to go t/t'ing, then the evening is for the adults to get plastered, but we aren't going, I'm hoping to just chill out in bed on my own for the day and dp can take charge of the boys.

Dp is due back tonight from his trip to b'ham.
Have sort of missed him. It's odd coz I wouldn't say I missed him, but I missed his presence if that makes sense....?

SilveryMoon Thu 28-Oct-10 18:13:23

Dp is back and has opened his mail.
He has been invited to a disciplinary hearing on wednesday for the level crossing incident which happened in June.
I have just read through all the statements and reports that were sent through.
Although there are 2 reports stating that there are sunlight issues at this site, that it has happened before and that road signs are obstructed, I don't think it looks good.
There is the report from his last meeting about it, and when asked if he was tired, dp stated no but it is possible he wasn't paying attention.
Was asked why he was late for work that day.
Was asked if he had his car radio on to whivh he replied yes (idiot).
The letter states that this incident constitutes gross misconduct and could lead to his dismissal.
Will they dismiss him for this 5 months after it took place?
I am really worried. We'd be truly fucked sad

morticiaoverseas Fri 29-Oct-10 02:24:51

SM oh god how awful for you and your DP. That is complete shite that they have waited so long to do this, bloody awful. I have no idea whether they can do this (ie wait so long before having the disciplinary hearing) but it does sound crap. I think you should post under employment and hope Flowerybeanbag who is an employment lawyer is around and can answer. Am pretty sure your dp is allowed to take soemone with him to the meeting. Will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

SR H's hair is rather long and so far he has been mistaken for a girl 5 times this week blush

SilveryMoon Fri 29-Oct-10 07:36:01

Thanks mos A few weeks ago a maintenance guy was checking some points on the track and missed a faulty one. He was suspended on the spot pending investigation and was sacked within the week.

I have just posted on employment, so hopefully someone will be able to reassure us that they can't possibly do this after so long.
Dp will be taking his union rep along with him anyway.

mslucy Fri 29-Oct-10 11:30:00

you need a lawyer for this - dinky?

dinkystinky Fri 29-Oct-10 11:33:29

Silverymoon - havent they already had a disciplinary meeting with him about this? Totally out of order to then send a further letter re further discplinary action after so much radio silence. Your DP's record is exemplary so hopefully they will bear that in mind and he needs to maintain that he wasnt distracted by the radio etc. He should speak with the union rep in advance of the meeting and check if he needs legal representation there too. Will keep my fingers crossed for you guys.

Summerrain - DH's mum did that to him (he had blond ringlets and was always mistaken for a girl as a toddler so she dressed him up as one and took some photos). I pissed myself laughing when we were looking through some of his baby/toddler photos and he pointed to a picture of a little girl (or so it seemed) and said "Who is that?" only for his mum to crease up and say "You!" grin

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littlesez Fri 29-Oct-10 12:12:28

great thread dinky grin

having a halloween party on sunday anddressing i izzy up.

MSLUCY so glad your scan was all OK I remember being a bit of a wreck until my first scan with izzy do you feel a bit more reassured now? hope so xxx

SM sounds like a nightmare, if it was gross misconduct though why didnt they suspend him? doesnt make sense! does he have a lawyer?

SR and MOS hey girls smile i love little boys with long hair. my dad always had long hair and my brother did for ages

hey BUMPS and CALICO [waves]

Well I have been busy with work stuff and working on my shop. enjoying getting stuck in......until yestrday i went over on my foot and broke a mtatarsal FFS!!!!!!!!! I am so upset sad no dancing (hobby/work) for me now no team UK, no comptitions, urghg

and WTF? to do when nurse tells me "you must rest" ermmm "ok i'll try but i have a toddler"

"well if you want to recover it is upto you to make sure you rest" yes i know but how!!!!!!!!!!! confused

bring out the violins for littlesez gutted

littlesez Fri 29-Oct-10 12:13:37

why do my posts always come out looking stupid i think i put too many spaces bleurgh

dinkystinky Fri 29-Oct-10 12:46:42

Ouch Littlesez - I broke my big toe years ago (dropped a hoover on it, being the domestic goddess I am blush) and it bloody hurts. Can you get your mum to try and help out with Izzy if possible as the more you can rest it, the quicker it will heal? And once its healed am sure you'll be back to the dancing, competitions, etc with a vengeance. Hope you've got some good anti-inflammatories and painkillers to help deal with the pain.

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littlesez Fri 29-Oct-10 20:25:21

Thanks dinky, pain is not bothering me. I actually didn't think i had broken it and was just hobbling around but when Izzy scrunched the bag of frozen sprouts that was on my foot I screamed so loud, thought hmm maybe get it checked.

Im upset because been working on my routines since May. cannot believe I wont be dancing them sad

Some one kick my up the arse as well feel guilty for having TV on to keep izzy entertained what else can i do to keep her occupied so i dont feel bad

off to sulk more

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