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March 2010 - Secret Scottish Summons, psssssst, don't tell anybody,

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PacificDogwood Thu 30-Sep-10 20:50:55

Well, ladies, shall we, shan't we?
Calling all Scots, born and bred, and newcomers, and ex-residents and any other March Mum who fancies the trip smile!

How about the weekend that BMI is in Edinburgh anyway?

BusyMissIzzy Thu 30-Sep-10 21:02:00

Actually, it's during the week that I'm in Edinburgh. I'm up there for my SIL's graduation, and staying from Tues 23rd till Sat 27th. Unfortunately our train leaves at 10.30am on the Saturday. So don't plan around me, although if it turns out the rest of you can manage a weekday that week, I'd love to come along.

PacificDogwood Thu 30-Sep-10 21:04:53

Oh, shame, BMI, I work Tuesday to Friday. Could you not add a day wink? For us?

<<bats eyelashes simperingly>>

siamesecatwoman Thu 30-Sep-10 21:09:18

BMI are you going to Edinburgh the week after the York Official meet?
I'm up for an Edinburgh MMMM but it would need to be Dec or Jan. ?

PacificDogwood Thu 30-Sep-10 21:11:26

Oh, the Christmas Market will be on at Princes Gardens in Dec, won't it? That would be a nice setting....

PacificDogwood Thu 30-Sep-10 21:12:56

Christmas Market
And it's German, who knew?!

scooby26 Thu 30-Sep-10 21:13:43

Id love to come if I'm off work!!

siamesecatwoman Thu 30-Sep-10 21:16:10

Ooo and Dalrymps lives in Berwick. I'll go and poke her on FB.

PacificDogwood Thu 30-Sep-10 21:18:39

Great, this is gathering momentum smile.

I am off for an early night, folk, talk amongst yourselves and have it all organised by the time I log back on tomorrow wink.

I am thinking early December maybe?

BusyMissIzzy Thu 30-Sep-10 21:18:40

I'd love to Pacific but it's the MN London Xmas meet on the Saturday, and I've (perhaps misguidedly) signed up for that. And trains are already booked. Sounds like I'll miss you guys. Maybe we can do it again some time next year?

Yes siamese, in an amazing feat of poor planning on my part I am travelling from London to York and back, then to Edinburgh a couple of days later. At least the train to York is only 2 hours, and I'll have DH with me for the Edinburgh trip.

PacificDogwood Thu 30-Sep-10 21:19:08

folks, gah, folks, sorry!

hecklephone Thu 30-Sep-10 21:22:42

A German Christmas market would be so appropriate - pacific can translate for us! wink

I'd be up for this and am fairly flexible. Could probably do dates in November but December or January is also fine.

scooby26 Thu 30-Sep-10 21:32:06

Hows about a starting point

Tuesday 7th December or Wednesday 8th?

Sariska Thu 30-Sep-10 21:58:59

Just marking my spot in case I happen to be in Scotland on whatever date you decide upon.

siamesecatwoman Thu 30-Sep-10 22:07:57

Scooby it needs to be a Saturday sunday or Monday if we want to meet the celebrity Pacific!

evitas Thu 30-Sep-10 22:19:04

Hi Ladies,

I'm so happy that we might meeting in Edinburgh!!
Beginning of December seems a good idea.I have flights on the 17th of December for Xmas.

It might be freezing at the German Xmas Market but John Lewis café is 5 minutes away and very warm!

Busy I guess we'll meet first in York, but let me know when you have a bit of free time so we can meet for coffee, once you come to Edinburgh!

scooby26 Thu 30-Sep-10 22:28:18

Yes if course Siamese- stooopid me! 4th or 11th then? X

Dalrymps Thu 30-Sep-10 23:50:18

Helloooo! I have been summoned smile

Yes, I live in Berwick and would you believe I have only been to Edinburgh once?!!

Would love to meet some of you lovely ladies providing I can make the date you pick. It shouldn't be a problem!

Sorry have been AWOL lately, dh been on holiday and we have been decorating and collecting all the characters from
Toy story 3 for Dylans 3rd birthday... Not sure how this came about, think we got a little carried away and now need to complete the collection hmm I think we're more excited than he is! grin

PacificDogwood Fri 01-Oct-10 20:58:17

Oooh, lots of interest, how exciting!

Well, a weekend would suit me better, I have to admit, sorry to be awkward. Anytime on Monday or a Tuesday afternoon would be possible as well though... (children can fend for themselves until daddy gets home, can't they wink?!).

I need to pin down DH on his on-call weekends between now and Christmas before I can join the date debate.


scooby26 Sat 02-Oct-10 10:48:19

If you can do monday or Tuesday PD how about Tuesday 7th December at a time and location of your choosing. Just Edinburgh probably a bit quieter mid week. If we decide asap then train tickets will be cheap

PacificDogwood Sat 02-Oct-10 11:10:19

Tuesday could work... if it suits lots of other people, the 7th could be a goer smile.

hecklephone Sat 02-Oct-10 12:03:49

Hmm Tuesday is one of the days I don't have childcare for DD1, however with enough notice MIL is often happy to take a day off to look after her. If it's the day everyone else is happiest with I'll try to make it happen!

evitas Sun 03-Oct-10 14:40:57

That is also a good day for me. I usually don't to university on Tuesdays.


scooby26 Sun 03-Oct-10 15:50:44

Hexkle - how do you fancy buttering up the MIL for the 7th December?

prettybird Sun 03-Oct-10 15:57:58

I'm not really trying to butt in wink but for anyone that is interested, there is a Scottish Christmas meet-up being organised for 4 December in Edinburgh. Venue still hasn't been confirmed but more details here

Thread hijack over. As you were. grin

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