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The Final Fruition of the Frolicking Forays for the First Time Frolickers

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Spirael Thu 30-Sep-10 16:18:10

We came, we saw, we frolicked. grin

Now our PFB has arrived and we can begin the stressful befuddled guiltridden exhausting wonderful journey of parenthood!

(Or at the very least we can stop bothering the antenatal bunch until they join us!)

WorrisomeHeart Thu 30-Sep-10 17:03:59

Ooh lovely thread Spireal! Am marking my place for sometime over the next 3.5 weeks....

Hermya321 Thu 30-Sep-10 17:29:20

Ooooo lovely thread, <settles in>, whose got the biscuits?

addie81 Thu 30-Sep-10 17:38:38

I REALLY hope I join you here sooner rather than later. This being pregnant lark sucks!!

bunnygirl80 Thu 30-Sep-10 23:43:15

Just popping my head in to see what it's like over here!! Great thread title spirael, hopefully it won't be too long until I get to post here legitimately!

chancewouldbeafinething Fri 01-Oct-10 01:36:16

addie & worrisome I hope we are all over here by next week. Thanks Spireal!!

NovemberAli Sun 03-Oct-10 10:20:40

Hello, it seems like only yesterday I was posting for the first time on the frolickers thread and now here I am on the postnatal one - what has happened to the time?!

We've had a bit of a stressful few days as matilda had a nasty eye infection. Went to GP's expecting to get some eye drops, was referred to eye casualty and ended up admitted to hospital for three days for IV antibiotics. Apparently they have to treat the infection quite aggressively in newborns as it can escalate quickly into something more serious. Was pretty scary but we're back home now, just have to give her oral antibiotics and eye drops every 6 hours which normally means having to wake her up when she's just settled so we're all a bit tired at the moment.

Oh and the antibiotics have given her explosive diarrhea and nappy rash - the joys!

Looking forward to the new additions coming to join us soon - hang on in there addie, chance and worrisome

Spirael Tue 05-Oct-10 09:45:48

Hi all!

I am still around... Just been manic busy lately as Mindy appears to have reached the infamous 3 Month Growth Spurt and hasn't stopped feeding for 4 days during waking hours. shock She still sleeps well overnight though, 10pm-7am. Phewf!

Looking forward to seeing all the imminent arrivals in here soon. grin I hope everything goes well at the births!

Do you think we need to start an attendance list? What details should we put on? confused

pixiestix Tue 05-Oct-10 13:31:43


[Pixie drags her flabby, stretchmarked belly, tender c-section scar and cracked, bleedy nipples onto the thread and collapses in a corner with a big grin]
God, this first week after birth lark is a bit hard, aint it?!! grin I look like crap!

Thats really scary about Matilda's eye November. Glad they have sorted it out quickly. They just seem so fragile, don't they - its impossible to know what you are supposed to get super worried about and what you are supposed to be blase about. Teg threw up some blood the other day and DH and I had a massive freak out. Called the emergency midwife and she was like "Meh, yeah, its just from your nipples". confused She couldn't have been any less interested and we were sobbing wrecks!

Holy cow Spirael, I can't believe Mindy is still such a milk monster! You must have the patience of a saint. I have really had enough of breastfeeding already and we are only on Day 9. Its just so sore and tiring and boring! But I am going to perservere. I feel like its not too much to put up with in exchange for this gorgeous little girl. [love love love emoticon]
Wow that Mindy is three months already!! shock

Hermya321 Thu 07-Oct-10 22:31:41

Just marking my place.

WhiteRoses Fri 08-Oct-10 21:16:24


Just popping in very briefly. Hope everyone's well. Poor you November - that must've been terrifying! Spireal - you're supposed to be assuring us that breastfeeding gets easier! confused Lol! No, it's all worth it to know you're doing the best thing for your baby, isn't it? Pixie - you might already know this, but I didn't and it helped me when my nipples were at their most bloody/scabby/painful... Have you tried expressing a tiny bit of milk just before Tegan latches on? A midwife gave me that tip on Day 10 (about time!) and it made a huge difference. It just softens your nipples a little and the latching on isn't quite so bad...

Things with us are fine. Will give a better update when I have more time! Talk soon (if my son lets me!)

NovemberAli Sat 09-Oct-10 17:10:18

Ooh yes I'll second that with the expressing before latching technique, also Lansinoh ointment was my saviour. Midwives are so dismissive sometimes aren't they? I know they've seen it all before bu they have to realise it's terrifying for us first time mums!

Eeek about the growth spurt Spirael! Matilda seems to be feeding a lot at the moment too, I think she may be suffering from silent reflux as well as she screams after feeding and looks to be gagging but doesn't bring anything up - she also makes choking/ clearing throat noises in her sleep which is quite scary!

WhiteRoses Sat 09-Oct-10 20:06:52

Lansinoh - was just logging in quickly to suggest that too, November - couldn't remember the name yesterday and haven't had a chance since! Great stuff though.

Ugh - sounds scary about Matilda making those noises in her sleep, November! You must be up checking on her all the time!

Spirael Thu 14-Oct-10 12:06:11

Ok, I'm back! I survived the growth spurt!

It lasted about a week, couldn't get the milk into Mindy quick enough for the duration. Now that we've come out the other side though, breastfeeding is a lot easier. She only takes about 10-15 minutes per side (instead of 45!) about 6 times per day and it doesn't hurt at all now, it doesn't even prickle at the initial letdown.

I also barely leak, except for first thing in the morning when I'm quite full... Especially this morning as Mindy managed 8:30pm - 7:30am last night!! grin She's just turned 14 weeks.

So keep going, BFers! [waves pompoms] The first 6 weeks are the rough part, then it starts getting easier.

Ladylou83 Thu 14-Oct-10 19:43:04

Oh How I miss 1st time Frolickes! Do you think when the time comes we can have 2nd time frolickers?

Spirael Wed 20-Oct-10 11:55:25

[watches the tumbleweed] Pretty quiet in here at the moment! shock

More babies were born recently and yet more are due shortly, so soon we'll hopefully get more people chattering away!

I think second time frolickings are quite likely in the Spirael household, Ladylou. wink Having Mindy hasn't put us off more children! Buuut... Not for a while yet. I want a 2-3 year gap, if at all possible!

Hermya321 Wed 20-Oct-10 18:51:29

{brushes dust off of chairs} Wow, it is quiet isn't it. Well we'll get there soon enough.

Spirael I've just seen a piccy of Mindy on your profile, she is lovely!!!

WhiteRoses Wed 20-Oct-10 19:01:14

I'm here! Just not had time/free hands to do a proper post! Will get round to it soon though, I hope - feel I have so much to tell you all... But please write, the rest of you - I may not be able to type and feed, but I can read and feed! wink Hope you're all well - off to check new arrivals on pregnancy forum now! grin Catch up soon. x

Spirael Wed 20-Oct-10 22:11:41

Hee, that picture is old... The most recent one I have online is here. Beware the demon red eyes! wink That's from just over a week ago, I think.

bunnygirl80 Wed 20-Oct-10 22:56:25

Spirael your pics of Mindy are sooo cute

Hermya321 Thu 21-Oct-10 11:11:37

Spirael She's so adorable!!!

WhiteRoses Thu 21-Oct-10 13:25:02

How did I miss pics?! Soooooo gorgeous! Happy and healthy looking! grin

Spirael Sat 23-Oct-10 15:16:05

Hee, thanks all! grin Make sure to post pics of your LOs up too, Mindy will get shy if she's the only one!

WhiteRoses Mon 25-Oct-10 18:38:13

Hi everyone.

Hope you're all doing well? And another huge congratulations to Hermya, who'll hopefully be joining us here soon. grin

Well, my little man finally fell asleep just there at 5pm, after being awake constantly since before 9am, so here's hoping for a few hours' peace! And a chance to get on MN! Can't believe he stayed awake so long. Usually a six hour stretch is as much as he goes! But I can't complain, cause I've been blessed with a baby that's slept brilliantly since he was a few days old (anywhere between 5 and 8.5hrs a night) Lucky me!

Anyway, things are mostly going very well. My 9lb 5.5oz baby is now (5wks on) a huge big lump who has now outgrown his 0-3mth baby gros! He weighed 11lb 11oz at his check last week, so God knows what he'll have put on by tomorrow! confused

I'm doing fine. Feeling much fitter so I think my iron levels must be back up again, though haven't had them checked yet. And I'm much less sore. Though, do you know what? See how I had a ventouse delivery in the end? Well I was gutted about it, cause I'd wanted to do it all naturally, and I actually asked had I not pushed hard enough, cause I felt quite upset about it. The answer I was given was that it wasn't unusual to have an assisted delivery, and that my baby was very big. Anyway, it was only after a couple of weeks that DH had LO in his arms and said "see that, that's the face LO was making when I first saw him, as he was coming out of you". Turns out my 9lb 5.5oz baby was also back to back - had the health visitor confirm it! No bloody wonder I found that last bit hard! And there was me looking at LO's swollen head and feeling guilty all the time! Wouldn't you have thought someone might've shared that information with me?! I know it all happened very quickly, with me arriving at hospital fully dilated and pushing, but still... It would have been nice to know. Very peed off!

Oh, and while I'm off on a rant... Bloody health visitor. Asked her two weeks ago why my left boob was hurting and why the milk flow seemed a bit slow. She reckoned it was to do with my positioning and attachment, cause I'm right handed. A week later, I was worse and asked again, and she suggested a blocked duct (which I'd wondered about in the first place but figured she'd have mentioned if it was a possiblilty!) Anyway, have since unblocked the duct and bf no longer hurts! Grr! Silly woman! If only she'd suggested that in the first place!

Anyway, now that I've got that off my (enormous 36K shock!) chest, I'll get on with telling you the real reason I've been putting off posting.

At ten days old, we had a visit out of the blue from a specialist dietician from our local children's hospital. The results had come back from LO's Guthrie test, and it turns out he has Phenylketonuria. It's a genetic condition (both DH and I are carriers of a duff gene) and is very rare (6-8 babies a year born with it in the whole country). And our little man has it. It's (in very simple form) an intolerance to protein and the treatment is a lifelong, very restricted diet. Without treatment, Lo would be badly disabled, so I should be (and am) grateful that, with such early diagnosis and treatment, he will be a perfectly fit, healthy and normal little boy/man, who just eats a little differently. But it is so unfair. At the moment, LO's having twice-weekly blood tests (which I'm having to do ), and is on a protein-free prescription formula, to supplement his intake of breastmilk, in order that he takes less from me (breastmilk contains protein, albeit not much, but more than he's able to handle). Anyway, later on, the blood tests will hopefully be weekly, which is good, but the diet will become worse. All sorts of things are out of bounds, and it has been hard to think that LO will probably never visit McDonald's, or have birthday cake at a friend's party, or choose which Easter egg he'd like, or eat a Christmas dinner, or go on holiday and have an ice-cream... He'll be on a vegan diet, but will have other restrictions too. Ugh, it's just horrible. But anyway. I'm rambling a lot. I just haven't felt right about posting and saying that he's fine, when obviously that's not strictly true, but at the same time, I haven't had the time or (physical or emotional) energy to try and explain things.

But, horrible as the whole thing's been and will be, I do have to keep thinking positive. My baby's just gorgeous, healthy in every other way, growing brilliantly - better than most - and he's going to have all the support we, and the rest of the family can possibly give him.

Right, that was a good old-fashioned long post from me! It'll probably kill the thread completely, cause no one'll have the time or energy to read it! Lol! But hopefully not. With everything up to date, it'd be nice to be able to post a bit more frequently again, and happy posts, rather than "bad news" ones!

bunnygirl80 Mon 25-Oct-10 23:43:42

roses you know we all love to read your long posts, and it looks like you've had a lot to tell us. smile

Sorry to hear your little boy's got PKU, getting an unexpected diagnosis like that must have come as such a shock to you and your DH. It must seem so unfair at the moment, but at least he's been diagnosed early so there's been no long term damage done, and he will grow up to be completely healthy.

Has anyone offered to put you in touch with any kind of support group? It might be a bit early now, but eventually it might be good to have contact with other families living with the same condition, and for your little boy to meet other children who are on the same limited diet as him, so he knows he's not alone.

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