Jan 2009, baby D0Gs and bumps galore.. lets make room for many more...

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120 Tue 14-Sep-10 18:44:58

here we are. am going to start a bet on who is next to get broody!

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stripeywoollenhat Tue 14-Sep-10 18:53:16

bookmarking, back later smile

teaandcakeplease Tue 14-Sep-10 18:53:56

<bookmarking> Just put a post on the old one when I x posted with you. Oops blush

Been out all afternoon swimming and then running errands.

Do people really read the DM and consider it credible? Until I came on mumsnet I had no idea as I'd never read it but it's almost as bad as The Sun which I personally think belongs in the fiction section. LOL

<off to look at DOG's other thread>

hackneyzoo Tue 14-Sep-10 19:41:36

blush Didn't realise there was a shiney new thread so x posted....

Tea, I think it's more the way it is being spun by the media and the politicians driving the spin than who commissioned the report. I think labour have done a lot to reform education over the last twelve years, especially in SEN, and sadly I think we are about to see a lot of this work come undone and the gap between rich and poor widen again with the introdcution of academies, massive cuts in budget, especially in funding towards AEN. Having looked at the report briefly today it does seem to have a lot of valid points but the way its been reported...well....call me a cynic...seems very 'toryish' to me...sorry, I meant Coalitionish wink [depressed emoticon] I don't think the fact that the PM's son has SN is going to have a huge influence on Tory education policy unfortunately...but maybe it will...it will be interesting to see how things unfold after the end of this tax year.

Sorry that just me spouting after a long day of rather heated debates flying round the staffroom! I love it when everyone gets fired up at work, I think we all teach better grin

So has baby dog got a name yet? Am looking forward to birth story to feed my raging hormones.

teaandcakeplease Tue 14-Sep-10 19:43:36

I haven't switched on bbc news today, or read the DM article, only the Independent one. I don't think I will either. I'm getting more and more fed up with the way the media twist everything. We shall see what happens as you say HKZ.

How is your bump?

hackneyzoo Tue 14-Sep-10 19:52:41

My bump is jumpin' must be feeling the vibes from new baby dog!

Tea I think that's a good idea, I'm all media-d out today. Although I have to say, I'm enjoying all the rather heated discussions that seem to be going on.

DS is about as unsleepy as a very unsleepy thing. He is being very cute, playing with DD's tea set and bringing me plates of playing cards to eat with a 'Der you go, yum yum.' I love this age. Luckily DD is fast asleep.

120 Tue 14-Sep-10 19:55:04

Have either of you read the 'weird things you do' thread? Hilarious!

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hackneyzoo Tue 14-Sep-10 19:57:54

Link please......

teaandcakeplease Tue 14-Sep-10 20:02:19

Weird or what in Discussions of the day. Is that it 120?

PatTheHammer Tue 14-Sep-10 20:09:07

bookmarking the new thread,

Although perhaps I'll stay away if 120s plan is to get us all broodygrin

report......schmeport is my take on it.

Ignore, ignore, ignore and focus on my pupils. I have been teaching kids for years that don't have statements and probably should have them and I don't think I treat them any differently tbh just judge what each individual needs in the moment, needs must as they say!

Don't they know that teachers don't have time to read the papers during the week anyway, we're too buy planning, marking and assessing ready for outstanding lessons everydaywink If they wanted a proper ruck they should have put it in the weekend rags!

120 Tue 14-Sep-10 20:21:27

yes it is link here. was busy reading it!

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hackneyzoo Tue 14-Sep-10 20:22:02

Pooing naked grin

hackneyzoo Tue 14-Sep-10 20:23:46

Qucik quick...Baby Dog pics on FB


teaandcakeplease Tue 14-Sep-10 20:23:58

Awwww DOG has put the pics on fb. Wow he's gorgeous!

D0G Tue 14-Sep-10 20:29:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

120 Tue 14-Sep-10 20:45:17

Very cute pics Dog

Yes HZ, and it only gets better. Loved the inability to eat 'small food' too.

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hackneyzoo Tue 14-Sep-10 20:51:00

Off to read some more 120...btw, lovely slippers on sale here.

Ohhh, Dog, can't wait for the birth story

<<goes off to stock up on Kleenex>>

hackneyzoo Tue 14-Sep-10 20:51:57

Totally edible baby doglet, absolutely gorgeous. smile

120 Tue 14-Sep-10 21:09:11

rubbish, bought some crappy ones on ebay. Like the way the Moccis have gone up in price in their sale!

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Lenni Tue 14-Sep-10 21:49:33

Bookmarking for birth story <<impatiently taps foot>>

missjackson Tue 14-Sep-10 22:15:31

Oh he is soooo yummy! Kids must have been so happy to wake up to that yummy newborn along with their cornflakes. Did they not stir all night? I'm not sure I could risk a home birth with N sleeping upstairs!

Waves to ray, we missed you but were keeping up with gorgeous E on fb - how cute was she cleaning up ice-cream from the pavement?!

Braved ikea today and got the mandatory trofast toy storage along with a few trolleys worth of inessential items. Had my Dad along to look after N which helped, otherwise it would be pretty impossible I think! We are finally doing up N's room, with a big boy bed. And he better sleep in it after all this effort. Have had a lovely time buying stuff for it including cath kidston cowboy print duvet, which was a bit naughty, but he must have horses after all. hmm That's my story anyway.

Dying for birth story! You have been brilliant dog to keep us so updated and in touch.

Lenni Tue 14-Sep-10 22:22:50

Gah, does anyone else get totally infuriated by the AIBU threads? I don't post on there, mainly since I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to tell the OPs that really if they need to ask the opinions of strangers to decide if they ABU then chances are they've lost all sense of moral judgement and ABU to someone somewhere along the line. But it's the judgeypants who really drive me crazy, the people who tell people they are being unreasonable for completely unrelated reasons, you know the ones, 'no hitting him with the deep fat fryer was perfectly reasonable but perhaps if you'd have stopped at 4 kids and thought of the planet you wouldn't be in this mess.' Argh. That topic is like Internet Judge Judy. Terrible for the sanity.

Any news on this here birth story the ?

HKZ what an arse about scooter. Hopefully you'll spot who's nicked it. Rubbish for DD.

Lenni Tue 14-Sep-10 22:25:28

MissJ - x posted, tell me more about Cath kidson duvet. Sounds fab. Flatpacking galore at yours tonight then?

moosemama Tue 14-Sep-10 23:12:04

Well, I have had an interesting evening - in A&E!

I was supposed to be at ds2's Parents' Information Evening, but unfortunately dd had different ideas.

Dd had been happily sitting and rocking herself gently in the rocking chair while I cooked tea, when ds1 decided he wanted to sit in there too and rock it for her. All was well until he decided to rock a bit harder, just as she decided to let go. She fell forwards out of the rocking chair and landed on her front. Phew thinks me, at least she didn't hit her head (she usually leads with her head) then I realised she wasn't getting up and had her arm at a really odd angle underneath her - oh - and she was screaming the place down.

Picked her up, hugged and kissed her but she wouldn't settle, the screaming just got worse. This is most unlike dd, she is a tough little nut and very much from the quick kiss better and get on with it school of thought. Gave her a dummy and more cuddles, still no good and she was holding her arm really gingerly. Dh walked in the front door and took her off me, that would usually be guaranteed to make her stop crying, but no - she got worse. Tried the one final thing that usually guarantees a smile - offering a chunk of cheese. She went to take it, but couldn't seem to grip it and started holding her arm out to me and sobbing - "hand, Mummy, hand". sad That was it, decision made, a trip to A&E it was.

Fortunately, Mum had just arrived to babysit while we were at the school, so I ran round, packed some snacks, toys and a change of clothes for dd, called one of the other Mums to ask if she'd pick up an extra copy of all the letters/leaflets at the meeting and off we went to A&E.

After waiting for about an hour, she gradually started using her arm again and by the time they saw us she was using it almost normally, although her grip wasn't very strong. The nurse that examined her (I say examined, she actually sat opposite, looked at her and pressed her wrist twice.) said she felt it wasn't broken as she was using it and in most cases the only way you can tell a baby has a break is that they stop using the arm. We also agreed it was best to avoid an xray unless absolutely necessary, so she was discharged with the advice to go straight back if she gets worse or stops using it again. They thought that it was most likely a twist/sprain type injury rather than a break.

We have had a couple of "ow hand" type whimpers since we got back, but she is still using it, so I think she'll be ok. Gave her a bottle and some calpol and she promptly fell asleep.

Rrrrayray Wed 15-Sep-10 08:46:00

Hello all.

Day 2 of my new regime to keep up with Mumsnet!

Moose They seem to be getting all sorts of knocks and things at this age don't they. Esme always seems to have a big bruise or another. Glad to hear its just a bit sore & hopefully nothing more.

Dog Pictures of baby without name beautiful, those big eyes..... !!! I went on to have a dream of having a little boy last night!

Missj How is your pregnancy going? LOVE Cathkidston.... is it the Cowboy Duvet cover you have got him? Impressed Nye is heading for a big boys bed... Luckily Esme hasn't even tried to climb out, so she will be in Cotbed for as long as possible.

Tink I've about done Esme's winter wardrobe, i bought some things from Zara in the january Sale, as there was SO many beautiful things, so i've had alot of it since then! I bought her a couple of pairs of boots, Some Tanned one from NEXT, a little pair of Sheepskin boots, and some gorgeous Grey ones with buckles from Zara. Esme seems to still have relatively small feet though, so finding nice shoes are a bit of a challenge, shes only wearing a 3UK / 19 EU.

Sleeping oh... and as if by magic, Esme's sleeping back to normal last night, not so much as a whimper in the night, so no need for the calpol. Hurrah! Must have been knowing her mummy was back on Mumsnet! ;)

Right, we are off Swimming with Esme's pal.

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