November 2008 - Two, too soon !!

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Oblomov Tue 14-Sep-10 14:16:48

Someone had to do it. Witty thread titles, not my forte, but no one else seemed willing.

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MummyNic Tue 14-Sep-10 15:22:56

Well done Obs, and I think it's a great title!!

Sorry for being quiet - learning a new job is exciting & tiring. We also have our bungalow on the market so I have been very busy - painting / tidying etc.

I adore my new job and actually get excited on a Monday night - I'm tempted to return to full time hours but then I remind myself that J will soon be grown up and I don't want to miss out on seeing him develop.

Waves to everyone!! smile

AFingerofFudge Tue 14-Sep-10 15:55:23

Ah thanks obs for doing the new thread. I was too scared to do it, but also scared of the thought that although most of us don't actually post very often, I couldn't bear the thought of "our thread" being no more!!

excuse the lack of grammatical sense, too tired to try and fix it!

Ellielou02 Tue 14-Sep-10 22:31:52

Thanks obs

MummyNic Wed 15-Sep-10 13:35:37

So.... what plans have we all got for the 2nd birthdays?

I booked J's in January - he's having it at a local play area. They have 1.25 hrs of play followed by tea for 45 mins. They provide doggy bags, I only need a cake. It's £8.95 a head (min of 10). The play area is great too (have been to about 4 and this is the best by a very long way). There are sensory areas, soft climbing things, wall puzzles, a slide - the area is probably about 20 feet by 15 feet so nice & big too.

I have already bought his Christmas presents (Little Tikes Pick up truck ride-on, some Happyland things (village & pirate ship 'n' cove) and plan on buying some smaller items). For his birthday I am going to buy him a kitchen.

I have never been so organised in all my life!!!

tegan Wed 15-Sep-10 13:53:05

Hello all, i haven't even thought about doing anything for O's b'day yet but i have decided on his b'day pressy so thats 1 big thing out of the way

LadyBuzz Wed 15-Sep-10 16:11:28

hello, i've been about ish, i'm really struggling with this pg, felt sick up until a couple of weeks ago and now i'm exhausted to the point of not being able to do anything at all.
Had some bloods done to check for anemia, so we will see.
Had a scare with my 16 weeks bloods too, came back high risk for tube defects but all seems to be well now.

I really really want to know the sex but baby is keeping its legs firmly crossed - grrr.
Another scan on Tue so we shall see!

No thoughts about Js birthday yet. He doesn't need anything but is Mickey mouse mad so the Disney shop beckons!

tegan Wed 15-Sep-10 17:28:12

Oh hun ur obviously not having much fun with ur bump then. My friend had her scan last week and hers had it's legs crossed too so she has to wait til lo is born to know the sex

AFingerofFudge Wed 15-Sep-10 21:52:48

Well as M is one of the youngest on the thread, I haven't thought about birthday's that much yet. ( He was due end Nov but didn't arrive til 9th Dec)
however I do know it will involve diggers, tractors and motorbikes. I have been looking at those wooden diggers and tractors by a company called Pintoy- they have them in this lovely traditional toy shop near us. But they're quite pricey!
Thinking about getting him some duplo as well. We have quite a bit from the other two, but mostly animals, so I may go for a bit of the vehicle themed duplo.

MummyNic Thu 16-Sep-10 13:03:51

Fudge J likes diggers 'n' stuff. DH's mum bought him a small JCB toy (Doug the Dump Truck) which isn't in the JCB section of Toys R Us, it's near the pre-school toys, and he loves it, it's only about 6" big and if you press the button on the top he says (in an amusing Welsh accent) lots of things from "I'm Doug the Dump Truck" to "Watch out for those cheeky diggers" etc - I find it quite amusing myself!! I am going to buy J at least 1 more of those.

Buzz - big hugs to you, glad everything is ok with your results now.

I am going to buy J a Step 2 Kitchen as he has their Magic Fountain Playhouse and he loves it - seems to be very good quality too. I am just waiting for someone to have it on offer as I did see it for £80 a few months ago but it's been £100 ever since!!

coolkat Thu 16-Sep-10 20:19:44

Thanks Obs, nice title!

Wow you are organised, I want to get Becca a kitchen butdon't kno whether toxmas or bday, she is Peppa pig mad but has most of the toys as we still had them from DD1!! She is also shoe mad whenever we go into a shop that sells them its me ooes me ooes and she takes hers off!

Sorry our struggling Buzz, I think mama2 is as well.

Fab news on buying a house Ellie, we bought a new bed this week an ottoman, not quite the same league as a house!

Must try to post more often. smile

Oblomov Fri 17-Sep-10 13:01:54

Present wise ds2 is big on 'actors' = Tractor. Thinking of buying him a big ride on tractor jeep thing. and some of thise lift up flap books on tractors or 'thats not my tractor' book.

Just to let you know that DS1 has been diagnosed with ODD. So I wasn't depressed. It wasn't child abuse. It was ODD. Shame I had to beg for help for nearly 2 years to get that diagnosis. Now I have to see a child pyschologist to help repair the damage to me, and heal my relationship to ds1. And obviously to help repair our marriage that would have already broken if it hadn't been for my inner strength. Maybe people will keep their sanctimonious judgemental comments to themselves now that a diagnosis has been given.

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LadyBuzz Fri 17-Sep-10 17:29:14

obs finally! thats crap news but also good news, at least they have finally recognised and can now offer the support that you should have had all this time. Good luck with everything.

pixierara Fri 17-Sep-10 18:55:15

Hi all - obs that is so good to finally have a diagnosis. However, what is ODD? I have never heard of that???? What does it mean for you all???

I hope you get an apology from your Dr....

How is everyone else? We are all good...both boys at school full time, didn't realise how much I would miss DS2. He is absolutely loving it though, but is very, very tired.

DS1 was asked to go for trials at a football club, he has had to sign a contract and everything...very proud of him but a big commitment on our part. He is LOVING it, got his 1st match tomorrow against Wimbledon FC....very nervous!

sparkletoes Sun 19-Sep-10 17:11:28

Found you all! Bookmarking.. xx

Ceebee74 Sun 19-Sep-10 22:11:30

Evening all smile

Obs thanks for the new thread and also, although it is obviously crap, glad you have finally got a diagnosis for DS1 - it must be such a relief for you. Am going to go and google ODD now as I don't know what that is blush

Buzz was going to ask you if you knew the sex but obviously not - I will keep my fingers crossed for you on Tuesday and hope it is the one you want wink

Toys - have got most of Hamster's birthday and christmas presents now - have tried to be really organised to spread the cost! Got him a tub of Duplo lego and a Toy Story duplo set (he is obsessed with Jessie for some reason and the set has her in it!) Also got him a Postman Pat play set as he loves PP too. I do find it strange that his faves are so different to DS1 (who was completely obsessed with Thomas and Hamster is not bothered about Thomas at all!) hmm

DS1 started school last week - only half days and he was exhausted by Friday afternoon. Full days this week so god only knows what he will be like by the end of this week grin Seems to enjoy it although we did have tears on Friday morning but he had a cold and he was only ever clingy with me at nursery drop-offs when he was poorly so I really hope it was just that.

Hi to everyone smile

Mama2Monkeys Mon 20-Sep-10 09:59:19

obs love the thread title. SO glad you finally got a diagnosis for DS1 and hope you now get the help you should have been getting all along.
buzz hope you feel better soon. try to rest lovely.

I'm 32wks today. Going for an extra scan to check placenta position. Really nervous about it. Gave in to DH and the two middle names for babe thing. Even though still not keen. Cant decide on 1st name though. I'm feeling very pants and have for a couple of weeks. Really suffering in this pregnancy (spd, anaemia, aching and vainy legs) and realize how lucky I was in previous pregnancies. Also other stuff like Alyssa being really ill (on mend now), Ryan at school , car breaking down and DH away. Find it hard to say as really independant but it has all really got to me and bubbed the other day just looking at the washing.

Start maternity in 4wks. But went to see doc in hope of being signed off. Could not have had a more unsympathetic doc if possible. I cried my eyes out in the car after the appointment. So self certified for a week but really been messing work about. sad

Mama2Monkeys Mon 20-Sep-10 10:01:35

bubbed? blubbed i think hmm

AutumnLady Mon 20-Sep-10 10:55:29

Found you all!!!

Can I join back in even though I've been AWOL for ages??? grin

My big news is that we have moved and finally have a place of our own grin So very, very happy and J is loving his new room and big boy bed. Can't believe he is not in a cot anymore and is getting so big. He is sooo much fun though and really enjoying my time with him.

Ermm, no other news really. Got through the Election in May, got a new job which has been very busy and my boss was even in the papers for being indicreet blush now that was fun to deal with....NOT. Mind you, I'd only been workign for her for 2 weeks when it happened so we had to form a fab working relationship very quickly!! I now work 4 days and it seems to fit in nicely smile

waves to everyone and promise to be more present now that we're settled

Mama2Monkeys Mon 20-Sep-10 14:16:41

Please join me on my other thread ... uggy-or-Carrier

sparkletoes Mon 20-Sep-10 17:43:09

Gosh soo much to read. Have read back loads but just too much to respond to.

Like Autumn I have been AWOL for ages. Sorry.

Mama I got a Phil n Teds AND a carrier (do u mean sling btw?). Anyway ime I used the buggy more when out and about, it just isn't that easy to have a growing baby in the sling AND run around after a 2 y o! Also not so easy to push buggy up hills AND have baba in sling! My advice would be to get both tho as sling was good on other occasions.

Waves to all..

openerofjars Mon 20-Sep-10 21:28:07

Hi all, ruthosaurus as was here. I namechanged when DH and I were having some massive issues in the summer, but we seem to be doing better now.

Obs, fab news (iyswim) re actually getting a diagnosis. Well done for sticking it out and I hope you get an apology soon.

Is everyone doing parties for the big 2? I'm not sure I can face it this year so might just have a teeny do with some of the tots from nursery and toddler group

openerofjars Mon 20-Sep-10 21:34:13

Sorry, blardy phone acting up mid-post.

We are also trying to sell our hovel house at the mo but it is not looking v promising.

And I had my coil out at the end of August and right now I feel sick, have sore boobs, metallic taste in mouth, tiredness and weird dreams. I can test in 6 more days so am not allowing myself to wee pointlessly on any more sticks until then.

DH will have a fit if it turns out to be pos, though.

How are you doing, Mama2 and Buzz?

Ceebee74 Mon 20-Sep-10 21:40:46

opener lovely to hear from you smile Did your DH not think there was a possibility of a +ve when you had the coil taken out?? grin Fingers crossed for you anyway!

Still haven't decided about Hamster's birthday party - we had one at a soft play area for DS1's 2nd birthday so I feel that we should treat them equally and do the same but it obviously costs £££ which are a bit limited these days plus DS1 had more 'friends' iyswim then DS2 seems to have. I feel the guest list would be mainly DS1's friends which kind of defeats the object hmm Need to decide soon though as need to get it booked if we decide to go down the soft play route!!

Is anyone else's LO clingy/shy?? Hamster is a nightmare at the moment. He follows me around the house constantly and will not interact with many other people (including his grandmas - grandad is fine though hmm) and buries his head in my neck shouting 'no' if someone has the temerity to actually speak (or even look) at him!!

openerofjars Mon 20-Sep-10 21:57:31

Hi Ceebs!

We keep doing silly things that your average 17yo knows are stupid, like, erm, crossing our fingers and "remembering" to use a condom a bit late into proceedings (sorry, TMI). If I'm not pg then this is very confusing PMS.

If it is pos, I will be made up, as all my friends are pg and I want one too (mostly a joke but not entirely). Seriously, there isn't a woman left that I can go and get pissed and have a sneaky fag with... I am not smoking, btw, but every now and then a friend and I indulge, feeling like teenagers again.


My boy can be v oddly clingy if people come round unexpectedly. We went to see DH's dad & stepmum on Saturday and DS ran through the door shouting "Gwandad! Toys!" blush. Today DSMIL came over to drop DH's birthday card over and he hid. Ffs.

But she did have her "leaving the house" makeup on. As opposed to her "weekend" slap, and it is quite a difference, so maybe that was it.

Just going back over the thread again to steal present ideas.

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