Dec 08 Ladies - Waiting for BabyLady & the usual grumpy tots with stinky bots

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DeidreBarlow Fri 10-Sep-10 12:46:28

Hope this is ok...

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DeidreBarlow Fri 10-Sep-10 12:50:05

That would be a reference to mygrumpytot and his stinky bot...bloody teeth

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Beans33 Fri 10-Sep-10 14:01:41

and front bots...! WEll done, DB! Just a quick question - do you wear those red-framed specs and have a chicken neck like Deidre Barlow actually does? I suspect not...!

I've had a half hour sleep and feel just as tired. Oops.

Rubes - honestly, try to chill out about the weight thing. You had a baby 6 weeks ago! That's nothing! 9 months on, 9 months off and all that. I think my baby belly is something to be proud of in my more positive moments. Obviously I'd love to be back to my original shape, but if I do get there, it'll be ages, and if I don't - then bloody well done me for having 2 children and sod the wobbly bits and stretch marks! Badges of honour! And looking at your pics on FB, you really really are not fat. In any way. You're really gorgeous and have no need to worry at all.

Beans33 Fri 10-Sep-10 14:07:00

PS I have done 4 poos today so far. True sign of a hangover. Not good for post-baby pile (only one left)!!

Rubena Fri 10-Sep-10 14:17:05

Thanks Beans - very kind. To be honest it's not in my nature to chill out about weight. If I didn't have such a fear of being fat and therefore not obsess about it I'd be 4 times the size I am now, I'm sure. it's basically just my own way of keeping on top of it, even if it means stressing albeit in an unhealthy way if that makes any sense at all? I'm sure it doesn't and not many will understand, but it's just me, and just like I hate needles I hate being overweight, and that's about it. If I was unhealthily thin or something or not eating (not likely!) or if I gave up the cheerfulness and still banging on - in that case you should all worry as I'd have a problem grin, but I'm far from that, clearly! But to avoid boring people to seath about my whining, I'll not be mentioning it again! I promise!

I am unbelievably proud of your attitude to it all after what you said regarding your history - such a brilliant positive outlook. by the way you look fab too.

Thanks for the thread Deids!

DeidreBarlow Fri 10-Sep-10 14:17:34

Actually beans when I get really mad with DH and shout a lot I do get a bit 'chicken-necked'grin. My glasses when I was about 15 were very Deidre-fied...oh the shame, I had a bad perm and Deidre specsblush

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Rubena Fri 10-Sep-10 14:18:43

That was death not seath hmm

EffiePerine Fri 10-Sep-10 15:18:05

Rubes: on the weight thing, I'd lost most of it after 5/6 months with DS1 without actually dieting. With DS2 - well, not there yet, but most of it had gone after 9 months. Bear in mind that I am a lazy mare who eats lots of cheese and chocolate.

I think a steady progression in the right direction is a better sign - if the weight is coming off gradually then it WILL all be off eventually, it just might take longer than you're comfortable with.

EffiePerine Fri 10-Sep-10 15:20:20

Also gradual weight loss is probably a better idea after no. 2 as things have been stretched rather grin. any dramatic loss might be harder to keep up long term.

Rubena Fri 10-Sep-10 15:33:55

Thanks Effie - all I really wanted to confirm is that it's normal to take longer afer number 2. Happy with that smile

DeidreBarlow Fri 10-Sep-10 15:36:37

rubes it's normal, I can confirm that after having DS I am still a chunky monkey wink

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DeidreBarlow Fri 10-Sep-10 15:40:14

Actually on a serious note I just think the older you get your whole metabolism changes making it much harder to shift the weight. Thats what I've found anyway...

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Nolda Fri 10-Sep-10 16:16:30

Spot Oops, I was out by quite a bit there, sorry.

Rubes I found it more difficult to shift the weight with the 2nd but I always thought it was easier with DD because she cried such a lot and I was always walking about with her to try to get her to sleep. My falling for chocolate being a good source of iron, the 2nd time round, might also have had something to do with it too!

Deirdre Yay, for the wriggle bottom getting a sticker.

I'm looking forward to a clan gathering on Sunday. My Great Uncle has invited us, my sisters and mother to Monkey Island on Sunday for lunch. DD keeps saying we are going to monkey land, I hope she isn't going to be disappointed!

sybilfaulty Fri 10-Sep-10 17:25:41

THanks for the thread Deids, great title. Can't believe babyLady will be here in just 2 1/2 weeks.

Outlaws here. I'm off for a run. Back later.

Beans33 Fri 10-Sep-10 17:48:00

Sybil, you are amazing. Going for runs with 3 kids. So impressed. I am going for one on Sunday. Haven't been for an age, so am looking forward to it a lot.

Might even go tomorrow as well. Although DH doing a triathlon in the morning. I might go when the nippers go to bed. Oh whatever. Of course I am talking nonsense. I won't. But I will on Sunday...

Rubes - hope you don't think I was having a go at you at all re weight. I so understand how you're feeling, I just want you to feel good about yourself as you are lovely. So pretty and a figure I'd love! That's all. I have heard that second time takes longer. Although took me nearly a year with DD1, then was preggers again! My sister has the most amazing figure after 2 kids, but it took her 5 years to get there. But so worth it. She's stunning! And 40 as of last weekend. I hope I look like her in 5 years!

Dear God I yabber.

Lady - so exciting about 2.5 weeks to go - HOLY COW!!!

Beans33 Fri 10-Sep-10 17:48:40

ps dEIDRE - Bet you don't have chicken neck!!!

Rubena Fri 10-Sep-10 17:57:39

back from the 6wk - all good. She's gaining weight beautifully and the stork mark / strawberry thingy she has on her lip apparently looks like it'll fade in not too long (I think it was Lady i was discussing that with)
DS won't let me feed him anymore, but he's so bad at getting the food in his gob himself that I think he may lose weight! I'm just letting him have fun practising but may hold off on serving him spaghetti for a bit grin He'll lose weight and the dog will gain hmm
Right there's a serious line up on TV for the big Bro final, some wine to be bought and a curry to be ordered.... grinHow embarrasing blush Not sure if it's worse that I'm excited about that or how dull my friday night's have become hmm

Rubena Fri 10-Sep-10 18:08:12

Crossed with you there Beans - not at all - it's just you're not the first one to think I bang on too much about it (DH included!)I think I was writing it down but bracing myself for what I know a lot of people will be thinking, however I'm not upset/ offended at all. In fact the GP made me feel very good about it all and said the gut was very impressive for the 6 week mark (well she didn't use those words)grin The good news is at least I know I obsess about it, and I know people want to wring my neck, but I can't help it! you are very kind to say all that. it's funny - I look at your photo's and get all envy We see things in ourselves that nobody else does I guess. Anywho, as I say, I'm all talk.... I'm sending DH off to Bombay Bicycle Club in a min for a Chicken Saag and a Pilou Rice, with a detour to get wine on the way home grin Then I'm going to lard out on the couch - rice and all people, rice and all...

Rubena Fri 10-Sep-10 18:09:37

Crossed with Sybs! A run!! A RUN!!! Nice.... after my total lardtastic plans..... wish I'd not read that!confused Right, Atkins positive tomorrow......

Veggiemummy Fri 10-Sep-10 18:20:22

OH MY GOODNESS I'm soooooooo shattered. NEVER take 13 children who speak another language to a public place for a party. No it's not as bad as that, it's just it was quite tiring. Needless to say we didn't make it to the violin lesson. DH had trouble getting a parking space and i rode there as he had the extra kids we were bringing along cos their parents couldn't. The party started about 30mins late and there was quite a kurffuffle getting started. In the end the kids all had a good time. We accidentally left the cake there but at least we did the song & candles. I finally managed to reach his violin teacher 10 mins after the lesson should have started and she was trying to get me to bring him down as the mean mother had just turned up (late again). I was a bit cross with her as originally I had said I didn't want him to have a lesson today and said we would skip it but because mean mum had said she would come I got coerced into it. So anyway I told no he was too tired and we wound see her next week for his solo lesson.

Poor boys are both shattered, but excited DS2 finally going to sleep now then it's time

Veggiemummy Fri 10-Sep-10 18:25:16

Oops...I was saying it's time for Indonesian takeaway yum. Also forgot to add we got a parking ticket bugger. The whole party was quite expensive, i miss counted and thought there was 14 kids when there was only 13 so payed an extra €16, but we'll make up for it by not having a party for DS2's 2nd birthday...he won't know!

Right sorry for rambling and no personals but must go eat (& look at DS1's presents!)

Veggiemummy Fri 10-Sep-10 19:01:38

Oh and thanks for thread DB i love the title!

DeidreBarlow Fri 10-Sep-10 19:43:54

veggie your day sounds exhausting! So pleased DS1 has had a lovely day though.

sybs your running has shamed me - Ireally need to get back into it, but its so hard.

Right just waiting for my lift to the pub to meet my friends for some well deserved drinks. I am really looking forward to a good old gossip/general catch up/wine consuminggrin

Hope everyone enjoys their take-aways and that Avo & beans have early nights after their late night exploitswink

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LadyThompson Fri 10-Sep-10 20:19:15

I am really excited to see little DD2's name in the thread title <beams> Thanks DB - hope you have a topping time tonight.

Feeling a bit grisly so not going to do long post (I always say that) - felt really sickly these last couple of days and though I haven't done a lot again today, not particularly through my own choice but because the carpet fitters were all over the place and we had to clear out of their way, I have massively swollen ankles.

But I am feeling much more chipper. They only started to fit the carpet (will finish tomorrow) but it is suddenly looking more homey. And MIL has left the building grin

I am going to treat myself to a nice sit down and a proper catch up over the weekend, but very quickly (and I will come back to people, not ignoring you)

Beans - smelly fanny syndrome in infants - DD is very clean but by jingo, the smell makes me gag sometimes, which is an awful thing to say. And you ARE wonderwifey!

Avo - I went to that exhibition last week! It was really interesting, if a little gloomy. Glad the hen night went with a swing, hurrah. Presume it was C's. Shall look forward to hearing the details on Weds.

Veggie, you can definitely be polite and even kind to this unappealing Dutch woman but yet still keep your distance. I reckon it can be done. Your day sounds KNACKERING.

Rubes, I would love to watch BB tonight but DP isn't a fan and he's got fed up of it, and we've got a LoveFilm dvd to watch. It's The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock hmm didn't order it and I think he has got a major thing for Sandra B. Well, I wouldn't fancy her if I was a bloke. Talking about blokes - OF COURSE your DS understands what you say. I have absolutely no doubt he is as bright as a button, you can see it in his face. But he is a bloke, it starts early grin They like to keep chat to a bare minimum. As to the weight loss/gain, I could bore for England on this topic and frequently do, as you know. FWIW you know I think you look remarkably svelte and fabulous for one who had a babe a mere 6 wks ago, you had that colleague of DP's swooning over you 2 wks after you had had your DD - you have nothing to worry about! If one loses weight more slowly after the second one - heaven help me, is all I can say grin

Oh yeah, and Spot - big separation anxiety with DD this last week or so. I was going to ask about it, you have beaten me to it. In my case I think it's because she has been looked after by MIL quite a bit this week instead of being with me, but I can't bear to see her upset. She is also having big strops. Maybe she knows something is up as well, I dunno...

That was quite long, really, wasn't it? It was only about 20% of what I actually wanted to say. I think I talk too much. What a good job I type fast.

Those having takeaways...enjoy! Despite nausea, I am going to have an old fashioned Spot of Cheerfulness in a moment. With bubbles.

Beans33 Sat 11-Sep-10 10:22:14

Morning all

Have just been for a bracing walk on Tooting Bec Common. Met a very nice lady with 2 dogs called Myrtle and Widget, who Izz fell in love with.

Was asleep by 10 last night and it was a good night's sleep. DD2 slept til 5.10 - hurrah. She's 12 weeks tomorrow, so was kind of hoping she'd be going through the night, secretly! But clearly not to be!!! Hee hee!

DH made vegetarian lasagne last night for lunch today as we have some friends coming round. I hate vegetarian lasagne, and he knows it - evilton. Never mind. Think will have something I like now, then I don't have to eat his food later. HAHA! I am dastardly. He's gone to do a homemade triathlon with a friend this morning and we saw them at the Lido. Izz was beside herself with excitement.

I hope everyone enjoyed takeaways/BB/whatever they did last night.

I've had a huge breakfast and am still hungry. Oops.

Off to play with DDs. Pru exhausted, but am trying to keep her awake for a bit longer... Bugger.

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