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May 2010 - Drooling, smiling, cooing and nearly sleeping through (and that's just the mummies!)

(965 Posts)
rachelfruitloop Fri 13-Aug-10 08:23:34

Hi Ladies,

I hope you don't mind, I started a new thread as our first one was quite full! I can't believe we're a quarter-way through the first year already! smile

rachelfruitloop Fri 13-Aug-10 08:24:21

Oh, and here is the list:


11 April LuckyC, GIRL, MATILDA, 14.47
15 April ForcesSweetheart, GIRL, MOLLY, 10.27, 7lbs 6ozs
16 April Littleowls, BOY, JOEL, 14.40, 4lb 8oz
16 April Memorylapse, GIRL, OLIVIA GRACE, 6.17pm, 6lbs 11.5ozs
23 April Sophie2008, BOY, COREY DREW 7lbs 2.5oz and GIRL, MIRIAM ELIZABETH 7lbs 4oz
27 April Brightredballoon, GIRL, 10am, 7lb 12oz
27 April Pagen, BOY, JACK JOHN, 7.30am, 9lbs 2ozs
29 April littleonemum, GIRL, LUX EMILIE, 9.40pm, 7lbs 7 ozs
29 April mummymunchkins, BOY, ZAKARIYA IDRIS, 7lbs 4oz
04 May fiveisanawfullybignumber, GIRL, FLORENCE MARGARET GRACE, 6.14pm,
04 May hormonalmum, GIRL
05 May sweetkitty, BOY, JACOB DAVID JOHN, 4.52am, 8lbs 5ozs
05 May Mustbemadno3 GIRL, LILLIA VICTORIA SOFIA, 05.05am 6lbs 8ozs
06 May Alle, BOY, OSCAR, 12.20pm 6lbs 8ozs
06 May alexw, GIRL, JULIA MAUD, 7lbs2oz
07 May TwentiethCenturyHeffa, BOY, CORIN, 7lbs1oz
07 May sheepgomeep, GIRL, JESSICA, 9lbs 12.5oz
08 May Lizzie9442, GIRL, LOUISE, 9.01pm, 10lbs
10 May Hobnobfanatic, GIRL
11 May 30ish, BOY, OLIVER JAMES, 10:05am, 9lbs 7oz.
11 May millingtonsmummy, BOY, HARRY EDWIN, 1.17am, 8lb
12 May kateyjane, BOY, THOMAS EDWARD, 11.29am, 7lbs 12ozs
13 May MarquiseDeMerteuil, BOY, FELIX BENJAMIN, 5lbs 15oz
14 May itshappenedagain, GIRL, FLORENCE ELEANOR, 5.22am, 8lb 6oz
14 May TomlinTowers, GIRL, SOPHIE MAE, 8.43am, 9lbs 7oz
15 May pigleychez, GIRL, LUCY OLIVIA, 9.30am 7lbs 12oz
15 May slipperthief, BOY, DANIEL HENRY, 7.28pm, 8lbs 4oz
16 May Wibblela, GIRL, REFAELLA, 12.22am, 8lbs 4oz
17 May pamelat, BOY, ALEXANDER, 12.14pm, 7lbs 8oz
17 May Morph2, BOY, JACOB ANTHONY, 7.50pm, 6lbs 11ozs
18 May squirtsmum, GIRL, REBECCA LOUISE, 1.37am, 9lbs 14.5oz
18 May MinnieMummy, GIRL, 8.31am, 10lbs 11oz
18 May KatnKankles, GIRL, AVA ROSE, 8lbs 14oz
19 May TinyVeins, GIRL, VERITY RUTH ELLEN, 00.41am, 6lbs 2oz
19 May Sweetpeasmum, GIRL, SOPHIE ELIZABETH, 6.38am
20 May Sassles, BOY, SAMUEL, 9lbs 4oz
20 May KaffaCakes, BOY, ALBERT STANLEY, 1.09am, 7lbs 8.5oz
20 May Den26, BOY, RIAN ALEXANDER, 7lbs 13oz
21 May Carikube, GIRL, ALICE JANE, 2.17am, 8lbs 5oz
21 May peaky, BOY, FINN, 2.47am, 7lbs 12oz
21 May Gils, GIRL, MELISSA ANNE, 3.38am, 8lbs 10oz
21 May Rachelfruitloop, BOY, ERIC DAVID, 3.48am, 11lbs 2oz
23 May newmomma, GIRL, 6.34am, 8lbs 12.5oz
24 May Mollycuddles, GIRL, MOLLY LETITIA ROSE, 2.24am, 8lbs 3oz
24 May LuckyMiller, BOY, IRA JACOB, 8lbs 2oz
25 May Hollyoaks, GIRL, GRACE ANNABEL, 6lb 110z, 00:07
25 May JamesandtheGiantBanana, GIRL, 7lbs
25 May Nimk, GIRL, 6lbs 8oz
26 May myfirstbump, GIRL, DARCEY ELIZABETH, 2.18am 8lbs 15oz
27 May first1, GIRL, CHLOE GRACE, 8lbs 3oz
28 May AnAngelWithin, GIRL, WILLOW, 00.34, 8lbs 15oz
29 May schipo, BOY, HUXLEY, 4.40am, 7lbs 13oz
03 Jun RacquelWelsh, BOY, GEORGE, 6.20am, 7lbs 9oz
03 Jun Moggmum, BOY, DYLAN ASHLEY, 7.34am, 7lbs 10oz
03 Jun AliMouse, BOY, CALEB LLOYD, 2.31pm, 8lbs 1oz
04 Jun Yorky, BOY, DAVID LUKE, 2.05am, 9lbs 1oz
05 Jun cupcakefairy, BOY, JUDE, 3.11am, 8lbs
05 Jun Booboomonster, GIRL, ARIEL INDIA, 3.25am, 10lbs 4oz
05 Jun Ande, BOY, 09.54am, 6lbs 12oz
07 Jun Homebirthmummy4, GIRL, VIRGINIA NIAMH, 23.42, 10lbs

hollyoaks Fri 13-Aug-10 08:54:27

Just marking my place thanks Rachel, good idea to have the list up there too, I'm always referring to it.

ML - it's always going to be hard but especially tough this year. I'm always happy to talk on here or fb of you want. Hope your feeling better

WLTK - well done again on the bf.

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 09:14:00

(shamelessly marking my place)

thiss morning 30 min feed at 8 o'clock and back to sleep, he is now awake and calm, why do i wonder if he is getting enough if we feed for hours????hmm, please tell me it's paranoia.

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 09:15:11

can we make a list of mn names and fb names, i get confused

wouldliketoknow- alle solla- baby oscar

DancingThroughLife Fri 13-Aug-10 09:20:46

Also marking my place. Thanks fruity for this spacious new thread. Off to clinic this morning for first weigh in for ages.

WLTK envy at Oscar's sleeping. Darcey seems to have regressed slightly to 5am explosive poos wake ups and last night she woke up to be fed at 11.30pm. She had been doing 10pm-8am but the last week or so she's been sleeping from 8pm. I guess the earlier sleep time means an earlier wake time?

But grin at his feeding triumphs, I know you've been working so hard at it!

Will post back later when I can check back to the last thread properly!

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 09:32:58

thanks! thanks! nearly killed me, but finally work.
sleep, well, some days better than other, yesterday slept at 8, woke up at 10.30, feed and swaddle back aslep until 7.30, not bad i suppose

ups! i can smell something, nappy change, anyone?

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 13-Aug-10 09:55:18

Thanks for new thread Rachel! It was my and DH's wedding anniversary so we had a lovely meal out which was fab. Apparently he's not as dead-set against a third (sometime) as he once was so that's nice. Still wouldn't think about it for a while though!

It was the local agricultural show yesterday as well so that was fun, DD loved all the animals and insisted on touching them all.

pamelat Fri 13-Aug-10 10:05:03

Marking my place too smile

we seem to have day time naps and feeding sorted ish but night is still 1030/130/4am

FB with baby Alex.

schipo Fri 13-Aug-10 10:18:07

wouldliketoknow - have you seen the discussion on the group page - title: Who we all are? That lists everyone's MN name. I don't think you've added yourself. It is lovely to see all the baby pics up there.

What makes you think Oscar isn't getting enough milk? I'm sure he'll let you know if he needs more.

Hobnobfanatic Fri 13-Aug-10 10:34:00

Marking my place, too...
Byeeee for now...!

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 10:43:03

we have a group page?

i don't know, nappies are produced, normal colour and quantity, he's happy, i think is my psichotic paranoia...he seems to spend so much time feeding...
right, back to fb, see if i can make sense of it...

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 10:47:12

someone send me a link to the group page............can't find it

rachelfruitloop Fri 13-Aug-10 10:57:11

Schipo I was just going to mention the discussions tab on the FB group page, too! I noticed recently that a lot of members haven't added their names on the Who We All Are discussion and that's the best way to keep track of who's who as many people don't want to put their real name on MN.

WLTK I think it's always hard with bf to not get paranoid that baby isn't getting enough! Eric feeds so fast I think that can't possibly be enough. I'm sure they'd be crying a lot if they were still hungry, though! grin

Thanks everyone for your support on the toddler issues. Last day or two going ok here, just keeping busy and doing a lot out of the house. Will probably go in to London on the train to meet DH after he finishes work (might as well take advantage of my free travel!)

Just went to baby clinic and had Eric weighed, he's 18 lbs 9 oz at 12 weeks, just touching the top of the curve now. Had DS1 weighed as well and he's 37 lbs 5 oz. It's reassuring as he was just as big a chubster as Eric when he was a baby and he's now on about the 80 percentile at the age of 3.

Was wondering about a day for London meet up, Monday 6th Sept works for me, how about other London area ladies? Schipo I'll gladly meet you any time, will message you via FB! smile

I'll be back later with more personals, time to juggle now! smile

homebirthmummy4 Fri 13-Aug-10 11:27:32

group page??? link pleeeease

sleeping, hmm, whats that? well last night was improved, feed at 10, then 2, then 4 then up at 6 for 'playandpoo' time as usual.

have progressed this week, i am now WEARING MAKE UP! wahoo, almost human, just wanting to demolish the fat and wobbling bits now (except boobs which are VERY popular in this house LOL)

also, just about to enrol on a holistic therapy course.

hope everyone else is good,

and thank you rachel for new thread!

wibblela Fri 13-Aug-10 11:32:31

Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry I didn't make it onto the last thread - had just about enough time to check FB before I went to sleep that I couldn't even lurk!

I'm so envy that you've got bf sorted wltk - I couldn't do it anymore at about 4 weeks. DD1 wasn't putting on enough weight, so we were advised to go to bf expert, which we duly did. Turns out that she wasn't latching on properly and they showed me how to do it. However, that caused me pain (because of the MS) so the next day we swapped to ff. I was also expressing, which I did for a while and it turns out that I wasn't producing enough either. In the next three days she put on 8oz!!! Due to get her weighed again on Monday to see what her weight is now she is 13 weeks (well she will be on Monday!) I can't quite get my head round the face that she is 3 months old already - time has flown by, but at the same time it feels like she has been with us forever. I still expect someone to take her back as if we have just been babysitting her!

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing alright, I want to keep up now DD1 and I have more of a routine sorted.

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 12:16:19

don't worry wibbela, you've done what's best, i also expressed while ff for a log time, it took weeks for my nipples to heal, numerous visits to bf clinics, lots of midwives and peer supporters. i also tried to quit a few times, every one told me is ok to stop but that got me depressed, i couldn't stop crying , so with a lot of support from dh, family, bf group and here, i went by, a day at a time, it has only been working for us for a week or so, and mixed feeding, i can't help but post every time i am successful.

sorry, what's the ms?sad

tabs? what tabs? right, back to fb

pigleychez Fri 13-Aug-10 12:19:39

Thanks for the new thread Rachel

ML-thinking of you

Homebirth and Alle- Ive sent you an invite on FB for the group.

Re- sleep... Lucy goes to bed between 8-9 and wakes between 5-6 am. Sometimes will go back off again till about 7 ish.

Heffa- Happy Anniversary.
DH had always said 2 kids, but did say 'if' we had another that he would like a bigger age gap. So he seems to have waivered on that one

Homebirth- Glad your feeling brighter and more human

Wibblea- Hi I know what you mean about the time flying by!

Well DH is back home tonight and I cant wait!! Ive really missed him. He has rung everyday for a chat but I just want a big hug
Mum left this morning after staying for a few days. Sometimes helpful, sometimes not!

Spent the day at the farm yesterday which DD loved and mum treated us to lunch at the Harvester which was nice.
Just catching up on housework this morning before venturing to Sainsburys for the weekly shop.

Hope everyones well

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 12:23:33

pig, is horrible when dh goes away for a week, make sure you celebrate his returngrin

why don't you shop online? just go to the store for special bits?

wibblela Fri 13-Aug-10 12:54:35

wltk sorry for the shorthand - MS for me equals Multiple Sclerosis

pc it feels good to be back - sorry that DH has been away, I would feel lost if mine went away for that long, so you must be sooooooo looking forward to his return grin

wouldliketoknow Fri 13-Aug-10 13:06:25

ups! that must be hard, don't give yourself a hard time, i didn't have anything like that on top of everything, hope you're ok, surely you have a beautiful girl

kateyjane Fri 13-Aug-10 13:49:24

Thank you for the new thread Rachel smile

Hope everyone is okay, sorry I am so useless at posting. I still read most days and do think about you all. I was lucky enough to meet up with ML and the gorgeous Olivia (and Emily) on Thursday. Had a lovely time, despite Tom being a grump, am looking forward to meeting more of you! (will put some pics on FB)

Hope everyone is coping ok, thinking especially about newmomma and first1. Have a lovely weekend everyone smile

Sassles Fri 13-Aug-10 15:20:56

Loved the meet up pics of Olivia and Tom!

Hi Wibblea & Kateyjane

HB4 It's good to get the slap on and feel human again.

ML So sorry about you losing your baby. Couldn't imagine how hard that would have been/still is.

Rfruit Ta for the new thread. Lovely big boy. Samuel now weighs 14lbs 14oz at 12 weeks. Biggest baby at bf group. We lined up some of the babies for a photo and he's twice the size of the others. All petite girls tho. When he was being weighed he puffed out his chest and flexed his muscles like a body builder. Hilarious!

Went to beach today to meet old school pal. Bit windy so we went to soft play instead. On way there Sam woke from nap with a cough and was then MASSIVELY MASSIVELY sick while I was driving on the A77 at 65mph. He then nodded head down back to sleep. I had to pull over to check he was ok. Him, car seat and passenger car seat COVERED in watery sick. Was still soaking on way home so he just had to sit in it. Poor wee man. When I checked to see he was ok, he just smiled up at me with a cheeky smile....then grumped rest of the day. grin

sweetkitty Fri 13-Aug-10 16:27:58

Just marking my spot, thanks for the new thread Rachel, will try and post later, never seem to get 5 mins and this pc is driving me mad.

Have convinced DP I NEED an iPhone 4 for my birthday next week grin

wibblela Fri 13-Aug-10 16:53:11

DD1 is sleeping lots today - gives me time to get jobs done and to use the netbook grin We've been sent some cloth nappies by a friend in Australia which are really good. Been looking up to see if they have a stockist near me and they have smile I need some new wraps for the other bamboo nappies I am using and I think Baby Beehinds have my vote smile Trouble is shop is closed until 26th August - have to contain my retail therapy....

kateyjane the photos you have posted on FB of when you met up with ML are lovely smile you both have gorgeous children smile With us living so close to each other I feel remiss we haven't met up yet - can we do that soon? I don't know of any kid friendly places around here yet - can you think of anywhere? The only place I thought of was YSP but that's a bit of a trek for both of us...

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