Sept 08 - Our LO's are nearly 2, and they're hiding to do a poo (is it time for potty training, not until it stops this raining)

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ninja Sun 01-Aug-10 00:20:02

I started it!! (I'm going away to London with just DD1 tomorrow so I want to know where you all are when we get back.

3 toddler free days!!

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becaroo Sun 01-Aug-10 09:13:53

Bookmarking x

Pacita Sun 01-Aug-10 09:44:08

bookmarking too!

Debs75 Sun 01-Aug-10 11:27:45

Bookmarking as well.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 01-Aug-10 13:30:16

Wow Debs. How time flys, can't believe your dd is so soon. If you feel the GD has been under control is there any reason for induction?

Thanks for starting the thread Ninja, enjoy London. What have you got planned?

Hope you're both enjoying the swi MrsA grin. That book really is a revelation isn't it?

CappuccinoCarrie Sun 01-Aug-10 14:19:15


Meglet Sun 01-Aug-10 14:24:28


carrie I haven't forgotten you asked about IBS, I will dig out the diet sheets for it and give you a rough idea what might help. IIRC it's a low residue diet, less fibre, less raw fruit / veg, nuts, anything with bits really. And scarily no tap water shock, and this is the NHS dietician which told me that. And less stress <<hollow laugh>>!

I went to Starbucks for the first time ever today and the DC's had baby-cinos and I tried a mocha, I thought I should make the effort even though I don't ever drink coffee.

CappuccinoCarrie Sun 01-Aug-10 18:37:58

Well done meglet on starbucks and babyccinos! What did you think? If you don't like coffee I can highly recommend their hot chocolate, possibly with a syrup (my fave is peppermint. mmmmm )
So what am I supposed to drink instead of tap water?! TBH I think stress is a huge part of it...or excitement over the etension, which manifests itself the same way as stress. Thanks for the advice

Debs75 Sun 01-Aug-10 19:38:48

ILTMIMI I am on tablets but they are happy with the blood sugar levels I am getting. The 38 weeks induction is 'procedure' but I will try and fight it. have told my Doula to not let me be railroaded into an early induction.

Carrie My sis has IBS and has a Brita water filter, she feels terrible if she drinks tap water as the water there is so hard. She also can not eat bread at all as any wheat products make her really ill.
There has been new studies that suggest you should eat white refined foods such as white bread and pasta ans even cakes.hmm

What is a baby-cino?

Meglet Sun 01-Aug-10 21:54:37

debs a baby-cino is just the foamy milk with chocolate sprinkled on top. My 2 think it's the 'bees-knees'. I've never taken them to a cafe before as they tend to be a bit, um, uncontrollable at the best of times, but starbucks was quiet and they were on spillage proof leather sofas at the back of the cafe so we managed 15 mins in there before hell started to break loose. Quite a good morning for us really grin.

White bread is better for IBS (it's on the diet sheet) and cake and biscuits never upset my stomach. Although I can eat brown bread, I just have to eat slowly and have a good dollop of butter with it. Oil seems to help me digest things.

carrie I drink mineral water, it's not too expensive, about £1 for a big 5ltr bottle in sainsburys and it lasts me about a week. Apparently the hard water in my area also has a higher than normal level of cryptosporidium (the nhs lady told me this!) and it can play havoc with some peoples stomachs.

Has anyone else not had their almost 2yo DC's hair cut yet? I'm going to get DD's fringe trimmed on her birthday next month, we are aiming for a little bob so I need to let the sides grow.

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Sun 01-Aug-10 22:38:24


MrsArchchancellorRidcully Sun 01-Aug-10 22:47:15

Meglet C's never had a haircut yet. It's getting better now as it's long enough to wear bobbles and slides. She has to wear a little bobble in bed so her hair doesn't fall over her face. I really don't want to cut her hair yet - if I brush it down, it covers her face completely grin

Had a busy weekend - Trafford centre Friday and C had her first sushi - she loved DP's octopus balls! (That's a genuine dish). Yesterday we went to Dunham Massey in South Manchester - lovely place. 3000 acres of deer park, plus gardens which had a 1910 theme - punch & judy, circus skills and real lemonade.

We still have hoover terror here,plus C has started waking at 5.50am, rather than 7am - not sure why but think it's probably cos she's in her own bed now.
Hoping things improve in the winter with darker mornings.

Debs loving the fact you have a doola - do you mind me asking if it costs alot and where you found her? I may look into one if we ever get lucky.

Hopefully Mon 02-Aug-10 08:45:33

Found you!

If I was to attempt a natural delivery again, I'd definitely hire a doula. I believe they range from about £250-£600 - very good one round here that I know of is about £550-650, depending on post natal services, but we're south east, so probably most expensive area.

bought wedding dress fabric on saturday (Eeeek!) - lovely pale blue silk dupion(kind of stiff and more matt than satin, but very lightweight) and beautiful gold coloured (not sparkly) lace to go over the bodice. Kind of looks like vintage lace. Vintage lace probably would have been cheaper grin hmm. Have managed to buy almost all the dressmaking materials for about £1,200 less than buying the dress I quite liked...

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 02-Aug-10 11:19:48

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 02-Aug-10 11:23:35

Message withdrawn

CappuccinoCarrie Mon 02-Aug-10 12:51:30

debs the best thing about babyccinos is that they're served in espresso cups, so the kids think they're getting a coffee just like mummy, but theirs is just the foamed milk with choc sprinkles on top!
Actually the best bit is that it keeps the kids quiet for a few mins so you can enjoy the luxury of a coffee in a pre-children level of calm and peace. Aaaaaah.

Bought a new toilet brush for the new downstairs loo today. Check me. Going toaster shopping at argos this afternoon, we have a short list of two. Gosh I live the high life.

I popped into our house today on the way back from tesco to deliver donuts to the builders, only to see that there were no builders there! I was expecting a couple of joiners to be fitting the kitchen, the sparky doing the sockets and lights, and the plumber fitting the boiler. I can only assume the kitchen hasn't been delivered so all the builders are on another job, then they'll all be at ours tomorrow. That's what happened last time they had a day off ours, it was like picadilly circus the next day! At least it gives the concrete floor and plastered walls an extra day to dry. And of course I now have to eat all 10 donuts grin

I've trimmed ds's hair once but its really fine an blonde. I need to do round the ears again, but prob no one except me has even noticed the whispy bits.

starlight we're all really hoping for a positive outcome for you and your ds. Keep us posted.

Two more friends have announced pg on fb over the weekend. I really hope that'll be me one day soon.

Dress fabric sounds gorgeous hopefully!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 02-Aug-10 13:07:13

Ds loves a babyccino <ponce> grin

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Starlight.

I agree about Doula's being money well spent. It's slightly different (but on a similar theme), but we had an Ind MW with ds2 and it's the best money we have ever spent. If we have another baby I would defo use an Ind MW - even if we have to eat beans on toast for a year.

DS hasn't had a haircut, like others I've only had to cut around his ears a couple of times.

Enjoy the doughnuts carrie!

CappuccinoCarrie Mon 02-Aug-10 13:47:04

If you can't afford a doula or Ind MW I recommend a good friend! Having my best friend there for ds's birth made it a so much more positive experience. She knew what questions to ask the MW, understood what they were saying and knew how to keep me going through it all. And it cost me a few quid in coffees grin

Debs75 Mon 02-Aug-10 14:42:03

Might try a babycino, friend loves frothy coffee in Starbucks and Robyn tries to steal it.

Have had to cut her hair several times but I only do the fringe. We are trying to push the fringe back as atm it comes from the back of her head, is very wispy as well so quite hard to do as its told. DD1's hair was very long and thick at this age, still is, and she could have it in bobbles and plaits.

My Doula is free. Not sure why, something to do with deprived area, not many dads around, that sort of thing. The co-ordinator asked me at the clinic if I fancied it so thought I would let her try and sell me the idea. She did so I now have a lovely woman coming to clinics with me so I don't get forced into induction. Not totally sure about the whole idea but would be nice to have someone with me who remembers the things I forget, such as sugar testing straight after birth. Plus she is a breastfeeding counsellor as well so double bargain.

Meglet Mon 02-Aug-10 14:49:28

I think the baby-cinos are free, or a few pence. I had a mocha and sandwich plus the dc's drinks and it only came to just over £4.

The DC's are being pests today. I have to wake them up from their naps shortly <<procrastinates>>. I don't want to. DS has found some stones and bricks in the garden and been building towers with them. All very clever but if they topple someone will lose their toes, so I need to hide them from him. He will have a tantrum about it and I have had it with tantrums this weekend.

Debs When are you due?

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 02-Aug-10 14:51:53

Message withdrawn

Debs75 Mon 02-Aug-10 21:16:52

6th September so not long now.
Hopefully if new baby is a happy one and I am getting sleep by then I am going to train as a breastfeeding counsellor in January.

CappuccinoCarrie Mon 02-Aug-10 21:40:36

babyccinos are 50p in costalot, but free everywhere else. addicted? moi? grin
In pizza express they're called bambinoccinos which I think is even cuter!

We went to slug and lettuce for tea today - they do half price food on mondays! 2 starters, 4 adult mains, 3 kids meals and drinks for everyone, came to £37. Wow!

Debs75 Tue 03-Aug-10 06:58:02

Arrgghh. Robyn woke up at 5am and would not go back to sleep. She screamed when I went to the toilet at 5.45 and then sobbed on me until 6.00 when she asked to get up. She is now sat watching milkshake eating breakfast whilst I sit here with matchsticks in my eyes.
And she was grinding her teeth after she woke up. Does anyone else do this or know how to stop her doing it?

becaroo Tue 03-Aug-10 14:16:31

Hi debs Toby used to grind his teeth terribly but then seemed to stop - coincided with him getting all his teeth through. Has Robyn got all hers yet?

Bit worried aunt is having a lumpectomy and my great uncle is back in hospital after having a tumor removed last week sad Am hoping tey are all ok. My aunt has also just been diagnosed as diabetic and had a heart attack 8 weeks ago! There is no way they would be operating if it werent cancer.

Exciting news about the dress fabirc hopefully smile

star Good luck with the complaints proceedure x

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