June 10 babies have arrived. Now we are all sleep deprived!

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CantSleepWontSleep Sun 11-Jul-10 21:43:29

Welcome to 'the other side' ladies. Long may we all continue to post!

27/04 (due 23/06) - SunshineDay - Faye - 3lbs 2oz
16/05 (due 02/06) - Meggymegmegs - James (Jimmy) David, 7lb 1oz
19/05 (due 01/06) - whenwillisleepagain - Alice Emily, 8lb 7oz
21/05 (due 21/06) - Gizmo - Hester Rose - 6lbs
23/05 (due 9/06) - greensnail, Alice Elizabeth, 7lb 2oz
24/05 (due 8/06) - Saucepanman, Gabriel, 8lb 4oz
24/05 (due 31/05) - minimoonumber2, Sebastian Robin
26/05 (due 24/06) - GibberingGinger James Alexander, 5lb 13oz, & Douglas John, 5lb 15oz
28/05 (due 30/05) - GoodName, Fergus, 8lb
28/05 (due 31/05) - mampam, Tilly May, 9lb 11oz
28/05 (due 4/06) - jo807bump - Hannah May, 5lb 7.5oz
04/06 (due 07/06) - perkster - Sidney James Perkins Berner, 7lb 11oz
05/06 (due 31/05) - dinosaurinmybelly - Zoe Leila - 6lb 9oz
07/06 (due 02/06 ) - AlwaysHopeful - George, 7lb 13oz
07/06 (due 07/06) - MrsC09 - Rufus Jack
08/06 (due 01/06) - PogueMahone - Magnus Gabriel, 8lb 14.5oz
08/06 (due 11/06) - woofie - Laurence Elliot (Laurie) - 7lb 11oz
08/06 (due 21/06) - sunworshipper - Romola Ann Bettina, 5lb 15oz
09/06 (due 08/06) - LittleRobbo - Summer Dawn
09/06 (due 09/06) - Boobz - Constance Ella Reed,
11/06 (due 02/06) - Justbeme - 'Nobody' (boy) - 8lb 9oz
12/06 (due 02/06) - roundabout1 - Lauren - 8lb 14oz
13/06 (due 18/06) - Virgo1979 - nameless boy! 7lb 9oz
14/06 (due 30/06) - monthlymayhem - Hayden, 7lb
14/06 (due 08/06) - MrsAlwaysRight - Alice Rose, 9lb 7oz
14/06 (due 15/06) - Millymollymoo - boy
15/06 (due 31/05) - RnB - Artemis, 7lb 9oz
15/06 (due 29/06) - playftseforme - Rory 6lb 4oz, and Fergus 6lb 8oz
16/06 (due 17/06) - Chestnut100 - Daisy Belle 6lb 14oz
17/06 (due 01/06) - Madamfreckle - Emma 6lb 6oz
17/06 (due 30/06) - MonkeyMargot - Atticus Fox 7lb 8oz and Rafferty Bear 7lb 14oz
17/06 )due 04/06) - Suzy1975 - Samuel 7lb 14oz
18/06 (due 23/06) - earlyonemorning - Edgar William 7lb 8oz
18/06 (due 13/06) - sobloodystupid - Stella 8lb 8oz
19/06 (due 22/06) - Gaelicsheep - Robin 6lb 14oz
22/06 (due 14/06) - Fillybuster - Mia Rae 9lb 3oz
24/06 (due 16/06) - Nizzynoodles - Samuel James 10lb 10.5oz
24/06 (due 17/06) - summerhols - Lilly
25/06 (due 17/06) - Barbeasty - Ruth Damaris Rose, 9lb
26/06 (due 16/06) - JoKettle - James Lennox, 8lb 7oz
26/06 (due 29/06) - MrsDmamee - Elyssa, 8lb 5oz
28/06 (due 26/06) - imkeepingmum - girl, 7lb 11oz
28/06 (due 12/06) - Georgee - Anna Rose, 7lb 15.5oz
28/06 (due 12/06) - Elena67 - boy, 9lb 5oz
29/06 (due 17/06) - bluesnowfalcon - Corey, 8lb 11.75oz
29/06 (due 18/06) - theperfectbaguette - Clementine Jemima, 6lb
29/06 (due 26/06) - RubyReins - Luke Douglas, 7lb 14oz
29/06 (due 25/06) - Ilovemyterrier - Jeppe Sebastian Fagerlund, 7lb 6.5oz
01/07 (due 30/06)- LaTrucha - Daniel Timothy, 8lb 11oz
3/7 (due 29/06) - CantSleepWontSleep - Jeremy Francis, 9lb 4oz

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greensnail Sun 11-Jul-10 21:48:36

Thanks for the new thread CSWS. Ooh its quite nice over here isn't it

MillyMollyMoo Sun 11-Jul-10 23:04:49

Congratulations to all the new mummies, we've made it to the other side.
Not much to report here everything is ticking along nicely but i can honestly i have never been so bloody tired in my life or so happy grin

roundabout1 Sun 11-Jul-10 23:25:24

Love the new title & can't believe we are on post natal now!

woofie Mon 12-Jul-10 00:50:45

Hello- just bookmarking, thanks CSWS. I've been reading everyone's stories and advice with interest, but like millymollymoo too knackered/happy to post anything coherent.

Many congrats to the newest mums.

Very much hope the heart murmur CSWSand cleft palate gibberingG prove easy to manage/treat.

We're doing well- touch wood we both seemto have got the hang of bf and Laurie's weight gain has been much better for the last 2 weeks. The last 5 wks have absolutely flown, though already I can't imagine life before him!

gaelicsheep Mon 12-Jul-10 01:07:08

Wow - we've all made it! Congratulations to everyone!

Robin's three weeks now and is doing well, apart from breastfeeding - grr! We've already had a nursing strike which led to me expressing solidly for two days and the poor wee thing just isn't "getting" it at all. It takes about ten minutes to latch her on and her latch is usually completely crap sad. Still I've already managed two weeks longer of nearly exclusive b/f than with DS, who was sooo painful to feed we were mix feeding by a week old. And she's gaining weight really well so we'll keep soldiering on unless I start going completely mad in the process.

More positively, I've noticed the last couple of days that she's really starting to wake up and take an interest in the world around her. And she's such a little cutie! smile

MonkeyMargot Mon 12-Jul-10 08:56:20

hooray - we made it. Love the title csws. Most appropriate! Here's hoping the murmur turns out to have no serious implications for jeremy.

greensnail no I haven't tried DT2 on his tummy - he definitely prefers being on his side to his back though. We actually had a much better night in terms of colic - DH spent ages getting a burp out of DT2 and that seemed to work. DT1 seems to be going through a growth spurt though and is a very hungry boy. He put on 1.5 pounds in his first 2 weeks and has overtaken his brother in weight already.

Congrats muchchoc on your big bouncing baby boy!

fillybuster Mon 12-Jul-10 12:50:12

Loving the new thread, but is the grass really greener over here?! confused

Just marking my place, nothing major to report, and too tired to be particularly coherent...!!

Had a big party to introduce Mia to our families yesterday afternoon - it was lovely, my mum did all the work (and hosted it, bless her!), and all 3 dcs behaved brilliantly - especially Mia who spent 2 hours being handed around to all the various extended family members without a squeak of complaint - but I am totally shattered now!

Catch up soon

LaTrucha Mon 12-Jul-10 12:56:16

Lovely new thread. Thanks CSWS.

Having lots of emotional wobbles, which feel hormonally induced, but I'm not sure. Anyone else? It may also be because it's my birthday, which I hate because it now makes me think of sad family situations. Also, although DH knew yesterday it was my birthday, he didn't wish me a happy birthday this morning, no card, no present. I had to remind him. He said it was because he was so sleepy but I have to remind him every year. He said about lack of card etc that he thought we'd agreed my present was some post-natal new clothes (which we had) but a girl likes to feel remembered! Plus, he'd remembered a meeting he had with his student well enough to ask me to cancel Daniel's hearing test so he could go to it hmm.

Am I being totally unreasonable, or would you be miffed too?

Just made a thomas birthday cake with DD though, which was fun.

AlwaysHopeful Mon 12-Jul-10 14:13:26

Hi everyone. Haven't posted for ages but have been watching closely. Congratulations to all of the brand new mummies on your new arrivals.

I have a question.. should i still be bleeding 5 weeks after the birth? It has been decreasing and was almost nothing all last week, but it is back and bright red again today. Not loads, but enough to warrant a small liner. Anyone else experincing similar?

George is growing fast and two and a half pounds heavier at one month than he was when he was born! Can't believe how well he is doing. He was another with very watery and frequent poo but these last few days he has been saving it up and filling one nappy a day to bursting. He is ruining an outfit a day in the process as nothing i use in the wash is getting rid of the yellow stains. I am not sure my machine is getting up to temperature to be honest... anyone got any recommendations for poo stain removal?

I have abandoned washable nappies for now since he was soaking them through in no time and getting a bad rash in the process. Will try again in a week or so, i think.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 12-Jul-10 14:20:08

alwayshopeful - cool wash rather than hot, and hang them out in the sun for ages is your best bet.

I tend to think that anything up to about 6 weeks is normal for lochia.

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AlwaysHopeful Mon 12-Jul-10 14:20:30

LaT no you are not beung unreasonable. Even without the hormones and other background reasons to feel sad, i would find that upsetting.

I am still waiting for flowers from dh to celebrate George's birth. He said he didn't buy them at the time because i would get ones from other people and he would get sime for me when the others had died. That was about 3 weeks ago...

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 12-Jul-10 14:24:31

My dh is generally rubbish like that too LaT. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks or so and he has got me something this time though. i know because I chose it (months ago but I had to remind him), reminded him to go and get it, and have seen it lying around the study. He's not good at surprises hmm.

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LaTrucha Mon 12-Jul-10 14:51:00

AlwaysHopeful - I bled for 6 weeks with DD. It did stop and start again at least once. TBH, the doctor was beginning to get a bit interested as it was a bit unusual, but then it just stopped suddenly and all was well. I'd mention it at 6 week check if it hasn't stopped.

DH nearly had me in tears when DS was born as he bought me not one but two bunches of horrible yellow and orange flowers from the supermarket. I hate orange flowers; yellow not much better. I have a garden full of flowers I have chosen myself, which he tells me all the time look beautiful. Clearly he doesn't really notice what I like. To be fair, he is colour blind and thought he had done something really nice so I bit my tongue. We've been together for 8 years. Only ever yellow or orange flowers. And don't think I even get those frequently. Last lot were when DD was born. Sigh.

Fortunately, a friend also bought over a huge bunch of extravagant red roses and lavender from her garden which were gorgeous. DH did get the message then, without me saying anything. It only led him to suggest that instead of flowers for my birthday he would give me some money. Ok, so I did say yes but a token effort at present would have been nice.

He bought me a small box of dairy milk on from the corner shop on Mother's Day, after I had mentioned to him it was mother's day. (I had mentioned previously that highly hormonal, heavily pregnant women with toddlers would like something on Mother's Day).

Bigger sigh CSWS - it's such a chore making a nice day for yourself, isn't it? You'd almost think someone else could take it in hand for you. (Even bigger sigh)

How do I tell him just not to bother at all if it's going to be so lame?

OK. This was officially my birthday self-indulgence, and now it is OVER.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 12-Jul-10 14:54:22

And even after posting that I forgot to say Happy Birthday LaT!!!!!

(I didn't get anything except a card for mothering sunday either).

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roundabout1 Mon 12-Jul-10 14:54:38

La T - no you're not being unreasonable, my dp is completely crap at birthdays & presents etc & it really bugs me that he can remember lots of things regarding other people & bugger all that is do with me & the lo's. I have found that the wobbles I have been having are more to do with general stuff - is annoying relatives & dp being inconsiderate etc I think the tiredness makes lots of things feel worse too, so whereas normally I'd be a bit cross I find myself feeling more upset by it all - not that you are being unreasonable being upset by it iykwim!

LaTrucha Mon 12-Jul-10 15:06:32

grin CSWS - You're not the only one! I even rang my Dad this morning and he forgot. He can be forgiven though, as he was on the way to hospital and feeling really ill.

Think I'm going to go and shrivel up and die on the sofa while DCs are asleep!

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 12-Jul-10 15:11:52

Ooh nice to have the chance for a nap at least. ds1 decided to drop his nap last week - more than just a coincidence I think, and totally out of the blue, as he was generally having a couple of hours in the afternoon! And I can't usually put ds2 down for a nap yet, as he then wakes after a few mins - sometimes 'just because', and sometimes because the other two disturb him.
Have had him in the close carrier for a couple of hours this afternoon though, which has at least given me my hands free whilst he slept.

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LaTrucha Mon 12-Jul-10 15:12:05

Ok. It's not quite over grin

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 12-Jul-10 15:13:31

For you LaT

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LaTrucha Mon 12-Jul-10 15:31:36

Thanks. They're lovely! smile

JoKettle Mon 12-Jul-10 18:12:15

Poor you LaT, it's not quite the same but it was our 1st anniversay the day after James was born and although I did get DH a card he got nothing for me which I was a bit sad about but. But as he said (after I'd mentioned it a bit sadly to him) there were more important things going on!

James has gone back to feeding 2 hourly last few days after going 3-4 hours between feeds and has only been managing 10-15 mins before falling fast asleep. However I think I have been positioning him wrong and things have been a bit better today since keeping him more diagonal rather than horizontal. I have been feeling a bit wobbly but suspect it's all the hours sitting in the nursery feeding, staring at the wall. What does everyone else do while feeding? Watch TV? Read? Internet? Think it may be time to get the old Frasier DVDs out!

LaTrucha Mon 12-Jul-10 19:38:54

I got a book light, but it's not great. Usually I listen to the radio on headphones.

DH came home from work with some good novels and a card from each DC. We took a walk along the river. Day ok in the end.

greensnail Mon 12-Jul-10 19:49:57

Happy Birthday LaT. I'd be really pissed off if I was you, but then everyone knows to make a big fuss of me for my birthday as I'm as excited as a small child in the run-up to mine grin I remember feeling quite tearful on my birthday when DD1 was 5 weeks though, so I'm sure hormones have something to do with it too.

JoKettle not sure what the weather's like in Fife but if its warm up there he may be wanting to feed little and often for that reason. Definitely don't sit in the nursery staring at the wall while you're feeding every time, although its nice to do that sometimes I think I would go mad doing that all the time. With DD1 I used to read a lot or watch TV. I really missed that when I got to the age where she would grab the book if I even thought of reading while she was feeding. These days i'm generally reading to DD1, watching CBeebies or drawing pictures when feeding but I wouldn't recommend those activities!

JoKettle Mon 12-Jul-10 20:25:48

Thanks greensnail, yes it is pretty warm here (19-21 degrees inside day and night) - I didn't think of that as a reason for him feeding more often but that makes sense as I don't want a big meal either at the moment.

Glad your day is getting better towards the end LaT - happy birthday from me too.

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