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So...why do we hate the Conservatives so much?

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Chulita Fri 07-May-10 16:51:43

And why do we think Labour has anything left to offer after 13 years?

Just wondering...

whatwasthatagain Fri 07-May-10 16:52:31

I don't, on either count.

LaurieFecktheToriesCake Fri 07-May-10 16:55:18

because I am scottish and gre up in large class sizes, with teacher on strike, where the milk was taken away, where the miners were crushed and whole communities died.

where the poll tax was tried on scotland first, where i realised they would do anything to protect the rich, where i realised they would get rid of anything apart from the barest minimum of a welfare state.

They protect the rich and big business - that is their sole purpose. They don't care about climate change/the environment.

Chulita Fri 07-May-10 17:00:36

So the Tories are seen as 'English' and anti-Scottish/Welsh/Irish?

HumphreyCobbler Fri 07-May-10 17:01:15

I don't hate the tories.

I think people remember how sneering and nasty the last tory administration was, that is why they hate them.

I am voting for them now because I think the economy needs them.

BunnyLebowski Fri 07-May-10 17:01:51

What Laurie said.

I grew up in Northern Ireland in the 80's.

I passionately despise them.

Chulita Fri 07-May-10 17:02:51

And have Labour done anything for the poor rather than the rich? Seems to me that the rich still get well looked after by the government.

(I'm not supporting anyone in particular, I'm genuinely interested)

sethstarkaddersmum Fri 07-May-10 17:03:20

agree with Humphrey.
do you remember them going on about family values and it turned out they were all having affairs including John Major with Edwina Currie? The hypocrisy was spectacular.

AllSparksWillBurnOut Fri 07-May-10 17:03:46


"because I am scottish and gre up in large class sizes, with teacher on strike, where the milk was taken away, where the miners were crushed and whole communities died"

Me too. And I couldn't disagree with you more.

It was wrong that scotland was overruled on everything and effectively had no say in how their own country was run. BUT, that's not the case any more and they are over-represented now.

Anyway, I got out, away from the chippiness and am happy to be able to vote Tory and have my vote count now.

Sorry for the tangent. I could have just said the same as whatwasthatagain.

HumphreyCobbler Fri 07-May-10 17:03:53

I was talking to someone the other day who despised them too.

Who then cheerfully moved on to how she has successfully avoided a great deal of tax. It is ok to pay lots of tax, as long as it is other people doing it, it seems hmm

Obviously no one on here would be like that <disclaimer>

nikki1978 Fri 07-May-10 17:04:08

I don't hate them and I voted for them.

Everyone is obsessed with the Thatcher years but she did great things for this country too which people seem to forget.

Either way David Cameron is not Thatcher and people need to look at the facts of what this country needs IMO.

helyg Fri 07-May-10 17:04:31

I don't trust the Tories after the 80s, and I don't think that Labour has anything else to offer.

Clegg-mania failed dismally.

So what on earth are we left with?

sethstarkaddersmum Fri 07-May-10 17:04:55

Labour have done some important things for the poor (and I say that as someone who voted Tory yesterday). The minimum wage is very important (and the Tories would not have done it).

OrmRenewed Fri 07-May-10 17:06:02

I have to struggle not to hate them. I know they aren't the same party as they were in the 80s but all I can see when I hear the word 'Conservative' is Mrs Thatcher and her minions, and Poll Tax riots and despairing miners and horrible slick men in suits with big ties. And the ringing phrase 'there is no such thing as society'.

I am old enough to remember old-school Tories such as Carrington who seemed less repulsive (was he the one who resigned over the Falklands) and more moral somehow. But I suspect they weren't.

But that is the government we have and I have to accept it <grits teeth and tries not to cry>.

There is also a big part of me that fights against the attitude that we help the poor and disadvantaged because we are generous, not because it is their right.

jellycat Fri 07-May-10 17:06:45

People's memories are v. short. They have forgotten the strikes, shortages and general chaos of the late 70s under a Labour administration. Thatcher had to try and sort out that mess.

Chulita Fri 07-May-10 17:07:27

I am surprised at the 80's thing because Scotland has a lot more say in things now than then. It couldn't go back to that the way things stand.
I don't really understand the vitriol that the Tories are subjected to when I've not seen much positive from the Labour party over the last few years.

OrmRenewed Fri 07-May-10 17:08:06

I don't forget it jelly. And some correction was needed. But Thatcher was an Exocet missile to lance a pimple...and boy didn't she relish it?

nikki1978 Fri 07-May-10 17:08:14

Good point jellycat. Either way it is wrong to base your judgement of a party from things that happened 20 years ago IMO.

Chulita Fri 07-May-10 17:10:20

Maybe my confusion stems from the fact that I don't know enough about Thatcher. I always thought she was a strong woman who made some brave decisions that weren't always popular, and made some mistakes that have been her legacy. Perhaps I ought to read up a bit more on what she actually did...
And orm Britain isn't Tory yet and might not be so we'll see!

LittleWhiteWolf Fri 07-May-10 17:11:12

I was born into the Thatcher administration and then moved to Germany from 92-98 so I remember nothing of the tories. I dont hate them, either. I just voted for the party who I believed had the best policies and the best resources to pull the country out of debt which were the lib dems.

OrmRenewed Fri 07-May-10 17:11:27

I might mention that I was brought up a tory and voted so in my first election. I learned better from Mrs T herself.

Cartoose Fri 07-May-10 17:12:02

Who is "we"?

jellycat Fri 07-May-10 17:12:07

I agree Orm, I just feel people judge the Tories too harshly on what they did then. And now we are in another horrendous mess of Labour's making. I find it all depressing TBH!

pinkteddy Fri 07-May-10 17:13:07

Where to start? They stand against so many things that I believe in eg: better integration with Europe, gay rights (we would have never had civil partnerships under tories - remember section 28),fair pay (against minimum wage), employment rights (you could sack people with less than 2 years service under tories with no right of redress),slaves to the market (admittedly labour have not done much better on this,but importantly gave independence to bank of england), they privatised everything the country owned - I could go on and on!! Thatcher did nothing great for this county that I can see except destroy society.

LaurieFecktheToriesCake Fri 07-May-10 17:14:21

Allsparks - I know you didn't call me chippy but I just wanted to reassure you i'm not at all chippy - I just have a long memory

They are the same as in the 80's - some communities have never recovered properly.

If you scrape the thin veneer of fake tan from HamCam you will find a writhing, factionalised bunch of Tories under there.

they have not changed. HamCam is the pretty face - can you imagine what the ugly face looks like?

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