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Depressed lefty red-eye thread

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policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:21:52


BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 02:25:25

Have had to take painkillers as headache has set in.

EweStupidToryVoters Fri 07-May-10 02:25:28

ITV reporting Eastbourne as lib dem but all over Twitter it has been called for tories, by tory staffers!

MissMarjoribanks Fri 07-May-10 02:25:39

Fuck, Chester gone Tory.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:25:53

Yes poor old Lembit, did I mention I knew him grin

Bobbinsola sort of celeb mate now tho.

Is your recount seat Broxtowe then clemmette? Loughborough gone to Tories sad

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 02:26:16

what is this ITV of which you speak?
<suspicious of anything not involving a dimbleby>

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:26:17

Oh dear, Wales in general not looking good

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 07-May-10 02:26:20

I've switched to ITV too. There, that's how swings happen.

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:26:33

Eastbourne for Lib Dem would be good but surely close

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:26:35

ITV not as gimmicky as Beeb.

moondog Fri 07-May-10 02:26:42

God yes, Lemibt a complete twat.
Good riddance.
<wonders why she is on lefty thread-prob. cos others too big>

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:26:44

oh no we have bernard ponsonby on itv, scottish rubbish.

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:27:03

Basildon South - Con. gloom.

electra Fri 07-May-10 02:27:30

Still here too

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:27:44

Anyone else truly depressed at how many votes BNP are getting?

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:27:44

Oooh The lovely Bernard Ponsonby. Is he still going? Used to work with him.

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 02:28:28

oh shite maybe i should just go to bed

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:28:29

although a healthy profit of around two hundred quid on the election betting tonight.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 02:28:32

Eastbourne lib dem would be fantastic but I think Conservative have held!

Damn more Conservative wins coming in sad

moondog Fri 07-May-10 02:28:34

Niot really ClaRY.
L abour have only themselves to blame by losing contro lof immigration.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:28:41

I get ITV London as well as STV.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:28:45

I am still on beeb btw. Have to stick with Dimbles and Paxo tho agree boat grim grim grim.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:29:06

Yes recount is Broxtowe. 200 votes in it. Makes me feel sicker than if the Tory mare had walked it.

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:29:19

really? is he nice? i used to see him hanging near the toilets in bennetts, rather put me off.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:29:38

oh bugger
First Derbys result thru, Con gain in High Peak

depressed now

MissMarjoribanks Fri 07-May-10 02:29:39

Clary - yes. Very. I just can't imagine ever having that mindset.

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