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Depressed lefty red-eye thread

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policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:21:52


HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:22:11


Ninjacat Fri 07-May-10 02:22:54

Poor Limpit.

Hello smile

MissMarjoribanks Fri 07-May-10 02:22:56


sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:23:01

will Lembit hold?

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:23:23

We were all being very British.

<after you>

<no, after you>

<no, really... you open the new thread>

<oh, I couldn't. You go ahead>

Well done PW for stepping up to the mark.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:23:24

See now what we need is a few more Northern and NW seats. Have totally woken up and totally need to get some sleep. Argh.

Ninjacat Fri 07-May-10 02:23:26

Nope Lembit gone

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:23:29

Message withdrawn

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:23:35

Feck it is for the Tory

Quattrocento Fri 07-May-10 02:23:38

Lembit lost his seat!!!

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:23:48

Still here hoping and atheistically praying for a miracle in Broxtowe.

RedRedApples Fri 07-May-10 02:23:50

bbbbbut I AM NOT DEPRESSED! I am energised and optimistic. Seriously guys switch to ITV it's given me a whole new outlook.

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 02:24:07

Phew! Wondered where you were going to be!

Massive swing in Montgomeryshire to the Tories sad

scoutliam Fri 07-May-10 02:24:11


PositiveLabourVibes Fri 07-May-10 02:24:25

mornin' I'm struggling to stay awake here but it is too exciting.

Laptop is burning my legs though, not good...

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 07-May-10 02:24:34

He'll have more time for extra-curricular activities.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:24:39

Oh, Shut up, William Hague.

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 02:24:51

why am i still up?

poor old lembit, why did he have such a swing against him?

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:24:59

lembit is a total nob, i'm glad he's gone.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:25:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:25:04

ITV deffo better coverage. NEVER thought I'd hear myself say that.

MissMarjoribanks Fri 07-May-10 02:25:13

Hope the new Tory MP in Montgomeryshire is less of a numpty than my former work colleague who shares his name. grin

PositiveLabourVibes Fri 07-May-10 02:25:20

Agree, I'm on ITV here. So much better than that boat!

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:25:22

Message withdrawn

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