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Claig - please come

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ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 10:43:02

and explain to us all how Communism is a front for Global Capital, and the ideals of the left disguise a nasty secret.

I know, I know, I am a lost cause - a brainwashed leftist zombie. But if not for MY sake then for others - there may be some you can yet save!

Be careful of zebra crossings if you prove that black is white though.

claig Wed 05-May-10 10:47:22

sorry too busy. You'll have to work it out yourself. wink

ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 10:48:02


Jux Wed 05-May-10 10:48:15

cop out

ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 10:48:18

Or troll grin

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Wed 05-May-10 11:38:10

just search her posts, oojimaflip, particularly keywords 'global warming', or the way this thread goes from about the Weds noon.
She's revealed so much of this scary truth that I'm surprised Global Capital hasn't had her bumped off TBH.

Always kind of starts off as a sensible discussion, then we get onto the global conspiracies, and you have to go 'Okaaay' while smiling and backing away rapidly.

ahundredtimes Wed 05-May-10 11:39:26

his posts, I reckon

ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 11:45:43

I just want to know about all the alluded to but never stated information that they have access to that explains all this grin

ahundredtimes Wed 05-May-10 11:47:22

If I remember rightly the information is held by the masons <nods>


ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 11:47:24

I suspect that Claig is a Daftpunk parody.

ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 11:48:02

I think the illuminanti may have come up at some point as well.

ahundredtimes Wed 05-May-10 11:48:21

No, lincstash was a dp parody, and claig the acceptable face of lincstash, until you really get down to it . . .

ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 12:05:52

Oh - now there's an Inner Party.

jackstarbright Wed 05-May-10 12:19:37

Thanks to Claig - dh and I were up till midnight trying to work out how much of the national debt is directly attributable to the uk government bank bail out. Still not really sure I'm any wiser. But the IMF got it wrong by about £100bn at the end of last year - so I'm not the only one who is confused and even more confused.

claig Wed 05-May-10 12:33:14

TheHeathenofSuburbia, also look for the stuff on HG Wells, that explains some of it

ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 12:48:47

CLAIIIIIG MORE give us more - we need more truth.

claig Wed 05-May-10 12:58:03

ooojimaflip, it's like everything. You won't believe me if I tell you. It is best to discover these things yourself. The truth is out there waiting to be discovered. You are a seeker of truth and justice, there is no point listening to me, it is better that you find out for yourself.

ahundredtimes Wed 05-May-10 13:08:29

Oooh claig is channeling The X Files

claig Wed 05-May-10 13:10:43

ahundredtimes, I've never watched the X Files in my life. That stuff is probably more your cup of tea.

ahundredtimes Wed 05-May-10 13:15:13

Well you should - you'll think you've come home

One slogan is 'The truth is out there' and the other is 'Trust No-one'

claig Wed 05-May-10 13:17:00

ahundredtimes, I'll stick to fact, I'll let you enjoy the fiction.

ahundredtimes Wed 05-May-10 13:17:50

The truth is out there claig . . .

claig Wed 05-May-10 13:28:16

true, but you can keep looking a hundred times or even a thousand times, you won't see it if you keep your eyes closed.

ooojimaflip Wed 05-May-10 13:30:17

Claig - I don't have TIME to find out for myself. Just tell me please.

claig Wed 05-May-10 13:38:42

ooojimaflip, there's no point. I spent ages trying to show you about global warming, and in the end you thought it was all rubbish. I don't mind if you think it's rubbish, but there is no point spending lots of time trying to show you. You will also believe it is all rubbish after you have spent lots of time looking into it yourself. If I were you, I wouldn't believe what I say, I would look into myself.

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