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Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, on Mumsnet for a webchat

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 03-May-10 13:53:29

Do post your advance questions here.

VirtualPA Mon 03-May-10 14:28:58

Muppets Muggle - Well said!

I feel that the topic of immigration has been skirted around by almost all political parties. Not one person wants to take the reins and give an honest, committed and carefully considered statement.

This is not racism this is realism. For the people who are not yet affected by these issues, they may not understand the very strong feelings of those who live amidst a nation that has changed so rapidly. You may not have been affected by these issues yet but when it hits your doorstep you will understand the strong emotions this raises, I do not want to be a prophet of doom but if this continues these exact issues and experiences will visit you as well.

My mother-in-law’s family moved here from the Ukraine, my grandfather moved here from Germany and they both understood the opportunities that Britain gave, to work and live in harmony. This mentality seems to have disappeared. It appears that in efforts to make us united, the government has in fact created tension and anger.

Political Correctness has become very one-sided; the recent news story of the Christian man who has been found guilty in court for being unwilling to minister marriage advice to a gay couple is a perfect example of this. I have to ask myself if the story would have gained news coverage if the gentleman in question was Muslim.

The Muslim religion does not approve of homosexuals, they are anti-Semitic, there are no equal rights for women and it is a patriarchal society. Yet if a non Muslim was to air these views (which I am not advocating) they would be perceived as totally radical and bigoted, surely this is the worst kind of discrimination.

As I was keenly interested to find out if I was the only person who saw the similarities between the Muslim faith and the stereotype of one of our political parties, I wrote these Muslim ‘truths’ down and asked people whom they thought it represented. Every single one of them answered –BNP.

I can only come to the conclusion that in light of this information, the teachings of the Quran are very similar to those of the BNP party and horrifyingly, may even supersede it! The question that I ask is why is nobody attacking the Muslims the same way they do the BNP?

Members of Islam4UK should not be able to live in this country, on benefits whilst vocally and physically criticizing Britain and worse. Everyone is too scared to do anything about it in case of repercussions. Fifty years ago they would have been put into prison for treason and branded a traitor; instead the so called ‘British Muslims’ are given a slap on the wrist, or even worse protected by the same police force some abhor.

This country USED to be represented by the bulldog- a symbol representing power and strength, a breed that cannot be toppled. Now we are regarded as a lapdog - soft, soppy, pathetic and eager to please.

My grandfather has been diagnosed with cancer and whilst discussing his will with my parents he stated that he has three worries. Two of these were of a personal nature and one was his fear that this country is being ‘invaded.’

There is no sense of duty or pride and even patriotism has become a dirty word.

MintHumbug Mon 03-May-10 14:28:59

I agree with flock and muppet about wanting to know the true extent of cuts or tax rises needed to dig us out of our dire economic situation. The Institute for Fiscal Studies said that all of the three main political parties were not being clear with voters over the scale of the cuts needed to get Britain's £167 billion deficit under control.

I want to know if you are elected to lead the Austerity Government that is coming, which will be the least popular cuts or changes you will need to make?

magentadreamer Mon 03-May-10 14:29:56

As an NHS worker can we really believe that the NHS will be safer in your hands then David Camerons? Cuts will be needed but where do you propose to make these in the NHS?

Would you abolish Key Stage 2 SATS for 10/11 year olds?

Andromeda07734 Mon 03-May-10 14:30:26

"Who would he like to have as next leader of the Labour Party?"

NotSoRampantRabbit Mon 03-May-10 14:30:31

Oh and if you do get in a bold electoral reform agenda would be great. I live in a safe Conservative seat. My vote feels worthless and that makes me cross.


ruddynorah Mon 03-May-10 14:31:36

''the teachings of the Quran are very similar to those of the BNP party'' do you mean similar to the bible there?

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 03-May-10 14:33:48

Muppet - the answer ot your question is because you are a bigot. You feel like a minority in "your own country" because you are a misguided bigot. You are not a minority, unless you actually are, but from the tone of your question, I assume you are white, and you are most certainly NOT a minority.

As for "PC gone mmmamaaaaaaaaddd!" confused This is just the spiel of bigots, annoyed that they can't get away with spouting bile any more.

Gordon - What are the chances of you taking Dave out in a fist fighting smackdown before the election? Someone has to do something!

VirtualPA Mon 03-May-10 14:34:22

No not at all.

The OT may have some scriptures but they are not followed anymore due to the NT being written.

So I think you will find that the bible that modern day Christians follow and the Quran are VERY different.

theyoungvisiter Mon 03-May-10 14:34:57

See, there's no such thing as one visit to mumsnet. It's so addictive even the PM is back for more.

My question: what do you think would be the effect of a hung parliament, if this happened?

Good luck on the 6th!

LilyBolero Mon 03-May-10 14:35:17

Gordon - good luck on Thursday, I am terrified of the idea of a Cameron led Govt!

What do you think is the 'fairest' form of taxation? And how will you avoid the 'middle income' voters yet again being hammered the most by any changes in taxation. Our household income is 55k, so we are hammered for everything, because most of it is earned by dh (I can't make enough in my work to cover childcare!). But in any sort of 'means tested taxation/benefits', the number of dependents is ignored - from next week or so we will be a house of 2 adults, and 4 children. But the tax system does not ever take this into account.

(Just to add, I do work, but have to work from home as can't afford childcare).

ruddynorah Mon 03-May-10 14:36:43

what pffft said.

ahundredtimes Mon 03-May-10 14:37:18

Mr Brown,

I really find the media's approach to you has been damned if you do and damned if you don't - and I want you to know that I hope people mostly see through that, and I think you're a properly good guy with deep personal moral conviction, which as a quality should always be respected. Regardless of how you intend to vote. Thank you, just had to say that. grin

My question is:

How will you curb or control the City's behaviour in the future - to ensure that our whole economy isn't entirely hitched to the financial free-wheeling of the markets?

I know this is a complex question that it might be hard to give an easy answer to - and if you gave a full one, I probably wouldn't understand it smile - but in simple terms, is it possible?

KeithTalent Mon 03-May-10 14:39:31


Islam really isn'e anti-Semitic,

calm down dear

GeorginaWorsley Mon 03-May-10 14:40:24

Why is my NHS trust employer cutting 'front line staff' if the NHS is safe in your hands?
And that is before the election.
By front line I mean nursing staff.We are a busy paediatric unit managing by the skin of our teeth,and we are being asked to lose nurses.
I don't want scare stories of what the Conservatives will do,I want to know why this is happening on your watch,if the NHS is safe in your hands.

purepurple Mon 03-May-10 14:41:31

oi, dragon, you can only use quotation marks if you are directly quoting someone, and you haven't
you have twisted what has been said, you haven't even paraphrased properly.
How you can judge somebody from just one sentence, I don't know. You must be very clever hmm

ahundredtimes Mon 03-May-10 14:42:32

or else you're just really obvious purple?

LeninGrad Mon 03-May-10 14:44:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Andromeda07734 Mon 03-May-10 14:45:21

Is he planning to become a Eurocrat when he leaves Parliament?

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 03-May-10 14:47:54

Come on, I want to know where it states that we cannot sing baa baa black sheep or read the 3 little pigs please

Or are you just spouting nonsense ?

Francagoestohollywood Mon 03-May-10 14:48:09

Will he give me his opinion on Berlusconi now? I doubt it grin

Well, dear GB I'll keep my fingers crossed for you from Italy.

purepurple Mon 03-May-10 14:48:38

well, it's not obvious to me
This is the sort of thing I meant.

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 03-May-10 14:49:44

pure purple - My PC point was directed more widely to everyone I have ever met who uses the phrase "PC gone mad"

As for the rest, I wasn't paraphrasing - I think that when people ask why it is they feel like a minority in their own country they deserve to hear the answer. And the answer is that they are bigoted. That is the only answer, as it isn't anywhere NEAR true for a start.

MuppetsMuggle Mon 03-May-10 14:49:54

Becauseimworthit, I don't see much English tradition round here, not allowed Christmas lights in town as might offend some people, can't sing certain nursery rhymes in school as politically incorrect it's just silly.

ruddynorah Mon 03-May-10 14:50:06

sorry but rofl at a link to fox news!!!

omnishambles Mon 03-May-10 14:50:28

Gordon - good luck for this and for Thursday.

My question is how can you reconvince those of the white working-class that have moved to the BNP to come back to the Labour Party and do you think enough has been done about this disenfranchisement at a national level?

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