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Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, on Mumsnet for a webchat

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 03-May-10 13:53:29

Do post your advance questions here.

notnowbernard Mon 03-May-10 13:54:17

Blimey shock

He's brave...

TheJollyPirate Mon 03-May-10 13:55:08

Brave brave man.

What's your fave biscuit Gordon?

<Thought it best to get that one out of the way>

MmeTrueBlueberry Mon 03-May-10 13:55:24

When is David Cameron coming on?

FabIsGoingToGetFit Mon 03-May-10 13:56:40

Oh blimey.

My question is how are your boys doing and do you get to see them enough?

flockwallpaper Mon 03-May-10 13:56:48


So the UK is 900 billion pounds in debt. What cuts would your party make if elected to tackle this?

And please stop treating the electorate as though we are stupid. We can take the bad news - we want the facts.

thesouthsbelle Mon 03-May-10 13:57:11

bloody hell, erm right better get thinking of a good one.

will it be a live chat?

oh why does he see fit to keep taxing the motorists, which prices where I am rising on daily basis.

ruddynorah Mon 03-May-10 13:58:13

what really??! shock

i think he ought to have a look at the thread where a lot of us said we had warmed to him for saying that she was 'a bigotted woman' and that it would have been interesting for him to have explored that rather than just given a blanket apology.

oh, and i thought he did rather well in his paxman interview smile

i'm still an undecided voter though...

MmeLindt Mon 03-May-10 14:00:45

Oh, fab.

I would like to know what he plans to do on Friday morning.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 03-May-10 14:02:25

Same question as flockwallpaper.

Can you please give us a straight answer on what you will cut. Please do not mention the Tories or the Lib Dems in your answer - we want to know what you, Gordon Brown, would do if you were re-elected.

scottishmummyofone Mon 03-May-10 14:03:24

Hi Gordon,

assuming you are re-elected (I hope you will be grin) what do you hope to achieve in the first 100 days?

I ask because in American presidential elections, they always seem to focus on the first 100 days after the election...

I hope your boys are doing well, it must be hard being away from them.

re: bigotgate, a lot more people have warmed to you I think. You are only human (and you were right grin)

patienceplease Mon 03-May-10 14:06:55

Hello Gordon,
when are you going to sort out the west-lothian question?
It seems incredibly unfair that MPs in scotland (and now wales I think) can vote on aspects of law for england that do not affect where they are from.

ButterPie Mon 03-May-10 14:10:14

Not much to ask, just Gordon, please, please, don't mess this up, the country needs Labour (or, at a push, Lab/Lib) in government. There will be many people (mainly the more vulnerable) up and down the country weeping at the idea of Prime Minister Cameron.

Oh! I have a question. What do you think of Malcolm Tucker's tweets/column?

rey Mon 03-May-10 14:11:55

Why didn't you pick up the media in reporting the facts wrongly... you said sort of not that she actually was but then again I know the answer to that my real question is when are we going to get a government that actually deals with the problems in society instead of just talking about them? Zero tolerance was looked into once but I guess no-one wanted to upset the bully and hence you get teachers and volunteers understanding the bully and not the victim - do you agree? Rushing so not totally clear but you know what my questions are.

ruddynorah Mon 03-May-10 14:14:37

yes 'a sort of bigotted woman'

purepurple Mon 03-May-10 14:16:08

I have already voted Labour because i don't want change and i want to keep the Tories out because I don't trust them. I still remember the Thatcher years and I don't want to go back to greed being the driver of the country.
I want solid, reliable, dependable and trustworthy, and I think that gordon brown is all those things. I have never voted before, but have done this time because i felt it was important to keep the status quo for the economy.
I also want to see continued action on child poverty. I want to see Every Child Matters and Children's Centres to stay. I welcomed the introduction of the EYFS and the Common Core of Skills and Knowledge and the raft of changes in the early years sector and i want to see continued focus on education and helping every child achieve the outcomes of Every child Matters and reach their full potential. Children are the future and they deserve a decent start in life.
Ooh, I sound as if i have just written a manifesto for the Labour party. grin
I do have a couple of points to make though
*withdraw the troops from Afghanistan

*get rid of Hazel Blears

*where are the women in this election? It's very dominated by the men

VirtualPA Mon 03-May-10 14:19:21

We are a nation in debt. Without mentioning how 'it is gettin better' or avoiding the point what are you going to do to make it better?

Do you agree that some benefits should be cut in order to sort out our debt problem

AND WHY OH WHY haven't I had a reply to my letter I sent you yet? Come on, even something standard?

MuppetsMuggle Mon 03-May-10 14:19:26

If you get re-elected where are the cuts going to come from to curb the countrys debt?

Also why since labour has been in power has the country gone politically correct mad? As an Brit born and bred, I feel like a minority in my own country, if people choose to come and live here from another country then that is their decision but they must abide by English rules and traditions after all we would if we chose to live in their country, when will the silliness end and british tradition come back to life?

ButterPie Mon 03-May-10 14:20:09

Yes purepurple i did find it a bit odd that there wasn't any woman on that debate stage at all. Not that we should just get a female PM for the sake of it, obviously, but it does seem odd...

Hassled Mon 03-May-10 14:20:28

I just want to wish you the very best of luck on Thursday. I will have everything well and truly crossed.

CaptainNancy Mon 03-May-10 14:21:45

Wow- short notice!

I want to know Gordon if you ever did "think fish!" ?

purepurple Mon 03-May-10 14:22:04

Good point Muppet, PC is madness. Gordon, will you turn the tide? Why can't I sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and read a story about 3 little pigs? It's not really offensive to anyone is it?

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 03-May-10 14:24:25

"when will the silliness end and british tradition come back to life?"

I wasn't aware that any of our traditions had died, MuppetsMuggle. That's a highly dubious statement to make.

All I'd like to say, Mr Brown, is good luck.

I really hope the Labour party does well, but I just can't see it happening.

So my question to you is "what one thing do you wish you had done better during this election campaign?"

NotSoRampantRabbit Mon 03-May-10 14:27:43

I have always voted labour and will continue to do so. But I do agree with posters who want to know more about the cuts that will be made next year. I really think that if you can be more explicit about these you will:

Garner more respect.

Force Cameron to be more upfront (which will hopefully shaft him).

I am very worried about what will happen under the Tories. I worked in homelessness for 10 years, starting in 1998 when there were hundreds of homeless people on the streets. Labour have done some fantastic things to support the most vulnerable and socially excluded members of society and have reduced levels of homelessness dramatically. What do you think will happen to the social exclusion agenda under a Conservative Gov?

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 03-May-10 14:28:54

who says you can't sing baa baa black sheep or tell the story of the 3 little pigs?

evidence please

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