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Who feels sorry for Gordon???

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MrsForgetful Wed 28-Apr-10 18:57:01

I do.

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Molesworth Wed 28-Apr-10 18:58:45

I do too - he must be mortified

unfitmother Wed 28-Apr-10 18:58:51

Me too.

saadia Wed 28-Apr-10 18:59:40

me too

EccentricaGallumbits Wed 28-Apr-10 18:59:52

Me. I also find him strangely attractive.

expatinscotland Wed 28-Apr-10 19:00:12

He can't do anything right. I do feel for him.

IwishIwerewitty Wed 28-Apr-10 19:00:29

I do.

TheCrackFox Wed 28-Apr-10 19:02:12

No, not at all. He is not up to the job.

Disenchanted3 Wed 28-Apr-10 19:02:29

Me, very. He is a lovely man and this incident did not waver my vote for him in the slightest.

It was a very mild comment, not like he went off on one swearing and calling her awful names.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 28-Apr-10 19:03:08

I feel bloody sorry for the bloke.

Also felt sorry when he wrote to the mother of the dead soldier and spelled things wrong and handwriting was pulled to pieces.

I don't think he should be villified for making what he thought was a private comment.

I don't think he is a bad man. Press tries to paint him as some sort of ogre.

HATE this personaility politics.

Molesworth Wed 28-Apr-10 19:04:11

The fact that he's so inept at this personality politics makes me warm to him all the more tbh.

Disenchanted3 Wed 28-Apr-10 19:04:17

Would LOVE to hear what David Cameron spouts when he gets into his car after 'hugging a hoody' grin

atlantis Wed 28-Apr-10 19:04:20

I don't feel sorry for him because if it was one of the other leaders he would be PHSL , but I don't think it should have been broadcast.

Molesworth Wed 28-Apr-10 19:05:23

You're right atlantis - labour would be rubbing their hands with glee if Cameron had been caught out in this way.

Still feel sorry for Gordon though!

said Wed 28-Apr-10 19:08:12

I do. All this "he's no good with the public" stuff etc. So what? It's not a PM's job to be like a used car salesman. Isn't that what people hated about Blair and now hate about Cameron - all style and no substance.

MrsForgetful Wed 28-Apr-10 19:10:00

(but Murdoch wouldn't let David Cameron get caught out... would he....) grin

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MrsForgetful Wed 28-Apr-10 19:12:14

i agree "You're right atlantis - labour would be rubbing their hands with glee if Cameron had been caught out in this way."

but only that ANY politician is quite likely to have said something like this ...and not got caught...

gordon reminds me of my sons... they are the ones that get caught out at school being 'naughty' ... when others ... the ringleaders... get away with it...and walk off smirking.

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SanctiMoanyArse Wed 28-Apr-10 19:12:39


Dh told me (in regrettable detail) how the mike should have been set up to avoid this (his field)

I am not certain I am voting for GB but as a person I think he is genuine (if stressy) and doesn't deserve half teh crap he gets

How many of us have not come away from a situation and amde similar comments? Blimey if have what I say got publsihed I would be in big trouble!

And yes Atlantis is probaly right

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 28-Apr-10 19:12:47

I agree that the fact that he cannot do personality politics (as oppoosed to Blair who was excellent at it) makes me more supportive of him, rather than less.

That whole shebang where he was viliified for being a shouty and hard nose bugger to work for. Good. I don't think the PM should be all smiley and inclusive, and I think working at such a level should be tough.

I think he must hate the whole handshaking meeting people crap. Perhaps he should leave it all up to Sarah.

And WHO of the floating voters is going to be swayed by this incident against voting labour. It is a non story. EVERYONE makes comments in private.

Stretch Wed 28-Apr-10 19:13:07

I do. I would prefer a dour, serious PM that just gets on with the job, than a smiling freak of a loon that is David Cameron, Nick Clegg, or even Tony Blair.

The Peppa Pig How is that news??

southeastastra Wed 28-Apr-10 19:14:15

nope, i think it's done his street cred alot of good, it's funny! he's a human

TinaSparkles Wed 28-Apr-10 19:15:01

It's sad that so much coverage has been given to such a non story. I feel sorry for him and mortified for the lady in question even though I disagree with her sentiment.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Wed 28-Apr-10 19:16:03

I felt sorry for him - he looked like an exhausted man who had had a very bad day (which he had).

What's the betting Cameron and clegover capitalise on it on Thursday's TV debate....

MaisietheMorningsideCat Wed 28-Apr-10 19:16:19

I think plenty of people will be swayed when they realise that this is how he sees people who question his policies. I do feel sympathetic towards him, but only because he is a pathetic creature who isn't up to the job.

HumphreyCobbler Wed 28-Apr-10 19:16:41

I feel sorry for him and I am a Tory voter.

I hate this dumbing down of politics. Of course all politicians bitch in private, the media should not have broadcast it. You can just imagine them rubbing their grubby hands in glee.

Nick Clegg was very amusing on PM, Eddie Mair asked him if he had ever said anything negative about a voter in public. Nick seriously lost his cool and ummed and ahhed with the best of them.

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