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Third Leader's Debate - BBC 29th April

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CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Apr-10 11:11:28

In anticipation of tomorrow's TV debate, MN will be launching a fifth poll of Mumsnetter voting intentions as soon as the debate finishes. Can Cameron regain the ground he's lost? Will Clegg continue to build on his success following the first and second debates? We'll have to wait and see - but in the meantime, we've put together a handy table showing how your voting intentions and attitudes towards the party leaders have changed over the past four polls

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 13:01:22

You know when Justine said bubbly prize draw to follow soonest, well it was all true except the 'soonest' bit blush.

Bicnod your name came out of the hat. Congrats.

Please check your inbox, time of the esssence if we're going to get your prize there in time for the election results. grin

Woobie Sun 02-May-10 09:31:08

Funny, but I recently asked some neighbours who were "bigging up" NC, what policies of his they liked...."all of them" they replied.
- Oh so you want us to have the euro? "NO!" they replied....- Oh so you want an immigration amnesty? "NO NO!" they replied....- So exactly which policies did you like?
GB - people seem to forget he got us into this financial why is he capable oof getting us out of it? - He sold our gold cheap, borrowed loads from our pension funds & left us skint.

edam Sat 01-May-10 18:53:37

(And since you bring mothering into it, may I remind you that manners cost nothing?)

edam Sat 01-May-10 18:52:38

so which fringe party are you promoting, patrick?

TDiddy Sat 01-May-10 18:47:21

Patrick2007 - I saw your remark and thought that you were in trouble.

SethStarkaddersMum Sat 01-May-10 18:19:23

Patrick2007 - bit patronising aren't you? Not the best way to get people to listen to your message, you know.

TDiddy Sat 01-May-10 17:03:45

licorice grin grin lovely to see NC getting there even though i have never voted for LibDems in the pasr

all4u - very interesting. A good way to engage your children and to teach them to form objective opinions as opposed to just going the tribal route

licorice Sat 01-May-10 12:59:32

Election Baby Race
We raced some babies in our garden wearing pants with Brown, Clegg and Cameron portraits on the bums to predict the outcome of the general election. Unlike the televised debates, this political contest had a clear winner! Hilarious...worth a watch.

licorice Sat 01-May-10 12:30:29

Election Baby Race
We raced some babies in the garden wearing pants with Brown, Clegg and Cameron on the bums, to predict the outcome of the election. Unlike the televised debates, this political contest had a clear outcome...
It's pretty hilarious...

all4u Sat 01-May-10 11:30:35

I am surprised that DC was supposed to have 'won' the final debate. We watched as a family - ds 15 and dd 12 too - and thought that NC seemed older and almost statesmanlike compared to when he was elected Lib Dem leader. GB was like a St Bernard and clearly has the expertise to manage the economy (and the Treasury civil servants who are even now expecting to be running the show unhampered by any elected person who knows the ropes!). What was actually rather odd (and why aren't the media picking up on this?) was that DC seemed nervous, anxious even. I know he has a tight little mouth and chin which is a bit distracting but my daughter said he reminded her of a Whippet - all taut and quivery! His performance without notes at the Party Conference was impressive so why the tension here we wondered?
As the election approaches the media seem to have thrown off all pretence of objectivity. My two were taken aback to hear on the news over breakfast that 2 newspapers had 'withdrawn their support' for Labour. I had to explain about bias and how papers had owners who used them for their own ends... I want them to learn to be sceptical and make up their own minds - but above all VOTE!

patrick2007 Sat 01-May-10 10:53:03

It beggars belief that anyone could vote for any of these 3, as mothers of children you should be ashamed of your selfishness.

All of these 3 candidates approve of the murder of innocent children, in places such as Afghanistan, under false pretenses. Perhaps you would not be so eager to vote if it was your child due to be killed?

This is a serious point, think about it and consider the implications of voting for the major parties, before you endorse the killing.

If you don't understand what is going on, then research before voting, or don't vote. There is no excuse for ignorance, when the facts are readily available.

TDiddy Sat 01-May-10 07:49:06

Go Nic go. I am a (recent) PR convert. I detest the scare mongering about hung parliaments. Lots of good things especially as they will only really be 3 players. Hung parliaments are more of an issue if you have many many fragments

gaelicsheep Fri 30-Apr-10 22:25:00

IT should only kick in if the family home is sold within a certain time period, say 5 years or something. That way beneficiaries who are looking for a fast buck from the family home pay the tax. Those who might actually want, or need, to live in the house don't. That seems a fair way to separate the haves from the have nots.

ernietheferny Fri 30-Apr-10 22:20:38

cave mum
If IT is not put up as a whole I think houses should be taken out of the equation. I've heard so many stories of people who have been forced to sell the family home in order to cover the IT bill and it seems many farming families are getting caught out too.

Inheritants wanting to live in their large inherited family home, could take out a mortgage (to pay the IT) like the rest of us plebs!!

Marney Fri 30-Apr-10 22:11:31

Ithought nick was okay and so was david cameron!! Ithought the pm was scary!!Hec i really dont think thats the spelling is it scerey no scarey well i mean really unsettling Which party are going to help people who must have missed the phonics lessons or went to rubbish schools or which party are really gong to look into dyslexia
Ranting again anyway i meant to say they both seem okay but it is so nice to see an underdog getting his own back For so long now watching parliament on freeview its been so sickening to see them all so often laughing at nick like a bunch of children they probably had an idea he had potential and now he has been free to show that without their immature antics

AntoinetteOuradi Fri 30-Apr-10 21:07:44

Surely even the **** Guardian isn't stupid enough to want a hung parliament?

AntoinetteOuradi Fri 30-Apr-10 21:07:09

OMG, yet another reason to loathe the Guardian!

EightiesChick Fri 30-Apr-10 20:48:07

The Guardian has endorsed the Lib Dems; here for anyone who wants to read the editorial from tomorrow's paper.

Cartoose Fri 30-Apr-10 19:55:12

What? Maybe the MN poll result is based on who people thought were best. There's a thought.

ahundredtimes Fri 30-Apr-10 19:38:45

Who gave women the vote, with their pesky hormones and silly brains anyway?

judyds Fri 30-Apr-10 19:30:28

May God have mercy on us all if the Mumsnet poll is anything like remotely accurate.

GB got us into this mess and NC is not capable of getting us out of it.

I hope and pray that this is not representative of the vote next week. Perhaps we can blame this result on hormones? That has after all been used as an excuse for all sorts of insanity blush

cruelladepoppins Fri 30-Apr-10 19:23:54

[disclaimer] haven't read the whole thread (824 messages - come on!)

I dislike the Leader's Debates - seems a bit "Pop Idol" to me. And unfair on the other parties.

I'm likely to vote LibDem in an attempt to get a fairer electoral system. At the moment it's a bit too much like people are trying to predict who'll win. First past the post is really only any good in a 2-party state.

AntoinetteOuradi Fri 30-Apr-10 18:48:11

Persnickety, I can only hope you are right.

PMSL at the proportion on MNers wanting NC as PM!!

ahundredtimes Fri 30-Apr-10 17:40:43

Do we know that MNers aren't an accurate pictures of voters in general though? Well, not voters perhaps. Women, mostly mothers, within a certain age bracket and with a broadband connection? smile

Actually I'm a bit polled-out - god knows WHAT they show tbh

Persnickety Fri 30-Apr-10 17:33:40

Yes, an accurate sample of MNers. But not of UK voters in general.

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