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Third Leader's Debate - BBC 29th April

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CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Apr-10 11:11:28

In anticipation of tomorrow's TV debate, MN will be launching a fifth poll of Mumsnetter voting intentions as soon as the debate finishes. Can Cameron regain the ground he's lost? Will Clegg continue to build on his success following the first and second debates? We'll have to wait and see - but in the meantime, we've put together a handy table showing how your voting intentions and attitudes towards the party leaders have changed over the past four polls

NormaSnorks Wed 28-Apr-10 11:13:15

Hmm - just confirms to me how 'lib-demmy' Mumsnet really is (compared to RL)...

Explains a lot about what happens on various threads etc really....

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 29-Apr-10 10:13:38

So who's watching tonight? Wonder how it'll compare to ITV and SKY's efforts.

AitchTwoZone Thu 29-Apr-10 10:50:52

i went off nick clegg during the eddie mair interview last night. i was listening and thinking 'oh no this guy's a nobbo, i do hope he turns out to be dave cameron'. but no, it was cleggy. flailed in the face of smash hits questions such as 'what are you bad at?' and 'when did you last cry?'

if he'd been asked what colour his underpants are i doubt he'd have known the answer.

Cartoose Thu 29-Apr-10 11:19:28

I'll be watching. I'm strangely excited about it. I wish they'd allow the audience to clap, groan or whatever's appropriate though. Especially as this is the last one.

Sky's debate was way more showbizzy than ITV's wasn't it?

Cartoose Thu 29-Apr-10 11:21:25

Clegg's only just finding his feet really.

AitchTwoZone Thu 29-Apr-10 11:22:03

cartoose he was really cringey. and i say this as a fan.

Cartoose Thu 29-Apr-10 11:32:00

I missed that interview but questions such as "what are you bad at" are like standard job interview questions. If he can't get those answers right ... one wonders.

littlemoominmamma Thu 29-Apr-10 11:34:59

Weird how wildly different this poll is to all the others?

Are polls on chatrooms any easier to rig than the normal ones? Do they have any rules or guidelines?

Just imagining Nick Clegg frantically voting for himself on mumsnet in back of car smile

Wonder what his name is?

littlemoominmamma Thu 29-Apr-10 11:35:44

Or names?????

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 29-Apr-10 11:39:58

Ignoring sceptics (I expect the results reflect the demographics of mn, which may or may not represent the rest of society)

Bookmarking for later am looking forward to a good debate. (if I can stay awake)

Cartoose Thu 29-Apr-10 12:03:52

"Just imagining Nick Clegg frantically voting for himself on mumsnet in back of car"

haha. And Sue will be frantically voting for Gordon to try and save her job

RiverOfSleep Thu 29-Apr-10 12:13:10

I've had a postal vote so I've done mine already. Hoping no one says anything that will make me change my mind tonight because its too late!!

PinkFuschia Thu 29-Apr-10 12:27:32

Didn't hear the Eddie Mair interview but I've heard about it from friends. Bloody stupid questions though. The economy is going tits up; we are at war in Afghanistan, and all Mair wants to know is when was the last time NC cried. FFS.

AitchTwoZone Thu 29-Apr-10 12:29:35

i guess he thought that had been covered A Lot on the show, tbh. it was an interesting exercise, actually, bit like that scene in trainspotting when spud says 'ahm a bit oh ey PERFECTSHUNIST'.

Granny23 Thu 29-Apr-10 12:39:29

My party will not be represented in the debate. I have already postal voted. Waste of time to watch.

johnworf Thu 29-Apr-10 13:26:52

LOL @ Aitch.

Shall be watching here tonight with mucho interest as for me, it's the crucial debate re the economy - given that we're skint as a nation.

I wonder if Brown's face will crack with all the fixed smiling?

Btw, watching only out of interest as I know who I shall be voting for on the day. smile

johnworf Thu 29-Apr-10 13:28:01

I caught the R4 interview y'day. I found it rather embarrassing.......his answers were truly awful to some of the q's. shock

AitchTwoZone Thu 29-Apr-10 13:30:53

when dod you last cry. and i'm thinking THE KIDS SAY THE KIDS but he wibbled on about music instead, then wouldn't say which piece made him cry just that 'if i had to name all the pieces of music i cry at, eddie, we'd be here all day'. lolol. wuss.

Brollyflower Thu 29-Apr-10 13:47:04

OK vital q following my balls up last week blush. What time does it start? <pray I can get the dcs to bed in time>

Brollyflower Thu 29-Apr-10 13:48:15

Aitch -i was thinking that too. You have a 1 yr old, say at his birth fgs.

Timeoff Thu 29-Apr-10 14:48:16

I think the 'When did you last cry?' question was totally bizarre. The men I know don't seem to cry at all unless something truly dreadful happens. We're becoming too American, as concerned about personality and personal charisma as we are about ability, knowledge, commitment, integrity, energy and capacity for hard work. He might feel that's too private a question to broadcast on Radio 4. I certainly would. Equally, Gordon Brown's mutterings about the woman he met shouldn't affect the ratings of the Labour party. He's only human. We all moan about people we meet through work. Just not while we're radio miked. wink

AntoinetteOuradi Thu 29-Apr-10 14:58:07

I am now loathing the Lib Dems even more than I loathe Labour, and that is something. Ah well, I have always been a misfit, and I am now a misfit on MN as well. Still, who wants to follow the herd? wink

AitchTwoZone Thu 29-Apr-10 15:03:06

lol at the tory misfit. oh yeah.

MrsCrewe Thu 29-Apr-10 15:41:25

Tonights debate will be very interesting Clegg will finally have to 'fess up how he's going to pay for all his crazy ideas. In the LD manifesto he thinks he is going to pay for the tax cuts by getting all the people who don't pay their taxes to pay their taxes...Good luck with that!

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