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Dear Nick Clegg...

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CUNextTuesday Wed 21-Apr-10 12:13:26


This is the most fascinating election I've ever voted in - I feel a buzz in the air from giant bees a genuine 3rd option.

Please don't let the hype of your last TV debate make you either complacent or nervous. People who genuinely want a choice are relying on your popularity sustaining itself. no pressure or owt.

Love C. U. N. Tuesday (Ms)

policywonk Wed 21-Apr-10 12:15:16

I'm nervous for him. I will be biting my nails and hiding behind a cushion by tomorrow night.

The election is turning out to be brilliant isn't it? grin And I like elections to start with.

CUNextTuesday Wed 21-Apr-10 12:24:27

I just hope he can hold his nerve because the other two are going to be like playground bullies now they know they underestimated his appeal. I hope they don't get the opportunity to shred him to pieces because then the media will lose interest in his campaign. The press interest is the most positive thing to have come out of this so far, whatever side you're planning to vote for I reckon.

helyg Wed 21-Apr-10 12:26:45

Unfortunately I think he has peaked too early. Which is a shame as he adds interest to the usual two horse race.

I hope to be proved wrong though!

ShadeofViolet Wed 21-Apr-10 12:33:43

Helg - I hope you are wrong too, but you could be right (unfortunately)

I hope that he can hold his own against DC and GB, who will be trying to pick him apart now that he is on the radar.

crystal123 Wed 21-Apr-10 12:34:07

POlicywonk. I'm not nervous for Clegg, I'm worried about dear old Cameron, bless him. I hope he does well (even though I won't vote for him).

morningpaper Wed 21-Apr-10 12:35:57

I agree policy

I am enjoying this X Factor election

policywonk Wed 21-Apr-10 12:36:51

I dunno. I don't think Cam or Brown are capable of shredding him, particularly as both are worried about going negative. And I think peaking three weeks before an election is pretty good timing!

CUNextTuesday Wed 21-Apr-10 12:41:34

Ay nobody likes to see a man peak prematurely, least of all in the glare of the Nation's spotlight

ShadeofViolet Wed 21-Apr-10 12:42:47

What is the theme of the debate tomorrow night?

CUNextTuesday Wed 21-Apr-10 12:45:06

Foreign policy isn't it?

helyg Wed 21-Apr-10 12:48:37

Apparently one of his aides left his strategy dossier in the back of a cab. It was promptly handed in to The Sun hmm

WebDude Wed 21-Apr-10 12:50:06

Might be of interest to some that he's on the 1pm news on BBC Radio 4 ("Election Call" - probably taking questions from around 13:30 or 13:40 based on the last several days).

Link (to listen later) -

"The number to call is 03700 100 444. Lines are open from 11.30 on the day of the programme.

Calls cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers, and mobile charges may vary."

CUNextTuesday Wed 21-Apr-10 12:51:24

And on the subject of The Sun this is quite interesting from a Murdoch/News International perspective...

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Wed 21-Apr-10 12:52:14

Can we not just have the election, like, now?

Not sure I can stand the suspense for another fortnight...

ShadeofViolet Wed 21-Apr-10 12:53:39

Yes, because thats what you would do if you found a peice of paper in the back of your cab - give it to The Sun hmm

Sounds a bit fishy to me, especially as The Sun seems to only just behind The Mail in its tory worship at the moment.

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Wed 21-Apr-10 12:56:53

The Murdoch papers are just going to go to town, this is going to get nasty.
And there's so little time left now till the election, they have to squeeze in as much venom as possible in the shortest possible time...

policywonk Wed 21-Apr-10 12:59:57

It's 'Britain in the World', so will include climate change, international development, defence etc as well as foreign policy I think. Should be interesting.

policywonk Wed 21-Apr-10 13:01:05

Oh and could also include international finance I suppose - which would be interesting given that Vince has knocked everyone else into a cocked hat on that one so far. (And also given the new bank tarriffs proposed by the IMF yesterday.)

CUNextTuesday Wed 21-Apr-10 13:01:21

Well if he can hold his own on that little lot then he can feel very smug I suggest.

howboutnow Wed 21-Apr-10 13:03:41

I for one am voting LibDems, the one thing that made me decide is the spliting up of the banks, they are the only party to seperate the retail banks from the Investment banks. It was the Investment banks which caused all the mess.

Last night Alistair Darling said spliting them wouldn't work. Well they worked before all the dergulations which allowed them to get too big.

WilfandWilma Wed 21-Apr-10 13:14:19

Howaboutnow - er, what about Northern Rock, HBOS and RBS for starters? It wasn't just the investments banks who ran up colossal debts by playing pass the pass with their debts.

policywonk Wed 21-Apr-10 13:17:54

Hasn't Goldman Sachs (investment bank, yes?) just been fingered for the fraudulent vehicle that caused RBS to run up such massive debts?

CurlyCasper Wed 21-Apr-10 13:35:59

I have three options in my constituency:

I am not impressed sad. There was a Lib Dem candidate but scandal has already got the better of him and he has pulled out.

I have always voted. Now I really am stuck.

policywonk Wed 21-Apr-10 13:50:54

Oh dear Casper, that is bad luck. I guess it's a case of least-worst...

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