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I was just trying to think of someone more repulsive than George Osbourne.......

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LadyBlaBlah Thu 15-Apr-10 13:32:57

and couldn't

thighsmadeofcheddar Thu 15-Apr-10 13:34:29

Piers Morgan.

LadyBlaBlah Thu 15-Apr-10 13:36:09

I have fleeting feelings of OK-ness to Piers

TopTrump Thu 15-Apr-10 13:40:45

Sticking with politics: Nick Griffin

But totally agree about the other two!

mussyhillmum Thu 15-Apr-10 13:47:37

Feel ill at the thought of all above, but, for me, Ed Balls wins hands down every time.

SethStarkaddersMum Thu 15-Apr-10 13:49:15

Peter Mandelson

Miggsie Thu 15-Apr-10 13:53:57

Micheal Portillo

ChocolatePants Thu 15-Apr-10 13:55:49

Timmy Mallet- he has the most repugnant mouth.

I don't know who the guy is in the OP

ChocolatePants Thu 15-Apr-10 13:56:19

Link to George Osborne please?

AppleTreeWick Thu 15-Apr-10 13:56:54

ooh there you are! Just butting in to send some love to Sethssmum!

erm trying to think of actual constructive addition to thread.....Osborne tool, Morgan worse and I Lurve, Lurve the Prince of Darkness. I mean he is basically Voldemort what's not to like?

PandaSam Thu 15-Apr-10 13:57:08

Gordon Brown!

ChocolatePants Thu 15-Apr-10 14:00:37

Sorry just realised the politician point of the whole thread, just ignore me, I am crap

peachylovesherpoochy Thu 15-Apr-10 14:00:57

He is the vilest of vile things. Simon Cowell probably runs a close second for me

SethStarkaddersMum Thu 15-Apr-10 14:07:17

grin AppleTreeWick

I heard a quote somewhere about how if you opened a newspaper and read that Mandelson had been appointed the new Archbishop of Canterbury, you would still not be entirely surprised.

I don't think Brown is repulsive. He's Wrong but Wromantic, despite being a puritan.

WilfandWilma Thu 15-Apr-10 14:54:07

Ed Balls is infinitely more repulsive than George Osborne. Whatever you think about George Osborne he doesn't bully people in the same way that Ed Balls does - it's positively terrifying to think that Brown would like him to succeed him as PM. To name but one example his treatment of Sharon Shoosmith who he sacked as Head of Childrens' Services at Haringay has been nothing short of a complete stitch up. I could go on and on about him...

Kewcumber Thu 15-Apr-10 14:56:05

whats the problem with geoarge osborne? (otehr than being a politician and posh) - haven't heard much of him myself.

thesecondcoming Thu 15-Apr-10 15:02:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kewcumber Thu 15-Apr-10 15:07:11

I'mnot pro George Osborne (don't know enough about him) but he can hardly help what his parens called him or being born a baronet! Tony Blair was hardly working class, was he!

I'd be more interested to know what he has done

ommmward Thu 15-Apr-10 16:37:06

More repulsive?

Ed Balls.

Google Ed Balls and Home Education. The man is not fit to hold office.

duckyfuzz Thu 15-Apr-10 16:41:10

Michael Gove comes pretty close I reckon

BariatricObama Thu 15-Apr-10 16:45:00

god yes Michael grove is the ultimate contraption

sfxmum Thu 15-Apr-10 16:49:30

Robbie Williams no contest

and I don't really like Osborne, humourless over privileged twat that he is

Peter Mandelson is pretty vile too and rather scary


sarah293 Thu 15-Apr-10 16:52:09

Message withdrawn

sfxmum Thu 15-Apr-10 16:52:16

George Galloway for being an hypocrite of gigantic proportions

RedBlueRed Thu 15-Apr-10 16:55:33

I would second Nick Griffin and Michael Portillo.


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