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Anyone else put off by all the negative campaigning?

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 08-Apr-10 16:34:21

Lots of election posters around now - new ones being unveiled every day.

Is it just me who gets really hacked off by the fact that they all say:


I would much rather they said:

Vote for us because...

twolittlemonkeys Thu 08-Apr-10 16:55:20

Totally agree. It's all about bashing the other parties rather than clarifying their own policies. Grrr.

southeastastra Thu 08-Apr-10 16:57:54

yes me too, remind me of twats arguing in the classroom, so and so does this miss hmm

think most are useless self promoting tossers anyway

longfingernails Thu 08-Apr-10 18:32:39

The trouble is that positive posters are too easily hijacked by the internet.

The Cameron "I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS" ones were a real failure for the Tories.

Much harder to poke fun at negative ones.

I have noticed that positive stuff is generally confined to leaflets and the party political broadcasts on TV, whereas most billboards are negative.

I would also distinguish between personal negative and policy negative. Examples of personal negative are the stupid Tony Blair demon eyes poster in 1997, or the vaguely anti-semitic Michael Howard flying pigs poster in 2005. Whereas the policy negative ones are like the one I see on my way to work, with a picture of Gordon Brown looking stupid, saying "I doubled the national debt, vote for me". I don't mind the policy negative so much, they are a fair form of comment.

SuSylvester Thu 08-Apr-10 18:32:54

no i love it
bring it on

vesela Thu 08-Apr-10 20:29:48

If you want an antidote to "they've done a rotten job/they'd do a rottener one!" the party websites are a lot more positive.

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