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Mumsnet Marginals

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CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Mar-10 17:32:49

Message withdrawn

Ewe Wed 24-Mar-10 17:39:48

I recently moved from one if that helps... why don't you have (MNHQ) next to your name?

mrsbaldwin Wed 24-Mar-10 21:00:10

What a great idea. Come on everyone, pile in!

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Mar-10 11:46:23

Good question Ewe - I have no idea. Does that make me 'special'?

ApuskiDusky Thu 25-Mar-10 11:52:15

Will email. I guess that might mean I have to read the pile of stuff already coming through my letterbox!

mrsbaldwin Thu 25-Mar-10 15:07:59

New MORI poll re very close call in the key marginalshere

strandedatsea Thu 25-Mar-10 15:12:09

I am an overseas voter - do I count? I will vote in a marginal area (and thanks, that makes me even more determined to vote, despite the three hundred thousand forms I have had to fill in order to do so).

Ewe Thu 25-Mar-10 15:23:37

I think it does Catherine! Perhaps if you make Justine tea and buy biscuits she'll give it to you?

Although... I bet it means you could do incognito name changing and cause mischief!

mrsbaldwin Sat 27-Mar-10 10:22:05

More on the subject of marginals.

Here is a link to the Guardian's regional election guide. It takes you to an index page and from there you can look up where you live - there are little maps and some interesting blurbs about who needs what to win, where.

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 12:24:50

Strandedatsea - if you can vote, you definitely count!

brockyg Wed 31-Mar-10 19:56:58

I am near one, Withington, if that counts. We live in a very boring constituency, firmly one party for ever.

morningpaper Wed 31-Mar-10 20:05:55

"Somerset and Frome" - where is that supposed to be? I think you mean "Somerton and Frome"

Where are these marginal lists from? They differ from the ones on Wikipedia others I've seen

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 31-Mar-10 20:08:29

Isn't Bristol East losing some areas to Bristol East?

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 31-Mar-10 20:09:12

losing areas to Bristol West...

Maaster Thu 01-Apr-10 17:07:10

over 51 percent of UKs population is females who in most or majority cases are or have been or will be Mums one day or another.
hence,Mums know best and hand that rocks the cradle rulles the world and also helps to save it.
Hence,we need over 51 percent Mums in Parliament and in high office aswel as Priesthood to make sure lads behave properly and do what is decent ,humane and honest and dont abuse mums by policies,proceedures and practices and laws which line cronnies pockets and lads become like taxis for hire at £ 50 grand a day as Mums have to work hard to bring up childrenpay bills and have to be thrifty and carefull with family budgets which are thin to the bone,with high taxes,wasted money on wars,Millenium Dome and all.

chamble Sun 04-Apr-10 16:44:32

I live near Guildford but it's not the constituency I'll be voting in. Happy to help.

LeninGregg Sun 04-Apr-10 16:46:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 06-Apr-10 11:17:10

Morningpaper - got this list from the Telegraph's Election section, but had strangely managed to miss Crawley off the list of Labour marginals, which I've now changed. And you're right of course - it was meant to say Somerton and Frome.

ethel100 Tue 06-Apr-10 12:42:37

Am in Battersea, so will email.. Love to help.

QuintessentialShadow Tue 06-Apr-10 12:45:53

I am in Norway.

So you wont hear from me.

But I got pretty sick of sending back to electoral roll every couple of years stating "NO I CANNOT VOTE REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY YEARS I HAVE LIVED HERE, AS I AM A BLARDY FORRINER AND HAVE NO VOICE"

Good vote everyone! grin

Bumperliciouzzzzzz Wed 07-Apr-10 16:32:42

What sort of thing are you after? I'm in one of the marginals, though I don't want to say which one under this name.

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 08-Apr-10 11:32:35

We've got the first two blogs set up for Mumsnet marginals here, which will give you an idea of the kind of thing we're after.

vesela Thu 08-Apr-10 12:21:17

OT, but Quintessential, you've got me worried. Do they ask for proof that you can't vote in the country where they live? I live abroad and applied to vote as an overseas elector before the euro elections last year, but although I meet the criteria, for some reason my application didn't go through and they didn't tell me why when I asked.

This year I reapplied, but I need to check whether I'm on.

(suspect last year it may have been due to dodgy printer which didn't print one of the boxes very well, so I may have signed outside it. This year made sure it was extra-specially clear).

QuintessentialShadow Thu 08-Apr-10 18:11:56

Vesela I am not sure about the rules.
I am Norwegian. For the first 4 years of living in London I could vote at the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Thereafter I lost my right to vote in any Norway election as I had lived abroad for so long. As a foreign resident, I did not have the right to vote in the UK either, despite living there 15 years, etc. It was more a case of explaining why the members of this particular household at our London address would not be voting. We did not have to prove that we shouldnt vote, we just couldnt prove that we COULD! iyswim.

vesela Thu 08-Apr-10 20:53:48

ok - I'm British, so should be OK. Thanks.

still crap that you can't vote in a place you've lived in for 15 years, though... and bad about the Norwegian vote - the UK rules are less harsh on that front. You have to be 15 years unregistered outside the UK before they won't let you vote. But someone could suddenly become more interested in politics despite having been abroad that long.

I remember when there was a lot of fuss over it in the 1980s - Labour was worried that emigres to Africa/Australia would boost the Tory vote.

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