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Do the leaders wives effect how you will vote?

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SmileysPeepul Sat 13-Mar-10 10:02:38

I've been pondering this.

Since Sarah Brown came on MN and seemed really relaxed and normal, and more importantly answered my question, with an irnonic wink, which now means we are geat mates obviously, I am feeling much warmer towards Gordon, in a she's OK so he must be OK kind of way.

Sam Cam does nowt for me so far though.

In previous elections DH and I have applied the 'who would you want to you on holiday with?'test.

This year I think I may be changing tactics and ging for the 'whose wife would you want to be mates with test?'

Am I the only one who does this, do the rest of you carefully consider policygrin.

unfitmother Wed 07-Apr-10 17:23:35

NO, NO and NO! shock

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