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If the general election were tomorrow - who would MN vote in?

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OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 12-Oct-09 12:20:10

two parts to this question.

1) Ideally, who would you vote for if the General Election were tomorrow?

2)If you are a tactical voter who would you vote for instead?

So me:
1)Lib Dem

Coolfonz Wed 21-Apr-10 22:25:35


UnseenAcademicalMum Wed 21-Apr-10 22:12:57

1) Conservative
2) Conservative

(We live in a strongly Conservative region anyway).

ScotsFi Wed 21-Apr-10 22:06:30

Oh yes, forgot to mention - as well as cutting child tax credits, the Lib Dems also plan to means test Child Benefit - not exactly been promoting that policy have they?

Gibbo68 Wed 21-Apr-10 14:11:29

1) Lib Dem
2) No-One

It'll be a cold day in hell before I vote Conservative

ScotsFi Wed 21-Apr-10 12:48:02

1. Labour
2. Labour

And as for what Labour have done for working mums/families - well, childcare vouchers, working families tax credit, child trust fund, free nursery places for all 3 & 4 year olds, extending paid statutory maternity leave from 6 to 9 months, the right to ask for flexible working patterns, the extention of and right for fathers to take paternity leave....

Both the tories and the Lib-Dems are committed to scrapping the Child Trust Funds and to reducing the Child Tax Credits.

As a child of the 70s, I too grew up under a Tory government and am in no hurry to repeat the experience!!!

WinkyWinkola Mon 19-Apr-10 21:18:21

i. Lib Dem
ii. Labour

I could never vote for someone who counts European Neo Nazi groups among his chums.

Up the Lib Dems, I say. As a lifelong Labour voter that sounds a bit weird but there you go.

2. N/A

TheChewyToffeeMum Mon 19-Apr-10 19:28:52

1. Lib Dem
2. Labour - I live in a marginal Lab/SNP seat, really not happy with SNP at the the moment, labour candidate seems to be proper old-school socialist.

doireallywant3 Mon 19-Apr-10 18:11:05

well said. completely in agreement with you!

doireallywant3 Mon 19-Apr-10 18:09:25

i was also labour born and bred and my dad was out of work for ages while i was in my forative years (leading to much resentment for us not being able to afford stuff!). my dad was staunchly anti-maggie but as i've grown up and understood more, i'm now a tory ( I think) due to the fact that my dh and i are educated and earning decent money and growing our family and not living on benefits. anyway, i'll be voting tory. i hate the fact that we had GB imposed upon us, unelected. i don;t believe in him any more than i did TB. I thing DC is a bit wet behind the ears, and though i really like NC, i do think the tories are our best option at the moment. i'm swayed by the married person tax thing too. anwyay, just my humble opinion. am very interested to read other mumsnetters' opinions tho.

Squeezypumpkin Sun 18-Apr-10 00:02:26

Conservatives (unless in Bercow's constituancy). Gordon sold gold cheaply, dipped into our pensions and taxed us until the pips squeaked and still has no money!

The economy is in a mess but who regulates the banks? The FSA. Who re-arranged the financial regulators moving bank regulation from BoE....Gordon!

So nice of him to say he's best placed to save us from the mess he made.

In the '80 things did feel quite bad but you did feel people had hope...can't say that today

Quite aside from the multitude of rules, regulations, lack of police on the street (when did you last see a policeman? Quite.) lack of respect for teachers, anti social behaviour, welfare state out of control...I could go on.

As for unemployment, it's not down it's just not on the stats. After 6 months you lose jobseekers allowance and slide off of the stats.

The Lib Dems are all very nice but the figures don't add up, I'm afraid and a vote for a Lib Dem puts Gordon back in No. 10

Sad, mad and voting Tory!

muminlondon Thu 15-Apr-10 20:37:06

1. Lib Dem
2. Labour

What the hell have the Conservatives done for working mothers or young children? In the 1980s they nearly closed down the only state nursery school in my area. Teachers were demoralised and school buildings were falling down.

Whereas Labour has at least introduced Surestart, increased maternity pay, increased maternity leave, introduced flexible working rights, brought waiting lists down in hospitals, put loads of money into schools especially early years, etc.

(But they also went to war in Iraq, failed to regulate banks, introduced tuition fees, abolished the 10% tax band, encouraged an unsustainable housing boom and saw industry decline, wasted money on PFI projects, etc.)

Ellie18 Thu 15-Apr-10 19:55:38

A conservative through and through, i feel they support my key issues of helath, crime and family more than any other party - bit of a traditionalist!

moof Thu 15-Apr-10 00:09:28

Without a doubt, The Conservatives. What the hell have either Labour or the LibDems done for working mothers or young children. Mums who work get no breaks and our kids' education is hardly as good as it could be. Wouldn't you like to see improvements on both fronts??

2cats2many Wed 14-Apr-10 20:39:13

1. Labour
2. Anyone else to keep the tories out

Chazzab Wed 14-Apr-10 20:29:00

1. Labour

ouryve Tue 13-Apr-10 15:54:45

1 Libdem
2 Labour, though I'm not keen on our current labour MP. He's a little less unpopular than our old one, mind (Blair!), but that's only because no-one has a clue who he is.

gillybean2 Tue 13-Apr-10 01:50:47

1) Labour
2) No tactical voting here, tory stronghold

blinkinblimey Mon 12-Apr-10 21:41:53

1- lib dem
2 - i don't do tactical voting...

Sophia95 Mon 12-Apr-10 20:09:31

I have always voted Green since Labour let me down so miserably in 1997. However, I'm thinking of tactically voting Lib Dem in this election as I really detest the Tories.

picc Mon 12-Apr-10 07:49:09

1) green
2) n/a

would always have voted labour (and always have), but i'm one of those people who stayed up all night in 1997, first time i'd been able to vote and soooo excited!

now i just feel let down

i do think there's been some good things to come out of the last 13 years, but mostly i just feel a bit disillusioned by the whole thing.

daftpunk Mon 12-Apr-10 07:43:09

1) BNP

But will be voting Tory as I'm in a marginal, Libdems only have 2000 majority so possible to get them out <<fingers crossed>>

Have been in Dagenham & Barking all weekend supporting the BNP, NG has a real chance of winning there, all our efforts are being concentrated on him (and a few Northern towns where we have a chance) but we need to get Nick Griffin elected....

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

LeninGrad Mon 12-Apr-10 07:29:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShinyAndNew Sun 11-Apr-10 23:25:29

1) Lib Dem
2) N/A

MilkNoSugarPlease Sun 11-Apr-10 23:21:48


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