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Wish the North could join with Scotland away from Boris

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TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Sun 11-Oct-20 15:39:57

I live in one of the big cities in the North. One that is an angry mayor at the helm.

These cities appear to be trying to protect their citizens from poverty due to closure of businesss. They want their own track and trace and own lockdown decisions. They are now threatening to not comply if Boris doesn’t step up.

It seems the North has more in common with Scotland than with London. I’m glad these mayors are doing their own thing. But it kind of feels a bit like anarchy!

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AnnieHoo Sun 11-Oct-20 20:25:06

I live in Scotland. We have similar issues here - Local Authorities and communities who are trying to make decision making more local instead of decisions being made from Edinburgh. We need strong opposition, especially in these times when decisions are being made with little debate.

cdtaylornats Mon 12-Oct-20 12:00:58

Shetland and Orkney want to leave the lot.

Which part of Scotland do you think you are closer to - the Highlands, the Islands, West Central Belt, East Central Belt, Southern farmland or the Borders. Only one of them likes Holyrood.

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Mon 12-Oct-20 12:03:19

I do t know!!!! I just prefer Nicola to Boris. I voted remain.

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TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Mon 12-Oct-20 12:04:29

And it seems most of the north ( not counting Red Wall) dislike Boris. They are led by Labour councils. So again nearer in thinking to Sturgeon than Boris.

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SorrelBlackbeak Mon 12-Oct-20 12:05:34

Most cities dislike Boris. I don't think Bristil or London are big fans.

Ibiza1998 Thu 22-Oct-20 22:48:45

YABU to think London wishes to stay under Boris! Please note - London is NOT the same as Westminster! London would like to remain in the EU with Scotland, and we would probably be happy Sturgeon as leader too.

Ibiza1998 Thu 22-Oct-20 22:49:43

And by the way, most of "the north" as you call it voted for Boris.

Foobydoo Thu 22-Oct-20 22:52:10

Im from Greater Manchester and was only thinking this the other day.
Seems the feeling runs far south, maybe we can stick Boris on a remote island all join Scotland grin

Foobydoo Thu 22-Oct-20 22:53:20


Doyouavocado Thu 22-Oct-20 22:53:28

Boris is a cunt

userxx Thu 22-Oct-20 22:54:27

@Doyouavocado don't hold back 🤣

cdtaylornats Mon 26-Oct-20 11:30:42

You wouldn't be happy with Sturgeon as leader - she is utterly incompetent, loyal to her friends regardless of how incompetent they are, presides over a government that has a standard excuse of "we didn't take minutes", and sets up enquiries into SNP government failings using committees stacked with SNP members.

Holyrood is corrupt and needs a thorough audit by a judge led inquiry.

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