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Opinion polls now showing Labour & Tories almost neck & neck

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Justpassingtime1 Sun 20-Sep-20 05:22:59

It is just the handling of the virus or have people finally realised that
the levelling up promise of the Tories will probably never come to
Then there is Brexit. How many just voted Tory "to get Brexit done"
as they had had enough of the bitter wrangling ? (and to respect the vote)
With medicine and food shortages on the horizon people may
be scared having seen this a bit with covid?

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Derbygerbil Tue 29-Sep-20 23:02:30

I’m not sure who’s really thinking in terms of political parties at the moment. It’s over 4 years to the next election... Polls are pretty meaningless at the moment. I’m quite ‘political’ and if asked the question of who I’d vote for I’d say “no idea”.

NarcissistsEyebrows Tue 29-Sep-20 23:06:35

The fcat that after 10 years of biting cuts, the brexit shit show, the atrocious handling of a pandemic, the lying, cheating, Russian report, and all the other squillions of demonstrations by tories that they're self serving elitists, if after all that they are just neck and neck, what would tories a tually have to do to be behind in polls? Outlaw grandparents? Imprison the whole cast of eastenders? Shoot poor people on a boxing day jolly?

I despair

cdtaylornats Thu 01-Oct-20 09:19:36

With medicine and food shortages on the horizon

I trust you'll be back to apologise for this unfounded bit of scaremongering?

Perhaps it is the Labour party that needs to get it's house in order. People aren't that stupid - despite the mask it currently wears we know the left and the fat controllers like McCluskey are waiting in the wings.

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