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Bury Momentum have dissoved

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Gingernaut Sun 28-Jun-20 01:13:49

Interesting Twitter thread from the Bury branch of Momentum.

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My0My Sun 28-Jun-20 23:04:57

The momentum has come to a grinding halt then! Good. Not the way to get Labour into power. Another left wing experiment goes wrong. They just don’t learn.

Gingernaut Sun 28-Jun-20 23:27:36

That's just one constituency, though.

Not entirely sure what it means for Momentum as a whole, let alone the Labour Party.

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My0My Mon 29-Jun-20 00:07:10

KS has made it clear who is in charge of the Labour Party now. He’s got some difficulty with Momentum MPs. It’s history repeating itself with Militant all over again - they sought to run Labour but they fizzled out. Corbyn rose up again on the back of the left who could barely remember Militant but he and the party wasn’t electable. Labour under KS will change to become electable.

If you are permanently not electable you are not doing what a political party is supposed to do. Form a government. They must change and people falling out of love with Momentum has to be a start. There is a serious need to shift to an electable position. Momentum doesn’t know what this is and needs to be rejected.

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