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Back to the drawing board for Labour

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LearningEveryDay19 Fri 13-Dec-19 07:10:21

The Labour party under Corbyn were unelectable. Personally, he came across as a British version of Che Guevara. He positioned the party to the far left.

The Labour party now needs to go back to the drawing board and become a serious electable party.
The only way Labour can win an election is to move back to being a Centre-Left party. Hopefully they will elect a leader that people can relate to.

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BubblesBuddy Fri 13-Dec-19 11:42:19

Momentum positioned the party to the left and the activists who campaigned for Corbyn as leader. They had other choices for leaders but the members chose far left. They didn’t care about being elected because anyone with any sense knew it wouldn’t happen. Momentum won’t change and the membership won’t change very quickly so if it’s Milibsnd or Corbyn mk 2, forget being elected!

The centre ground policies get Labour elected. That is now blindingly obvious. Not militant far left policies that are unaffordable. It’s university politics and labour need to grow up. They will find this difficult!

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