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Don't waste your vote - 2 party's

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StinkyXmasCheese Thu 12-Dec-19 06:16:46

Please use your vote wisely today.
Boris Johnson is a bigot, a vile liar and we need to get rid of him!
As much as I'd like to vote for the Green Party, it's a wasted vote.
I don't even particularly like Jeremy Corbyn but his policies are good and he's proven himself.
For the future of our country, please think hard!

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BillywilliamV Thu 12-Dec-19 06:19:22

I’ll use my vote wisely if you agree to use the apostrophe wisely!

AdalindMeisner Thu 12-Dec-19 06:22:15

I think the thing is to vote tactically, its not down to just two parties. Some areas lib dems (or green) might be the ones to keep cons from getting a seat. But yes, i agree vote wisely.

Raindrops17 Thu 12-Dec-19 09:09:03

Just wondering what’s good about his GRA reform / self ID / amending the equality act policy?

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