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The great NHS heist

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Moomin8 Wed 11-Dec-19 01:26:18

Nobody is going back to the 1970s - that's sheer propaganda 🤣

The best thing we can hope for is some kind of centre left coalition to fix all the damage that has been done by austerity and Brexit. The only people that benefit from a Tory government are the kind that I know in RL who are whining about the fact that they earn £150k a year and don't get enough tax cuts. They certainly don't give a shit about the NHS.

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IsItBetter Tue 10-Dec-19 23:25:00

Labour and the Tories are both proposing to invest similar amounts in the NHS, the difference being that Labour have also said they will introduce a 32 hour 4 day working week across the economy and give all public sector an immediate pay rise of 5%, the net effect being that under labour:

a) there will be a chronic staff shortage due to 4 day week
b) investment is eaten up in pay rises, meaning front line services will suffer.

Combine this with the £1TRILLION (I.e one million million) of extra spending commitments, and you have a recipe for absolute disaster.

If you work for the private sector, have a private pension, and want your children to have opportunities in life rather than starting at unemployment, please do vote Conservative this week. The Tories have:

- lowered unemployment from 9% to 3.6% since 2010
- have successfully brought the economy back from the worst crisis in living memory
- are now in the position to drive the economy forward in a dynamic environment, attracting top jobs internationally.

Dont go back to the 1970s this Thursday

cdtaylornats Tue 10-Dec-19 21:44:53

Watch the left wing SNP sell of the NHS a bit at a time

MrsMaiselsMuff Mon 09-Dec-19 18:44:38

There's an overview on the accompanying website.

TDL2016 Mon 09-Dec-19 18:39:33

That’s a two hour film. It’s very much available to screen via YouTube now.
Why did you share? I don’t have a free two hours to watch it. Perhaps you could summarise?

Moomin8 Mon 09-Dec-19 11:56:44

For anyone sitting on the fence at this point. This is due to be screened after the election.

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