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Imagine Scottish independence now we see Brexit!!

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Doubletrouble99 Wed 18-Sep-19 15:08:26

I'm just how many people have reflected on how on earth Scotland would extricate itself from the UK after 300 when you look at the problems we are having after 40 years in the EU.

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Gingerkittykat Wed 18-Sep-19 15:11:39

Yes, I have wondered that too.

I think the fact we would be disentangling from one nation instead of having to negotiate with many would make a difference.

Doubletrouble99 Wed 18-Sep-19 17:36:34

Not so sure Ginger, we only negotiate with one entity at the moment! Then we've got the Scotland England border! Joint Armed forces with bases in Scotland. Then there's the currency! - Joint Monarchy, how would that work?

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cdtaylornats Wed 18-Sep-19 21:40:38

Presumably the Joint Monarchy would work in the same way as Canada, Australia and the rest. No reason for joint armed forces either. The big question assuming it was the same pattern as 2014 - how do you convince the majority of constituencies to go along with it

Given the map of constituencies voting YES (all 6) then the argument about being dragged out against our will works for Scotland too - except the YES voting bit is the West Central Belt and Dundee (Scotland's Norfolk)

Doubletrouble99 Thu 19-Sep-19 08:44:47

I think the unionists will get a massive boost by fact that Brexit has been such a cluster fuck. Wouldn't the HOC have a vote about the withdrawal agreement? How on earth do you get anything through them? Then will there be a Gina Miller character taking the Scottish government to court insisting they have to put everything to parliament- both parliaments.

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Calyx72 Mon 23-Sep-19 10:33:24

The union of the UK and the union of the European Union are not the same thing at all.

Scotland isn't being 'allowed' to leave the UK for a start. Not really a union then.

The amount of planning and pre-work done (much more by Scotgov than by those involved with Brexit) will make a difference

Scotland can follow a well defined map from others who have won their independence from the British Empire

A Scotland/England border would maybe solve some Irish border problems and be easier to manage in practice

Currency would be whatever Scotland chooses including Euro which I wouldn't have a problem with especially given the state of Sterling (done on purpose by those wishing to profit / disaster capitalists)

Scotland wants immigration and would welcome incomers from anywhere including Wales and England

If Scotland went back into the EU then many businesses currently in Wales and England may choose to base here

Scotland's people working for independence would not be looking to complicate things like the Westminster politicians are (looking for no deal Brexit), running down the clock towards a completely arbitrary date they chose themselves, etc)

Scotland has energy, food, oil, exports that other countries want

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