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If we had a General Election next week who would you vote for and why?

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IdaBWells Wed 24-Jul-19 17:07:19

I cannot personally vote as I have lived overseas for too long. Who would you vote for and why?

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MonkeyToesOfDoom Wed 24-Jul-19 17:10:01


The conservatives have seen the rise in homelessness, poverty, food bank usage, disabled people committing suicide due to assessments, universal credit forcing women to sex work etc etc.
They've done nothing to help it, just tried to tell everyone it's not happening and continued to cut budgets.

IdaBWells Wed 24-Jul-19 17:18:24


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Yaflamingalah Wed 24-Jul-19 17:19:39

Conservatives. He’ll would freeze over before I’d vote for Corbyn

Yaflamingalah Wed 24-Jul-19 17:19:50

Hell not he’ll!

historyismything Wed 24-Jul-19 17:19:57


Smellybluecheese Wed 24-Jul-19 17:20:57

Lib Dems. Can’t vote for labour at the moment and hate the tories and everything they stand for.

AutumnCrow Wed 24-Jul-19 17:21:06

Not Tory. Can't stand Wokey Swinson.

I like Keir Starmer and I think he wants Corbyn gone.

Graphista Wed 24-Jul-19 17:21:49


For all the reasons monkey gave and more.

Their manifesto is clear, fair and mostly doable.

Plus it's really the only way to get the tories out.

Would NEVER vote Tory. Due to new labour I haven't always voted labour, but if it hadn't been for new labour I'd have always been a labour voter (hope that makes sense)

user12398798768657 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:22:00

Generally conservative but probably now lib dems.

Loopytiles Wed 24-Jul-19 17:22:08

Not impressed with any of the parties, but have never voted conservative and could never vote for Labour when it is led by Corbyn / Momentum.

TheFairyCaravan Wed 24-Jul-19 17:24:23

Lib Dem's.

Can't vote Tory and will never vote Labour as long as Corbyn is leader,

onlyconnect Wed 24-Jul-19 17:24:35

Lib Dem even though that's a waste where I live. I'm not a Tory and can't believe how poor Labour have been over Brexit.

Sorority Wed 24-Jul-19 17:25:57

Conservative through and through.
I think a GE is fairly likely. Hope Boris gets a decent majority to get Brexit over the line.

sunglasses123 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:28:08

Definitely not Corbyn. He would bankrupt this country.

ZenNudist Wed 24-Jul-19 17:28:35

Lib dem.

ZenNudist Wed 24-Jul-19 17:29:32

Ooh, why. Lib dem because I cant stand the Tories and have lost faith in Labour under JC. Plus am a remainer

OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 24-Jul-19 17:30:42

Torres if only to stop Corbyn in his tracks- and I’m a firm believer Boris is a twat!

Mammajay Wed 24-Jul-19 17:33:12

Oh if only Corbyn and McDonnell would piss off and take Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott with them I would happily vote for Jess Philips and Keir Starker. Otherwise Lib Dems

TheLime Wed 24-Jul-19 17:33:22

Conservative, and it would be for the first time ever. Have always voted LD and occasionally Green. Unfortunately LD have lost me completely with TWAW and I’m Jewish so can never vote for JC

newstart1337 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:35:42

Probably Conservative, could never take the risk of Corbyn winning.

Noextremes2017 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:37:15

I'd happily vote for Alan Sugar. At least he has an understanding how the world works unlike our current crop of clueless politicians - including the new Clown.

HouseOfGoldandBones Wed 24-Jul-19 17:39:40


Could never vote Tory.

I, almost, hate Jeremy Corbyn, so wouldn't vote Labour.

Lib Dems have lost me with the woke TWAW nonsense.

Not particularly happy with the SNP either, but hopefully Scotland will get independence, then I'll worry about who to vote for.

MoaningMinniee Wed 24-Jul-19 17:43:16

Green or Liberal, depending on what I think between the two candidates locally. Our Tory MP would no doubt still get returned (you could put a stuffed toy up for election here and as long as it wore a blue rosette it would still get in). I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt when she first came in back in 2000 and something, but since then she's parroted the Party line whenever asked any question.

I can't vote for Corbyn and Momentum.

ArabellaDoreenFig Wed 24-Jul-19 17:44:45

It would be Tory from me.

Labour need to remember who they are supposed to represent before they would get my vote again. Would also like to see some sensible policies rather than woke-vote bait.

And there is no way I would vote Lib Dem as they have made it clear that they want to dismantle women’s sex based rights.

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