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Would you like to buy BoJos house? (One of them)

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Snowy111 Sat 15-Jun-19 17:31:12

The ex marital home. He may be living “over the brush” with his new girlfriend in number 10 (not judging, have done it a few times myself! But would be a first for a British PM I think?).

Just for the record, I hate the thought of Boris as PM. I think he’s a deeply self centred, privileged turd of a man.

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Snowy111 Sat 15-Jun-19 17:31:32

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lonelyplanetmum Sun 16-Jun-19 07:50:11

Thank you for that link. It's very nice and light house isn't it. You would imagine it was a happy sunny privileged family home. However the Dad's constant infidelities must have cast a shadow over it. Also aren't there four children so they must have shared a bedroom if they lived there? That one black wall is also a little curious. Perhaps this house was just the future prime minister's little pied a terre?

Anyway his main qualities encompass Lies,deceit, cooperating in having innocent people assaulted, repeated infidelity, lack of concern for the less fortunate- these are the qualities we admire and reward.

What kind of society are we, with role models like Boris Johnson?

MintyCedric Sun 16-Jun-19 08:15:33

Taking BoJo out of the equation, that's an absolutely gorgeous house. I'd had to change the kitchen but otherwise I love it.

Off to buy some lottery tickets now!

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